• Prison Threesome Action

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    Shane is an inmate, and it's time to get a physical on the Brash Boys camera. The guard who takes him to the infirmary is turned on watching it, and soon the guard, the doctor and Shane are enthusiastically fingering, sucking and fucking in this hot and heavy prison threesome!

  • Shrine To The Soap Hunks


    Shrine To The Soap Hunks is exactly what it says it is. There are no mysteries on this blog and that makes it even better, in a way. In fact, that it is done in such simple and elegant detail, it somehow makes it even more appealing in its simplicity. At the top of the home page, there are two scroll-down menus announcing 1) -the series name or 2)- the actor featured. With over 7,000 pictures and 175 videos - many new and updated regularly - this site is a virtual contemporary encyclopedia of hot men, all of whom have been featured at one point or another in a Soap Opera on American TV. The pictures and videos also range far from those shots taken merely from the soaps. There are tons of candid pictures at the beach or videos featuring these guys in other roles, either from television or just running on the beach. Many scrumptious shirtless vids and pictures grace the posts, along with the standard and equally intriguing swimming trunk pictures we all know and love. Superficial and modern, this is one of those candy sites made for looking and, honestly, not much more. The few interviews they have are good quality, overheard at other locations, and revealing for all that. That they are included is great because it fills out the picture of the stud just that much more.

  • Stroking His Huge Cock

    Stroking His Huge Cock

    Evan Rochelle from Strong Men is graced with many sexually inviting characteristics. For one thing, his lean, slightly hairy physique just oozes masculinity. Even though he is clean shaven. Next is his energy on video as he handles his extra large, uncut dick. Some men were just born to show off what they've got and Evan is certainly in that group. He grips his impressive erection in such a lustful way, giving us the impression that if our asses were in the air waiting to be filled with it, Evan would take us deep and hard. Being so virile and strong, one is inclined to believe that when Evan fucks a butt it's the bottom's best lay ever. One look at the handsome, very well-hung manliness that is Evan Rochelle and no argument can be made there.

  • Trying Out Flavored Lubes

    horny guys lube each other up

    The Cocky Boys photographer got some flavored lube samples, and so he decided to offer them to Jesse and MJ to try out in this photo shoot. The guys are pretty excited about this - they take turns lubing up each others' cocks and licking each others' dicks so they can taste the lubes. Needless to say, both guys are pretty hard and horny after all this licking and sucking, so MJ decides to fuck Jesse. He slides his pole inside Jesse's ass and gives his hole a pounding while Jesse jerks his cock faster and faster!

  • Forced to Suck Cock

    Forced to Suck Cock

    Taj Waters thinks that he's home alone, but Next Door Buddies always know how to spice things up. Taj is relaxing on the coach and throws a porno into the DVD player. He figures he watch some chicks getting banged and pull on his cock for a while. He's got a nice big cock - thick and meaty - and he's got it tightly gripped in his hand. But Taj doesn't realize that his room mate, Brandon, is home. Brandon creeps down the hallway, cracks open the door, and grabs his own cock while watching his room mate pumping away. Eventually Taj hears the door creak and turns to see his roommate standing in the doorway, dick in hand. Taj orders his room mate into the living room and then forces him to his knees and begins filling his mouth full of dick. Taj grabs Brandon by the hair and plunges his mouth up and down on his stiff dick. And even when Brandon gags, Taj doesn't relent. He's going to make his room mate pay for catching him in the act. He uses Brandon's mouth and forces him to suck his cock for a long time, and when Taj's dick is good and stiff, he bends his buddy over and brutalizes his fuck hole. In a frenzy of positions, Taj pounds Brandon's ass until the guys have to let their loads loose. By the end of it, Taj is completely covered in spunk!

  • Fuck My Latin Ass!

    Gay latin guys fucking

    Ben and Daniel are seriously horny latin guys from Argentina who couldn't wait to get on each other even before the Maximo Latino cameras started to turn. Ben goes down on Daniel's rock-hard cock, licking and sucking it hungrily like he just can't get enough. The guys can't wait any more - Daniel shoves his big latino dick into Ben's hot hole to the hilt, filling Ben's ass and making him gasp and moan. Then Daniel gives Ben an intense ass-pumping, giving him every rigid inch. Ben shows just how good he can bottom as he takes this thorough fucking like a man!

  • Sexy College Jock

    Sexy College Jock

    Say hello to new College Dudes 24/7 jock, Angel Carrera! This cuban hottie has got it all going on when it cums to being damn sexy - gorgeous eyes, a tight well-defined body, a great screen presence and a cock that just won't quit. Amateur or not, Angel has the confidence in himself to move into all kinds of different positions as he shows us his wonderful ass and presents his beautiful dick to us. I find myself really turned on by his tanlines, too. His butt cheeks are almost lily white while the rest of him is bronzed brown from the Cuban sun. If you're like me you'll be drooling over that curve in Angel's tasty cock too. Talk about inviting!

  • Gay On The Range


    Gay On The Range is a wild and funny trip through the heyday of paperback sleaze dating back through the '50's and '60's, complete with lurid front covers of the books and some wonderfully insightful commentary by this well-represented author of a terrific and totally diverting web site. His purpose is humor and a lighter look at the stereotypes and fundamentally misguided truisms regarding sex and relationships between men. He sure deserves credit for reaching that goal and even surpassing what one might expect from it. As he states: "This site is a time capsule, a glimpse into a handful of publishers pushing the boundaries of "acceptability in the quest for further fistfuls of dollars." The campy cover styles shown here were replaced in the Seventies with more realistic and laid back, less tense covers, so this period does indeed represent the true heyday of a genre. Cataloged thoroughly and with care, the absurdities and the art as well are presented from an era which requires and has always required an unvarnished exposition. Many of these covers show an unbridled sense of freedom at the same time as coexisting with the ugly realities of the day. Sympathetic covers are not the least bit rare and represent a group of talented gay artists toiling under at times hideously dreadful stereotyping. This is a bold and forceful look at the representation of that era. To his credit, the intelligent writer makes the right calls in its introduction. And, bless him, he takes the trouble to laugh a little. I just adore this site.

  • Mr. Men at Play

    Men at Play

    For the last few months, Men at Play has been running a contest: they were hunting for the face of Men at Play. Starting in mid-July they began unveiling the three finalists. Marco Wilson and his long cock was the first finalist I blogged about. But the second finalist came too quickly and I couldn't fit him into my schedule, and then, Men at Play announcement the third finalist - and winner - earlier this week. Levi is a handsome hunk, and at times, reminds me of a blond Hugh Grant, except without all the teeth; at other times, he's reminiscent of a young and dashing David Bowie. But however you look at him, he's hot and he's sporting a chin dimple that just drives me crazy. He peels out of his suit and shows us why he is Mr. Men at Play: hard body, moderately hairy, six pack abs, long muscular legs, and a cock that shoots a mean load of spunk! You'll want to head over to Men at Play and check out this fine specimen of man!

  • Bald Leather Master

    Bald Leather Master

    Perv leather master CJ Madison is back on Bound Gods. I absolutely cream myself every time I see this hot bald man. Aside from being a handsome fucker, I just know that every minute I would spend with this hard-assed Master would be a good time. And this time he's putting skater boy Aaron Adams in his place. You know skater boys: mouthy, insolent, love breaking all the rules ... Well this leather Master won't stand for any of that. Aaron is tied up on a dirty mattress and his new Master places his boot on the skater's head. He grinds Aaron's head into the filthy mattress. But things are only getting started. CJ's cock gets hard when he sees Aaron squirming in bondage. To cool down his stiff cock, CJ flogs Aaron, and then uses a riding crop on him. But CJ's cock is still rock hard. So Aaron soothes it with his wet mouth. CJ rams his cock deep inside Aaron's mouth until the skater gags. And getting his dick serviced, Master Madison puts his new boy through some cock and ball torture before fucking his ass hard. Where's a good Daddy when you need one? Since I can't find one, looks like I'll have to watch this movie again! Hot!

  • Fucking Dean Tucker

    Dean Tucker Gets Fucked

    Dean Tucker should be no stranger to gay porn aficionados; he's done heaps of videos. And he's certainly been a favourite on Men Over 30. And at 32 years of age, he just squeaks past the cut off. He's a good-looking stud, moderately hairy, and he loves taking care of a nice dick. John Stone is 22 years old and he loves older men. So John is pretty happy when he's paired up with Tucker. John is currently single and isn't looking to change that anytime soon - he's having too much fun! The guys get into some kissing on the couch and strip one another out of their clothes. Then, down to their underwear, Dean teases John with a dry blowjob through his shorts. But it's not long before Dean is swallowing John's stiffening cock. John gives Dean's cock a taste, too, but he's not into sucking dick nearly as much as Dean is. John prefers to bury his hard cock in Dean's ass. And for the grande finale, John sits back in chair while Dean mounts his cock and the two men shoot their loads. Hmmm Hmmm Good!

  • Straight Black Stud Blown

    Straight Black Stud Blown

    New York Straight Men's new willing oral receiver is nothing short of a giant of a man. Standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, his dark ebony skin and thickly muscled frame would make any cocksucker drop to their knees to offer oral service to him. His name is Nibius. He's 30 years old, a former marine, and currently bounces at a Manhattan night club. Nibius's personality is described as very polite, but he can be assertive and aggressive when he needs to be. New resident cock swallower Sergio wasted no time at all falling to his submissive knees to try his hand - and mouth - on the giant black stud's big schlong. Being as aggressive as he is, Nibius took full advantage of Sergio's willingness to please and fucked his hot throat deep and fast. Sergio did a fine job too, evident by the thick ropes of cum all over Nibius and the satisfied smirk on his face.

  • Vacuuming to the Limit

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    Horny older daddy from Kinky Older Men wants to get off, so he grabs a penis pump, slides it over his cock and starts pumping. His dick gets harder and longer as keeps the pump action going, and he gets closer to the edge!

  • Fucking a Big Bone

    Sucking a Big Bone

    Big-dicked Tommy Defendi made his debut on Extra Big Dicks last week when he plowed sexy Feliz Andrews in Riding a 9-Inch Cock. He knows that he's got a huge cock, so Tommy takes his time with his partners so not to hurt them. Tommy's partner today is Krist Cummings and he's going to need some of Tommy's TLC. Krist is 21 and stands only 5'4, with the tiniest and cutest ass you've ever seen. But 9 inches is a lot of meat to pack into a small butt. The guys strip and Krist teases Tommy by giving him a dry blowjob through his underwear. And man, Tommy's package is looking pretty tempting. Tommy stops Krist and won't let him release the goods just yet. He turns Krist around and pulls down his shorts and shows us that hot, tight butt. Tommy climbs up on the couch and Krist pulls down his underwear and gives Tommy a little rimming action before working on his big dick. After some cock sucking and 69 blowjobs, Tommy bends little Krist over the arm of the sofa and fills him with more cock than this guy's every felt before. The look on his face is worth waiting for.

  • Gabriel and Jed Fuck UK Style

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    These two horny British lads from Blake Mason are horny as hell. Watch as Gabriel and Jed show us just the way they love to suck cock, do some rimming and then fuck ass UK style!