• Cowboys Ass Fucking

    Cowboy Ass Fucking

    Dakota and Levi are back at Chaos Men for another round. In their first encounter Levi fucked Dakota's ass, but this time, hairy guy Levi agreed to bottom for the first time. Dakota is a cock-hungry bottom, but he's been eager to fuck his buddy and shows in this video that he sure makes a good top. And these two horny cowboys give new meaning to "riding bareback;" that's right, no condoms here. Dakota slides his hard, raw cock inside his buddy's ass and rides him until Levi explodes all over his hairy belly. You're going to love watching both of these hardcore, bareback fuck scenes.

  • Jeff: Str8cam

    Str8 Cams

    Jeff not only runs STR8cams, but he's the star attraction. He jacks off and cums live on cam for adults who can appreciate his gorgeous muscular physique, sensational big cock, and open minded adventures. In the event you miss a live show, don't worry because all of the shows are saved for your later viewing pleasure. With his comic book hero chiseled bod and winning smile, he has all that is needed to entertain your hunky muscledude fetish. His arms and lats are huge! When he poses your jaw drops with awe. When he flexes his abs, it will put you to your knees. When he pulls out his long, thick prick, you will be in sheer heaven. Very hot guy indeed!

  • Kyle B Of Blake Mason

    Blake Mason

    Imagine watching a hot 21 year old boy take a shower. As the warm water runs and slides all over his luscious body, his uncut cock gets hard. He starts stroking ever so soft at first. The strokes get harder and harder. Eventually, you hear a moan and see a nice juicy load shoot from his uncut cock. His body is wet with both the water and the steam of the shower. He is refreshed. That pretty much sums up the experience you will enjoy at BlakeMason with Kyle's video. He's 21 and hot as fuck. The next time you take a shower you will wish you had some company.

  • rawTOP's Bareback Blog


    Wow. As far as personal sex experience blogs go, RawTop could possibly take the cake from what I see. Your host is a seriously well hung stud who lives to empty his thick wads of cum into willing participants. Based in New York, he tells of his tales through explicit detailed stories, pictures, and yes, even a few videos. Your blogmaster is quite busy at his craft too - boasting a total of 92 loads emptied into hot and tight holes at one point. RawTop's blog is an extension of rawtop.com, where you can get even more resources relating to hardcore bareback fucking and the like. So not only do you get to experience his own personal rendezvous, but you also have access to plenty of free gay hardcore content from the main web address. But back to the blog. Now not only do we get access to RawTop's personal journal of sexual exploits, but there is also a fine library of fictional stories and porn for our reference. Fair warning to those who do not find bareback sex appealing - this is not a blog for you. However, if you like your anal fun raw and sticky, heaven is only a click away.

  • Ivo's Send-Off

    Milk Fight At Bentley Race

    Bentley Race decided to give their mate Ivo a send off before he heads off travelling around the world. Along with Scott they took him up to the roof with the plan of just throwing the football around. It wasn't long before he was being drowned in tubs of milk! The whole roof and the boys were drenched. It was fun watching the guys run around naked and getting soaked. And of course they didn't end the day without a bang - and Scott was the first volunteer! They'll miss Ivo here at BentleyRace. Of course we will as well. But for now let's enjoy his last shoot while he has some fun with Scott and shows off that sexy body of his one last time.

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  • Trevor Knight Gets it Hard!

    Pornstar Trevor Knight for Hothouse Backroom

    Pornstar Trevor Knight may have announced his retirement from porn, but you can catch this cute and horny hottie one more time in a shoot he did for for Hot House Backroom. Trevor has won the Grabby (that's the adult industry Oscar) for Best Performer, plus he's got awards for Best Duo Sex Scene and Best Group Sex Scene - and with a cock like that, you can surely see why! Of course, that sweet ass of his looks very squeezable and he's got a sexy "guy next door" look. But I must admit that these pics mostly make me think about sucking his rock-hard pole!

  • BearLOL.com



    Well if you're into all out silliness then you should appreciate this stupid blog. Featured is a large library of videos of large men - both muscular and chubby - from around the globe engaged in posing, flexing, fruitless walks through the woods and other weird stuff. Put to each video is some of the cheesiest music you will ever hear. I have to admit that I had no idea how to take this site when I first saw it. Then I started up "Beach workout: Mature mini-bikinied Japanese bodybuilder" and somewhat understood. With a name like BearLOL, I'm guessing that the stabs at large to fat men is in jest. At least I hope it is. There are a fair amount of Japanese men in the videos, leading me to believe that the person who looks after this blog doesn't consider a male human bear as necessarily having to don a lot of body hair in order to

    fit the bill. Japanese men are not particularly known for being very furry. Some of the videos are pretty funny as you wrinkle your brow in confusion watching some of the strange moves these guys make and ambiguous settings they are recorded in. I think you're supposed to laugh at this site but I'm not too sure. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it.

  • Bruno's A Babe

    Babe Bruno At Lucas Kazan

    Lucas Kazan's Bruno has 'star' written all over him. Tall, muscular, a tireless erection and seductive eyes, Bruno is your quintessential narcissist. But also a graduate student, working two jobs to pay for his studies. He's been in a relationship for three years now: who's the lucky boyfriend? Well I guess we could all crawl inside his world for a while and be his hubby. I sure love his smile. So disarming and friendly. And once I loosened him up I know that he'd be even friendlier. He He. When I saw him with his clothes off I just about had a coronary I tell ya. With a bod to die for and a cock that screams to be paid attention to, a guy could really lose himself even just looking at Bruno.

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  • Colt Studios:MASSIVE

    MASSIVE at Colt

    This week we bring you something big. Bigger than big - it's MASSIVE - John Rutherford's latest COLT feature of hard hitting, powerhouse man-on-man action. This is an exclusive sneak peek only for our valued members and webmasters. The name says it all - MASSIVE is about all things big - big muscles and big rock-hard COLT Men. MASSIVE indulges us in the appreciation of the finest and the biggest specimens of manhood experiencing them at their best...in a state of raw, all-male sexual desire.

  • Dorian Loves Sucking Cock!

    Dorian sucks Kevin's cock at Cocky Boys

    If there's one thing that Dorian loves to do, it's suck cock - he considers himself a sucking machine. That's why what was supposed to be a jerk off session for Cocky Boys turned into something more. Kevin had barely started stroking his rod when Dorian leaned over and slid it into his mouth. He didn't want to simply watch as Kevin masturbated - he wanted to blow him! Kevin's dick throbbed as he shoved it into Dorian's warm mouth over and over. Then Kevin turned Dorian over and fucked his face before finally shooting his load all over Dorian's face!

  • Jacking a Straight Muscle Guy

    Blind Folded Jack Off

    Muscular straight jock Jason has never had his cock touched by another guy before. But he heard about Maskurbate and thought he might like to try it out. But he was more than a little nervous, so he thought a blind fold would help him relax and get into the moment. At first Mark went easy on Jason, massaging his muscles and running his hands across Jason's hard and pumped up chest.

    Jacking a Muscle Stud

    Once Jason seemed a bit more relaxed, Mark fished Jason's cock out of his tight red shorts. As Jason's dick stiffened up, Mark wrapped his fist around it and pumped it slowly. Jason taught Mark how he liked his cock handled and he enjoyed feeling a strange hand manhandling his meat. But in the end, this straight muscle jock had to take matters into his own hands. And judging by the stream of cum that exploded out of his dick, Jason enjoyed the experience very much. Maybe he'll return for his first blowjob from another guy!

  • Playgirl: Sean Patrick


    One of Playgirl's hottest, Sean Patrick is hunk that everybody seems to agree on. One size fits all!

  • 2 Horny College Dudes


    Tommy is a freshman with an overactive libido, a great big dick and a taste for college guys. He's new to modeling and to College Dudes 24/7, but he seems to have gotten over his shyness pretty well. It's hard to believe he's only 18 because he has developed a lot of confidence on camera in only a short time. And it probably doesn't hurt that he can't wait to go down on Seth, who's slender, 21 and horny as hell! He wraps his lips around Seth's fuckstick and fingers his ass and judging by Seth's response, he's doing a great job!

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  • Extra Large Enrique And Robbie


    This week, Extra Big Dicks brought back Enrique - the blue-eyed, San Diego hottie. Last week, he did his first solo for us, and we were more than happy to invite him back for more. This 5'10 stud is more than equipped. With a massive 8½" uncut cock on his well-defined frame, a very captivating masculine face, and those azure eyes seem to draw you in, he attracts you like a moth to a flame! Even as they interview him, he is rock hard and playing with his throbbin' cock through his jeans. Robbie is a 20 year old cutie who's a new arrival on the West Coast. When he first saw Enrique he knew right from the start this was going to be an extremely interesting adventure. And so did EBD>

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  • Stewart And Arthur


    Men At Play's Stewart has been keeping busy with his real estate firm, thus keeping him in the sharpest suits for some time now. But even showing people round London's most beautiful apartments can become quite repetitive. That is until prospective buyer Arthur re-ignites his passion for the job - and Stewart is soon showing him more than just the fixtures and fittings. He wastes no time pinning down Arthur, unleashing his throbbing cock and taking it all in his waiting mouth faster than you can say 'first time buyer'. With the tongue lashing that he shows this home shopper, he may have just sealed the deal and then some. Let's watch and see.

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