• Bi-curious Guy's First Time

    Nervous Guy Gets Fucked

    Martin is a shy guy and says, "I'm usually pretty quiet." I think we often assume that good-looking guys are also outgoing, but Martin corrects us: "I usually wait for people to talk to me,"he explained. "I'm not sure why. I've just always been that way." But Martin isn't that shy because a few weeks back he stripped naked and jacked off on Sean Cody. In his interview with Sean Cody he mentioned that he considers himself to be bi-curious, but he still hasn't explored that curiosity. When Sean Cody approached Martin about doing his first guy-on-guy sex scene on film, Martin was definitely interested, but nervous at the same time. Obviously, he wanted his first gay sex experience to be with the right guy. Leading up to his first session Martin was so nervous that he could barely talk. His taste in men in pretty specific, so he was hoping that Fuller was going to turn out to be everything he wanted. "So you think he's cute then?" Sean Cody asked when Martin was finally sitting beside Fuller. "He's adorable!" Martin said shyly. And you can see that these two guys hit it off perfectly. Fuller was gentle at first and got into some hot foreplay with Martin. Then when Martin was ready Fuller slowly inched his hard cock into Martin's hairy ass. But once Martin was comfortable, Fuller pounded him within an inch of his life! It's a hot fuck scene.

  • Hairy Straight Guy Gets Blown

    Hairy Straight Guy Gets Blown

    Say hello to New York Straight Men's newcummer - Cliff. He's 34 years old and he was snagged up by a woman who convinced him over coffee to cum in and get blown by another guy. He was pretty skiddish about the whole thing at first of course, but eventually he gave in and thought he'd give it a try. As you can see, Cliff is a really hairy fucker. Of course, Sergio didn't mind that fact one bit and loved burying his face in Cliff's furry crotch while deep throating him. Once the latino cocksucker got his mouth firmly wrapped around Cliff's dick, the first timer managed to relax a bit. I always love it when the camerama covers a blowjob from many angles and we get to see some great shots of Cliff's hairy nuts and ass while he gets blown. Skiddish or not, Cliff loved getting serviced orally by another guy!

  • His New Dildo

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    Beaux gets wet and horny in the tub, and the Demon Dudes camera catches him as he fingers his asshole and gets it ready for his new dildo. This one sticks on any smooth surface, and Beaux uses it to fuck his hungry ass in the bathtub, the window and the mirror!

  • Hairy Executives Fucking

    Hairy Executives Fucking

    Dane Hyde and Brock Hart are real-life lovers and this isn't the first time they've gotten nasty for the cameras. Each man has appeared in several scenes on various gay porn sites around the Web. But this is also the second time they've fucked on mature man site Men Over 30. (Check out the blog Daddy Boning Ass. They also did another sweaty scene for Cocksure Men called Locker Room Threesome.) In this recent scene for Men Over 30, this real-life couple are playing a couple of executives just arriving home from the office. 39-year-old Brock Hart arrives home to find Dane Hyde still in his suit and relaxing on the sofa. Brock himself is looking pretty hot in his suit and tie, so Dane jumps up to kiss him hello. They kiss, and then, Brock sits down on the sofa and unbuttons his shirt and loosens his tie. One look at that hairy chest and belly and Dane is all over his partner. He grabs Brock's crotch and leans in to lick Brock's neck, then he's sucking on his lover's nipples. The two hairy men get naked and swap blowjobs. When Brock sits back on a chair and holds his stiff dick up in the air, Dane sits down on it and makes it disappear. The two men continue fucking until Dane is finally lying on the floor - spent and covered in spunk!

  • Hardprint


    Hardprint has a subheading: "A look at fag rags around the world." What it supplies is indeed just that - looks and indepth links to these magazines. And what a fascinating collection they are! Magazines begin at the incredible "Art In Odd Places" which deals with "all disciplines outside the confines of public space regulations". (It therefore presents diverse artworks such as the Manhole Covers of 14th Street in New York City. Fascinating and actually gorgeous stuff.) This blog also acquaints us with more traditional types of magazines but those which not everyone knows about, such as "Spank Me" and "In Their Room", the latter of which takes place in the private homes of various subjects with the current issue subtitled "Butt readers". The Spanish magazine "Kink" shows us men undressed and moody, with sumptuous and hugely rich photography, while the more exuberant "Fantastic Man" reveals celebrities and other-worldly beautiful men as human, open and gorgeous. The theme is definitely somewhat educational as the author here breaks us all into a range of slick and hot magazines, many of which a lot of us - and certainly I - never knew existed. To my mind, it is somewhat ground-breaking insight into the state of magazine publishing and its most recent and most stylish, raw and interesting incarnations in the field of magazines.

  • Zack Pisses in His Blue Jeans

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    Zack Randall from Boys Pissing is reaching for his cock in his jeans and he starts pissing. He pisses in his jeans and then as the stream gets stronger, he pisses over them as he sprinkles pee all over the bed!

  • College Circle Jerk

    college circle jerk

    Straight Fraternity is auditioning guys for next year's spring break event. First the guys pull down their pants, showing their asses off to the camera. Then it's time to get er... friendly. These naked college guys are having a great time, smiling and laughing with each other. They start grabbing each others' cocks or their own, and soon every one of them has a hard-on and they're all piled on the bed stroking a dick. The guys even start a jerkoff contest, and Lane is the loser who gets to catch everyone else's cum when they shoot their loads!

  • Fucking Fat Cuban Dick

    Fucking Fat Dick

    The great thing about shooting gay porn in Miami is that producers have access to all that Cuban dick. And this week, Extra Big Dicks is bringing us a super fat Cuban dick that's 9 inches long and uncut. Mario Costa has appeared on the big dick porn site before; the last time his playmate was packing a 10-inch cock - read the blog called Too Big?. This week, 23 year-old Mario is playing with another Latino guy named Ricky Martinez. Ricky is versatile, but Mario's ass is exit only, so you know what that means - Ricky is going to feel that fat, Cuban dick splitting his ass open. The guys start off getting to know one another; and while they kiss, Ricky's hands feel around Mario's pants and discover his 9-inch monster. When Mario strips down to his white boxer briefs, Ricky can't wait to get his mouth around that huge dick, so he starts dry blowing Mario through his tight-fighting shorts. Ricky finally gets to swallow Mario's dick, but the Cuban top doesn't reciprocate. He's not interested in sucking dick, he wants to feel Ricky's ass wrapped around his fat dick. When Mario is ready, he sprays a huge load of spunk all over Ricky's back; and then, the exhausted cocksucker jacks off all over himself!

  • Hard UK Fuck

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    AJ and Dave get together on Blake Mason for some UK-style sucking and fucking. They're both hungry for each others' cocks, and after a blowjob, they do a little 69 before the main event - a hot ass pounding from every angle!

  • Well Hung Tattooed Stripper

    Well Hung Tattooed Stripper

    One look at Lucas Kazan's gorgeous European hunk Alex Magnum and it really isn't to hard to figure out why he's sought after to strip in many Italian clubs. For one thing, his tattoos and thick muscular frame speak volumes as far as masculinity go. Then there's his cock. Oh my! It's the kind of rod that makes any big dick lover go weak in the knees and salivate at first sight. Alex calls himself a "sex pig", having a real thing for the filthy and perverse. Ok, so I think I just fell in love. Not only is this man great looking, but he's also a hardcore pervert. Can it get much better than that? There aren't very many things I wouldn't do with his sensational, 6 foot tall piece of eye candy. That thick piece of manmeat between his legs is just looking for some good head. Now who the hell wouldn't be into servicing Alex?!

  • Huge Cock Stud

    View full video at Strong Men

    View full video at Strong Men

    Evan Rochelle from Strong Men is packing a huge uncut cock in his underwear. Not only is it long - it's thick, and once he pulls it out, he gets serious about jerking it, letting the foreskin cover and uncover the head as he strokes that hard massive pole it up and down.

  • Jake Gets Double Ended

    Jake Gets Double Ended

    Sometimes one hunk is enough for Jake Cruise, but there are other times when he just can't resist taking on two at a time. Tyler and Zach were brought in to do a shoot for Cocksure Men, but the horny mature man really couldn't resist getting the two gorgeous hotties in bed with him. Fortunately for him - and all of us too, of course - they were up for a threesome! Tyler is an all-American southern boy and turned out to be the most dominant party in this suck and fuck fest. But first, Jake drops to his submissive knees in order to service both men with his talented mouth. Tyler and Zach eventually crave some cock down their own throats though and a 69 soon plays out. By this time, Jake is ready to get fucked and Tyler is itching to fill a man hole. He fucks Jake on his back while Zach feeds the older pervert his fat dick. It turned out that Zach loves to get his butt stuffed too, as Tyler feeds him his ram rod good and fast. The last shot we see is Zach blowing his juicy load while Tyler is still pounding away at his ass!

  • Muscular Navy Hunk Jeff

    Muscular Navy Hunk Jeff

    This massive muscular man in the handsome white Navy suit is Jeff, the main star and owner of Str8Cam. I don't think Jeff is really in the Navy, but he sure looks awesome in that uniform, doesn't he? There's nothing wrong with pretending. Imagine those immense arms wrapped around you, holding you as tight as you've ever been held before. Mmmmm...what a dream! Jeff slowly strips down to show off his incredibly thick, hairy thighs. That jockstrap does wonders for my own hardon, I can tell you that much. Jeff proceeds to show off for us, all the while taking it all off except for his underwear, then bends over to give us a look at his strong, hairy thighs!

  • Dak Ramsey Loses Again!

    Please Don't Fuck My Ass

    Dak Ramsey has been on a losing streak over at Naked Kombat. In his last fight he had to give up his ass to Race Cooper. In victory, Race fed his big, black cock to Dak - first down his throat, and then, up his ass! So Dak Ramsey is desperate for a victory. He's been working on his cardio to prepare for the fighting match. His opponent this week is a huge challenge. Mitch Colby is a big, solid man who stands 6'1" tall. He towers over Dak and has tons of wrestling experience. I think it might go easier on Dak if he just lubed up his ass now and bent over -- maybe Mitch would go easy on him. Not bloody likely. This was one tough bout. Dak scores loads of bonus points for slapping Mitch's ass, grabbing his cock, and pulling Mitch's jockstrap over his head; but in the end, it didn't help. Once again, Dak Ramsey has found himself flat on the mats with a naked wrestler straddling his face. After getting a mouthful of cock, Dak is down on all fours and bracing himself for the "full nelson." And he gets it.

  • Fucking a Big Black Cock

    Sucking Black Cock

    Scott and Feliz are are hanging out, snuggling on a love seat and getting know one another in this Extra Big Dicks sequence. Scott reaches inside Feliz's jeans and gives his stiffening cock a tug. When the guys strip off their clothes, Scott is wearing a shocking pink-coloured pair of underwear, and they're hugging his bulge nicely. Scott starts to suck Feliz's uncut cock and ends up with a face full of ass. Feliz moans in ecstasy as Scott mows down on his hole. But these guys aren't going there just yet. Scott lies back enjoys a long, slow blowjob as Feliz swallows all 8 inches of Scott's thick cock. When Scott starts thinking about a tighter hole, he bends Feliz over and gives him 8 inches of big, black cock. Feliz loves it and after a while decides he wants a little more control, so he mounts Scott and rides his big dick. They fuck for a long time and move through a suite of positions, but finally, Scott has fucked the cum right out of Feliz and the horny stud creams all over his abs. Scott pulls out his throbbing cock and sprays all over Feliz.