• Bald British Daddy

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    Bald British daddy hooked up with Hot Older Male during the Lazy Bear Weekend this past summer. Tom Dixter landed a part in Backwoods Bears on the spot. This 54-year-old, grey-beard daddy is giving us a sneak preview of his big-nobbed dick, but I can't wait to see him in his hot fuck scene with silver fox Allen Silver. Tom Dixter is a ruggedly handsome daddy and he's sporting a couple of licorice-nib-sized nipples, which he loves tweaking to get his dick hard. When he peels off his shirt, you'll see that he's in good shape. Each of his strong arms is crowned with a shoulder tattoo and his pecs are plump and well-sculpted. When Tom fishes out his cock, it's pierced and covered in foreskin; and he's packing a huge, plump cock head. I'm going to love watching that sliding into Allen Silver's mouth.

  • Tony Fuzzy Face

    Tony Fuzzy Face

    When Tony first arrived at Buk Buddies, he was told to grow out some of his hair and then come back. The result is what we get to see here - a thick black groin bush, and some sexy fuzz on his face. I must say that his leg and butt fur get me twitching in my pants as well. While sparring with himself adorned in some boxing gloves, Tony got a tad kinky and just took a pee. Thus, the whizz lovers will certainly love this lad.

  • A Little Mood Lighting


    When Brad Burton did this shoot for the photographer from The Garden of Adam, she wanted to get him - and us - in the mood, and that mood is mysterious and erotic. Brad is a hottie if you like regular guys, and he loves being in front of the camera so he can show off what his natural, well-built body. He seems to get a hard-on almost the moment he knows that the shutter is clicking. It also seems that he liked this darker, more intimate lighting because he keeps his cock standing completely at attention!

  • Bruno And Alex

    Bruno And Alex

    One look at newcomer Bruno Boni, and Lucas Kazan knew he and veteran Alex Orioli would make an outstanding pair. They certainly weren't wrong either as both men got right down to business on each other's massive erections. Alex doesn't speak very much English, however, he didn't need much in the way of direction anyway. The man is all stud and therefore knows exactly what to do in order please an audience that's very picky about it's hunks. From my perspective, you'll be thoroughly entertained by this scenario. Oh yes indeed.

  • Ravings of a Lunatic

    No, not me, though I bet many may think so. I just don't understand the hatred there is out there for Gays & Lesbians. I really don't get Hate, actually. Oh I know I dislike certain people, ideas, concepts, but Hate? No I don't think I really can hate.

    Yet so many seem to do just that, especially when it comes to Homosexuality. A well noted Author was to speak at a school district, and parents objected, because he was Gay, was going to talk about how to survive bullying if you are Gay, and how to cope with it.

    Now these parents have a right to object, they can pull their kids from attending, but it isn't that they objected to it, it is how so many have responded to the story that is, well sad. How so many adults claim that my sexual orientation is, well, a mental disorder at best.

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  • Sexy Hunk Donny

    Sexy Hunk Donny

    Some dudes just have a screen presence that very few can match. Even though Dirty Tony's new sensational hunk Donny is a total amateur and newbie to this kind of thing, the man knows how to put on a great show. Of course, it helps when the lad carries with him all the necessary tools to meet stud status. To start things off, Donny has a face you could definitely see in pictures. Classic American good looks enhanced with a sexy and mischievous grin. His hard and gym-worked physique is a true treasure, and sprouting from his perfectly honed groin is a piece of man meat no one could complain about. What a babe.

  • What is it about Pain?

    I wonder at times, why does so much porn, accentuate the pain aspect of sex? Is pain really a natural part of sex, or has the industry exaggerated it so that we assume it is? I mean there is an entire culture in Porn, dedicated to pain, either the inflicting of it, or the taking of it.

    You know I kind of wonder if somehow, religion isn't partially to blame for the way people feel guilty about having sex, and actually enjoying it. As a result many look for the pain aspect of it, to sort of make it seem okay. Like somehow, it is a part of the act that allows them to accept the pleasure that sex gives them.

    Now, that may sound weird, but then again, in many religious circles, it does seem logical, that pain is part of showing one's dedication, one's absolute commitment to their faith. I mean history is ripe with supposed episodes of where great heroes endured a lot of pain, to reach grace. Is that we are trying for when we like our butts whacked hard, while taking a dick up it?

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  • Latin Jocks' Rolando

    Latin Jocks' Rolando

    20 year old Rolando decided to take the plunge and put on a show for Latin Jocks. They had been bugging him for a while. You can't really blame them either once you get a good look at him. With his sensational smile, sizzling lean and muscular frame, and a huge, thick piece of latin love poking out from his groin, he's got all he needs for a great screen presence. He was of course very nervours when the shoot first got started. But by the time he got all hard and horny, it was all smooth sailing indeed.

  • World History of Male Love


    Now here's an interesting resource indeed. How often do you run across a site, or any knowledge medium which tells the true story and history about male to male love? I don't know of too many. The front page gives us an interesting perspective comparing sexual history written by the victors to what really might be the truth. There are some images and painting from human history which some believe to be two men or two women and not a man and a woman. As we all know, some of these portraits are so ambiguous gender-wise, that it can be hard to tell. Our main menu is atop each page, where things like "Homosexual Traditions", "Gay History & Mythology", "Homoerotic Art", and a "Forum" are available. The site can be translated into many languages for those who don't do English so well, and the site design is both easy on the eyes and put together well. It certainly evokes what it needs to when it comes to representing the subject of Gay Art History. Great and informative site.

  • Cocoa Coloured Devon

    Cocoa Coloured Devon

    Cocoa skinned Devon really did his best to impress everyone at Dirty Boy Videos, and from the looks of things, he sure succeeded. See Devon wants to be a star. He was amazed at how much of a he had blast stroking his thick, dark piece of cock meat and letting lose a delicious load of nut jizz on camera. He considers himself bisexual, but claims he was thinking about munching on a hot, wet pussy while entertaining us. With a gorgeous, shy smile, and all the characteristics needed to go far in this business, we may just be seeing a lot more of Devon in the near future.