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    Meet Dragon from Coco Dorm. This fine black brother has got it going on - a muscular athletic body, good looks, dark skin and a beautiful ass and cock. He's also very masculine and even better, he loves sex and says he can't get enough. This is no surprise for those of us who happen to know he's a Scorpio since they're always horny and adventurous. Last year when Dragon was 19 he says he decided to audition for Coco Dorm because he wanted to expand his sexual horizons. Well, he can expand them in my direction because I can't get enough of Dragon.

  • Dusty's Incredible Foreskin

    Dusty's Incredible Foreskin

    Ok, so Cruiser Boys straight hottie Dusty is handsome for sure, and his lean body is a wonderful thing to ogle at. However, I have to confess that as soon as I opened up his picture folder it was his incredible uncut cock that jumped right out at me. I mean, we're talking serious foreskin here folks. Even when fully erect Dusty's cock head is all but hidden, the piss hole barely being revealed. If you're anything like me, as soon as you saw Dusty's tasty man meat your heartbeat speed up, your mouth started watering, and most likely your own cock got as hard as mine did. Indeed, a rare treasure such as Dusty's unsnipped schlong will usually trigger that kind of reaction in just about anyone. This sexy straight guy also give us some great shots of this taut ass and spread butthole, as well.

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    Shane Erickson is a glutten for punishment. The 23-year-old, lean stud has fought for his ass before on Naked Kombat. And he's back for another match. His opponent this time is big muscular Rusty Stevens. While Shane is in excellent shape, Rusty has a good 30 or 40 pounds on him and it's all muscle! Is Shane biting off more than he can chew? Rusty is a new fighter on Naked Kombat, so I have no idea of his fighting capabilities. Is he just nice to look at, or can he hold his own on the mats? It's not long before these two fighters are ripping the jockstraps off one another. With their legs wrapped around one another and squeezing tight, it's little surprise these studs are popping boners. With your cock pressed into another guy's face and your legs wrapped around his head, it's hard to stop nature from taking it's course. In the end Shane is over powered and Rusty proves himself the better fighter. Shane has to offer up his ass to his fighting buddy and gets plowed right there on the mats.

  • Lick My Balls, Too

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    Cute Chase from 8teen Boy gives his fuck buddy Jesse a blowjob, sucking till Jesse's cock is nice and hard, then licking his balls as an extra tease.

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    Hot mature man Jaren Taylor from Hot Older Male has got a great big dick with a mushroom head that he really knows how to handle as he grabs his meat and starts stroking!

  • Jock Ass Pounding


    Jason was a little nervous when he was introduced to Matt for their Sean Cody session. He said that Matt was huge - much taller than he was and also better hung. For his part, Matt said he is usually attracted to slender and petite women, so fucking a muscular jock would be a change. Once the guys start kissing, they lose their inhibitions and their cocks get hard. Jason goes down on Matt - a little cautiously at first, but with mounting enthusiasm as he keeps going. And then Matt bends Jason over and penetrates his tight ass. Once Jason is relaxed, Matt shows him one hell of a good time as he gives him a good fuck, filling Jason with Matt's throbbing tool and giving that tight hole a good pounding!

  • Latin Boy Next Door


    20 year old Jorge from Miami Boyz has a real boy-next-door look about him, a slender but athletic body and a great tan. This latin cutie also has plenty of pubes and a 7 inch cut cock that's hard almost from the moment he walks into the studio. As hot as Jorge is in just his black briefs - and I did find myself squirming in my seat - he's even hotter naked. Those abs, smooth chest and dark hair and eyes catch the attention but that fat latin dick is what really makes Jorge so hard to resist!

  • Not So Straight Anymore!

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    Talk about Broke Straight Boys! Jacob and Anthony needed cash bad, so they couldn't say no to doing a porn video. As the photographer kept offering them a few bucks more to do a little more, they discovered how much fun gay sex really is...

  • Skater Boys Bareback Fuck


    Brian and Luke are into skateboarding, and like most skaters, they're constantly broke and always horny. Luke is really into gay porn, so he was excited to be asked to do a shoot for Bare Adventures, and Brian was happy to be getting paid to get laid. Things got going fast as Luke couldn't wait to start sucking on Brian's cock - and Brian couldn't wait to get blown. Once Luke had serviced Brian's dick, he wanted to feel it inside him. Luke climbs on top of Brian's rock-hard manmeat and rides that rigid rod till he's fully satisfied!

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    Lance Bennett tried to take Jake Cruise's cock up his ass a while back, but it just wasn't happening. His ass was just too tight! However, this time around Jake pulled out his arsenal of anal toys and loosened up the more-than-curious Lance. Anal beads start the kinky scenario off, then a few butt plugs are inserted up inside Lance's virgin hole. From there it's a large dildo which Jake only manages to get about half way in. No worries though, as this is more than enough loosening for Jake's hard dick, which he soon replaces for all the toys up Lance's hoop. Without a condom, too!. Jake couldn't believe his luck and was beside himself with glee as he revels in the fact that he finally had his engorged cock buried deep inside Lance Bennett's virgin butt!

  • Very Horny Tattooed Amateur

    Tattooed amateur man jacks off

    Owen from Dirty Tony is a first-time amateur and most of his body is decorated with tattoos. His body ink includes messages and incredible pics of all sorts of demons, skulls and more. Something worth mentioning about Owen at the start is he's way into porn - and I mean WAY into porn. He says he watches porn constantly and jacks off to it 6 or 7 times a day! Now, that's a horny guy. So it's no surprise that Owen decided it would be fun to jack off for a porn site, and even though he's mostly straight, he had a blast getting hard for Dirty Tony!

  • Gay Cities


    Gay Cities is an excellent and valuable travel guide to the hottest and most gay-friendly spots in cities across the world. It has an impressive and comprehensive list of reader reviews, entered by those people who have actually been to these places. In fact, it is the user reviews which make this particular site hum. Each city not only offers such reviews but also each restaurant or club has a map attached to help with directions. The casual perceptions of those who have actually used the services listed means a pretty unvarnished view of the pluses and minuses of each place. A critical eye can be extremely valuable in restaurant choices, for example, and there are many potential reviewers who opt to opine on the case at all these typical travel destinations. Popular spots worldwide are reviewed in terms of their gay-friendliness and their own idiosyncrasies, and for both males and females. Clubs take a very prominent position in the hierarchy of reviews and therefore provide the best possible pre-visit planning analysis of how to get to them as well as what happens there. I like this site for its informality and thoroughness.

  • He Loves BIG Sex Toys

    He Loves BIG Sex Toys

    Bobby South not only loves using dildos - he prides himself on being able to take the biggest sex toys you can find. When the folks from Cocksure Men heard this, they decided to challenge him. Bobby started off with a couple of his favorite dildos - the ones he uses at home. I must say they seem more than big enough to me, but Bobby wasn't done yet. Once he had his ass loosened up, he decided he was ready to go all the way -and the dildo that the Cocksure Men crew chose for him is one BIG plastic cock! As you can see, Bobby was up to the challenge, and took almost the entire thing all the way in his hungry ass!

  • Spanked Hard and Fucked

    Spanked And Fucked Hard

    Fireman Mikey is a very dominant man when paired up with the likes of a submissive bottom like Petty Officer Tanner. All American Heroes loved getting this full scene on video as he treated Tanner like his little bitch. Things begin by Mikey ordering the petty officer down to his knees to service his already hard dick. Tanner complies, of course, as any other reaction would not go over well. Firefighter Mikey prefers his asses red and warm, so he proceeds to spank Tanner hard across his buttocks with his open hand. The obedient bottom is torn between liking what is being done to him, as well as wondering if he might have bitten off more than he could chew. His feelings soon change, however, once Mikey slides his engorged cock up inside his tight military asshole. As once the fucking begins, Tanner knows his place on the hierarchy - and can't get enough of that big cock!

  • Who's the Boss?

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    Ulysse is a hot and hairy construction worker who has been hauled into the boss's office. It seems that Ulysse has been talking trash about the boss and some of the other men. And now, as his boss, Cristian, confronts him, Ulysse is starting to squirm. As first he denies it, but then he sees his boss has him cornered. The hairy man has two choices: lose his job or get down on his knees and suck for forgiveness. Cristian doesn't give him a whole lot of choice. The foreman grabs Ulysse by the back of the head and forces him to his knees. After polishing up the boss's shoes with his tongue, Ulysse is then force fed his boss's dick. But within a couple of minutes the dark-eyed, bald hunk is begging for Cristian's dick. Slobbering all over the foreman's fat, uncut cock, Ulysse is further humiliated and forced to answer his boss's questions. "Why do you want my cock?" Cristian asks. "Because you're the boss," Ulysse pleads. After a long and very wet blowjob, Ulysse is bent over the table and Cristian drills home why he's the boss. And this is how the masculine men of Butch Dixon fuck, head over there and check out the free video preview.