• 18 and Straight!

    18 and straight

    There are two kinds of porn shoots: the ones you schedule and the ones that just happen - or fall into your lap. Keegan is of the latter kind. This 18-year-old cutie showed up at Southern Strokes with a buddy of his. Keegan went along to protect his buddy, who was actually going to be jerking off on video. I'm not sure what Keegan thought he was going to happen to his friend without protection. People have some weird ideas about what goes on at porn shoots; they also have some off-beat ideas about the people who work in this business.

    Once Keegan's buddy was off doing his jerk-off session, Keegan was left alone in the model lounge with one of the other producers. And the truth is that Keegan wasn't there to protect his friend at all - he was hoping to be asked to do a shoot as well. When Keegan's turn arrived, he couldn't wait to get naked. His 18-year-old body is hot and toned. And he's completely smooth, even keeping his pubes neatly trimmed; all the better to see his big, thick cock. His dick a good eight inches long, but it looks a lot bigger on his small toned frame. Keegan poured lube all over his body and started stroking his cock. He lied back in a lounge chair and shot a creamy load all over his smooth six-pack abs. I sure hope Southern Strokes will be able to get him back for more.

  • Cum-Covered Pizza

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    Thierry delivers pizza, but he goes that extra mile for customer satisfaction. Cazzo Club catches him at work on camera for one night, and not only does his evening include cum-splattering gay sex and a threesome, but also masturbation at work and a little action on the side. I'd like that pizza with pepperoni and covered with cum, please!

  • Dillon Buck

    dillon buck

    Dillon Buck is back on Butch Dixon this week. And that's a very good thing. I never tired of looking at this stud's 9.5-inch cock. I love it when Butch Dixon gets in close with his camera. I mean look at that middle picture of Dillon Buck's huge dick. Ouch! And foreskin! Yum!

    Quite often when I go to the baths, there's a guy who is as well-hung as Dillon Buck. He sits in the theatre area and watches porn and jerks off. And the thing about this theatre area is that it's at the intersection of all the hallways, a sort of town square inside the bathhouse. So eventually everyone passes through. And when this guy is jerking his 9-inch cock, he gathers quite a crowd.

    Dillon Buck is always a big hit when he shows up on Butch Dixon. He's handsome, wears a sexy beard, and has a rock-solid body covered in fur. And who doesn't love seeing a 9-inch cock sliding into a tight butt hole? Head over to Butch Dixon and you'll see more than a couple of hot fuck scenes with this well-hung hunk.

  • Italian Stud

    naked italian stud

    This is Paulo, a recent find of Lucas Kazan. This 19 year old Italian has been a boxer for at least the last 4 years, and has designs on becoming a world champ. Most of us hope he doesn't get there because we don't want such a gorgeous man to get damaged. I damn sure know I don't! But the idea of wrestling a few rounds with this stud seems like a top notch notion. Here we get to watch him train in the nude, wearing those red gloves, his cock and balls bouncing around and his gorgeous body displayed in every conceivable way - all good. Later, he puts away those gloves and does some seriously dick-straightening posing for us as his cock grows in its curvy, curly fashion and his hot Italian blood gets energized enough to stroke and play for us. He is something of an exhibitionist at heart, without a doubt, and we watch him stroke himself into some hot-looking poses, his face beading with sweat and his juices definitely running. We know this stud will cum for us and get to where we want to see him go and he does not disappoint us. This Italian Stallion is too hot!

  • Low-Hanging Balls

    low hanging balls

    There's lots of slap happy fun this week when Speedy and Luscious gets together. Look at those low-hanging balls - fuck! I've seen some low hangers in my time, but these two horny guys gotta to be holding some kind of record.

    It's been almost three years since Speedy Gonzalez first appeared on Circle Jerk Boys. Speedy is now 23 and he has brought along a hot buddy, Luscious G. This Costa Rican is also 23 and lives in Miami. Luscious sits on the couch and Speedy is immediately in his face, asking if he wants some "Speedy Cock." And it's not long before Luscious goes down on it. Speedy's dick gets hard fast, but his low-hanging balls flop down on the couch and just hang there. Luscious starts jacking his cock and his low-hangers are looking heavy and full.

    After some intense cocksucking, Luscious mounts the couch doggy style. The rear view of Luscious's hairy ass crack and his low-hanging balls swinging between his legs is too hot. Speedy starts inching his stiff, uncut cock into Luscious's tight fuck hole. Speedy fucks Luscious in a number of positions, but fucking his buddy missionary style really gets him off - literally. Speedy pulls out his thick, uncut cock and sprays a creamy load all over Luscious's belly. Having both cum, the guys sit back on the sofa. Their bellies are covered in cum, and while their low hangers are still looking pretty heavy, they're not swinging as much as they were at the beginning of this video.

  • Wrestling and Justice

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    Here's one from Wrestle Hard. This car thief is caught as he breaks into Kevin's car, and does that ever prove to be a mistake! Kevin is helped by ex-cage fighter Tom, and the thief is soon whisked into an unusual punishment as he is forced to wrestle them both in the ring. He's humiliated, has no choice after a rough bout but to submit and then must suck the guys and give up his ass as payment for his crimes.

  • Mike Strokes His Cock

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    Up-and-cumming pornstar Mike West has been spending time at the gym. He's a lot tanner and his muscles are bigger than they were when he did this shoot. In this hot jackoff video for Cruiser Boys, he's got a raging hard-on as he shows off his bubble butt and that juicy asshole and strokes his big dick!

  • Sucking on a fat cock

    sucking on fat cock

    Hung Down Under brings us a hot episode with the large-cocked Chad and the equally well-hung Patrick in a date for the ages. Patrick practically worships Chad's large dick, sucking away on it for a small Eternity and seeming to relish the taste and sensation of having that hard cock down his throat. It is Oral City when Patrick lies down and lets Patrick straddle his chest, shooting his cock even deeper and making for incredible groaning sexuality between the guy with his mouth full gagging and sucking even harder and the worked-up dude on top, groaning in absolute sensational ecstasy himself. Things take an even hotter turn when they start fucking. These guys were honestly really into this shoot. The sex got loud and raucous, the closer they got to cumming. In the end, there is an explosion of cum on both men's parts, just a bathing delight in pure animal sexual tension-release as they both experience what has to be a peak experience. The neighbors will be talking about this one for years, according to the folks at Hung Down Under.

  • Cookin' In the Kitchen

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    Joey from UK Naked Men is stirring up a cream sauce in the kitchen when along comes Freddie, blond with a hairy body. Joey spills some of his sauce on Freddie, then licks it off - and soon is on his knees, worshipping Freddie's big cock. Freddie returns the compliment by eating Joey's ass, getting his hole nice and wet and then sliding his cock inside it and giving Joey a good, hard fuck in the kitchen!

  • Tattoos, Great Body and a Big Cock

    shaved head muscle

    I've really been enjoying the men on UK Naked Men lately. They've been featuring a lot of hard-muscled, masculine men - a few hairy and a few smooth - packing some juicy uncut cocks. This week I was having double vision with Kriss. He's a ruggedly handsome man with a beautiful, naturally smooth, gym-toned body and big, uncut dick. No sooner had I finished looking through his gallery, but I discovered that he's also featured in a couple of videos, too. First, I found him in this video from Tim Tales. And next, UK Naked Men has paired up Kriss with David Castan, who has one of the biggest dicks in all of Paris, and he's good looking, too. I first saw David Castan on Butch Dixon and loved him over there. He's got a couple of videos coming in the next month to Butch Dixon, but you can get a very nice preview of him now on UK Naked Men. After slobbering all over David's super fat uncut cock, Kriss straddles the Frenchman and lowers himself onto David's stiff rod. I love a man who isn't afraid to mount a huge cock and go for a ride. And the bonus is that Kriss has a pretty big uncut dick himself and I loved watching it flop around while he bounced on David's cock.

  • Dominic Matthews Jacks Off

    Dominic Matthews Jacks Off

    Dominic Matthews from Cocky Boys is plain studly. Ripped abs, totally toned-out, this hot-looking olive-skinned stud poses at home getting himself all worked up over some straight porn mag. We peek in as his cock crows steadily and he finds a need to play with himself. It grows and grows under his hand as he plays with it almost luxuriously, too natural at this and all too gorgeous for these eyeballs watching him. His hand runs up and down his hot body, fondling his sack and balls, tickling those gorgeous abs and even venturing a hot finger inside his asshole as he heats things up like mad. When he does this, we nearly lose it, because this stud is definitely going for it all, for real. Fingering his ass, his dick gets stretched incredibly hard, the soft skin tense and shiny as his hand runs up and down with increasing passion. Suddenly, Dominic jerks. His balls tighten, his face grimaces and he sends out a geyser of cum all over his red hot tummy. The deliciousness of the picture is made even hotter by his brown skin under makes the color contrast of the pearly-white cum and hos brown skin something gorgeous and pants-altering to behold.

  • Hairy UK Lad

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    Brez is a cute 20 year old straight lad who decided to do a shoot for Blake Mason. Once he gets naked, we can see his hairy pits, chest, stomach and thighs - and love that patch of dark public hair! Brez has a good-sized uncut cock, and even though it's his first time stroking on camera, he has a no problem getting it up and keeping it hard as he jerks off!

  • Hard intense interracial fuck

    hard intense interracial fuck

    The always hot CutlerX from Tim Tales takes his throbbing Johnson on a visit to the insides of an eager asshole in this torrid and steamy sexual affair. Jesco hosts that large black cock in his hole after some sweet warming up, sucking away and getting himself played with to a sexual frenzy. CutlerX brings an incredibly sexy power to any meet-up he has and he always seems more than ready to go. He doesn't disappoint at all in this scene where he seems to be even more ready than usual. His groans and moans have an excited quality to them that, when matched up with the hot Jesco's own sounds and eager movements, bring the house down during some amazingly hot ass fucking. In the end, when CutlerX finishes, he rips of his condom and spreads cum all over Jesco's willing behind. Jesco said later it may well have been the hottest sex he'd ever had. Between CutlerX's dark good looks, his brooding sexuality, that large pulsating dick and Jesco's total willingness to please, this was some wild sort of hot ass-pounding session.

  • Straight Guy's Second Time

    straight guys second time

    Cameron is your all-American, blond jock. He's good looking with an athlete's body - smooth with ripped abs and chiseled pecs. And he's got two of the perkiest nipples I've seen in a long time. Soon after he did his first jerk-off session for Sean Cody, the site owner asked Cameron if he wanted to get fucked. He was a little taken aback, but he agreed to do it. And he loved getting fucked by Trevor so much that he asked for another go - mind you, his "devirginized" asshole must have been a little sore because it took a while to pick up the phone and call Sean Cody.

    Jake is one of the premiere studs of Sean Cody. When you check out his profile, you'll find three pages of videos, so this guy has done a lot of fucking for the gay porn site. And when you see his cock, you'll know why. It's long and uncut, and it's a challenge for any of these straight guys to take up their ass. But then, that's half the fun. If you're going to see a straight guy getting his ass porked, shouldn't he remember it for a long time? A fucking from Jake has these guys seeing stars, and Cameron is no different.

  • Blowjob & Creamy Facial

    creamy facial

    Grayson is a 24-year-old, Southern boy from Atlanta and he just did his first solo jerk-off video for Southern Strokes a couple of weeks back. And while he's straight, he's spent some time in prison. And a pretty boy like Grayson doesn't survive in prison without learning a thing or two about servicing dick. Kells is a 25-year-old, dancer from Atlanta as well. When Southern Strokes set up this shoot the idea was to have Grayson fucking Kells' ass; but when shooting amateur porn you need to be flexible. You're never sure how things are going to pan out. Grayson was pretty nervous, so the producer suggested he start sucking Kells' big dick. Grayson was a little cautious about sucking another guy's dick, but once he got into it, he really seemed to want to worship Kells' big piece of meat. And Grayson was such a good cocksucker that Kells shot a huge load of steamy cum all over Grayson's face. I guess prison is good for something! Southern Strokes is hoping to get Grayson back to see if he'll offer up his other hole for a test drive. And I can't wait to see that!