• Long Uncut Cock

    Long Uncut Cock

    Buck More appeared on UK Naked Men back in January, and now, he back for another look. Buck has a delicious long, uncut cock. I just love the way it hangs heavily between his legs. I love growers and how their big, hard cocks just emerge from almost nothing. But there's something even hotter about a guy's big, meaty cock dangling between his legs. One type of guy offers a surprise, the other has it all out front, and the only question is: Does it get any bigger? Buck's certainly does. It's 9-plus inches of hard dick crowned with a plump cock head. It's a cock sucker's dream come true - if you're talented enough to handle that much dick. And if you don't believe me, you can check out the first blog I wrote about this well-hung British stud, it's called The Naked Chef. And while you're drooling over that long, uncut cock of his, don't forget to check out his foreskin play photos and his adorably cute and furry butt. What a sight!

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  • Matt Casey


    Introducing PerfectGuyz hunk Matt Casey. For the shoot interview he showed up in running shorts and a well fitted sweat shirt. His presence was formidable. He sat before us, ruggedly handsome, with a day's stubble on his squared jaw. During the conversation, he casually mentioned that he was an amateur boxer - and they were immediately enthused. Hence, they decided to give Matt the chance to be filmed in all his glory - displaying all of his boxing talent. Matt is one of the most sophisticated men PerfectGuyz has featured to date. His demeanor is best described as 'cool and confident' - apropos for a competitive athlete.

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  • The Hookup


    Chip and Pierre from Guys Hooking Up both love sucking strangers and they wanted someone new to play with, so they decided to post an ad titled 2 hungry mouths looking for hung. The ad said "Expert cocksuckers here who also love to rim a hot tight hole. Stop by and get serviced." Not surprisingly they got quite a few responses, but the one that caught their attention and got the first response was Antonio's. It read: Hung, uncut latino here needing to unload. Got plenty of cock and ass here for the both of you." They wrote back immediately and arranged a hookup.

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  • Cain And Riley


    ToeGasms is one of those sites that bring us something a little different. They feature young amateur twinks with serious foot fetishes. Licking them, smelling them, and even bringing their big cocks off to orgasm with them. Hence their name. Cain and Riley are two such youngsters who really get into bringing each other off with their feet. Both are very cute, hung, and have no qualms about getting down in front of the camera. Let's have some pedal fun shall we!

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  • Dawson Fucking Ass

    Fucking Ass

    Travis first appeared on Corbin Fisher only a couple of months ago and he's already been fucked by four of the alumni. This week it was Dawson's turn to work over the hot guy's butt. Travis has quickly become one of the most requested guys in the Corbin Fisher stable of regulars. The lean 23-year-old is adorably cute and he's sporting a well-defined body. And as you'll see, he's packing a nice, big cock. But so far this straight boy's cock hasn't seen much action. He jumped right in with his ass in the air. I'm wondering if he's really straight or a parade waiting to happen. Time will tell, I guess. When Corbin Fisher paired Travis up with Dawson he knew the scene would be on fire. And it was. Travis's hole gets worked over in this video like never before. Dawson loves to fuck fast and furiously and few guys can pump and thrust with as much energy as he can. And few guys can take a Dawson fucking for long. As you'll see here, Travis gets jack hammered mercilessly and yet handles it all oh so well! And wait until you see Dawson's cumshot. He sprays a huge load right across Travis's belly - it's a must-see.

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  • 69 Cock Sucking Gone Wild

    Sucking a Fat Cock

    Christian Wide seems to be evolving into the unofficial top man of Next Door Buddies. He's made several appearances over the past few months and he's always working that big cock of his into a tight butt hole. Breaking in first-timers who have never been fucked before. And what a chore that would be. Christian has a pretty big cock. Look at Steven trying to swallow that thing.

    After football practice, Steven and Christian head inside to watch a movie. They end up swapping massages. While Steven is massaging Christian's sore body, Steven notices that Christian is getting a stiffy. So he slides it down his throat and starts giving Christian a blowjob. Then Steven crawls on top of Christian and the boys become locked in a hot 69 cock sucking session. But it's not long before Steven finds himself on his knees and taking Christian's big cock up his ass. When Christian's had enough of Steven's ass, he pulls out and jacks off all over the blonde jock, spewing a thick load all over his chest.

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  • BigKugels Photographic



    If you're into vintage erotic photography then Big Kugels is the place for you. Featuring images of men and women from the 19th and 20th centuries - clothed, semi-nude and nude - I have to admit I got a woody from visiting this site. When you get in, you have 3 link options - "view our collection", "collector's resources", and "check out auctions". I'm not much of a professional collector, so I headed right on over to "view our collection". From early male photos, to vintage female modelling, to ultra-hot men in their undies, the collection is quite extensive. I spent quite a bit of time in the 1960's-70's section as I have a real thing for men from that era. Longish hair and lots of body hair really give me the chills if you know what I mean.

    Now if you're a collector or just a perv like me looking to perhaps purchase some of these fine images, the resources section is definitely a fine place to check out. I had no idea there were so many auctions available for the buying and selling of this kind of content. Can't say that I blame anyone. This stuff is hot!

  • Bijan And Axel Ryder


    Axel Ryder is back with a vengeance. Not only that, but coupled with hot Collin Oneal bottom Bijan, he plows ass like a man possessed. When I first saw Axel I thought for sure I had died and gone to gay hardcore heaven. Even seeing this monster-cocked musclebear alone was enough to get the jizz flying. But this scenario here is the stuff legends are made of. And that is exactly what Axel and Bijan do in this fantastic shoot. Make history. Axel's cock is just the way I like it - thick, uncut and hard as a piece of high-tempered steel. I do believe I would serve this man my ass on a silver platter if he wanted it.

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  • He Loves to Self Suck


    You've probably seen Jeremiah before. He used to call himself Jeremiah Ryder, and he was one of the cutest big dick twink stars ever. Now Jeremiah is a couple years older, but some things haven't changed - he's still got a huge cock and he can still suck himself. Unlike a lot of guys who can suck their cocks, Jeremiah really loves doing it, too. He loves how it feels in his mouth, the taste of his own pre-cum and he loves shooting his own load all over his face. And that's why Jizz Addition couldn't wait to do this shoot with him!

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  • Ben Blows Dave


    New York Straight Men's Dave returns with an even hotter look than before! He has trimmed down his hair, grown a beard and put on 15 pounds of pure muscle! Ben just couldn't contain himself thinking about servicing this beefy muscle stud! Dave couldn't wait to get his cock sucked. Both men got what they wanted and more in this scenario. Watch as Ben goes to work on Dave's beautiful prick and shows him what great man-to-man action is all about once again.

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