• Hot Nude Swimmer

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    Michael Phelps fans are going to want to check out Fratmen's Willie. And while we can see Phelps in the buff, Willie has no problem stripping nude and showing off his hot, swimmer's body. He's a tall guy with a lean and ripped body. And while Willie's torso is completely smooth, except for a small patch of fur crawling up his six packs, his legs are very hairy. And Willie's cock is a little bigger than you're average guy's and it's nice and thick with a beefy pair of low hangers. And Fratmen has a double treat waiting for you where Willie is concerned: no only is he featured in a hot jack off session, but he also gives his best friend a blowjob. You'll definitely want to check this out because guy-on-guy sex doesn't happen all that often on this sizzling frat boy site.

  • Jeff Jacks Off at Home


    I love watching Jeff from Str8cam. His beefy and unshaved muscular body is hot, but what I really dig is the way this straight man is so into showing off on camera for other men. From his muscle posing to the ass and cock closeups, Jeff isn't shy about getting other guys off - or himself. He strips to his underwear, then gets right up to the camera to give a good look at his hairy ass. And finally he wraps his fingers around his dick and jacks off for the camera and all the men he knows are watching him!

  • Chase Is Unmasked

    Chase Is Unmasked

    In case you haven't been following the recent Maskurbate updates, they've been unmasking their hottest studs one shoot at a time. They thought it was high time that Chase revealed his fantastic facial features for us all. God Bless them for that, as the man is a sheer delight to behold. His gorgeous eyes suck you right in, and his blemish-free complexion is almost unbelievable. Of course, most of us are quite familiar with his massive cock, of which he portrays in his usual alluring and irresistable manner once again for us. You can never see enough of that sensational stud stick though can you? No...neither can I. He He.

  • It Takes All Kinds

    So I stumbled across this fetish, one I had never heard of before. Now that isn't a big deal, I mean I am not what you call a hard core surfer of the various porn sites, but this one slipped by. Seriously, you ever heard of Ballooning?

    Not the kind where you climb into a basket and go up in the air, though I suppose that could apply in some circles of ballooning, as it relates to a sexual fetish.

    See, this is about those who are aroused by balloons. Not just the kind you blow up for parties, but all kinds of inflatable devices, mainly balloons. Heck, there is even a company who manufactures balloons for 'looners' (which is what they call themselves).

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  • Look At That Fat Cock!


    Brent is a straight construction worker who decided he could use some extra dough, so when he was approached by a guy from Squirt It and asked about doing a jackoff shoot, how could he say no? Once his pants came off, Brent was a little shy about the camera, but very good looking, and once he began to relax, one thing really stood out - his dick is average in length, but it's almost as big around as a beer can. This amateur construction guy has one fat cock - wouldn't you love to try and wrap your lips around that!

  • Urinal Dot Net


    What is it about a urinal that turns people on so much? Then again, what is it about a place where you release your urine that turns some people off? It's one of those things that is a complete mystery in my opinion. And in fact, who cares? Personally, I've always been intrigued by them and in particular, the act of urinating. Urinal.net offers pictures of urinals from all over the world. Some are really old, while some are familiar looking. Some are clean, and well, some look as though they've been used. A lot! Someone did a ton of research to put this very easy to navigate site together, because there's actually a map of all the public urinals and washrooms in the US and the world. I don't know if they got them all, but I would say they're pretty damn close by the looks of it. For those who harbour that hardcore pee and utility fetish, this site will give you an erection upon entrance. It did for me. Call us warped, call us sick, but we know what we like and this site fucking rocks for all those into pee!

  • Horny Black Amateur


    Chyna was one of those lucky finds. He was helping a friend pack a moving van when the photographer from Flava Men drove by, took one look at that compact, muscular body and bubble butt packed in his jeans and asked Chyna if he'd like to do a porn shoot. The rest, as they say, is history. Chyna has warm chocolate skin, tight braids and and ass that just won't quit. He also got very horny when he started undressing for the camera, and had no problem at all keeping his rod rock-hard for the entire shoot, till he finally blew his thick creamy load!

  • Men At Play: Surrender

    Men At Play: Surrender

    Men At Play's Marvin and Andreas are back once again, doing all that they love to do together. As an established couple, even they had awkward moments at first. But seeing as how they have done a fair amount of shoots now, watching them is like seeing pure magic right before your eyes. Their connection is so strong now, that all it takes is a deep passionate kiss for things to get heated. Andreas takes his favourite position on his knees and services his man while both are still dressed in their expensive suits. From this, we understand that the passion and desire for one another will not even wait for pants to come completely off. Of course, when it comes to Andreas moving into his next favourite position - bent right over - the trousers must be lost as he gets filled up to the limit. Sensational!!

  • Omar Is Back

    Omar Is Back To Get More Head

    Yes indeed folks, Omar is back at New York Straight Men. He really couldn't resist the sensational head that was bestowed upon him the first time he was around. Things are different this time though. Omar insisted on having his favourite chick mag to look at while resident cocksucker Christian did what he does best - blows straight studs. Also playing was a Lesbian porn DVD which obviously gave Omar one hell of an erection. Christian of course is in dick-hunger heaven as this fantastic looking man feeds him his meat. And when the love lava finally erupts, you can see how happy the cocksucker really was.

  • Well-Hung Cuban Guy

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    Hay Martinez has pulled his big cock out fro Extra Big Dicks several times (five times in total I think) but this time he's taken a walk over to EBD's brother site, Circle Jerk Boys to dump another load of his Cuban juice. Extra Big Dicks snagged this muscular stud just after his eighteenth birthday, but it's a year later and this over-sized, 19-year-old old is still hot to show of his 8-inch dick. As much as they've tried Circle Jerk Boys and Extra Big Dicks haven't been able to convince him to play hide the sausage with any of their guys, it's been a no-go -- this Cuban stud is straight as they come. But they have managed -- with the help of Ben Franklin and a few of his twin brothers -- to convince Jay to do a duo and trio side-by-side jack off session with a couple of other straight guys. And I'm more than happy to watch him pulling on his thick, uncut cock. In this video Jay sits down on the floor in a locker room and splatters a thick load all over his smooth abs. But it doesn't matter which site you choose because either one gives you access to the other (and three more, too). So you'll be able to watch all of Jay's sizzling jack off sessions on both sites.

  • 6 ft. 7 Inch Peter Power

    6 ft. 7 Inch Peter Power

    BukBuddies have this major secret they only reveal every once in a while because he's such a treat. Peter Power is no less than 6 feet 7 inches tall. His shoe size is 15!! LOL. This is no small man. He's damn lean though at 220lbs. and being that tall. To top off these amazing stats, this luscious darker skinned Italian stud packs no less than 7 uncut inches between his very lanky legs. Here, he messes around with an exercise ball and does some working out. He says it really helps his balance. Being so tall, his center of gravity is much higher than the rest of us. He also says he gets extra horny when he's getting the sweat going in the gym. So needless to say, it wasn't long before he was stroking his lovely cock for us all. What a major hunk indeed!

  • Bareback Billiards

    Two men fucking on the pool table

    A game of billiards between Frankie and Cedric from Bareback Masters is about more than just whacking balls around a table. Frankie is a real pig bottom - the kind of guy who just can't get enough cock - and he's more than ready to suck on that piece of man meat like a street walker on army payday. Once Frankie has serviced his dick till he's throbbing and ready, Cedric rims Frankie till his hole is wet and then slides his rigid pole inside and fucks him bareback right there on the poool table!

  • Blake Mason's Shay

    Blake Mason's Shay

    20 year old Shay is a very welcome addition to Blake Mason's total newbie collection indeed. And although he is completely green when it comes to gay porn and all, he was all too happy to strip down to his army pants and show off all of his wonderful assets. His luscious 5'10" body is certainly worth a long look, but when you see that fantastic 7" uncut dick, you know you're in Blake Mason British amateur heaven. He leers down at us with those alluring blue eyes and knows how much we're enjoying his eye candy. Once his jerking off rythum was established, Shay sprayed out his man milk like a total pro. Delicious indeed!

  • Gold Medal Cock

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    Kurt has been a busy man over at UK Naked Men. Over the past several weeks he's been jacking his dick, getting his cock sucked, and even offering up his butt for some hot three-way action. And this stud deserves a break, so this week he's taking a nude dip in the Jacuzzi. But thankfully this bald, muscular stud is perpetually horny, and we get to watch him pumping his thick, uncut cock one more time. Kurt is a good-looking guy with a rock-solid body. His shoulders are broad and sculpted, his pecs are hard and chiseled, and he's packing a plump, muscular bubble butt. But my favourite part of Kurt is that substantial piece of meat hanging between his legs. He's got a beautifully long and fat foreskinned dick that curves off to the left when it's completely hard. And cock suckers everywhere are aching to wrap their lips around that formidable cock. Wow! It's like the gold medal of cocks!

  • Muscular Straight Man

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    Dominic Portland is from the West Coast and recently he headed to Miami to get naked for Men Over 30. At 30 years of age, Dominic just squeaks through. He's a thick slice of heaven and he's been practicing since he was 13 years old. (He lost his cheery when a high-school girl got him drunk and had her way with him.) Sitting shirtless in the Men Over 30 studio, Dominic pumps his arms and massages his muscles before his hand slips inside his jeans. He finally pulls out his meaty cock and it's a nice-looking dick. But as it gets harder, of course it gets better -- and thicker. Dominic even gets down on all fours and lets us explore between his muscular butt cheeks -- two perfectly shaped, hairy butt cheeks curving to a dark and hairy ass crack. He pushes his stiff cock and small balls through his thighs and smiles for the camera. And then, Dominic gets down to business jacking his thick cock. And when he's ready, he dumps thick gobs of cum all over his thighs.