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    Wow! When you see a hungry cock sucker struggling to wrap his mouth around a huge dick like this, what else can you say? Rob Lawrence's dick is 10 inches long and God knows how many inches around, but you won't find a fatter piece of meat. Newcomer Trey Walker drops to his knees and unhinges his jaw to get his mouth around Rob's fantastically fat cock on Hot Older Male this week. Trey works more and more of that huge cock into his mouth, and then, Rob starts lubing up Trey's ass with his tongue. Is Trey going to try and take that monster up his ass? Really? He sure does. And surprisingly, Rob slides his fattie into Trey's welcoming hole rather easily. After fucking Trey on his belly, they move to the sling where Rob pounds Trey until the bottom explodes a healthy load all over his belly. But this scene isn't over. Rob hops up in the sling and Trey fingers his hole until Rob shows us how much cum a 10-inch dick can unload. You won't want to miss out on this cumshot!

  • Flexible Muscle Stud

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    Antonio shows us why he's called the Hot Gymnast as he strokes his cock with his legs spread w-i-d-e and then gives us a good look at his firm, muscular ass!

  • Pounding Dean Tucker

    Fucking Dean Tucker

    Brenn Weisman first showed up on Men Over 30 a couple of months back. And soon after, this big-dicked 37-year-old was back fucking a cute Latino guy. This week, this sexy mature man is sliding his big cock into Dean Tucker. Gay porn star Dean Tucker is no stranger to Men Over 30, he's appeared on the site several times. He recently offered up his ass to another well-hung stud in Fucking Dean Tucker and we watch him suck a superb cock in Gay Men Give Better Blowjobs. Dean admits he's versatile, but he does prefer to bottom - and that's abundantly clear. And that's a good thing because a man like Brenn needs a power bottom; this boxer is just as aggressive outside of the ring as he is in it. Brenn likes to pound ass, and I mean really POUND. In his interview he says, "I don't ask 'Can you take it'--I just give it!" And not only is Brenn a hot fucker, but he's a dirty talker. Dean Tucker takes it all and still begs for more.

  • Bi Hottie AJ Irons

    Bi Hottie AJ Irons

    According to Cruiser Boys, bisexual hunk AJ Irons has an interesting motto when it cums to to the ladies - "hang and bang". However, AJ also has an oral fixation with men and loves to give head. I can certainly picture his sexy mouth on my hard cock! AJ fantasizes about getting his sexy toes sucked on while he deep throats some hunk's thick man meat. He first gives us a great peek at his lean, chiseled physique, but soon moves on to spread his taut ass cheeks apart so we can get a great glimpse of his tasty butt hole. His dick grows quite hard from all this activity and it isn't long before he's on his back stroking his rigid pole. His erotic dreams of he and another man have grown much stronger now. Wouldn't you love to get inside AJ's head and join him in his fantasy? I know I would!

  • Horny Latin Thug

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    Hot latin gangster from Naked Papisstrips off his shirt, pants and boxers to show off his unshaved pubes and his cock. Then he grabs that uncut piece of meat and strokes it till he shoots a hot, thick load of cum!

  • Riding Big Daddy Dick

    Riding Big Daddy Dick

    It looks as though perverted fucker Daddy Mugs got himself another twink to take advantage of and ass pound the hell out of. As is usual too, the boy loved it and looks so good with Daddy's big cock buried up his tight butt. Kurt is the twink's name and man is he ever cute! We first get some shots of him by himself showing off that sweet, lean body of his. Then there's those ass cheeks. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to stick their dick inbetween them?! Once Kurt is comfortable with the cameraman, he and Daddy get into some deep kissing. Obviously it didn't take long for Kurt to get worked up enough to get stuffed with his older playmate's fat cock!!

  • Big Dicked UK Action

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    The photographer from Blake Mason decided to bring in Ian and his great big, thick cock for a serious fuck-a-thon with Justin. Soon the guys were going down on each other, sucking and deep throating each other's rigid poles. Then they did a little 69ing, one blowing while the other one rimmed him. And finally it was time to find out if Justin could take ian's huge piece of meat! It was a stretch, but he took every inch and loved it, riding that massive dick until Ian turned Justin over and gave his hole a serious pounding!

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    Ricky from Foot Friends loves the feel of wearing black dress socks - the way the fabric stretches and holds his size 11 feet makes his cock hard. He was especially turned on showing off his socked feet for the camera. He also loved pulling off those socks and taking off his pants to reveal his hairy calves and feet, stretching both out to give us a good look. And of course, there's also Ricky's uncut cock, which he displays to perfection along with his tempting toes before he finally gives in to temptation and gives his toes a sensuous sucking and licking!

  • Hairy Man Services Big Dick

    Hairy Man Blowjob

    I've been waiting for this video for a while now. Butch Dixon has been teasing us for over a month with this hot, hairy man, and they finally debuted the video last week. Marco Van is a sexy, hairy man. He's good looking with a beefy and muscular body, and he's covered with hair and tattoos. He's fairly nicely hung, too, and horny Frenchman Thierry Lamasse wastes no time getting down on his knees and nursing on Marco's dick. Marco grabs the Frenchman by the head and rams his dick down his throat. Then it's Marco's turn, but he's got a bigger job to tend with - Thierry is packing a 9-inch wallop! But Marco's a pro and knows how to slide a big dick down his throat. Once Marco has taken care of Thierry's big dick, the hairy hunk bends over and gives Thierry something to aim for. The two men grunt and groan and Thierry pounds Marco's ass doing double time. Thierry fucks like a rabbit and Marco takes every minute and inch of it. But Marco's cumshot is to die for! After taking Thierry load across his hairy chest, Marco stands up and unloads all over Thierry's thick, uncut cock. And when he's done pumping, he gets back down on his knees and cleans up his own load! Awesome!

  • Ricky's First Cam Show

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    Ricky from Maskurbate is wearing a mask, but you can tell he's gorgeous with a muscular physique and massive cock. He does a steamy strip on camera, then pulls out his great big dick and goes to work, giving it a serious stroking!

  • Tie Guy UK

    Tie Guy UK

    Tie Guy UK is refreshing. It's a site dedicated to bondage - not fetish, not BDSM, not role playing and not leather or rubber. Just bondage, a little tickling and teasing. The owner, who also does all the tying up, is Steve, and in his own words, "Bondage is the art of restraint." Not only does he do the bondage, but he also does the site updates, customer support and site design. It's pretty much a one-man show, and a labor of love. The bondage in this site is creative - often very creative. There's lots of rope bondage, duct tape, electrical tape, gags and sometimes odder things like boxing gloves. The guys who are bound are fit and from 18 to maybe 40, and they do this because they're into it - they don't get paid as the site doesn't make that much money. And to me, this just makes Tie Guy UK hotter as everyone who appears is there because it turns them on. And what could be better than that?

  • Czech Amateur Gets Naked

    european bi guy

    Meet Matyas from Realboys4u. He's not their average model - his body is a bit beefier and he looks a little more mature than his 19 years. Matyas says he's bisexual and versatile - he loves getting fucked as much as he loves fucking. Besides sex, and lots of it, he loves reading and sports - an interesting combination - and he decided to try modeling. I love the way his uncut dick fills out his briefs, and things get even better when he pulls his underwear off so he can show us his ass and nice thick cock!

  • Latin Hunk's Juicy Uncut Cock

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    Jose Ganetti is a latin hunk whose done several gay porn DVDs. When he did this shoot for Strong Men, they wanted him to show just what a horny man he really is. And he really is! Jose loves getting naked in front of the camera, and he was turned on touching himself - his chest, his nipples, his juicy uncut dick! He had a raging hard-on before his underwear was off, and couldn't wait to jack off in a variety of positions that pushed back his foreskin to reveal the sensitive head of his cock to his stroking fingers. The extra sensation drove Jose wild, and made this jerkoff session smoking hot!

  • Locker Room Threesome

    Locker Room Threesome

    Bo Dean is working away at the heavy bag in the locker room, but his punches are too heavy and the bag is flying all over the place. Brock offers to steady it for Bo, but ends up taking a shot on the chin that puts him flat on his back on a bench. There couldn't be a more perfect place for this hungry Cocksure Men hunk though as he cums to with two big cocks waving in his face. Dane is there to help Brock "cum too" as well and it isn't long before Brock is either sucking cock or eating ass. Things proceed on to a 69-fuck scenario where Bo sticks his fat schlong deep into Dane's muscled up butt while he and Brock share cocksucking duties. The scene gets even hotter as the fucking continues and Brock soon gets filled to the brim with a massive pole himself. What I would give to walk into my gym locker room to see this going on!

  • Puppy-Play

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    Master Colin Steele takes control in this puppy-play scene with Derrick Paul from Club Inferno Dungeon. After making "puppy" Derrick lick his boots like a good dog, Colin stretches Derrick's ass with huge dildos as Derrick does whatever it takes to please his master!