• Leather Daddy Nick Moretti

    Nick Moretti

    Even the doms need a good ass fucking every now and again. Got to keep them in line, too. We can't have the tops thinking the world spins on the head of their stiff cocks. So leather daddy Nick Moretti books an appointment with the Dragon over at Butt Machine Boys. He's quite a beautiful man - solid muscle, very hairy, and wearing a hot sleeve of tattooed ink, not to mention that meaty cock swinging between his legs. Nick warms himself up with a few toys, and he starts off with the Fucksall. This fucking machine comes with a hunky manhandler to steer the dildo into Nick's hairy hole. (Where can I apply for that job?) Nick's hairy hole is dripping with lube as he straddles the Crystal Palace machine and a nice-sized dildo is thrust up into Nick's fuck hole. But my favourite is when this hairy daddy gets down on all fours and backs his ass into the huge dildo on the Dragon machine. Eventually Nick flips over and continues the pounding. The Dragon plows him hard until he busts a heavy load all over his hairy torso.

  • Sexy Face Scruff

    Sexy Face Scruff

    Chirstian Bishop is a city bloke, and sadly, he's as straight as they come. But he's also a total total horn dog and an exhibitionist, and took his clothes off recently for UK Naked Men. First of all, Christian is very good looking - square, chisled jaw; gorgeous, blue eyes; hot, kissable lips; a bit of a chin dimple; and he hasn't shaved for a couple of days. I love face scruff! Christian shows up in his footie gear. And he gets stiff as the cameras start shooting him. He even shows us his cock through the fabric in his shorts. (I love the tease!) He peels off his shirt and he's got a beautiful torso with hard pecs, close-cropped body hair, and when he poses and pumps, he has a nice set of biceps. He slides out of his shorts and he's rock hard in seconds. He loves being watched as he plays with his uncut cock. He looks so sexy strutting around naked in his knee-high, white, athletic socks. But he eventually peels off those as well, and gives us a look at his bare feet. He's got hairy toes - I love it. Oh geez, I feel like a giggly school girl.

  • Antonio Talks Dirty and Shoots His Load!

    View full video at Hot Gymnast

    Antonio from Hot Gymnast is muscular and hairy, and also he's also extremely flexible. He talks dirty to us in this HOT video as he strokes his cock, throws his legs in the air and shows us his asshole. Then he shoots a geyser of cum, and finishes off by giving us some more of his long very hard dick!

  • Hairy Bear in the Middle

    Hairy Threesome

    Lobo Al is the center of attention in this threesome sex scene. In fact, Al is featured in his very own DVD called Lobo's Bear Gang Bang. Pantheon Bear is giving us a sneak peek at a part of that weekend-long event. At this point, Lobo Al is tired, having already endured a punishing fuck from a long line of bears. When Derrick Ward and Brock Packard strut into his room and want their turn, he can't say no. Brock is the sexy man with the face scruff and he's got a long, 9-inch cock. Derrick is the youngest in this threeway and he's wearing a mohawk. (God, I love mohawks.) I love the photo where Derrick is piled on top of Lobo in a 69 cocksucking positon with Brock pushing his 9-inch monster into the mix. Lobo greedily takes both their cocks up his ass, but he's in absoute heaven when he's lying back on the bed with a man jerking off on either side. By the end of it, Lobo's hairy belly will be covered in three loads of spunk!

  • Sam Bones His First Guy

    First Time Gay Sex

    This Corbin Fisher video is one of firsts: Sam is having his first guy-on-guy sexual experience and Levi is getting fucked for the first time on the gay porn site. (He's been fucked up the ass before.) Sam is a hot-looking guy with a great set of lips. He heard about Corbin Fisher from a friend and he thought it'd be kind of fun to get nasty in front of the camera. The cameras and the fans loved him. He's already done a scene with a girl over on Corbin's brother site, but they've managed to talk him into doing his first guy-on-guy sex scene.

    Levi loves getting boned and when Corbin Fisher showed him a picture of Sam, the young, tattooed stud was all over that. Sam sat back on a sofa at the farmhouse and Levi unbuttoned his jeans and showed him how good a guy's mouth feels around his cock. Then Sam showed Levi he could suck dick, too. The guys laid across the sofa and Sam fucked Levi's ass a number of ways. Levi really wanted to taste Sam's load, so when the straight stud was ready to blow, Levi got down on his knees and opened wide! What an awesome shoot! I hope we'll see more more of Sam, he's a hot fucker.

  • Amateur Black Cock and Ass

    Black amateur shows off his ass and his hard cock

    Meet Shiri. He's a horny amateur black guy with a 7 and a half inch dick, and he has a fantasy of stripping and jacking off for a porn site, and Coco Dorm had no problem making this fantasy come true. You can see that from the minute the cameras were rolling, Shiri is not only comfortable - he feel sexy, and he loves showing off. Once the pants come off, Shiri's black cock is already hard. He's got a nice body, and a very firm and rounded butt. The camera man asks Shiri to spread his cheeks and show off his hole, and he gives us a nice closeup of that tight puckered asshole before grabbing his rod and jacking off!

  • Blue eyed all-American Marine

    blue eyed naked straight marine

    I have to admit, I have a big thing for rough and rugged soldiers or, as in this case, an ex-marine. Kade was recently featured for the first time at Dirty Tony, who seems to share my taste in men. Kade has big beautiful blue eyes, bright white smile and fit as fuck with a trim, tight body decorated by big tribal tattoos. In this scene Kade is quick to get out his cock - a nice thick knob wit large egg-sized balls!. It looks like having the camera pointing his way gets him excited and very hard! Check him out as he works up a sweat and jerks off... I wish I could be there to give him a hand!

  • Dildo Shopping

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    This hairy leather daddy from Kinky Gay Bearsdoesn't know which dildo would work the best for him, and his friend and the sales guy decide to help him out. They have him lean forward, then spread his buttcheeks and each one shoves a large dildo up that older bear's hungry ass!

  • Fat uncut Latin cock in tight ass

    fat latin cock in tight gay ass

    When you see Marcelo's cock your first thought is bound to be "how will that fit?" His cock might not be massive in length but certainly make up for it in girth. Victor - a submissive and hungry Latin bottom from Latin Jocks- is quick to show how it's done.

    Victor starts by tasting Marcelo's fat cock, licking it up and down it's shaft, measuring it... he hungrily takes it in his mouth. But you can just see that he wants to feel it inside of him, and quickly turns around to urge Marcelo to ram it all the way in. Marcelo is quick to take up his offer and slowly pushes his dick into Victor's tight ass. Then they change positions, with Marcelo lying down so that Victor can ride his cock and feel it deep inside. Can you blame him? The fuck ends with a big messy cumshot all over Victor's face!

  • English Rugby star naked

    Olly Barkley naked

    For fans of English rugby (or like me, a big "fan" of male rugby players) have probably drooled over Olly Barkley. The guys over at Rugger Bugger have have actually managed to find some pictures of him stark naked, so this is to all of you Rugby fans! This handsome beefy rugby lad strips down and is caught behind the scenes with his cock fully on show. Ok ,granted it's a damn blurry pictures but it's really his cock and probably as much as we will ever get to see of his cock, unfortunately.