• Ex-Military Guy

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    Jim is straight, slender and only recently got out of the military, and he decided to do a shoot for Cruiser Boys. I like his unshaved chest, treasure trail and pubes, and that scruffy 2-day beard looks damned sexy. Jim wasn't at all shy being naked in front of the cameras, and strokes his 7 inch cock, getting it nice and hard, then treating us a real stroke-fest!

  • Massage with a Happy Ending

    massage with happy ending

    Marc spends two to fours in the gym every day. "Right now I'm about 230," he said. "I'm getting ready for a competition in a few months." And with intense workouts comes tension, muscle fatigue, and soreness. Enter Isaac: "I have always wanted to massage a bodybuilder," the 20-year-old, smooth stud said. Sean Cody likes to make dreams come true.

    Marc stripped naked and lied down on the massage table. Isaac went to work massaging those huge, bulging shoulders. "I couldn't believe how big his muscles felt in my hands!" Isaac said. "Sometimes they were hard to get my hands around." But once Isaac hit that round, muscular butt, he lost all his composure. He spread Marc's butt cheeks and dove inside with his tongue. Then Marc flipped over and Isaac got to work massaging Marc's cock with the back of his throat.

    Funny thing about bodybuilders is a lot of times their dicks are diminished by all that big muscle. That's not the case with Marc. He's got a meaty cock that hangs liberally between his massive thighs. This man has a huge dick! And Isaac slobbers all over it, even gets face fucked off the end of the massage table until this bodybuilder blows a big load

  • Room Service

    hairy bears fucking

    You've heard of turn-down service in hotels, well Jeremy Matthews is experiencing a new service offered in finer hotels around the gaybourhood - blowjob service. Jeremy is a sexy man - handsome, hairy, and a top! In this Bear Films scene, he's awakened by Hartt Frisco nursing on his dick. What a way to wake up!

    Harrt is a big, burly, bald daddy bear and he loves taking care of a hot man's dick. Harrt sucks Jeremy's dick until it's good and hard, and then, he turns his attention to the hairy man's balls. He stuffs both balls in his mouth, rolls his tongue all over them, and even pulls on them a little bit. This gets Jeremy really revved up and he mounts Harrt's big, beefy ass. Hartt moans and groans as Jeremy dicks him with his long fuck pole, then Harrt rolls over onto his back and hoists his legs up on Jeremy's shoulders. The dark-hair stud fucks Harrt hard and pumps a load of cum out of him. Then Jeremy pulls out and adds his spray to Harrt's hairy belly. I wonder how this service will be itemized on the hotel bill.

  • All American Guy

    all american guy

    Brandon Lewis is the new guy in the Next Door stable of sites. Next Door Male is the launching ground for new, hot guys. They strip naked, maybe take a shower, jerk their cocks, and shoot their loads. And if we like them, then the guys start branching out and filming sex scenes for some of the other brother sites like Next Door Buddies, Tommy D XXX, or Cody Cummings.

    It's Brandon Lewis' turn. And he's a real cutie, don't you think? He's the all American guy - blond hair, sparkling smile, snow-white teeth, ripped body with just a touch of fur, and a nice cock. What's not to like?

    Brandon starts out his video with a little working out, then he shoots some pool. And after this young hunk is done hitting the balls around on the pool table, he pulls out his cock and starts stroking. I'm a butt man myself, so I'm really rather partial to Brandon's perky bubble butt. It's so perfectly round and smooth, just waiting for someone to spread those butt cheeks and dive right in. (And I'm hoping we're going to see some of that in the weeks ahead.) Brandon lies down on billiard table and unloads his balls all over his ripped abs and chest.

  • Tyler Gets Topped

    Passionate gay fucking

    When Blake Mason introduced their favorite power top, Jack, to Tyler you could almost see fireworks. These guys were not only hot for each other - they had the kind of chemistry you usually see in real-life boyfriends. Jack and Tyler were all over each other immediately, making out as they stripped out of their clothes. Then Jack goes down on Tyler, sucking and licking that big dick, then turns Tyler around and rims his tender asshole. By then, the guys are so horny, they're ready to burst. Tyler climbs on top of Jack and eases himself down on top of his hard rod, letting it stretch his hole open, and then Jack takes over, giving Tyler a good hard gay fuck, pumping him till they both shoot their loads!

  • Latin Guys in Action

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    As soon as Leonardo Carcia and Antonio Torres from Brazilian Studz get upstairs, they're all over each other, cock-hungry Leonardo sucking Antonio's manmeat with abandon till Antonio turns things around. He bends Leonardo over and slides his rod into Leonardo's ass, then gives him a good hard standing fuck!

  • Marine Gets a Handjob

    Gay handjob

    Nat's a straight 19 year old marine who's horny all the time. When he decided to do this shoot for Spunk Worthy, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to perform with a guy, so he saved up for a couple days. As a result, he was extra horny when he showed up, and even though he's not into men, Jason had no problem getting him hard - after all, a handjob is a handjob, and Nat's balls were so full he could barely hold back. Jason reached into Nat's pants and pulled out that amateur cock, stroking it and holding it. Once Nat was naked, you can see his dick was swollen and ready, and while he was being stroked all he could think about was getting off!

  • Well-Hung Man in Suit

    well hung man in suit

    When I was in my twenties, I worked in an office. I had to wear a suit and tie to work every day. One day, on my way into the office, I caught a Portuguese maintenance guy checking me out. When he saw that I was receptive and interested, he walked by me and said, "Follow me." He took me into an empty office on another floor that was waiting to be leased. And right there in this vacant office, I got down on my knees, and sucked his fat, uncut cock. There I was in my suit, kneeling on the dirty floor, and slurping the maintenance man's dick. I repeated that scene a number of times over the next year - I loved every blowjob.

    So I guess that's why a hot man in a suit always turns my head. Billy Duro recently peeled out of his suit for Hot Older Male. And I have to say that Billy's cock reminds me of that nice piece of Portuguese sausage I sucked way back in that office. Billy just finished filming a hot threesome sex scene for Hot Older Male. Billy and another well-hung man bent another co-worker over the conference room table and filled him with dick from both ends. I can't wait to see that, but in the meantime take a walk over to Hot Older Male and check out more of this hairy man's hot cock.

  • Getting Boned

    getting boned

    Aiden Lane is a very cute guy I've been following on Circle Jerk Boys. A few weeks back he fucked another cute guy in Fucking on a Couch and he fucked a straight guy in I'm Still Straight. He's back again this week, but this time he's getting his ass drilled. And I've been waiting for this.

    Aiden is a 24-year-old stud who now calls Fort Lauderdale home. He's got a lean, smooth body and he's wearing quite a bit of ink. He's packing a wonderfully meaty cock. Jason Creed is another stud from Florida with a lean body and a hot piece of meat. Jason and Aiden start kissing passionately, and then, they tear their clothes off. Jason fishes Aiden's cock of his underwear and swallows it right to the balls. Aiden is quite impressed when he hauls Jason's cock out of his shorts - it's an 8-inch fat piece of meat - and Aiden goes to work servicing his buddy's cock. He wants to get it nice and hard so it'll slide right into his tight rosebud.

    Jason sits back and Aiden sits on his cock, making it disappear right down to the balls. Then Aiden starts grinding away and jerking his own cock. Aiden is really enjoying getting his ass drilled, but he wants to taste Jason's cum. So Aiden lies back and Jason lets Aiden suck him off. With Jason's load dribbling down Aiden's chin, the cute, tattooed stud jerks off all over his smooth chest and belly.

  • Training with Nick Moretti

    ball torture

    I love Nick Moretti. He's a hot hunk of man. He's handsome, well-built, hairy, and I love his tattoos. He also happens to be a merciless Master and I'd love to serve him. Jason Miller is a 6-foot, smooth guy with a 9-inch dick. A big cock might earn a guy street cred, but in the Bound Gods house it's meaningless. All slaves need to be trained to serve, and a big dick gets you no special treatment. (But it might, as you see in this scene, get your cock and balls some extra "special" attention.) Nick Moretti is working on toughening up his new boy with some simple bamboo. And Jason shows promise, as Nick beats him, this slave begs for more. Good boy! He's suspended with some intricate rope bondage and Nick drips hot wax over his body.

    Master Nick takes things up a couple of notches and flogs the suspended boy. And then, Nick pulls out the single tail whip and works on Jason's back and ass. Look at the red streaks across his sensitive skin. This is one brutal training session. When Jason's ass is nice and red from the beating, Master Nick buries his big cock deep inside, ignoring the screams for mercy. The training session isn't over until the Master dumps a big load.

  • Arpad Miklos Fucks a Horny Bottom


    Here's another top and bottom match up that's loaded with the kind of action that makes you stayed glued to the screen for every pounding second of pleasure. Arpad Milkos is a rough and tough pornstar who's a demanding top that's loaded with a thick, uncut cock that's always ready for action. Bottoming for him is Israeli cutie pie Matan Shalev. Get set to watch some definite chemistry get started as Matan steps into his role well, sucking and kissing Arpad's nipples to tease him.

    Matan has quite a fuckable mouth with pouty lips, and it shows as he starts to lick the foreskin of Arpad's swollen cock head. Matan loves being a bottom and you can see his anticipation as Arpad mounts his face from above and proceeds to give him a great face fuck that's hot as hell! Just as quickly Arpad nose dives between his Matan's perfectly round cheeks, licking and tasting his tight little hole in anticipation of what's to come next.

    Arpad lands more than a few well placed smacks on Matan's ass before spreading his cheeks and stuffing every inch of his monster cock in his bottom's tight hole. The action doesn't let up one bit as Arpad makes sure he fucks Matan right over the edge and deep into satisfaction. It's a bottom's dream come true and a top's guide to ensuring the act is done right. Matan is rewarded for a job well done when Arpad shoots a load of hot cum all over Matan's face.

  • Service That Big Black Cock

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    Jason is a slender horny 21 year old with a taste for big black cocks, and this time a dark-skinned stud from Blacks on Boys who calls himself The Hole Hunter is ready to take this white boy on. He feeds Jason his thick slab of ebony meat, letting that warm mouth pleasure his staff. Then The Hole Hunter slams Jason's tender asshole again and again with that rigid dick, driving them both over the edge in this interracial gay sex video.

  • Sexy Bald Man

    hot bald man

    Butch Dixon is one lucky man. Week after week, he gets the sexiest, masculine men stripping out of their clothes in his studio. This hot bald man is Alan Knight. Handsome bugger, eh? Alan and his partner, John Connery, have wanted to make a gay porn video for a while. So when they saw the notice for models on Butch Dixon they decided to try out. Butch Dixon told me, "It was a no brainer. Alan embodies everything I love in a man - bald head, full beard, solid and hairy body, and an uncut cock. How could I say 'no'."

    And I'm sure glad he didn't say "no." Alan Knight sure is a hot hunk of man. And he's got quite the cock, too. It's a little on the thick side and when he peels back his foreskin his olive-shape, sensitive pink cock head emerges. Alan gives us a look at his hairy fuck hole and Butch Dixon tells me that we'll be seeing that hairy ass full of cock in the weeks ahead. Alan and his lover, John, headed into Butch Dixon's studio to show us how things look in their bedroom. Awesome! I can't wait! Head over to Butch Dixon and check out Alan's lover - he's a hot bastard.

  • Beefy British Hunk

    beefy british hunk

    Marius is a beefy hunk who made his first appearance on UK Naked Men this week. And I'm sure glad he did - what a hot chunk of man. His name is Marius Mugler and Marius is a Roman name, from Mars, the god of war. I don't know about the war part, but this Marius sure looks like a god. He's a handsome bugger with beautiful kissable lips and a strong jawline, even a small dimple in his chin. The day's worth of face scruff is really sexy.

    This British hunk's body is awesome; I love his chiseled and meaty pecs, and who doesn't like six-pack abs? Marius' cock is out or proportion with that fat mushroom-head cock head dangling off his shaft; but again, who doesn't like rolling their tongue around a plump crown? As we come to the end of this hunk's photo gallery, we're treated to the most delicious site - Marius lying face first on the bed with his round, beefy bubble butt exposed and waiting for some action. Wow! I'm not much of a top, but that ass inspires a long, slow fuck.

  • Group Bareback Action

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    This is some down and dirty action from Satyr Films. After a little face fucking, three men take on one bottom, licking and stroking him and opening up his asshole. The guys are all over each other, sucking and driving each other wild, and then it's time to take a raw cock deep in that hole and take a serious bareback pounding before he finally gets covered with three loads of hot cum!