• Hairy Latino Man

    Hairy Latino Man

    Miguel has made several appearances on Men Over 30. He's a 35-year-old Brazilian hunk living in Miami. He's appeared in some other solo videos on the site, and mostly recently, a hardcore video with a couple of other Latino studs. They were sunning by the pool, oiling one another up when things turned really hot. I just love Miguel's well-defined chest, his chiseled pecs lightly dusted with fur. His pecs are crowned with sensitive nipples with semi-large tips aching for a little nibble. A fair trail of hair crawls down towards his nether regions, which at the moment are packed into a tight pair of underwear briefs. What a beautiful bulge! Miguel teases us first by turning his back to the camera and sliding his Calvins down his thick muscular legs. His ass is tight and round. He reclines naked on a brown, leather sofa and his cock is rock hard. He holds it by the balls and it sticks straight up in the air. He wastes no time and gets right to pumping his cock in his hands. It swells large, hard, and blazing red as it's engorged with blood. And then Miguel squirts out several perfect drops of cum onto his six pack abs. There are at least four videos of this hairy Latino man on Men Over 30, so have fun getting to know him.

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