• Hairy Man Buster

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    Bald hairy man Buster used to be all over the Web. I'd regularly see him teases us with his beefy, hairy body; but then, he disappeared for a while. I'm not sure where he's been, but this week I discovered him over on Hot Older Male. His photo gallery's bio mentions that he's been in San Francisco shooting a DVD for Hot Older Male's Real Men series. So we've got more Buster to look forward to, and I can't wait to see who he's fucking with. But right now, I'm happy to gaze at this hairy hunk. Look at him sprawled out on the bed. His chest hair is thick and dark, and this time around, Buster is wearing a salt 'n pepper moustache and soul patch. But I'm thrilled to see that long cock of his. Crowned with an olive-shaped cap and anchored by a big set of hairy, bull balls, Buster sure is just as hot as I've always remembered him. And in case your suffering from a little Buster withdrawl, Hot Older Male has him featured in a couple of videos to tied you over until that new release hits the streets.

  • Jerking Off in a Hoodie

    English lad strokes his uncut cock

    Danny from English Lads is slender, pale and has a yummy looking uncut cock - and he's very cute. I'd consider him a twink if not for his lightly hairy chest. Well, let's be honest because I do consider this fit UK lad to be a twink. This shoot caught my eye because I don't think I've ever seen anyone jack off while wearing a hoodie, but that's what Danny does. He reaches into his track pants and pulls out his cock, stroking it for the camera. Then he keeps jerking his uncut meat, finally pulling off his pants so he's wearing nothing but his hoodie as he works his dick!

  • Riding a Big Cock

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    Some guys just have far too much fun! But sex is suppose to be fun, right? Things start off well enough as Jonny and Miguel kiss passionately, grope each other's crotches, and start stripping out of their clothes. Completely naked, Miguel leans over the back of the sofa and Jonny T eats out his hole. After a little fucking doggy style, Jonny sits back on the sofa and relaxes for a bit. Then holding his cock straight up in the air, he motions his buddy to come and sit on it. Miguel starts laughing because he knows it's going to be a chore sitting on his buddy's huge cock. Squatting on a hard dick always seems to hit places that make your eyes roll in their sockets. The guys high-five and Miguel lowers himself onto Jonny's huge dick. It's a big effort and really shows on his face. But eventually Miguel's ass loosens up and the guys get into a hot rhythm. When they're both ready to shoot, Jonny climbs on top of Miguel and they jack off together, coating Miguel with two big, creamy loads of cum. Jonny T is a favourite over at Next Door Buddies, so make sure you check out all of his videos -- this stud knows how to take care of a guy's ass.

  • Euro Duo Suck And Fuck

    Euro Duo Suck And Fuck

    Viktor and Rudolf are exactly what Bad Puppy are all about when it cums to hardcore Euro amateurs engaged in serious man loving. Viktor is a horny bottom and Rudolph, always a top, is all for that! Viktor starts things off by sucking on Rudolf's nice hard cock and getting him in the mood for other things. From there a steamy 69 ensues that gives Rudolf the chance to rim his Viktor's asshole and get him ready for his now fully erect dick. Viktor likes it on top and proceeds to ride Rudolf's man meat like it's the last one he'll ever get. And then Rudoph turns him over and takes control, pushing his cock in all the way and driving Viktor crazy!

  • Horny College Jock

    Horny college jock

    Chase is a resident at Fratmen. When it cums to representing a hot college jock, I can't think of too many other guys that can compare with Chase. The first thing that stuck right out about him - besides his hard dick, of course - is his smile. It's the kind of grin that both lights up your day as well as intrigues you with the mischievousness in it. A natural born "ham", Chase likes to show off, and it's no wonder as this man is gorgeous from head to toe. Fantastic chiseled abs, a perfectly sculpted chest and set of arms, and an ass that certainly looks as though it was carved out of marble make him one amazing sight to behold. And I love that hairy patch on his chest plus his uncut pubes and hairy thighs. Back to his cock. Notice it's hard from the start because besides being hot, Chase is horny as hell. Who the hell wouldn't want to wrap their wet lips around it and take sexy Chase for a nice long ride?

  • Master in Training

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    Master Van Darkhome not only trains slaves, but masters as well. There's an art to becoming a good master; it's not instinctual, but needs to be learned. So in this week's Bound Gods episode, Van Darkhome is training a new handler Rusty Stevens. He's a stunning fashion model, but don't let that pretty face fool you -- he has impressive qualities as a dom. Dean Tucker is the training slave. He's been chosen because of his submissive nature and his beautiful white ass. His handler is the stunning fashion model Rusty Stevens. Don't let his pretty boy face fool you -- Master Stevens has impressive qualities as a dom. Rusty flogs Dean's sensitive ass and reddens it up, and then, he submits his slave to some long, slow cock servicing. When the Master's cock is good and hard, he rams it deep inside Dean's fuck hole. And there's nothing this slave can do about it because his feet are secured and his head and hands are restrained in a portable stockade. When Master Rusty is ready, he pushes Dean to the ground and squirts all over his face. Nice one!

  • Black Thugs Fuck Like Mad

    Black Thugs Fuck Like Mad

    Thug Boy gangstas Hotrod and Jason were sitting around one day after the last US federal election and Jason tried to bring up politics. Hotrod wanted none of that shit though. What he wanted was a piece of ass. He's actually bisexual, but hadn't fucked a chick in a long time. He knew how much Jason loved to suck cock and take it deep up his hungry black hole, though. Jason was down with all that and pulled Hotrod's huge dick out and did his very best to swallow it all. His enthusiasm got Hotrod harder than fucking hell - which can only lead to one thing. Jason braced himself for the ass pounding of his life as he took the biggest black schlong he's ever had. Let it be known, too, that Hotrod gets almost vicious when he fucks ass!

  • French and Sexy

    French and Sexy

    When the photographer from Homo Punk got back from New York, he was all fired up to try an 80's retro look for his next shoot. Then he found Frenchy - and yes, he's French - who's got a dramatic look, piercing eyes and a scruffy dark beard - as well as an uncut cock. Frenchy was a natural for the 80's look - the cutoff black fishnet shirt, black underwear and stark background. In fact, I think Frenchy looks fucking sexy wearing his black clothes with his long black cord, gorgeous athletic body and even his retro sneakers.

  • Out Traveler


    Whether you're into travel or just looking to take a vacation, Out Traveler one of the best gay travel sites I've seen. The design and layout are professional and attractive, and the features are fun and informative. My favorite was the Top 5 lists including the Top 5 Nude Beaches, Top 5 Cities for Gay Nightlife and Top 5 Cities for Shopping. But I also liked the Trip Planning section, the travel blog and the Top Destinations. And for those who want specific info, there's a search feature, as well. Whether you're looking for a gay bed and breakfast in a small town, a cruise featuring camp entertainment or a list of allergy-friendly hotels, I'd say that Out Traveler is a very good beginning to your journey!

  • Big-Dicked Bottom

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    This week on Extra Big Dicks we have a couple of hot guys making their debuts on the big dick porn site. Dallas is the first, and he's named after his birthplace in Texas. He's a tall guy and first appeared on EBD's brother site Men Over 30. His costar is a Chicago native and goes by the name Karter James. Karter is a wee lad, just 18 years old, but man is he packing a big dick -- 8.5 inches and thick. Even though Dallas is a full inch shorter in the dick department, he'll be doing the driving in this scene. I was looking forward to watching Karter making that huge dick disappear up Dallas's ass, but Karter enjoys bottoming more. In spite of my initial disappointment, Karter doesn't let me down. He loves getting fucked and he knows how to work a nice dick. And after slobbering all over Dallas's dick, Karter takes his buddy's cock in a number of different positions. (I liked watching him ride it.) When the guys have had enough fucking, they sit back on the sofa and spray their bellies with jizz.