• Black Man Hole

    Black Man Hole

    Mark Cirrianno and KC Maddox are quite evidently in serious lust for one another as they get right down to business in this video. Their sexual energy is incomparable as they explore each other's bodies. KC, one of Bareback Masters' finest ebony studs, is the submissive slut as you can see. He rims Mark to the point of almost exploding. However, Mark has other plans, like ramming KC's tight black asshole with all the thrust and manpower he can muster.

  • Hairy Amateur with a Sock Fetish


    Jovan is a 28 year old german amateur with a hairy body and a sock fetish. He's got a very nice smile and an uncut cock, and once he's horny that cock gets hard and STAYS hard. Jovan had only moved to Berlin a few weeks before he did this shoot for Berlin Male, and looks like he had fun at this photo shoot. What started out as a lighthearted masturbation session turned into something a little kinkier as Jovan decided to let his fetish loose and had a great time playing with and smelling his socks, even wrapping one around his dick while he stroked it!

  • Max And Shawn

    Max And Shawn

    When You Love Jack first put Max and Shawn together, they literally ripped one another's clothes off in the frenzy. It isn't long before they're swapping blowjobs and pushing each other right to the edge. They also exchange rimjobs, bringing each of their large cocks to full ejaculation - then wallowing in all their sticky, gooey cum.

  • Total E-Bound


    Erotic fiction seems to really be taking hold these days, and with lots of great webmasters around, the sites that are being built to sell this stuff can be very well done. Total E Bound is such a site with it's unique and interesting layout. Your main menu runs at the top of the pages, while links to the latest releases and short stories are to your left. One of the best ways to find out what's new and hot is to take a trip over to their blog. From there you got some short reviews and excerpts from the shorts and novels. The prices look fairly reasonable and there are lots of kinks, fetishes to choose from. For those who like their fiction a little more tame, no worries, you can find that as well. All ebooks works can be opened in either Adobe Reader or Microsoft Reader. For those who may not want to shell out money at the moment, by scrolling down a bit, you'll find links to some free ebooks on your left. While not as extensive as the ones you can buy, they're still quite good and should take you on some erotic and sexy adventures indeed.

  • Hockey Gear Action

    Hockey Gear Action

    Sitting around in his hockey gear gets this dude mighty horny indeed. He gets quite lucky as he happens onto another guy who loves his gear as much as he. The passerby fumbles inside his hockey pants until he finds the hockey dude's sweaty cock and has himself a taste. This of course causes the reaction he was looking for as the stud's meat grows to a nice size and then he fucks his hungry hole into oblivion. Some fuckin' hot Gear Action here!

  • Italian And Hungarian Meat


    Lucas Kazan really captured some wonderful fantasy action in this video as Italian newcomer Daniele Montana and Hungarian hunk Marc Dievo ogle one another by the pool. It's not the kind of place where they can live out their lusts for one another, but when the camera fades to each of their thoughts, the outcome is nothing short of splendid as they indulge in all that is offered up. Including a hardcore ass fucking which leaves both men sweating and covered in luscious cum.

  • Attila, Laszlo and Zoltan

    Attila, Laszlo and Zoltan

    I would imagine that most of us love to watch kick boxing. Even when the guys are fully clothed it can be pretty damn fucking hot. But how about if all three are up for some hardcore gay action? Oh yes. Sexgaymes' Attila, a short, hairy chested hunk is pitted up against tough looking Zoltan. They go at each other like two men on a mission and give it their all. Unfortunately, referree Lazlo gets hit by a stray kick and has trouble getting up from the blow. Of course, the studs can't leave him like that and show their apologies by thoroughly fucking his face and ass they way he truly loves. He He.

  • Don't Blink

    Was watching a nice little porn flick the other night, and the wife commented on how cool it was to watch this one hot little stud, shoot his load over his shoulder. Seriously, the guy was pounding his dick and then suddenly his whole body went rigid, his face constricted and you could hear his heavy breathing quicken, then wham, this stream of cum went flying from between his clenched fist, all the way past his shoulder.

    Least the slow motion replay that was run right after helped confirm it, which I thought was rather thoughtful of the producers.

    I mean nothing like seeing jizz flying through the air, in all its tasty globular form, and seeing the shaking body underneath, as the muscles uncoil. Each detail captured frame by frame.

    Now, not every cum scene should be repeated, even in regular speed, given that you can tell its phony. Then too, there is the 'blink once' and suddenly you are watching two new porn stars kissing, or undressing.

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  • Doug's First Shoot

    Doug's First Shoot

    Right off the bat Buk Buddies knew that Doug would look good in almost anything. Check him out in his overalls. Talk about hot! As if that isn't enough though, wouldn't you know that Doug donned his favourite wrestling singlet and posed around in that for a while too. Of course, we were able to get a sensational view of his sweet butt, body, and thick cock. What a hottie indeed!

  • Josh T and Tim

    Josh T and Tim

    Josh T put on such a great performance the first time he showed off his perfectly toned body, adorable smile, and luscious uncut cock that it was just appropriate as hell they bring him back for more. This time around though, he was teamed up with fellow Blake Mason hottie Tim. Both blokes are huge fans of arse play, so it was no surprise when Tim got hungry and starting rimming Josh's sweet hole. Of course, this only led to a great 69 scenario where both had a chance to lick one anothers' butts. This was all too much for Tim though, as he proceeded to fuck the ever loving shit out of Josh's fine british bottom. Mmm.

  • Cute College Guy Gets Fucked

    Visit Corbin Fisher

    Connor and Joel are the quintessential college guys -- adorably cute, well built, and horny as hell. And they make quite a pairing in Corbin Fisher's latest guy-on-guy sex video. As soon as they stripped out of their underwear they were both already hard as a rock. Joel has been eager to get into some action with Connor for awhile. He loves Connor's tall, buff build, and youthful face. And Connor couldn't help but respond to Joel's enthusiastic energy. Connor goes to work on Joel's juicy, hard cock. Then the guys swap places on the couch and Joel slides between Connor's legs for a slobbering blowjob. But Joel doesn't waste too much time down there, he really wants to feel the inside of Connor's butt. And Connor's moans let us know just how good it feels. And if there's any doubts, the blond college guy's cock is rock hard throughout the whole fucking. With Joel's cock buried deep inside of him, Connor shoots an energetic load across his smooth belly, and then, Joel joins him, adding his spunk to the mess.

  • He Looks Hot in a Suit!

    Suit fetish hunk

    Marcello is one of the most gorgeous hunks around, with his handsome face, dark eyes incredible body. And if there's one thing that makes this classy stud look even better, it's wearing one of his custom-tailored suits. Here he is in a sexy black number with a crisp white shirt that he wore for one of the shoots for his site, With Marcello. After giving us a very GQ pose and then playing with his feet - he's into all sorts of fetishes - he pulls out his hard cock and shows it off from the front and the rear!

  • Dylan Showers in His Briefs

    Hot guy takes a shower in his underwear

    Meet Dylan from HM Boys. He's a cute law student who's usually pretty normal and maybe even a bit conservative. Dylan surprised himself by sending a witty, articulate email along with some sexy pics to the photographer, and surprised himself even more by agreeing to do this shoot. He had a lot of fun taking a shower - in his underwear! As he got wetter and wetter, his white boxer briefs get more see-through, and in this last pic you can get a good look at his hard cock through the translucent fabric while water runs down his body. Yum!

  • Fucked From Both Ends

    Visit EXtra Big Dicks

    Big-dicked Robert Long is back on Extra Big Dicks after a long hiatus. And fortunately for us, Robert is one of those straight guys who figured out early on that a hole is just a hole. He's married, but likes stepping over to the gay side from time to time. Next up in this threesome sex scene is Dick Armstrong, a hung Cuban, who is making his first appearance in a full-on guy-on-guy sex scene. After a couple of side-by-side jack off sessions, he's ready to take the plunge. Kameron Scott is the lucky guy who has two straight guys to work over. And this lean, 21-year-old gets to work sucking off these straight guys and pumping up their dicks big and hard. And when Robert Long is rock hard, he starts working his huge dick into Kameron's tight hole while Dick Armstrong strokes his own cock and watches. Robert does all the fucking and Dick is content to get his cock sucked while watching Kameron getting his ass plowed. Once these two straight guys have had a good long poke at all of Kameron's holes, they dump their loads all over his smooth chest.

  • Hairy Italian Man

    Visit Hot Older Male

    Hairy stud Massimo has travelled all the way from Italy to take his clothes off for Hot Older Male. He's a 46-year-old masculine man who stands 6'2" and weighs a lean 195 pounds. He's ruggedly handsome with a full beard and he's balding a bit on top. But what Massimo is lacking on his head, he makes up for with a bushy, hairy chest. Massimo has a nicely built body, too, not overly muscular, just well-defined. And when he slides out of his underwear, he reveals a beautiful, long cock. He's pretty horny, so we actually never see his cock soft. It's long, hard, and his crown is blazing red like it's angry and ready to spit. And if you like furry butts, Massimo's is covered with soft, dark hair with an even darker patch running up the crack of his ass.