• First Time Fucking an 8-Inch Cock

    Fucking a Perfect Ass

    Jared has a great body--totally ripped with a perfect ass. He hails from the Midwest where all those corn-fed boys live. When a guy has an ass that's as perfect as Jared's, you've just got to do something about getting it fucked. Sean Cody wanted to set Jared up with a hot fuck scene, and Jared said, "Yeah, that sounds great! But who is going to be doing the fucking." Sean Cody showed him a picture of Kurt, a 22-year-old, straight, college guy who has the dick of death. Fuck! It's nice and long and pretty thick, and it sports a little bit of curve halfway up the shaft. Kurt has made a lot of appearances on Sean Cody, and he's done a lot of fucking, but he's always done his fair share of bottoming. "Oh yeah, I've seen him on the site," Jared says with a big smile. "He's hot." Sean Cody checked that Jared was okay with the size of Kurt's cock and he said, "Yeah, it won't be a problem," he said. "It's going to be fun!" Now Jared says that he's never had a dick up his ass before, but the way he made Kurt's stiff monster dick disappear, one has to wonder if he's fibbing just a little bit. Hell, he even rides it pony style! This is one hot fuck scene definitely worth checking out.

  • Hot Foursome Sex!

    Foursome Sex

    A few months ago, Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami joined forces to create some hot videos for us. And his week they're bringing us another installment. Corbin Fisher's Connor and Josh get in to a hot foursome sex scene with Bel Ami's Brandon and Sascha. Connor has done group sex scenes before on Corbin Fisher, but this is Josh's first multi-man sex scene. And how do you adequately describe a foursome sex scene anyway? Everywhere you look someone is sucking someone else's dick. With four hot dicks and four hungry mouths, it's sensory overload as these four studs slobber all over one another's stiff dicks. Connor is one of Corbin Fisher's best tops -- he has a dick that just does not quit and he loves to bury it in a tight hole; and Brandon is one of the best tops at Bel Ami. Brandon stuffs his hard dick deep in Josh's ass while Connor bends over Sascha and starts drilling him. It's furious fucking from that point on and both tops take their turn at these two cock-hungry butts. The bottoms blow their loads first as the tops boy continue pounding their holes. In the end, Sascha and Josh are totally covered in cum. What a way to spend an afternoon!

  • BDSM Jeans

    BDSM Jeans

    BDSM Jeans is a site with a unique concept - dominant Masters and cute but demanding amateurs wearing demin bluejeans, vests, or both. This should work both for those with a blue jean or denim fetish and for those into BDSM, as well. The tour shows European guys from 18 to somewhere in their twenties wearing jeans with their flies unzipped to show off their hard cocks, and in my opinion this is hot. The dominant guys are shown tying up, spanking, flogging and fucking helpless slaves and submissives who seem to love servicing their denim-clad Masters, and they take a lot of punishment, as well. The site also offers plenty of solo pissing action, both indoors and in restrooms. Whether you're into bondage, blue jeans, pissing or all of the above, BDSM Jeans has a very interesting site that's definitely worth checking out.

  • Horny Frat Boy Jerking

    View full video at Colt Studio Group

    Blond frat boy Jessie Swift from COLT Studio Group loves nothing so much as grabbing his cock on a lazy afternoon and jacking off. Here he is, caught lying back and jerking his manmeat for the camera as if he were completely alone. Enjoy!

  • Unshaved College Guy

    college guy with bushy pubes and hairy armpits/

    Meet Tony Falco from College Dudes 24/7. He's an Italian-American cutie with big blue eyes, a boyish face and a big thick cock. Not only is this 22 year old college boy cute, but he's got full lips and a boy next door look that makes him a real treat. He has naturally dark hair and doesn't shave his body, and the result is nice hairy armpits and bushy pubes. This is his first shoot, and as you can see, he had no problem getting it up. Then he strokes his dick for the camera till he can't help himself - he just has to cum!

  • Fucking a Bald Man

    Fucking Bald Man

    Hot bald man Drake Jayden had no idea what was in store for him when Men Over 30 matched him up with hot, power top Brenn Weisman. Brenn definitely separates the men from the boys. He's got a fat 8-inch cock, and let's just say that getting your ass pounded by Brenn is ... uh ... challenging. Brenn walks in on Drake, who is discovering how good a Fleshjack feels on his cock. "You like your new toy?" Brenn asks. Before Drake has a chance to answer, Brenn barks, "I'm gonna make you my bitch today." Before he knows it Drake is down on the floor and Brenn is ripping the clothes off him. Brenn goes down on Drake and starts sucking his cock. Then Brenn bends Drake over and works over his ass with both tongue and fingers. But Brenn isn't ready to fuck ass yet, so he mounts Drake's face and delivers his hard 8 inches down this cocksucker's throat. After getting his meat adequately serviced, he turns his attention to Drake's ass. Like I said, Drake finds Brenn's cock challenging at first, but by the end of this scene, Drake will be bouncing on Brenn's dick like he's the pony ride at the grocery store.

  • Getting Ready for Naked Paintball

    View full video at Eric Deman

    This video shows the guys from Eric Deman getting suited up - or down - and ready for a game of naked paintball. Undressed except for shoes and socks, the men stretch, oil up, and get psyched up for the game. A fun vid, especially if you like outdoor nudity!

  • Hooded Man Jerking Off

    Anonymous hooded man jerks off and cums

    The guys at Anonymous Masked Men don't reveal their identities, sort of like Batman, so we don't know the name of this obviously horny amateur. What we DO know is that he's wearing a hood, which adds a mysterious feel to this shoot. Our masked amateur starts off in jeans and a t-shirt that shows off his tattoos, but soon he's peeled off his pants and shirt, and is working his cock vigorously with both hands. You can see he's very turned on at stroking on camera, and he can't wait to get off. His rod is red from the pounding he gives it by the time this anonymous man shoots his hot load!

  • Servicing a Big Black Dick

    Sucking Big Black Dick

    Krist and Scott have fucked together before. A few weeks back, I blogged about these two in Opposites Attract. And these guys are opposite in just about every way. Krist Cummings is 21 years old, stands 5'4", sports a 6-inch cock, and is about as white as a guy who stays out of the sun can be. Scott Alexander is 37 years old, stands 6'3", and he's packing a big, black dick. In this scene over at Exta Big Dicks, Krist walks into his apartment to find a giant Christmas present in the middle of his living room. When he opens the box, Scott pops out! (I told you it was big!) Krist can't contain his excitement and he climbs into the box and starts working on Scott's big, black dick. After swapping blowjobs, Scott bends Krist over and slides his huge dick inside Krist's small, tight butt. (I'm still amazed this tiny guy can stuff such a big cock up his ass.) But Krist is insatiable, he begs Scott to pick up the pace. Scott puts Krist down on his knees and pounds him doggy style until he finally flips Krist over and spews his creamy load all over Krist's belly. And fuck man, you should see the powerful stream of cum that shoots out of Scott's big dick. Wow! What a Christmas present!

  • Straight Daddy Gets Blown

    Straight Daddy Gets Blown

    Straight guy TJ is just recently divorced, and as a result was able to sample the cocksucking skills of another man. He is now convinced that no one sucks a hard-on better than a talented male dick swallower. Smart guy. TJ is a hairy mature daddy with a really nice meat pole - the kind I personally love to work for a long, long time. New York Straight Men's Sergio was the servicer chosen to get TJ off. If we know one thing about Sergio, it's that he is most likely the best sword swallower in all of New York City. I don't know how good it was for TJ the last time he got head, but judging by how hard he got in this shoot, I'm guessing Sergio blew his straight mind, as well as his manmeat. As usual, we get some great shots of Sergio working that big boner. I especially love the ones looking up, like we're right underneath the action ourselves. Hell, I'd suck off TJ in heartbeat!

  • His First Gay Threeway

    View full video at Cody Cummings

    While bisexual Cody Cummings has had his cock sucked by guys as well as by women, this is his first all-male experience with 2 guys. The guys are his buddies Christian Wilde and Taylor Aims, and the three of them have a great time sucking each other and doing a little fucking. Cody is obviously having a great time, and I bet this won't be his last gay threesome!

  • Scruffy UK Amateur

    British amateur guy with a big uncut cock

    TJ is the latest find from Blake Mason. This horny first-timer has a slender build, scruffy dark blond hair, a big uncut cock and he was pretty shy during the shoot. You'll notice he doesn't look at the camera, but that's okay since he focuses instead on that rigid dick of his. Not only is his tool hard as a rock, but it's got a swollen mushroom head and a veiny shaft. TJ works his meat, stroking and squeezing it till he just can't hold on any longer and shoots his hot load all over his stomach.

  • Horny Scally Lad Trio

    Horny Scally Lad Trio

    UK Scally Lads brings us Troy, Kallum and Rob C's sensational cocksucking and fuck fest. Their first video together had them swallowing their scally dicks and rimming ass. The chavs end up in a great threeway 69 that lasts for quite a while. After all this sucking and ass eating, Kallum simply can't resist the urge to fuck both Troy and Rob's asses. Troy is the biggest dick pig of the two lads, riding Kallum's big ramrod while doing his best to deep throat Rob's thick manmeat. Troy gets fucked in many positions, from being spooned to riding on top to laying on his back. All the while he doesn't stop sucking cock, either. What a horny, nasty rudeboy trio!

  • Hot Frat Boy Levi

    Hot Frat Boy Levi

    When you look into Levi's gorgeous eyes, can you picture him as the son of a Nebraskan farmer? I definitely can. There's a certain naive innocence in those sexy peepers to me. Fratmen tells us that Levi has a very easy manner about him and I would imagine this is a result of his heritage and upbringing. Levi currently attends a local university and while we didn't get much information about his athleticism, one look at the hunky jock and you can be sure the boy is pretty active. Talk about a "V" shaped body - 2ow. Levi has a very small waist that tapers down into the sweetest ass I've seen in ages. He turns around and that cock of his is just about as hard as a dick can be. He doesn't even have to touch it. I guess all this exposure has done something to the college boy. Sweet and innocent he may look, but Levi is obviously not without his wild side.

  • Tattooed Muscle Hunk

    Tattooed Muscle Hunk

    Bad Puppy sure love their muscle hunks. So do we, of course! Jack Dragon certainly fits into that category. Not only is he thickly built with steel hard beef, but he seems to have a thing for body art as well. Celtic tattoos can look so hot when they're on the right man. That design definitely compliments Jack from my eyes. In case you aren't aware, Jack is actually a porn actor with a few smoking movies under his belt. Whether teamed up with a bunch of other hunks or by himself, Mr. Dragon always lights up the blue screen. Following some posing and slowly stripping off his briefs, he shows off that tight manly ass. His cock is already hard and Jack proceeds to stroke it the way he loves to do in front of the camera. The way he looks into the lens at us while he beats off gets me so hard I can barely stand it!