• Drinking Beer And Wanking Off

    Drinking Beer And Wanking Off

    UK Scally Lads meant this shoot to be a duo, but one of the models didn't bother showing up. Thing is though, Ricky here certainly made up for it by putting on a great show indeed. It was a nice warm day, so Rick started things off by putting down a few beers. Enough to loosen him up anyway. Even before the cameras were turned on as they walked into the woods, everyone could see the huge bulge in Ricky's shorts. 8 inches of pure dick were waiting for their prying eyes. This lad is one horny fucker, and shows the world just how much so indeed.

  • Jack Off Buddies

    Visit Extra Big Dicks

    Dick Armstrong keeps claiming to be straight, but every couple of weeks or so, he's back at Extra Big Dicks. He started off in some solo sessions jacking his big, long cock; then he got himself into a threeway. He got his dick serviced by a hungry cock sucker who was getting his ass fucked and nursing on Dick's long cock. (Check out the Gay Demon blog "Fucked from both Ends.") Now, Dick is paired up with another "straight" guy. These two horny studs are sitting side by side on a sofa and seeing who has the biggest and hardest cock. Cooker likes the look of Dick's hard cock and slides it down his throat, then he takes a crack at Dick's ass, lubing it up good with his tongue. But Dick still hasn't gone down on another guy yet. It looks like we might have to wait for a few more sessions to see this straight guy swallowing his first cock. But Cooker and Dick lie back on the sofa together, ass to ass, with their big dicks meeting in the middle. They stroke their own cocks until they both explode all over themselves.

  • Latin Hunk's Big Cock And Balls

    Latin Hunk's Big Cock And Balls

    Junior B is one major knockout! One look and you're literally hooked on him. Lucas Kazan truly scored when they got this latin lad. If ever there was a man who could portray all the unbelievable studliness of Brazilian men, it would be Junior B. From head to toe he causes one's heart to flutter and ignites a fire in the genitals. He claims that his gorgeous 9 inch dick is about average for Brazilian men. Wow! I think I have to move. He He. This stud isn't just blessed with a huge cock though. With a smile and eyes so adorable your heart will melt, and a body and screen presence that let's all know he was born to do this, Junior B is a must see!

  • Skateboarder Strips Naked On The Roof

    Skateboarder Strips Naked On The Roof

    Ben X of Bentley Race was working through some of their latest shoots, when he it came upon him that we simply all had to see Jonn and his huge cock. This lad is a hardcore skateboarder and loved doing some tricks and messing around on his board on the roof. He even gives us a peek at his very large endowment from underneath his Union Jack shorts. Of course, all that fresh air and messing around put Jonn in the mood for some wanking off. What better tool for the job than an Icejack Fleshlight too? Damn this dude has a great cock!

  • Strip Poker

    Visit Corbin Fisher

    Five horny guys and a game of strip poker, that's a recipe for a hot gang bang. It's been a while since Corbin Fisher has delivered a sweaty and cum-filled orgy, and he's ending this year of with a bang. Cade, Connor, Derek, Dawson and Jeff got together to celebrate the holidays with a game of strip poker. Over the last few months, blond-haired Jeff has proven that he's quite adept at taking a buddy's hard cock up his ass. But Corbin Fisher has been dying to get this stud in the middle of a gang bang with a line up of horny studs taking turns plowing his butt. And since Jeff lost his hand of poker, he's bent over the poker table and the guys stroke their dicks and wait for their turn at riding Jeff's tight ass. Once they get him warmed up, Derek joins him on the poker table and offers up some more cock-hungry butt. After some hard ass fucking, the guys take a break on the sofa; sitting side by side, they get their dicks serviced until they're all ready to shoot their loads. This three-part gang bang video is going to get you revved up and ready to pop your holiday load!

  • Three Horny Guys

    Gay threeway at Cocky Boys

    The photographer at Cocky Boys likes to make his shoots fun. That's why he invited 3 of his favorite models, Phenix, MJ and J Lowe, to come by for air hockey. The catch? The loser (or winner, depending on how you look at it) has to suck the other guys' cocks. Well, turns out that Phenix isn't a very good air hockey player, so he gets to blow MJ and J Lowe. Once the guys are horny, J Lowe wants his turn and starts to suck the other 2. And after sucking for a while, J Lowe wants a dick in his ass so the other two guys take turns pounding J Lowe's hungry hole!

  • Sexy Bald Man

    Visit Men Over 30

    I love older men. I love men in their forties just as much as those in their fifties. And this week on Men Over 30, the mature man gay porn site takes us well past men in their thirties and delivers Doug Jeffries. This hot muscle hunk is 42 years old, and bald. He's got the dreamiest blue eyes and some sexy chin scruff. He's my type of man to a tee. And as Doug strips out of his clothes, he just keeps getting better and better. He's sporting a well-defined, smooth chest, crowned with a pair of stiff nipples. He teases us with his beefy ass before finally revealing a meaty, uncut cock. He's got a lovely, big ball sac that hangs invitingly between his beefy thighs. His balls move up and down as he strokes his cock and gets it good and stiff for us. And when he's ready to shoot his load, he aims his cock toward his chest and explodes all over his smooth six pack. What a hot sight!

  • Straight Guys Skinny Dipping

    Visit Next Door Buddies

    Dylan McLovin and Ricky M have the day off work and they decide to spend it in the backyard, lounging by the pool. And with no neighbours to worry about, these two sexy straight guys strip out of their swimming trunks and go for a skinny dip. They horse around in the pool and feeling the water on their cocks and balls gets them horny. They take a break from swimming and get into some nude wrestling in the hot sun. Now, how can you possibly resist popping your buddy's cock in your mouth when he's got his legs wrapped around your head? The guys start swapping blowjobs and getting their dicks hard. But these straight guys will only go so far. It's one thing to help a buddy out with a bit of lip action, but these two guys draw the line at anal. They lie back in the lounge chairs in the shade and stroke their dicks side by side. They even kiss a little bit to push them over the edge. One by one, they empty their balls all over their bellies, and then, lie back for a nap. It's hot guy-on-guy action, the kind that we're accustomed to seeing at Next Door Buddies.

  • Fucking In Football Gear

    Fucking In Hockey Gear

    Leo is lifting some weights in parents' basement. As the first sheen of sweat starts to break out all over his hot body, Josh can't help but get turned on by the sight and odor. He's been secretly sniffing on his buddy's smelly football gear the last while. Leo finds out just how much he loves his sweaty uniform, as Josh takes to sucking on his big uncut cock. Leo can't help himself and rides Josh's own big prick for a while. Although a flip flop wasn't really planned, Gear Action were beside themselves as Josh put on a gas mask and let Leo ride his hot asshole even harder than he rode Leo's. Fucking hot!!

  • Latin Cock for Christmas

    Big dick latin amateur

    What could be a better present than this 19 year old latin straight boy for the holidays? That's what the folks at Miami Boyz thought when they got this hottie to unwrap his fat 9 inch cock for their Christmas shoot. Beto is good looking with full lips, sparkling brown eyes and a great attitude. He's also got a nice bod under his Santa suit. And once he takes it off, that fat uncut piece of latin meat looks good enough to eat - and even better once he gets it hard!

  • The Best of Gaydemon for 2008

    Hi, fellow porn-lovers! It's the last week in 2008, so I thought instead of our usual weekly update, I'd also give you some of the highlights of the best new sites listed at Gaydemon for 2008. For starters, although it's not a site, the Gaydemon blogs increased the size of our blog pics and added 2 video blogs per week, and I know regulars here were happy about that! Now let's get to some of the best of 2008!

    BigKugels Vintage Erotica & Nude Photography is one of the Gaydemon reader favorite sites of the year. It's not only one of the best vintage gay sites around but it's free AND isn't just a collection of pics - it includes facts about the content, the studios and the photographers of the times. An absolute must-see whether you're turned on by men of porn's yesteryears or you're an avid porn historian!

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  • First Gay Handjob and Blowjob

    Diego jacked and sucked

    Ryan, the owner of Straight Fraternity, was in luck when he found Diego. This horny Costa Rican guy had never gotten head from a guy before, but he wanted to get off so bad that he was open to anything. Once the pants were off, it turned out that Diego had a huge cock - thick and long and definitely a throat-banger. Diego started stroking his meat pole, and once he was hard, Ryan moved in and started giving him a handjob. From handjob to blowjob is a small step, and soon Ryan had more than a mouth full of Diego's dick. He sucked on that hard rod till Diego was ready to shoot his load, then got him to lie down and Ryan jacked him off like a pro!

  • Fuck Buddies

    Visit Next Door Buddies

    Marcus and JonnyT had been out drinking and partying the night before, but unfortunately neither of them got laid. The next afternoon they were lounging around talking about the blast they had. But they moaned about the lack of action. But the guys on Next Door Buddies are much more open minded than your average straight guy. Around here a mouth is a mouth, and an ass is an ass. So they decide to help one another out. Marcus has a beautiful long and thick uncut cock. It hangs heavily between his legs, but it ain't hanging for long. JonnyT gets to work on his buddy's big cock and Marcus gives JonnyT some lip action too. Then JonnyT offers up his ass for some hot anal action. With Marcus pounding JonnyT's hole with his baseball-sized cock, it's not long before he's hitting the good spots and JonnyT is spilling his load all over his belly.

  • Uncut European Amateur

    European amateur with an uncut cock

    Juli from Berlin Male really looks like he's having fun doing his first-ever porn photo shoot. This 23 year old amateur has a super smile, a smooth body, a nice juicy uncut cock and a patch of dark pubic hair. He's also got a little scruffy facial hair that only adds to his charm. And while I've seen all sorts of amateurs in their first shoots, this cute european amateur stands out because he's having such a blast with it. And we're having a blast checking out his piece of uncut meat!

  • UK Amateurs in Action

    Two UK Amateurs Love To Fuck

    Blake Mason brought together Austin and Matt B in the hopes they would once again ignite an incredible fire for all of us. They certainly didn't disappoint. The chemistry between them is so rare when pairing up two amateur porn studs who don't know on another well. Austin is the more submissive of the two blokes, and doesn't waste any time going down to blow Matt's thick man meat. A 69 session ensues where we get to witness Matt tongue-fucking one of the most gorgeous man asses you will ever set eyes on. This sets his bottom up for a most glorious fuck scene, pounding away at Austin's sweet asshole like a man possessed. Intense and fucking hot!!