• Felix Pounds Cristian Torrent's Ass

    Felix Pounds Cristian Torrent's Ass

    If ever there was a great All Real Bareback pairing it would be these two hot leather studs. Felix fell totally in lust with porn star Christian Torrent's spectacular buttocks and immediately set to work on getting them loose and pliable with his tongue and hands. Christian had been fucked before but had never felt such deft and precision when it came to rimming and finger filling. Felix could tell he was getting the job done right and when he knew he had his bottom to the point of sheer bliss, he took the plunge inside the gorgeous man's hoop. The frenzy builds to such a degree that it may melt your mind in the process of engorging your rod with blood. No worries though. Once you see Felix release his thick load and fill up Christian's innards, your cock will be ablaze with a fire that is most pleasant.

  • Horny Boyfriends

    Horny boyfriends fuck

    Meet Dennis and Ismael from Hunk Exclusives. They're 19 and 20 years old, and even after 2 years they still can't get enough of each others' cocks. They thought it would be a kick, fucking for a porno movie, and had a blast doing this shoot. After some passionate kissing, the guys took turns sucking each others' dicks till they were both dripping with precum and going crazy for more. And once they couldn't wait any longer, Dennis and Ismael took turns fucking each others' tight asses, Ismael getting them both close to the edge as he slammed Dennis' hot hole again and again!

  • Porn Superstar Cory Koons

    Porn Superstar Cory Koons

    Cory Koons has built up a pretty good reputations as a porn star. His antics and pure masculinity piqued Dick Show's interest so they grabbed him for a shoot. The man loves leather so he brought along his favourite get-up and got dressed up. Cory said there's something about the smell and feel of leather that gets him rock hard instantly. It certainly worked that's for sure! He strokes himself to an explosive climax and aims the load all over his sexy boots. Then he asked for the Dick Show crew to grab some dude who could come and lick it off! Any takers?

  • Riding the Big, Pink Bronco

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    Blonde guy Jeremy showed up last week on Extra Big Dicks and jacked off his big cock, but that was just a taste of things to come. This week he's back on the site in a hot ass fucking scene with a cute, young boy named Kirk. Jeremy's got a whopping big, 8.5-inch cock and Kirk's got a tiny, tight butt; but somehow these two guys work it out. They start off swapping blowjobs. They're fairly equally matched, although Jeremy has maybe half an inch on Kirk. Jeremy gets his dick sucked first, and although he's eager to fuck Kirk's ass, he doesn't slouch in the cock sucking department. When Jeremy puts Kirk down on all fours, Kirk thinks he's going to get an ass full of cock, but instead Jeremy slathers his tongue between those tight butt cheeks and really lubes up the young guy's butt. When he's good and ready, Jeremy slides his stiff pole into his buddy's ass. And in no time at all Kirk is riding the big, pink bronco.

  • Alex Gets Crazy!

    Alex drinks his own load at Jizz Addiction

    18 year old Alex is a fan of Jizz Addiction, and he wrote to them saying that he loved the guys on the site and that he wanted to get naked for the camera. He also said he had never had the chance to use a Fleshlight, and was dying to take one for a test jerk. Well, as hot as Alex is, they couldn't say no. They had him come down for a shoot, get naked and gave him the sex toy to play with. Alex gave that thing a serious pounding while flirting with the camera, and after he filled it with his jizz, he turned it over and drank his own load!

  • Big Dick in the Locker Room

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    Joey is working out in the locker room, pumping some weights and working on those biceps. This 24-year-old has had plenty of time to work on his body. It's a lean, tight, and ripped machine. As he slips off his baggy shorts, his huge cock is busting to explode out of his jockstrap. Eventually there's no choice in the matter. His cock becomes so engorged with blood that the jockstrap can no longer contain it and it pokes its way through. What a beautiful piece of meat! Fuck! Joey is packing about 8 inches and about two-thirds of the way down his shaft, his cock bulges just behind his crown. Joey lies back on the locker room bench and wraps both hands around his formidable dick and starts pumping. Joey's not playing around either; he's got a goal in mind and he's going for it. He pumps his dick ever quicker until he blasts a thick load all over his hairy thigh.

  • Grosser Than Gross

    Ever been watching a sex flick, whether on DVD, a pay site or tube porn, and find yourself really grossed out by something you didn't expect to see? Or maybe you knew there might be something gross and you decided to take a look out of curiosity only to find that your eyes were bigger than your stomach. I'm not talking about the obvious stuff like scat, which may be horrifying to many but is actually an erotic art form to some. I'm not even going to crack that egg open again. I'm talking about weirder stuff that boggles the mind and makes you raise the question, "Who the fuck finds this nasty shit sexy?" Consider these examples:

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  • Hairy Boyz Jake And Logan

    Hairy Boyz Jake And Logan

    Hairy Boyz bring us a couple of their most sensational studs with all their body art and funky fuzz. Logan starts things off by fucking Jake Deckard's throat with his massive tatted meat like he hates him. Jake has no problem taking it all too and services the man with vigor. When a 69er ensues, that is when Logan's amazing body art is most prevelant. You can read him as well as watch him suck and be sucked. All this action is way too much for both men and it isn't long before Logan loads up his main gun and drives it home inside Jake's sweet ass. They grunt and groan like a couple of real animals while fucking like madmen. Then the unexpected happens - Jake takes his own engorged tool of the trade and pounds Logan's hairy manhole. Fantastic!!

  • Amateur Pissing in the Shower

    Martin pisses on himself at Jock Piss

    Martin is a cute amateur latino who said he'd love to do a shower shoot. I'm not sure if this is what he had in mind, but the guys from Jock Piss had him strip off most of his clothes, get into the shower wearing his underwear, pull out his cock and start pissing! As you can see, Martin shot a strong stream of wet piss high in the air and soaked himself and his briefs with the warm golden nectar. Once he was thoroughly pee-soaked and had relieved himself completely, Martin decided to turn on the water and rinse himself off.

  • Cute Foot Fetish Twink

    Foot fetish twink shoes his toes and jacks off

    If you like cute euro twinks with sexy feet, you're going to love Dimo. He's only 18 years old, and he loves to get kinky, so he thought showing off his feet for Toe Gasms while jacking off was going to be hot. And it was! Dimo started off by pulling off his socks to expose those bare feet, one at a time. And once he had put those feet right there in the camera, he pulled down his briefs to expose that uncut twink cock and his unshaved, untrimmed pubes. Then this smooth amateur hottie grabbed his cock and jerked off, shooting his load and showing off his toes.