• College Boys Fuck

    College guys fuck

    Carter Nash and Buddy Davis are two of the most popular guys at College Dudes 24/7, and it's easy to see why. Carter is 6' 1" and he's got that cute boy next door look that makes him seem almost innocent. Buddy is more muscular, and he has a sense of humor that shows in that twinkle in his eyes. When these two got together, it was lust at first sight. After a deep kiss, Carter can't wait to chow down on Buddy's cock, his own rod hard as he goes down on that fine piece of meat. Then Buddy delivers an enthusiastic rimjob, driving Carter up the walls - he wants to get fucked. He climbs on top of Buddy's manmeat and rides it while the guys share another kiss. Then Buddy's had all he can take - he takes control and gives Carter's hole a serious pounding!

  • Dark Vulcan


    Dark Vulcan is a site with an astounding amount of insight into the world of SM/ BDSM. The proprietor is terrifically experienced in every phase of it all and his representations and the educational perspective he offers in this blog is enlightening and wide-ranging. He covers the basics - SM play, the "Rules" he employs ("Nothing unsafe, nothing illegal, no drugs, no scat"), spanking, tit play, CBT (cock and balls torture) and punishment. He also has a category called "Others". What may be the single most impressive aspect of his viewpoint is the role of the mix of physicality and "imagination".

    I quote him: "SM Play is like extreme sport - the thrill you get depends on how hard you push against the envelope. And like extreme sports, safety is a primary concern - for it is only when you feel safe from real harm that you can embrace the thrill of experience.

    I'm into SM Play as an erotic "extreme sport" rather than a lifestyle. I enjoy the excitement and intimacy of pushing a bottom through his thresholds. Of weaving a fabric of pain and pleasure that is physically intense and ignites the imagination."

    So not only do we "get" this man's own perspective after serious thought about his preferences, we also then get a trip through what it all entails. This is an incredibly informative site where the author describes the various roles and desired sensations of the experience of this mostly misunderstood area of sexuality. This is an informative and fascinating site that deserves a visit by anyone interested - even just intellectually - in the reality of SM/BDSM.

  • Navy Seal Jerking Off

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    Meet Tex from All American Heroes. This is Tex's first time doing a porn video, he's passionate about fitness and the navy. He says he's an energetic guy and he and his two roommates love to run every day. He's also a horny guy - maybe all that running keeps his libido up, but once Tex unzips his shorts, he can't wait to grab his cock and jerk it for the camera. It doesn't seem to bother him at all that there's another dude behind the camera - maybe he and his Navy roommates jack off together. One thing I do know is that Tex is very turned on stroking his dick for the camera!

  • Pornstar Fucks Ass

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    Czech bodybuilder and gay pornstar Robert Van Damme isn't just some regular guy. In addition to his great physique and masculine good looks, he's got tons of stamina and a thick cock he knows how to use when topping horny bottom boys. Today is Cameron Adams from Dominic Ford's lucky day, because he gets to to service that fat piece of Czech manmeat and get blown. Now he's so horny that he can't wait any longer. Cameron climbs on top of Robert's dick, letting it fill his ass as he strokes his own pole. Then he leans back and lets Robert do the work, pumping that hungry hole deep and hard!

  • Well-Hung Japanese Rapper

    Well Hung Japanese Rapper

    Japan Boyz' new hottie Nobuaki loves to rap out. Looking at his attire with the sideways baseball cap and baggie jeans, it's not hard to believe. Looking all cool in his shades and baggy t-shirt, the cocky Japanese twink slowly undresses. He even teases the hell out of us by just showing off a little bit of his tight asian ass cheeks. I love the orange color of his briefs too! Although a bit nervous at first, eventually Nobuaki gets his cock very hard, proving that he really is packing a formidable piece of man meat under those baggy shorts of his. It's super thick and has quite the hard-on inspiring curve to it. I now have a hardcore craving for a big Japanese dick in my mouth! How about you?!

  • Bearded Man Fucking

    Bearded Guy Fucking

    Brandon Monroe jacked off a month or so ago on Men Over 30. I first saw this sexy bearded guy a few months back and blogged about him in Early Morning Head, and then, I blogged about him again in Outdoor Jack Off Session. And now, he's back on Men Over 30 and getting his dick serviced. Nice to see a good-looking guy getting around. Brandon is 31, has a nice hairy chest, and is originally from New York City. Brandon is paired up with well-hung, bad boy James Hamilton. This is going to be an interesting scene since both of these guys are versatile. Brandon even confessed that his hottest sex ever was getting gang banged by eight Latinos - now that's versatile. But after swapping blowjobs, it's James who is bending over for his newfound buddy. Brandon fucks James's ass all over the room until they eventually settle into a missionary position. With Brandon pounding his ass furiously, James jacks his big dick and explodes. And explodes is the right word; he shooting so vigorously that he even hits his own face! Seeing this puts Brandon over the edge and he pulls out and let's his load fly all over James.

  • BoysandBoys


    BoysandBoys is an extremely stylish site, reflecting , I think, the fairly obvious quality of the author's aims and of the escorts who are offered here. Based in London, this escort service reaches around the world, to major cities all over. Madrid, Ibiza, Paris, Dubai, Zurich and New York City all have abundant guys and even some gals of nearly-intimidating good looks. This is definitely a swanky spot - for fantasizing alone if not for picking up an escort. Great pictures and galleries of handsome, well-built men and a list of their preferences, their experience and, for some, their prices, comprise the small bio's for each escort listed in here. Go into each city and there are guys waiting for appointments. It's some deliriously great shopping. Just to reiterate, these are somewhat special hunks. The prices tend to go to the $2-300 per hour types.

    The site also offers insights into the city scenes of various most popular destinations. These are informed and obviously experienced reviews of the facilities offered. Paris, Rome, Barcelona - everywhere whose reputation is stylish and urbane, it would seem. Even shopping is included. Make no mistake - these are some high priced fare, from the escorts themselves to the indicated places to shop and club. But as the trend-setting site which describes the best or near-best available talents and places to go, this one has to rank highly indeed.

  • Juicy Cock and Hairy Hole

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    Anders from Cruiser Boys is 26 years old, tall and slender with a great build and a boyish smile. He says he's straight, and he says girls love him and particularly seem to like his cock - they say it's just the right size. Anders says he loves oral sex, but hasn't been blown in a couple of weeks, so he was pretty horny from the time this session got rolling. Once he got his jeans down, he had no problem showing off his hairy asshole before wrapping his fingers around his juicy cock and giving it a serious stroking!

  • Prison Gloryhole

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    I love this video from Masculine Bears because I like the rough, tattooed muscled man they show in jail and looking for something to do. Using a hidden knife, he enlarges a hole in the wall to check out the guy in the next cell, who is more than willing to stick his cock through to get sucked!

  • Straight Guy Gets Rimmed

    straight guy loves to get rimmed

    Josh is tall, with red hair and a beard, and has always considered himself straight, but he liked his last session at New York Straight Men so much that he couldn't help himself - he had to come back for more. Unlike a lot of straight guys, Josh likes having his ass serviced, so once he gets comfortable, Sergio (NYSM's resident cocksucker) goes to work on his hairy hole. He buries his face between those two buttcheeks, letting his tongue tease as he rims Josh. Finally Josh feels that Sergio deserves a reward. He turns over so Sergio can suck on his rigid throbbing cock! But once he's about to cum, Josh grabs his dick and jerks it super fast as Sergio licks his ass, getting him ready to blow his load!