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    This Bel Ami episode takes your breath away, it's so fucking hot. First, the models - Jean-Daniel Chagall and Kris Evans - are wildly handsome blokes, right out of some hot modeling magazine. Secondly, the action makes you disregard any of that because it just takes off and never stops the sexy heat until a huge and satisfying ending. It begins with some foot licking and toe sucking and moves along to more action of a direct kind. Kris is the top in these scenes and Jean-Daniel makes for an appreciative bottom, especially sexy when he relishes every single stroke of Kris's large cock as it reams his hot behind. The postures and the camera work in these scenes are totally remarkable, somehow, as we get the most effective possible views of cock sucking, with Kris in the air above Jean-Daniel as he gulps down hot cock and Kris presses it further inside his eager mouth. In fact, the oral scenes are outrageously sexy - we get closeups and heated face pounding and the sounds of this hot love-making and face fucking are beyond sexy. Anyway, as Kris pounds away at Jean-Daniel's wide open ass, both guys are so wrapped up in what they're doing, it seems so natural and so fucking jazzed sexually it is just over the top hot. The cum shots at the end involve Jean-Daniel getting his face washed with jizz, his mouth wide open and Kris cumming in buckets.

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    Dom Demarco is a ruggedly handsome man. He's also well into his forties and showing those tell tale signs of his experience - flecks of grey through his hair and a little patch of grey in the middle of his chest. George is a younger, 20-something-year-old guy who really gets off on older men. When Butch Dixon brings these two together, George is down on his knees and slobbering all over Dom's big, 9-inch cock. And George doesn't just focus on Dom's cock head; no, he gives that stiff tool his full attention, sliding his lips right down to Dom's balls. Dom loves it, it's one of the best blowjobs he's ever had. He watches intently as this cocksucker greases his stiff pole with spit. He even gently places his hands on George's head and guides the younger, hairy guy, encouraging George to suck this huge dick in the best possible way. But George doesn't really need any help, he knows what he's doing. He even takes a moment to look into the camera and gives us a smile as he wraps his luscious lips around Dom's plump cock head. What a hot blowjob!

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    Benjamin from Maximo Latino is a cocky latin twink from Buenos Aires with a smooth body, low hanging balls and an uncut dick that turned out to be a real grower. He's also got a fuckable round bubble butt that looks great in tight shorts! When Benjamin first undresses, his rod is average at best, but as he gets into the mood, he starts to grow... and grow. Long before he's ready to shoot his load, Benjamin's pole is more than twice its original length, full and hard. That's when he strokes it to a creamy conclusion, forgetting all about the camera to empty his balls and spew an explosion of hot cum!

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    Ashton, Jessy and Sascha are 3 very well-endowed guys from Video Boys who between them have 27 inches of cock! They tell us about the problems of having a really big cock (wish I could have a problem like that), then grab their Fleshjacks and get busy fucking them, sliding their dicks in and out of the translucent sleeves.

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    We don't see a lot of black men on bear sites, so Wood is a welcome sight. He's a muscular, beefy bear with awesome arms and a big, firm belly. He's got a beautiful, full pair of lips; and you just know this muscle bear is a good kisser. You couldn't help but being a passionate kisser with lips like these. Wood is an ex-pro football player and I can't imagine how the opposing team felt seeing this mammoth barreling down the field. Wood teases us as he slides his jeans down his thighs. He slowly lowers them past his pelvis until eventually, he reveals a deliciously meaty cock. It's long and the shaft is coal black. His cock head is plump and flared - a cocksucker's dream come true. He grabs a bit of grease and lubes up his fat cock. I always love how a black man's cock looks oiled up. Glistening and shiny, just begging for attention. Wood takes matters in hand and squeezes his fat dick, making it swell even more. Head over to Pantheon Bear and watch this black muscle bear spewing a load of spunk.

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    This incredibly hot bit of sex from Bulldog Pit features Fred Faurtin and Jake Ryder in an outrageous bit of smoking hot fucking and sucking between two guys who are hot for it. There's no mysteries here - Fred nibbles, licks and then gobbles down Jake's rock-hard cock like he's truly hungry for it. The sucking scenes fill the air with sounds - the slick, moist sound of a cock sliding back and forth and lips holding tight, moans of the exceptionally pleased Jake, moans even from our avid cock sucker as he swallows that enormous tool. The action moves lower as the cock-starved Fred spreads his hairy legs and shows off his hot hole to his lover. Jake wastes no time at all sliding his big dick inside, able to check out the pleased expression of the horny Fred as he fucks him. Pounding that ass, they both sport these amazingly hard cocks, throbbing on-screen and seemingly nearly bursting right off the top - bigger than hell. Finally, in a wild-sounding climax, they both erupt gobs of cum, just drenching Fred's hard tummy with soft white splooge. Fucking hot, man.

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    Serious Male Bondage

    Serious Male Bondage is a very well-named site. I don't think I've ever seen so much enthusiasm for bondage, both on behalf of the men being restrained or those doing the restraining. The focus here isn't on rope bondage or sex. Serious Male Bondage focuses on leather, hoods, latex, mummification and lots of creativity. There are large devices like bondage chairs, specially made to make a man completely helpless. The guys here seem to have fun, too - not something one generally sees in a bondage site. And speaking of the guys, most of the men here are over 40 and regular guys, not pornstars or professional models, which makes everything feel a bit more personal - sometimes intimate. I like what I see here, including the extreme bondage, amazing gear, the fully helpless and immobilized men, and - dare I say it - the personal touch. If you want to see REAL bondage by and for men who really do love it, Serious Male Bondage is the place to go!

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    Ram Itin is another one of those redheads I was talking about in my last post, Redhead Gets His Dick Sucked. He's the second redhead I bumped into this week. Ram Itin has never done a porn shoot before, but he's a natural. I'm betting that huge uncut cock of his makes him pretty popular. Ram likes both boys and girls, and with that massive uncut cock, I'm sure he pleases all comers. I wonder if that's how he got the name Ram. Although I'm pretty sure with a cock that big, he can't ram too hard: there are few men or women out there that could take a hard and deep fucking from a big cock like that. This sexy redhead strips naked and gets his big uncut cock hard relatively quickly. Then he starts peeling back his foreskin and reveals a little surprise - a Prince Albert piercing. He moons the camera and teases us with his perfectly smooth butt hole. It's a delicious sight and hopefully UK Naked Men will let us see some hot stud sliding his cock into that fuck hole. But for now, head over to UK Naked Men and check out Ram's massive cock and watch him playing with his foreskin.

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    Easton is a perfect example of what Southern Strokes is all about. A cute and easy-going drink of water, 5' 11" tall with a swimmer's sort of build, he was approached by the Southern Strokes dude and it turned out he was evidently interested in the site from the first, even mentioning one of the models he found particularly interesting. Fairly shy, Easton took the card offered and then surprised them with a call a couple of weeks later. A very sexy result is in his pictures and video. He strips for the cameras, then lays back with his hand around his hot 6" cock, ready already with this big juicy boner. Yes, he's hot for it. His defenses relax and he begins playing with himself, showing off his tight washboard abs and his ready made cock candy with some obvious heat. Stroking himself, his entire expression changes, going from shy to intense and then just plain fucking hot. His cock throbs at his touch and he seems out of his body as he jerks it for us. Finally, this hot southern amateur delivers his load of cum all over his tummy in a moaning finale. This southern boy, Easton, is worth a long look.

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    Alan is an airplane mechanic and he's knew to the world of Sean Cody. He just recently got naked on the gay porn site and pumped out a load. He's got an impressive long cock crowned with a perfectly plump cock head. And he's about to do his first guy-on-guy scene for Sean Cody. He sits on the couch with Kurt, a 22-year-old, straight college student with a big dick. "It's been a while, actually," Kurt said, referring to the fact the hadn't been fucked for quite some time. "It's like riding a bike, though," he added. "I think you'll be all right," Alan said, patting Kurt's chest. And he teased Kurt a little by caressing his ticklish nipples, and then started rubbing his shoulders. And the guys are off. It never ceases to amaze me how these straight guys can jump right in and do what the rest of us love doing. Surprisingly, Alan really gets into rimming Kurt's ass, and he's quite good at it, too, judging by all the moaning and groaning coming out of Kurt. But eventually Alan slides his hard cock into Kurt's ass, and the two fuck for a long time. There are a few Sean Cody signature acrobatic moves, but what shines through is how much Alan enjoys fucking. And judging by the load of spunk of Kurt's ripped abs, he enjoyed getting fucked.