• Axel The Doll Fucker

    Axel The Doll Fucker

    Dirty Boy Videos found themselves yet another hot tattooed dude who loves his blowup dolls. The main reason is because they can never argue with him or say no whenever he wants a piece of ass, and can never complain about how big his cock is or how hard or fast he's ramming away. Sounds like paradise to me. Axel is 21 years old and just about as cocky, confident, and hardcore as he looks. Even though he's hung like a bloody bull, he had no trouble whatsoever keeping it hard enough to almost kill the damn doll. He He. His punk spunk flew everywhere when he was done with her. Delicious!

  • His First Gay Handjob

    Josh gets his first gay handjob

    Josh is a straight guy with a boyish face who discovered he could make money doing shoots for Buzz West. Well, a year after his first solo shoot, he discovered he needed some cash, and when he called Buzz to see if he could jack off and get paid, Buzz had other ideas. He asked Josh if he'd be willing to get a handjob from another guy, and after thinking about it, Josh said "I can handle it." Well, he wasn't the only one who could "handle it", because Buzz wrapped his hand around that straight boy cock and stroked that cock till Josh forgot who was doing the stroking and came hard while Buzz jerked his pole!

  • Martin Brant


    Martin Brant was born along the banks of the Amazon River and raised by a Kaiapo wet-nurse. Most of the time his mother was busy doing medical research and teaching the Kaiapo children how to play the violin. After growing up with these native folks and battling a long bout of Malaryia, Martin shipped himself off to Uganda where he acquired a degree in rocket science. No seriously. He claims he has not gotten a rocket off the ground yet though. These, he takes great satisfaction in spending time with his wife, in writing, and in telling lies. No lies per say, what they call "fiction" in the literary world. Wonderful stories that touch at every nerve and emotion human beings experience. Be they erotic of otherwise, the man has a knack for reaching into your soul and stirring it vigorously. While married in a heterosexual relationship, Martin seems to have a pretty open mind, and utilizes this gift to create wonderful tales. One could spend a lot of time here and enjoy reading every last word. A must see for the readers out there.

  • Big Cock Fucking

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    Enrique Currero just can't get enough of the hot mature men at Men Over 30. He and his 8.5-inch cock are making an encore performance. And one of the things that makes Enrique so popular amongst the viewers is his versatility -- he's a very good top, but also has a hot ass hungry for cock. But this week he's working in top mode with Park Wiley. Park is 32 and needs no introduction, gay porn hounds will know this stud from his many movies. Park gets to work on Enrique's huge dick, and then, Park hops on top of the horse-hung stud for a hot 69 cock sucking session. Enrique grinds his ass into Park's face and gets a slobbering rimjob, but it's Park's ass that's going to get fucked. The horny bottom crawls on top of Enrique. Straddling his buddy, Park lowers himself down all 8.5 inches until it's buried to the balls. Then Enrique hoists Park's legs over his shoulders and plows his hole until the bottom shoots a healthy stream of jizz up his abdomen. It's quite a sight!

  • Electronic Gay Community Magazine


    "Continuously published since 1988, The Electronic Gay Community Magazine is the world's longest running online publication for the gay, lesbian and bisexual community." Our first page is pretty basic, with all of the navigation links at the bottom of the page. The large ad you will see of some chubby dude and a really hot stud leads to an Amazon listing for a porn flick entitled "Eating Out". Nothing extraordinary really in my opinion. Either don't click on it, or if the curiousity is just too much, go ahead. I can confirm that it's a clean link. From the links below, you can check out the latest news, editorials, health information, the latest in AIDS research, and quite a few other things. Don't expect much in the way of sensational design here, but sometimes less is more as we all know. Be sure to visit "Salutations" for a good chuckle, and "GayTV" is pretty entertaining as well. There's a fair amount to see here, and it looks as though it's all kept up to date. A fun resource for sure.

  • Kev Works Andy's Massive Meat

    Kev Works Andy's Massive Meat

    English Lads brought nicely endowed Andy back so we can have another peek at his fantastic erection. Only this time Kev got down on his knees to see if he could work it with his talented and insatiable mouth. He did a fantastic job according to Andy. Kev didn't stop there though. While Andy sat back in his favourite chair, he fingered his tight butthole until he spewed a huge wad of man jizz all over himself, the chair, and even on Kev. Both lads truly are showing some potential for much more serious action. The future possibilities are endless!

  • Riding Daddy Cock

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    It's time for a little daddy sex. And Hot Older Male is always serving up a hot helping of daddies. In this scene, businessman Scott Parker gets down on his knees and works over some daddy cock. Parker has Truman pressed up against a post and the two are necking. But it's not long before Parker squats down and fishes out Truman's cock. He hungrily feasts on Truman's meaty dick; and it's the perfect cock for sucking -- just long enough to hit the back of your throat and super fat so it fills your mouth up good. After getting his fill of Parker's mouth, Truman gets his cock sucker down on all fours and prepares his ass for a fucking. He eats out Parker's hole and lubes it up real good. And after fucking him doggy style, Truman lies back on the lounge and lets Parker ride his cock! Daddies can be so lazy sometimes!

  • Blue-Eyed Frat Boy

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    Here comes Logan ... bright, blue eyes and a friendly smile. And he's a bit of a showoff. In fact he told Fratmen afterward that what really helped him get off was knowing that thousands of people would be watching him. And who couldn't watch this? Logan has a hard chiseled body -- look at those pecs -- he's a good-looking guy, and you just melt when he flashes that smile at the camera! But I'm especially interested in that fat cock of his. It's a thick fucker with a nice downward bend to it. And I'm thinking about sliding that fatty all the way down my throat and wrapping my lips around that really thick base. Logan is also packing a nice butt, too -- perfectly round and tight. You just want to lay him down on the bed, spread those firm mounds of flesh, and dive in with your tongue. There's so much of him to take in, you're going to love watching him.

  • Dominican Boy with a Rock Hard Cock

    Hot latino amateur jacks off

    Pedro is a 19 year old Dominican boy with a warm smile and dark eyes with a mischievous glint in them. He's got a great body - lean, with washboard abs and just the right amount of muscle everywhere. Pedro is really into sports and working out, and he really liked the idea of getting paid to get naked on camera. When he did this shoot for Miami Boyz, he wasn't shy or hesitant - this straight latin boy was very turned on taking off his clothes while someone was watching him. You can tell because his cock was so hard even before he pulled it out and started stroking it. And Pedro had no trouble keeping wood as he jerked off in this hot shoot!

  • Uncut Muscle Hunk

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    I love most of the guys who appear on UK Naked Men, but every few updates, they throw up a man that really makes my heart go pitter patter. Jorge is a muscular hunk and he's just about as close to my fantasy man as a guy can get. He's not bald, but he keeps his head shaved close. His soulful, brown eyes really draw you in. He's looking extra sexy with a few day's of face scruff and he's got full, kissable lips. And just for a little extra something, he's wearing a tiny stud through the soft skin beneath is lower lip. Jorge is massively built with huge, sculpted shoulders, bulging arms, and plump, chiseled pecs. And I'm really interested when he slides out of his jeans. He's packing a delicious uncut cock -- not too big and certainly not too small. Sheathed in tight foreskin, he smears some precum around his piss slit with his finger. And when Jorge turns around, I'm even more turned on by him when I see his big, beefy ass. What a hot muscle hunk!