• Circle Jerk with a Basketball

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    Matéo Grande headed back to Circle Jerk Boys this week, and this time, he he brought reinforcements. The horny, 19-year-old Cuban stud is hot enough with his 8-inch, uncut cock, but bringing along two of his best basketball buddies and their cocks is a special treat. Johnny Vino is 18 years old and Peter Soma is twenty. And out this threesome, Mateo has the biggest cock. The guys do some posing in their underwear, and then, more posing completely nude in the Circle Jerk Boys locker room. And finally they take up their spots: one on each of the two benches and a third on the floor. They all stroke their cocks. Johnny and Mateo are knee to knee and pounding their stiffies. Eventually, sensing a blast off is imminent, Peter positions himself between his two buddies and places a basketball between their legs. Then the three buddies start covering the basketball with their spunk. Mateo shoots first, then Johnny, and finally Peter blasts his load all over the ball. What an interesting way for three basketball buddies to bond!

  • Hitchhiker's Regret

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    Beefy and hairy hunk Dak Ramsey has appeared several times on Bound Gods, the Web's hottest bondage and gay BDSM site; and Ramsey is proving he's quite the skilled and twisted master. In this latest scene, when Cayden Banks wakes up chained to a bed, he regrets hitchhiking a ride with Ramsey. Cayden begs for his freedom, but realizes that he's going to have to endure Dak's sadistic play session first. Cayden is bound up and tied to a chair and Ramsey sucks his victim's stiffening cock. But that's about the last nice thing this nasty master does. Cayden is put through a punishing session where he's flogged and caned. He's wrapped up and forced to suck his Master's cock; and then, his ass is warmed up for a hard fucking. But Ramsey's idea of warming up an ass is literal and he drips hot wax all over Cayden's smooth butt. And finally, before letting Cayden go, Master Ramsey ties Cayden to the bed with his legs hoisted and secured and pounds his victim's ass long and hard. With his stiff cock buried deep inside Cayden's ass, Ramsey jacks off his victim, and then, Ramsey shoots a vigorous load all over Cayden's belly, which is already covered in wax and his own cum! Kinky! So let this be a reminder to you that you shouldn't hitch hike -- or maybe you should if you like a little rough play!

  • Latino Stud With Huge Dick

    Latino Stud With Huge Cock

    Oso of Naked Papis has a massive uncut cock. He's 5'11" at 173 lbs. and seems to love body art too as he has his fair share of it. When it cums to latin studs, he certainly stands out in my books. His totally natural build coupled with the darker skin gives him a seriously sexy and exotic profile. Along with his incredible body, tattoos, and astounding cock, Oso has quite the charming personality and was quite cordial with everyone on the crew. In fact, he was so happy about doing this shoot that he blew a nice thick puddle of cum onto his stomach for the finale. Tasty!

  • Amateur Hunk Works Out

    Sexy Muscle Jock Works Out

    Billy C is exactly what Hot Muscle Dudes look for when they're seeking out models for their shoots. While Billy isn't a massive bodybuilder by any means, he certainly has a frame which he's put a lot of work into. Lean, sinewy sexy muscle with a few tattoos always makes me hard as soon as I see them on a hot amateur like Billy. This shoot starts off in a laid back manner with Billy showing us all what he loves to do whenever he gets to the gym - which is as often as possible I would imagine. Pretty soon all the testosterone pumping throughout his body has him doing other things though like stripping down and presenting his gorgeous uncut cock to us. Of course, it gets quite hard and Billy engages in another type of workout - beating his meat.

  • Barebacking That Black Ass

    Black guys fucking bareback

    Hot Rod and Manny are two very versatile and very horny black men with a need to satisfy their taste for cock - and the photographer from Raw Rods captured this one perfectly. The guys can't wait, and things get started with a blowjob given first from the front and then from the rear as the Manny sucks Hot Rod's hard black dick. Next Hot Rod gets his face right up there in Manny's ass, licking and teasing his tight hole. Then it's time for a hard condom-free fuck as the guys do some hot, wet and incredibly deep barebacking!

  • Fred Faurtin Jacks Off

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    I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out UK Naked Men this morning. I have long admired Fred Faurtin and his formidable uncut cock. He's a power top and one of my favourite gay porn stars. I sure didn't expect to see him on UK Naked Men, but I guess this big-dicked stud had some free time while visiting London. Fred has a beautiful body. It's well defined and he's sporting a fair patch of hair on his chest. I wouldn't mind if Faurtin were hairier, but with the meaty uncut cock swinging between his legs, I'll forgive him. When he strips down to his jockstrap, I'm mesmerized by his beefy, round ass. But I can't wait to see that stump of a cock. I've seen it plunging into many asses time and again in gay porn videos, but it's kind of nice seeing it standing all on its own. I like having some time to study that beautifully thick and uncut cock of his. And as I remembered, Faurtin's cock is deliciously thick and long enough to hit all the good spots.

  • Bathroom Ass Fucking

    Bathroom Ass Fucking

    High Octane set up a sensational scenario for us all once again. It seems Claudio Antonelli is about to leave the bar, but has to use the washroom before exiting. He makes sure that he catches the eye of gorgeous stud Joshua Rodgers as he heads to the "head". Speaking of head, lots of that takes place when the two beefy men meet up inside the bathroom. But first, Joshua proceeds to rim Claudio's incredible fuckable ass while he bends over the toilet. Then Claudio gets on his knees in order to service Joshua's fine piece of man meat. This leads to one thing as we all know. Claudio taking every inch of that big bone inside his hungry man hole. While bent over the toilet, of course!

  • Lean Straight Tattooed Thug

    Lean Straight Tattooed Thug

    Glock is one hot straight dude to say the very least. There's no doubt this street punk likes pussy, and I love his lean, tattooed profile. Which is probably why Straight Naked Thugs picked him up and paid him to strip down, look bad, and stroke his extra large cock. His body art is something to behold, and if you're like me at all, you'll probably spend some time trying to read him before you get lost in that gorgeous prick of his. Glock fucks his fair share of pussy with that luscious schlong, and no doubt every one of them loves what he does with it.

  • Tom of Finland Foundation


    The Tom Of Finland Foundation is an organization with a mission - to educate the public about the cultural merits of erotic art. Of course, the site features the works of many different artists including Tom of Finland himself, and with each artist comes a different style, medium and - to some degree - subject matter. Whether you admire rough and ready gay leather studs getting a bit kinky and bent, or just appreciate the beauty and symmetry of the "perfect" male, it's all here. The site is set up in a simple format which allows you to preview several galleries from the top main menu. Along with galleries for art lovers, the site lists art-quality works for sale, lists shows and museums where the art is displayed and also fellow artists will find some resources for getting their work seen and even purchased. The Tom of Finland Foundation is the perfect place to go for top quality artwork from professional talent who share their unique and erotic visions of the male body.

  • Hot Puerto Rican Jacking Off

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    Trey Turner is an exotic mix of Island spices -- part Puerto Rican and part Filipino, he sure does make your heart swoon. Thank you Extra Big Dicks! Trey is a tall stud and he's gay. Trey is versatile and in a relationship, and he usually ends up topping more than he receives. And I guess so -- why let that beautiful 8-inch cock go to waste? But at only 20 years old, he's still exploring his sexuality and he has many fantasies still to be explored, like a threeway and some daisy-chain fucking with Try in the middle! Trey 6-feet tall and weighs in at 208, but in spite of his size, he's still quite adorable, don't you think? He's a cute guy, good looking with a friendly smile. He's wearing some face scruff and his chest is filling out nicely with fur. But that 8-inch cock of his is really the main attraction. It's deliciously long and super thick at the base; nothing like a extra grunt on those last couple of inches as Trey's sliding deep inside your ass! He lies back on the sofa and jacks off, sending a vigorous load of milky spunk all over his smooth belly. And I have a feeling it won't be long before Trey experiences that threesome, and if I know Extra Big Dicks, we'll be seeing it, too!