• Andreas And Erik Demko

    Andreas And Erik Demko

    Men At Play's Andreas is holding a gala dinner. An early guest is a most welcome surprise, especially when the person is in the form of Erik Demko, who is seeking a stay in the Guest House due to a lack of lodging. His informal attire would be a problem for the affair about to take place, so Andreas does his best to suit him up. Erik's incredible ass and most submissive nature is far too hard to resist. Thus, a totally innocent event turns into an outstanding hardcore scenario. Andreas helps himself to the pre-dinner offerings and provides a most needed throttling to Erik's superb ass, Men At Play style.

  • Anonymous and Athletic


    Brendan from Maskurbate is a bartender who is very enthusiastic about martial arts. He says that's what keeps him so lean and ripped, and that not only do his workouts keep him energetic and fit, but they also help him perform better sexually. Brendan is a bit of an exhibitionist, but he didn't want his family or neighbors to know he was doing a porn shoot. Maskurbate to the rescue! They gave him a mask and let Brendan show off that great body and juicy dick. He was able to get as wild and sexy as he wanted to in front of the camera - after all, no one will ever know it was him!

  • Bastinardo


    "BASTINADO: the European name for a form of punishment common in the east, especially in Turkey, Persia and China. It consists in blows with a light stick or lath of bamboo upon the soles of the feet." Holy shit! I have known about this form of torture for many years myself - mostly through movies and what I've read. But I had no idea that there were people who actually engaged in it voluntarily. Even for a person who doesn't get turned on by this kind of thing, the wealth of information on how to perform this most intense of disciplines, and the history surrounding it, may be good for an informative time. Apparently it's supposed to be one of the most painful things a human being can experience without passing out or going into shock, if kept to a certain limit. A light tap is all that's needed where administration is concerned, as opposed to a hardcore smash. There have been times in my life where I fell or stubbed my heels, and I must it was pretty painful to say the least. For those who don't appreciate this sort of fetish, stay away unless the curiousity is killing you. Those who open their minds to everything, you should get informed here for sure.

  • SeXgaymes: James And George

    SeXgaymes: James And George

    SeXgaymes stud George Stevenson lays back alone working his big, thick cock until it's hard and engorged. He's blessed with the most alluring curving bone and you can see how he revels in it's power over cock lovers everwhere. James Jordan happens upon this most spectacular of events and figures the big man needs some help with his endeavour. While swallowing most of what George is packing, James plugs his butt and prepares his hole for things to come. When the top dog is ready, he takes his prize in the form of 4 different fuck positions until both role players are left in a sweaty, cum-drenched heap. Damn.


  • Are You a Pirate?

    No, not the kind who has a patch over one eye and wooden peg leg with a mouthy parrot on their shoulder, but the kind who downloads music, videos, and other stuff from the Internet from all those nice friendly file sharing sites? If you are, your days may be numbered, but is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

    Seriously, is this about sharing or about stealing?

    For myself, I have to say that I am not one who downloads tons of music or videos online. To begin with, I hate to have my computer get all gummed up by the viruses that you find on most of these file sharing sites, and secondly, I have a nice collection of tunes. I also am not a fan of the more recent releases either, and I am Cheap.

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  • Bobby - the Boy Next Door

    Bobby jacks off and drinks his own cum

    Bobby from You Love Jack is a real cutie with a boy-next-door look and a nasty twinkle in his eye. After he has the video camera adjusted, he gets right to business. After teasing a bit by showing off in his underwear, Bobby pulls his already-hard cock and his balls out of his fly and plays with it. Then he peels off his shorts and gets serious - and damn, he's got a great piece of meat! He strokes it, squeezes it and jerks it while fingering his ass, and then he changes position so his dick is over his mouth and shoots his own load into his waiting mouth!

  • Furry Ass

    Visit Fratmen

    Gil is the perfect Fratmen -- good looking and solid. Whether you're watching him at the gym pumping iron, or catching him lying back on his bed stroking his meat, Gil inspires hot fantasies. His hypnotizing puppy-dog eyes catches your attention, his smile pulls you in further, and his his manly muscles, and big cock cinch the deal. I loved watching him soaping up his big, meaty cock in the shower. But later, when he's relaxing on his bed, I was so turned on to see that hairy butt of his. Gil doesn't have a speck of hair anywhere else -- his chest and belly are completely smooth, even his pubes are trimmed down -- but when he rolls over, he reveals the most beautiful furry ass. What a hunk!

  • George, Isidor and Tavish

    George, Isidor and Tavish

    George Vidanov plays the doctor in this new High Octane shoot where he injects Isidor and Tavish with some strange concoctions. Their reponses are nothing short of animalistic lust and wanton desire - exactly the result which Dr. Vidanov was looking for. With this cue, George and Isidor proceed to top the more submissive Tavish as he takes all that they've got to offer with every inch of his being. Speaking of inches, you should see George as he plows his playtoy's tight anus like a madman. Spectacular.

  • Blake Mason Presents Bailey!

    Blake Mason Presents Bailey!

    As you would expect, Blake Mason's newest hunky addition Bailey is hot as fuck. At 20 years old, he's in incredible shape and packs a very delicious 7 inch cock. All videos coming to you from BM are now in HD, and so Bailey looks even more sensational as he lays back and pleasures himself for us. One of his favourites feelings is rubbing his fully hard prick through the fabric of his briefs. The outline it makes and the precum that stains them is a serious turnon for the young man. As it is for most us I'm sure! Bailey is one incredible looking British twink. Man I'd love to get down on that duvet with him. Wouldn't you?

  • Christian Services Mark

    Christian Services Mark

    New York Straight Men would like to introduce Mark and his massive 11 inch cock to us! This massively hung stud says he has a really hard time finding women who can tackle his endowment. No kidding. So when he was introduced to Christian - who has taken on many a gigantic weapon in his time - he was in heaven. Also notable in regard to Mark's tastes is that he really likes having his ass eaten. Try to find ladies who will eat ass as opposed to having their own munched on. So Christian did all that was asked of him and of course was in sheer bliss himself, having the opportunity to service such a perfect stud. What a gorgeous dick, my God!