• Cute English Lads Threesome

    English LadsThreeway Flip Flop Fuck

    Kai, Matt and Anthony from English Lads are in a playful and horny mood today, and can't wait to get at each others' cocks. Luckily they don't have to wait long - the photographer gets a few pic of them just hanging out and then lets them have at it. Anthony doesn't even bother to take his clothes off - he's already sucking on Matt's big dick as Kai takes Anthony's rod into his mouth and gets to work! Since he's so eager, Anthony fucks Kai while Kai jerks Matt, and the guys are all having a great time. And of course, turnabout is fair play, so Kai and Anthony flip flop and Kai shows what a versatile guy he really is. Everyone gets their turn before this shoot cums... er... comes to a grand finale!

  • Fat Uncut Cock

    Visit Stroke That Dick

    Samuel is one of the regular butt boys on Next Door Male. He's usually servicing some horny straight guy and enticing them into fucking his ass or dumping a load of jizz down his throat. But this time around Samuel is lying back all by himself and jacking his fat uncut cock on Stroke That Dick. This hot Parisien guy is well-hung with an 8 by 6 uncut dick and he usually jacks off a couple of times a day. While Samuel is pretty much smooth, he does have a sexy pair of hairy legs and his sporting a hot treasure trail rising towards his navel. Samuel lies back in a big, comfortable chair and shoots a thick load of juice all over that treasure trail of his. What a hot load of splooge! And don't forget, if you want to see Samuel showing off his cock sucking skills, then check him out on Next Door Buddies, too. In fact, a Next Door Buddy pass will get you into both sites, plus four others.

  • Sucking Off Noah

    NYSM: Sucking Off Noah

    Noah of New York Straight Men is originally a shit kicking cowboy who now resides in The Big Apple - New York. Even in a rural environment, he learned early on in life that a guy who knows what he's doing really is the best cocksucker you can find. Thus, he never turns down the chance for a dude to polish his pole. Thing is though, Noah wants the whole meal deal - some rimming on his ass and slurping on his balls along with the head. Along comes latino hottie Juan with his hungry mouth. You can probably get a good idea of the heat these two horny blokes cooked up by the pics up top. Does it get any better than this?!

  • Tony at Dick Show

    Dick Show - Tony

    Apparently the crew of Dick Show are having a hard time keeping their hands off of Tony here. Can anyone really blame them?! His extremely lean, gruff look is sexy as hell. The lustful demanding look in his eyes says "Come suck me", and the lad is blessed with one big friggin' hammer! As a guy who truly appreciates ample endowment, I had a wonderful time just staring at Tony and his massive meat while putting this collage together. I also dig his amateur tattoo work. With all these factors he definitely doesn't portray the everyday run-of-the-mill porn star does he? He's just the dude living next door who happens to carry with him a cock that most of us would like to wrap our mouths around. Any takers?

  • Gay Pimp


    Perhaps you've heard of him? Gay pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend, "Gay Pimp" Jonny Govern? He blasted onto the New York scene in 2000, carrying with him a satire and comical delivery that won everyone over. Jonny produced his debut album "Dirty Gay Hits" together with IDM. As a result of it's huge takeoff, Jonny found himself working with the likes of Richard Jay-Alexander - known for his work with the likes of Les Miz - Bette Midler's Kiss My Brass tour - and director Peter Martinez. The video "Soccer Practice" was the result of their collaboration. Since then, "Soccer Practise" has been download 2.2 million times and took a top 5 spot in the National Video Club chart. Gay Pimp offers all of Jonny's work as well as the work of many of his colleagues. A well designed and navigatable site, you'll find many hilarious previews and text descriptions here. Very funny site. Funny guy.

  • Hot French Cock

    Visit UK Naked Men

    While Jake is a Frenchman, he has dropped his drawers numerous times for UK Naked Men. And what a sight. This Frenchman is packing a big, uncut dick. His 8-inch cock is so thick that it is an optical illusion -- I swear it's a lot bigger than 8 inches. In this photo gallery Jake is hanging out in a bathroom and taking a piss. But he's appeared numerous times with his hairy boyfriend Rocco, and it's such a turn-on watching the two of them getting it on. Rocco is just as well-hung as his boyfriend, except Rocco is sporting a nasty banana curved dick. And watch these two swap blowjobs and fucking one another is guaranteed to pop your load. Jake is also featured in three solo galleries, along with the three galleries and videos he does with his partner. So you'll have plenty of time to check out that hot French cock of his.

  • Muscle Star Zeb Atlas

    Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas Shows Off His Perfect Body

    Zeb Atlas is 100% pure MAN! He's not only the most famous bodybuilder in porn but he's also probably the hottest muscle man in the adult industry. Not only is Zeb handsome enough to turn heads on the street and at the gym - his entire body is bulging with muscle from his beefy pecs to his muscular thighs. So it's not surprising that premiere nude muscle photography website Manifest Men decided to do a shoot with Mr. Atlas, and they did such a great job of capturing his mouth-watering body and cock that I just can't stop fantasizing when I look at his pics. It's no wonder that Zeb Atlas is a star!

  • Straight Guy's First Time

    Visit Corbin Fisher

    Connor took a lot of convincing to get in front of the camera. Corbin Fisher had no trouble getting this blonde, college stud to strip naked and jack off for the cameras. But as much as Corbin Fisher wanted to see Connor going further, this straight guy was hesitant. He did a threeway circle jerk with two of the Corbin Fisher alumni, but that was just three guys lying side-by-side on a bed and jacking off. And then, a few months later, he let the ever-famous Dawson suck his cock. But it took a lot of doing to get this blonde college jock to slide his hard cock into another guy's ass. But finally Corbin Fisher paired Connor up with Jeff, who only a year or so ago was trying out his first guy-on-guy sex. This time around Jeff is offering his tight butt hole up to another straight guy and showing him how good a guy's ass feels. With Connor's hard cock buried up his ass, Jeff shot a load all over his belly; and then, he sucked his new straight buddy off.

  • Breaking in a Straight Guy

    Visit Circle Jerk Boys

    Evan is a 21-year-old straight guy who wants to get into the porn business. He shot his first video for Circle Jerk Boys, and at the time, he said he'd be willing to do anything to learn the ropes. A porn producer lovers hearing that, especially from a straight boy. So Circle Jerk Boys paired him up with Tristan, and Evan is about to learn that boys really do suck cock better than girls. Evan is over 6-feet tall and his cock is juicy and thick. Tristan is no virgin when it comes to porn, in fact, he seems to get paired up most often with straight guys who need breaking in. And this is a little frustrating for Tristan because he likes his sex rough; so in order not to scare these guys away, he has to restrain him. Tristan wastes no time getting Evan's fat cock in his mouth. And Evan is indeed impressed with how good a guy's mouth feel. So impressed that he shoots his load all over Tristan's face.

  • Footballer Damien

    Damien At Bentely Race

    Bentley Race's new lad is so adorable. Damien was kicking around the soccer ball and Ben X asked if he could take some pictures of him. Even clothed he was very shy about it all. You can probably tell in the collage up top. When asked to take his clothes off, Damien turned beat red and wasn't sure. When it started raining, Ben invited him into the studio where he managed to get Damien to take off enough clothes so we could see his sweet athletic bod. Apparently things went beyond a solo scene as Ben got pretty fresh with Damien. However, it looks as though we may have to go to Bentley Race to see those pics.

  • Hairy Bear Cop

    Visit Bear Films

    Arrest me and take me to prison, Officer! Marc loves uniforms and he's showing off his leather highway patrol uniform at Bear Films. I have a thing for uniforms, too. Not wearing them, just servicing men who are. Marc is a sexy, 46-year-old bear who currently prowls the streets of Seattle looking for willing victims to play cop / prisoner. Marc is versatile, but prefers to top. And I'd prefer he tops, too. Can't imagine anything much hotter than bracing myself against the prison bars while this masculine daddy pumps all 200 solid pounds into my cock-hungry ass. And Marc is packing a bonus -- his stiff cock is covered in foreskin, so all you uncut cock hounds out there are going love his dick. Marc sits back in a window and wraps his fist around his uncut dick and shoots off a delicious load of splooge for us.

  • Spicy Latin Lucas

    Latin Jocks Lucas

    Say hello to Latin Jocks' new addition - Lucas. No doubt he probably caused the eyeballs in your head to pop out a bit. He He. He certainly has that affect on everyone. He's a tall stud - standing at 6'2" tall - and keeps himself in good shape boasting a very lean 187lbs of lowfat spicy beef. Of course, that's not the only think he boasts. It also goes without saying there is no way in hell you can miss the sensational 8" piece of love organ swaying from his sinewy frame. Unlike most latin hunks, Lucas has just a sprinkling of body hair to make a body rub experience with him all the more interesting. You've done it again Latin Jocks!!

  • Fratmen's Huge Cock

    Visit Fratmen

    When a straight guy does a video for Fratmen he often starts sending his friends along. And why not? When words starts to spread about the kind of money you can make jacking your cock, a lot of straight guys suddenly lose their fear of cameras. Fratmen Diego recently sent along two of his best friends Russ and Cohen, and then, a week later Shay here landed on the Fratmen doorstep. Shay's beautiful eyes set off a classically handsome face and his body is amazing. His devilish smile suggests that Shay is a handful of trouble. And although his low-hanging balls aren't the handful I was referring to, you can't help but notice those huge knackers hanging between his legs. Shay's got a nice piece of meat, too -- a huge cock -- and hell, when he shows off his tight, round butt, you can't help but say, "Shit ... he's almost perfect! I'll take two!" Although handling two huge cocks like that at the same time might be a little ambitious; one would be pretty close to heaven.

  • Lambda Legal


    "Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work." Cool. While I'm sure there may be a lot of organizations out there who deal with some of these categories, or are open to some them, having one available that pertains to all of them is a definite asset. If you have any particular issues you'd like some help with, click on the "Help Desk" to your right and choose one of many options for contacting a rep. The latest national news regarding homosexual and HIV rights can be seen to the left inside the main body. If you'd like to deal with a Lambda Legal attorney/rep close to you, click on the map under the "In Your State" header. From there you can choose your state and make direct contact. Lambda isn't new to these highly controversial societal concerns. After a lengthy 2 year battle in New York's highest court, in 1973 they were finally able to actually exist above ground and start providing the assistance so needed. After 30 years in existence, Lambda Legal know their stuff and could most definitely help you come to a solution for your civil rights issues.

  • Pissing Fun!

    Jeremiah Pisses on Zack at Boys Pissing

    The folks at Boys Pissing put Jeremiah Johnson and Zack Randall together, and once these horny boys were in the shower together, they did the rest! They start out passionately kissing while both are pissed on each other. Then Jeremiah turns Zack around for some more action, Zack spreads his cheeks and Jeremiah pees all over Zack's hole till it's covered in warm piss. By now, both of the guys are ready to go and Jeremiah slides his hard cock deep into Zack's ass and gives that pee-drenched hole a good hard fucking!