• A Top, A Bottom and Tommy D

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    What could be better than a hungry bottom, a horny top and very versatile Tommy from Tommy D XXX, who wants it any way he can get it? Tommy joins buddies Cassidy and Zack for a hot and sweaty threesome as bottom boy Zack gets his mouth and asshole stuffed by both the other guys' cocks as he takes a pounding at both ends, and loves every stroke!

  • Bodybuilder's Awesome Ass

    Muscle man Damon Danilo's rock-hard ass

    You may have seen muscle man Damon Danilo before, but this is his first time posing for Jock Butt, and these pics give a good idea of why they chose him. Not only does Damn have a handsome face, tons of masculine presence and abs of steel - well, his entire body is bulging with high quality muscle. He also has a great ass! And unlike some bodybuilders' butts, where the guys diet down so low that their asses are almost too lean, Damon's rear is firm, well-shaped and looks like the kind of ass most of us would love to get our hands on. I know I would!

  • British Guys Fucking on the Couch

    british guys fucking

    Leroy is a tall and horny guy from Manchester, England. He works as a barman in one of Manchester's biggest bars and you can quite often find him partying late into the night after all the bar's patrons have gone home. Everyone thinks a barman's life is one pick-up after another, but most guys aren't willing to hang around until the bar is cleaned up, so Leroy often goes home alone. But tonight he's snagged a good-looking guy.

    Tony is a fit, slender guy from Leeds, in the north of England. He's got a delicious accent, but his best feature is his meaty cock. He works in a gay sauna, and like Leroy, his sex life isn't as interesting as everyone thinks.

    These guys are all over each other as the Blake Mason cameras start to roll. They've got a lot of pent up sexual energy and they need a release. The guys start kissing on the couch and Tony strips right out of his clothes. Leroy strips, too, but he leaves his shirt on, which actually looks kind of hot. The guys take turns swallowing one another's cocks. Then they move an ottoman close to the edge of the sofa to give themselves some extra room. Leroy lies back on the ottoman and Tony starts thumbing his fuck hole. Then Tony slides his big, hard cock into Leroy's juicy hole and Leroy's in heaven. Tony drills Leroy with his fat cock and it's not long before Leroy's is spurting out a creamy load all over his belly. (Oh yeah, he did finally remove that shirt.)

  • Cute Twink Loves Piss!

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    This very cute twink has a kinky side that becomes obvious in this video from Boys Pissing. He gets pissed on by two of his buddies, but it's obvious he prefers the bigger cock, which is uncut. He moves his face closer to get the most out of this golden shower, letting the piss drench his face and shirt, and occasionally opening his mouth to taste the hot golden liquid.

  • Twin Brother Threesome Sex

    sex with twin brothers

    From time to time, we're promised really hot sex featuring twin brothers; but more often than not, the come-on is a lot hotter than the actual sex. This week, Corbin Fisher delivers some insanely hot action featuring CF's twin brothers, Liam and Luca. And Travis is the lucky bottom who gets to play with these twins in a threesome sex scene.

    Studly young Liam has never fucked a guy before, and not only does he bury his cock in Travis's ass, but he does it with his twin brother right there. Luca is amazed that his brother is diving right into some hardcore guy-on-guy sex. Travis climbs on top of Liam in a reverse cowboy, so we get to see Travis sliding up and down on Liam's hard cock. It's an awesome sight!

    One of the hottest parts of this threesome sex scene is watching Travis bouncing up and down, hard and fast, on Liam's cock. Meanwhile, Luca is sucking Travis's stiff cock. The guys swap and Luca takes over drilling Travis's ass. And in the same position as his twin brother, Luca thrust up into Travis's hungry ass. Meanwhile, his brother, Liam, is jerking Travis's cock. Travis starts to spray cum everywhere - and I mean everywhere! His dick just doesn't stop shooting. But it's not over there, these twin brothers kneel on either side of Travis and jerk off and blow their loads all over him. One twin brother's spunk falling all over the other's. Hot fucking hot is that?!

  • Get Ur Kink On!

    get your kink on!

    Getting your kink on nowadays has never been easier. If you have a fetish then there is almost a guaranteed night out there in gay land to satisfy your every slutty wish!

    Last week I had to review a leather/bear party and London's infamous (and very, very dirRy) club The Hoist and I got to see first hand how some hot and horny gays take their fetish very, very seriously.

    Black shiny leather was all around and massive bulges were out and about while other very fit and hairy blokes were getting fingered on the dance floor. There were "play" rooms where there was a whole lotta action going on from sweaty spank sessions to boot licking love, nothing was off the table in this paradise of kink!

    I was not at all surprised to see these deee-licious hotties having one helluva good time! It seems that when you get everyone with the same fetish together in a club, things can only get hotter and hotter. This is why these nights are becoming so popular; peeps can explore their fantasies to the XXX-treme with no strings attached!

    I for one, cannot wait to go back next week, when the kink of the night will be latex play and dildos galore! Need I say more?

  • Lavender Lounge


    Lavender Lounge is a huge and well-archived site, begun back in 2002, believe it or not, complete with posts from that era of a similar quality to those we see here now. Consistently erotic, Lavender Lounge deals with the epitome of hot male interest. Gorgeous men adorn the pages here, doing all sorts of mischief. From scenes of a "Bear Fashion Show", taped in Berkeley, presenting fashion designs - mostly very sexy underpants, worn by hairy and meaty, muscular men - all designed and presented by Walter Van Bierendonrk, we range to more direct sexual adventures. Naturally, the very newest finds - the solo guys - show up, stripping and wanking it as is their wont, and making us all very uncomfortable in the pants. There seems to be no end of hot and very involved men in this full and meaty blog. There are hard-on's everywhere, guys feeling it for us or having mates do it for them. Sexy and very direct about its approach, this is a most certain Porn Blog. It's straightforward message is for the viewer to surf, get himself all hot and bothered, and then have himself one whale of a party. This would never be called a "shy" blog.

  • Sweaty Wrestle And Fuck

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    It's Chris Stone versus Max Summers in this hot, sweaty video from Wrestle Hard. These two muscle men do a flex-off in the ring to intimidate each other - then slap each others well-built arms and chests before the grappling starts. And then it's wrestling time! It doesn't take long for powerful Chris Stone to overpower Max, and then make him suck his dick, although Max seems pretty happy to slurp on that sweaty cock. And for a grand finale, the winner pounds the loser's ass in this hot gay wrestling video!

  • Taking It Up The Butt

    fucking dawson

    If you can get a gig with Corbin Fisher, I'd jump at it. Not only will you be showing off your cock on the hottest gay porn site on the planet, but Corbin Fisher really treats his guys well. A few months ago, Corbin Fisher flew a handful of his hottest guys over to the Czech Republic to meet up and fuck the hot Euro studs from Bel Ami. (Check out my East Meets West post.) This week, we're seeing the first videos from Corbin Fisher's jaunt down to Costa Rica with a gang of his favourite guys.

    Dru and Dawson are really turned on by one another. Dru even comments on how hot Dawson's body is looking these days. Blond guy Dawson has been a mainstay on Corbin Fisher for a long time, but he's mostly in the driver's seat. So this scene with Dru is especially exciting because we get to see Dawson getting his tight butt fucked.

    Dru gets Dawson's hole totally drenched in spit, and then, he lies back so Dawson can slowly impale himself onto Dru's big cock. It's been a while since straight boy Dawson has felt a cock up his ass, so he's taking it nice and slow. But eventually, Dawson is buried to the balls and bouncing hard on Dru's stiff cock. The guys keep fucking, moving through a variety of positions, but the cumshot position is my fave. Dawson is on his back and Dru is pounding his hole, and Dawson finally says, "Fuck the cum out of me!" Dru does exactly that as Dawson sprays all over his ripped abs, and then, Dru jumps up, aims his cock at Dawson's mouth, and squirts his load in Dawson's mouth.

    Wow! That's hot! Give a straight boy an all-expenses-paid trip to Costa Rica and he'll take it up the butt and swallow a load of cum! I'll have to remember that.

  • Fucking a Tattooed Guy

    fucking a tattooed man

    Brent Biscayne is a sexy, hairy man who stands in at 6'6'. And this 22-year-old man and his 8.5 inch dick are in need of some relief. So what's he doing on Men Over 30 if he's only 22 years old? Tattooed stud Eddie Kordova would be the man over 30 and he's very interested in taking care of Brent's cock.

    This is Brent's first time on Men Over 30, but Eddie made a hot video back in February where he fucked a sexy, bald and bearded man. This time around though, Eddie will be getting his ass boned.

    This scene opens with Brent who has his hand down his jeans while watching porn. A naked Eddie comes out of the bathroom and catches Brent griping his cock. Eddie starts stroking his dick and Brent invites him to come closer. Brent swallows Eddie's big cock and gives him some wet head, and this gives us a chance to take in Eddie's hot body and his considerable ink. Then Eddie finds himself between Brent's legs and the hairy guy lies back and watches as Eddie swallows his cock right down to the balls.

    When Eddie gets down on all fours and offers up his ass, Brent hops up and slides his hard cock deep inside this tattooed guy's ass. Brent bones his tattooed buddy in a number of different positions, including a ride 'em cowboy scene that was my favourite. And then, the two guys unload all over Eddie's belly.