• Cocky Latin Guy

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    Do you like latin dick? If so, you're gonna love this video of Emanuel Ax from You Love Jack! He gets his thick cock right up there in your face as he jerks his manmeat, and finally shoots a very thick load in his pubes!

  • Grey-Haired Leatherman

    Grey-Haired Leatherman

    It's daddy time! And grey-haired leather daddy Karl Williams took some time away from the video camera. He's been shooting a Real Men leather movie for the Hot Older Male guys and he's been topping horny older-man admirer Keegan. Karl loves leather and I think he looks pretty hot in his gear. Can you imagine getting down on your knees in front of this grey-haired daddy and begging for his cock? I love a little tease, so it's always hot when a leather daddy teases me and doesn't give me exactly what I wanted ... when I want it. A little begging is always a good thing, and it sure gets your balls tightening up. And Karl has a nice, hairy pair. He's strips down to his jeans and chaps and pulls his cock through his zipper hole. It's stiff, red crowned, and engorged with blood - this leatherman really wants to feel a hot pair of lips around his stiff dick. How about it?

  • Naked Mud Wrestling

    Naked Mud Wrestling

    Neither of these opponents comes to the Naked Kombat mat with formal fighting training. Big and brawny Colby Keller brawls with his muscled pals back home and the tall and cut Dakota Rivers works hard on his cardio regimes at the gym. Dakota comes to the mat with one condition: He's a total top. And if he loses, he will choose a flogging over surrendering his ass for a hard fucking. The match goes as expected with Colby seemingly having the upper hand in the jockstrap and naked wrestling rounds. But then, things get a little slippery when a generous helping of mud is added to the mats. Watching these two studs naked mud wrestling is hot. The mud coats everything, slipping and sliding into every crevice and completely covering their cocks and balls. But before the winner gets to claim his prize, these two have to clean up in the showers. What a hot scene: naked fighting, naked mud wrestling, guys showering, and a hard ass fucking! Excuse me, I have to go watch this video again.

  • Raw Butt Fuckers

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    These two big-dicked horny studs from HDK Raw really get down after a hot wet blowjob as one of them tops the other, barebacking his ass hard and very deep in this raw video clip!

  • Riding a 9-Inch Cock

    Riding Big Cock

    Tommy Defendi and his big cock have appeared regularly on College Dudes 24/7 and I sure have enjoyed watching this stud fucking loads of ass over there. But this week Tommy is branching out. He's hauled his big cock over to Extra Big Dicks and he's giving Feliz Andrews a taste of another nice piece of meat. (Feliz was on the receiving end of Josh West's 9-inch monster dick.) Tommy is definitely more of a top, which is a good thing because Feliz has already proved that he's one hot and capable bottom. Tommy has had lots of time practicing his fucking skills, even though he's only 19 years old. He's not much of a pounder, but prefers to take his time and really enjoy a guy's ass. And Feliz appreciates that. Consequently the cock-hungry bottom can slide that monstrous dick all the way inside his ass and he goes for a nice, long, smooth ride. And when the bottom's ready, he climbs off Tommy's big dick and coats his buddy with a huge load of spunk!

  • English Lad Jerking Off

    English lad jacking off

    English lad-next-door Scott Stone is 22 years old with a boyish face and a nice athletic body from his work as a construction worker. If there's one thing Scott isn't, it's shy - while he claims to be straight, he loved getting naked in front of the camera and showing off for the camera man. This is Scott's fourth time shooting for English Lads, and by now he knows the drill - once his clothes are off and he's done some posing, he grabs his cock and strokes it, jerking it faster as he gets closer to shooting his load!

  • Mountain of Muscle

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    21 year old muscle man Dane from Straight Fraternity is 6' 5" and weighs 280 pounds. This huge mountain of muscle is a Marine, and while he's pretty much straight, he's been known to eye another guy. Watch Dane talk about it, then get oiled up and start stroking!

  • All-American Jock

    College Jock With a Hard Cock

    199 year old Randy from Fratmen is just about prefect ... that all-American body, those boy-next-door looks - blue eyes, brown hair and a smooth muscled chest. Plus, his legs and butt are slightly hairy and he has a big cock that has a great downwards curve in it when hard, which seems to be all the time. This guy can really get the blood flowing, just check out his pics ... yum!

  • Gay Sex in the Kitchen

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    Bisexual Troy has Tobey suck his cock right there in the kitchen, then does a little self-sucking for the Cruiser Boys camera. Then horny Tobey climbs on top of Troy goes for a ride on top of that a big dick, letting it penetrate his hungry ass hard and deep.

  • Hard Bearded Bodybuilder

    Hard Bearded Bodybuilder

    After a hard day at the office sometimes it's great to just get home, strip down and get totally naked. Luckily for all of us, the COLT Studio cameras happened to be around when Nate Karlton does just that. To say that Nate is an avid gym goer would be a serious understatement - the man has muscles on his muscles, all of it lean as can be. Being so well-built and athletic, it only stands to reason that Nate was dying to show off not only his physique but also his cock. Even just laying back and showing off his sinewy wares Nate's dick is hard as a rock. Call him a Greek God, a statue or what you will, but one fact remains - Nate Karlton has one of the finest bodies I've ever seen, and I've seen a LOT of men naked!

  • Jake's Birthday Surprise

    Jake services tattooed stud Bo Dean's cock

    Being a dedicated porn producer and director, Jake Cruise expected to work on his 50th birthday this year. He was pretty surprised when his friends and the crew through him a surprise party, complete with a cake and a huge present. When he opened the wrapped gift, out popped tattooed muscle hunk Bo Dean, rock-hard and ready for Jake. Well, Jake is one silver daddy who knows a good thing when he sees it. He wasted no time getting down and servicing Bo's big dick, even putting some frosting from his birthday cake on Bo's rod and asshole and licking it off while all his friends watch. And then Jake gets his hungry hole fucked just the way he likes it - rough and bareback!

  • Husband's Secret


    If there's two things I love about gay porn, it's real amateur men and closeups. Closeups of cocks, closeups of cum, closeups of asses and penetration. Husband's Secret is all about that. The guys here are real-deal amateurs who say they meet up twice a month to have some seriously raunchy gay sex on camera. They're into kink and feet, but mostly these guys are real cum-pigs, and I like that in a man ;) The site has a unique personality that makes it clear that these guys aren't just models doing shoots for a company making a fake amateur site. Marc and Brad are the real deal - horny men who love sex, cocks and cum on camera. And the fact the site has bareback sex, cumeating and a big uncut cock doesn't hurt. Husband's Secret isn't just another corporate porn site - it's fresh and unique and shows sex can be dirty if it's done right!

  • Suck And Dildo Action

    Suck And Dildo Action

    Apparently since On The Hunt came on the gay porn scene they've received loads of applications via their hookup site from guys wanting to be in their videos. Most come from the US; however, Argentinian men also seem to be right into getting off on camera. So Buenos Aires was the city for this shoot, and it just so happens that one of their biggest gay porn stars - Felix Cohn - was available for some work. The original idea was to have Felix do a solo shoot, but he brought along his friend Bruno to help him get kinky and blow a load of jizz. After both latino men suck one another for a while and Bruno gets underneath Felix for some deep tongue rimming, a huge double headed dildo is pulled out and Bruno shoves it up Felix's hungry latino ass. Check out the hot load of cum he released in the last pic!

  • Taking Daddy's Cock

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    Hot mature Jaren Taylor from Hot Older Male feeds his hard cock to horny Geoffery O'Toole, then turns him around and rims his ass. Once Geoffrey is ready to go, Jaren slides his cock into that willing hole and gives Geoffrey's ass a good hard pounding from behind!

  • Trippie Hippie

    Naked Hippy Shows His Cock

    Trip is the perfect name for this hippie boy from Missouri who recently decided to hitchhike around Hawaii. He has long dreadlocks and laid-back personality, and he also loves being naked outdoors, so he had fun doing this shoot for Island Studs to help finance his trip to the islands. Somehow it was no surprise that Trip doesn't shave his pubic hair, and his firm muscular ass and strong legs are from plenty of hiking. When the photographer finally got Trip indoors, he put on a porn DVD and Trip got his hippie cock hard so he could stroke it for the camera.