• Backroom Suck And Fuck

    Backroom Suck And Fuck

    No one seemed to mind Men At Play shooting their latest release - Cruising - in a backroom right in the heart of London. Perhaps it was because Daniel Marvin and Erik Demko were the two sensational studs engaged in the film. Who knows? The fact is the action was caught in a wonderful setting with all the hardcore suited man-to-man action you could ever need. Daniel took Erik on the ride of his life as he fucked his ass into complete submission.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Big hairy man Boyd

    Here's a man for all you bear lovers - meet Boyd Somers from Bear Films. He's just the kind of guy who catches my attention - a big woofy bear with dark facial hair to balance his shaved head with a hairy chest and fur all over his body. If you like men with a belly an attitude and just a little bit of leather, Boyd's just up your alley. While he's fairly new to porn, you can see that Boyd is no amateur - he's so comfortable in front of the camera and so totally confident that you know he's no first timer!

  • Bottom Gets Fucked By 2 Cocks

    Gay threesome sex from Cocksure Men

    Leo and Jeremy are models who started out doing a mainstream shoot, but once they were joined by Park things got out of hand. That's when things get good - and that's where our pics from Cocksure Men start. After Park a little cocksucking, he gets fucked up the ass by each guy while sucking the other's dick - Leo fills Park's tight asshole first, followed by Jeremy. It seems that Park is an equal opportunity bottom who just can't get enough hard manmeat to fill his hole, and a good time is had by all!

  • Fucking Under The US Flag

    Fucking Under The US Flag

    All American Heroes put Captain Rex and Officer Trent together for the very first time and knew right off the bat that they had a couple of seriously cock and ass starved hunks. They put on some straight porn and before long they both get pretty turned on. Captain Rex pulls out his thick cock and starts stroking it in time to the porno. Trent decides to give his superior officer some mouth service, and before long Captain Rex has his big weapon of ass destruction buried to the hilt up Trent's tight army ass.

  • JustCircuit.com


    In this day and age, gay musicians finally have their say in the mainstream world. Those of of us who live as homosexuals or alternatively, we know there are many talented folks in our world. Just Circuit gives us the latest news and releases on some of the best known gay artists. From black gay rappers to transexual performers, it's all covered. The site is set up quite nicely and professionally, providing for an easy navigation. Your main menu runs at the top of the page. From "Events" to their official "Forum", there are many things to check out. If you're interested in getting inside and checking out the full gammet of information and news, registration is free and allows you to see pretty well everything and have fun on the forum. Remember too, if you're a musician yourself, you can add your own media to this great site and show it off to many people all over the globe. Very cool site!

  • Hairy Straight Stud

    Visit Next Door Male

    I don't know how I missed this hairy hunk. I guess it has been a couple of weeks since I checked out Next Door Male. I was over the moon when I visited the straight stud site; it's not very often I find such a beautifully hairy hunk over there. Most of the Next Door Male guys are well-built, but smooth, so Mikey is a treat. Even fully clothed, and before we get a glimpse of him naked, Mickey's full, dark beard hints that he's a hairy fucker, so when he peels off his shirt, we're not disappointed. Standing his loose-fitting boxers, he lets us gaze on his solid and hairy body. A dark mat of thick hair covers his chest, but the hirsute pattern ends at the lower edge of his chiseled pecs. A hairy treasure trail teases our eye down his solid belly and disappears beneath his boxers. Mickey gets his cock excited while lying back on the sofa, but ultimately, he heads outside for the main event. Relaxing in a lounge chair, Mickey pulls on his cock and sends pearls of spunk shooting up that treasure trail!

  • Seducing a Straight Buddy

    Visit Next Door Buddies

    Patrick spies his buddy, Dorian, groping his crotch while watching some cell-phone porn. Patrick is a horny guy and never misses an opportunity to service his straight friends, and he's one of the regular "service" men on Next Door Buddies. When a straight guy's really horny, he'll let you get away with a lot more, especially when you're on your knees with his dick in your mouth! Patrick sneaks up behind Dorian, who is sitting on the couch, and Patrick slides his hands down around Dorian's beefy torso. Together they check out the porn Dorian was watching. And then, Patrick makes his move, sliding his hand down around Dorian's stiffening crotch. And it's not long before Patrick is kneeling between his buddy's legs and nursing on his big cock. And once Patrick has teased Dorian beyond the point of no return, he offers his ass and asks his straight buddy to fuck him. Bend over a wooden table, Patrick gets so excited by the feeling of Dorian's cock up his ass that Patrick blows a huge load of juice all over the table top. It's phenomenal! Then Patrick flips over so Dorian can coat his belly with his own spunk! And that's how you seduce a straight friend.

  • Straight Cop Gets Sucked

    Straight Cop Gets His Cock Sucked

    New York Straight Men managed to track down Officer M and brought him in for more work on his big luscious cock meat. Apparently he's been working 14 days as of late and really needed some stress relief. Who better than resident cocksucker Christian to fulfill this task?! The lucky dudes gets to let his face get fucked and even rim the manly cop's asshole for a while. It doesn't get much better than this when it cums to straight dudes getting blown!

  • Uncut European Guy

    Uncut European Guy

    Killer from Berlin Casting is one of those guys who seems to be unsure about his sexual orientation. He claims to be straight and says he loves to fuck women, but he also admits that there are also guys out there who turn him on. Add some money on top of things and you can be sure to get his attention!

  • 18 Year Old Latin Jock

    Latin jock with a big cock

    Antonia is an 18 year old Cuban boy with a gorgeous body, 6-pack abs and an 8 inch uncut cock. He's one of the latest discoveries from Miami Boyz, and this latin amateur has a laid-back personality. Even though he's straight, he's not at all shy about showing off that thick piece of meat swinging between his thighs - and he seemed to like doing it in front of the camera. You'll notice that even after his dick is rock-hard and he's stroking it, getting closer and closer to orgasm, he keeps eye contact with the camera even as he gives his big, veiny cock one hell of a workout!

  • Beautiful Mag


    I'm really loving all these male model blogs coming out these days. I'm sure you would all agree that there really is no such thing as too many good looking men. LOL. Beautiful Mag shows off some of the hottest models and celebrities from around the globe. The nice quality pics are all quite tasteful as well. Here, one can use their imagination while browsing all the post dating as far back as March 2008. A most welcome characteristic of this blog is that the text isn't tiny. How many times do we find ourselves squinting and hurting our eyes to read the information about the pictures? Not here. Large, informative and interesting words meet you with every post at Beautiful Mag. For those how love their men beautiful, sexy, and downright gorgeous in a softcore context, you really can't go wrong.

  • Big-Dicked Guy Gets Fucked

    Visit Extra Big Dicks

    It's funny sometimes how much a guy's attitude about sex can change -- and so drastically. I remember two or three years ago, when I first saw Cooker on Extra Big Dicks, he claimed proudly and strongly "I'm straight." And now this week, he's getting his ass porked by a super cute Kameron. Over the years, Cooker has done a great many solo scenes for the big dick gay porn site -- and why not, at 9 inches, Cooker has a whopper -- but for the past little while he's been exploring his gay side. He still maintains that he's straight, but he has received and given oral sex with another guy; he's been involved in a three-man sex scene; and he's fucked another guy's ass. But this week, Cooker went further than he ever thought possible -- he got his ass fucked! Cooker starts off "small," as it were. This is after all a big dick site, so Kameron's 7-inch cock hardly qualifies as a "big dick," but I'm betting it felt amply big to a straight guy who has never even had a finger up his ass. With Kameron's dick ramming against his prostate, Cooker experiences the joy of his first mind-blowing, anal-sex orgasm. And it's quite the scene to watch!

  • Skateboarder Gets Hard and Uses a Dildo

    Skateboarder Fucks His Own Ass

    Bentley Race took their new sexy skateboarder up onto the roof for some tricks and stripping. Brodie messed around with his board for a while, got really hot in the sun in the process, and the next thing you know he's showing off his huge uncut dick. From here the crew move inside where Brodie proceeds to beat his massive prick and fuck his ass with a rubber toy. The lad is tall, lean, hung, and as horny as you can fucking imagine.

  • Fuck Me, Daddy!

    Visit Hot Older Male

    Rik Kappus has long been a favourite man of mine. And when I heard that his exclusive contract with Hot Older Male was coming to an end, I was disappointed. However, this morning I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this sexy fucker back on the older man gay porn site. (Here's hoping Hot Older Male has a huge backlog of Rik Kappus videos.) This sexy, hairy hunk is paired up with an older man admirer, Dallas; and this 27-year-old fuck pup loves his daddy bears. This scene comes to us by way of Hot Older Male's DVD "Frat Pack," which is loaded with five hot scenes where a younger guy is taking care of daddy. In this scene, however, Rik is taking care of Dallas and his beefy butt. These two men end up necking in a garage, and after getting his dick wet, Rik hoists Dallas's legs and throws a hard fuck into him. I do love watching a sexy muscle bear fucking ass! Between the two of them, Rik and Dallas are featured in 22 videos over at Hot Older Male -- and that's a good thing!

  • Suited Stud Fucks A Tight Ass

    Hung Suited Stud Gets A Tight Ass

    For those familiar with Men At Play's tailor - Kurt Rogers - there's no doubt that you could ever forget his massive cock. Many men have wanted to get together with this gorgeous and well-hung sensation, but only the very fortunate few have had the pleasure. Lucas Knowles had what Kurt was looking for in a hot and tasty bottom and thus took the lucky lad to heaven through a hard and nasty suited fuck with his gigantic weapon of ass destruction.