• Huge Cock

    Huge Cock

    Harry Louis and his donkey dick are back at UK Naked Men this week. Man, this stud sure does have a huge cock. To be honest, it's lovely to look at, and I might even given it a lick; but bending over and taking one for the team - I don't know about that. Harry might just be too big, if there is such a thing. But I think I might be in the minority because every time Harry shows up on UK Naked Men, the fans go wild. Of course, we all love looking at a huge cock, but how many of us are courageous enough to go all the way? Whether you are or you aren't, you're going to have lots of time to contemplate it. Harry Louis is featured in four videos and six photo sets at UK Naked Men. Standing 5'10" and weighing 150 lean and muscular pounds, Harry's 9 inch uncut cock really stands out. And wait until you seem him use it.

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  • Tea Baggin'


    Meet New York Straight Boys' Vito! He's an Italian-American native New Yorker, personal trainer and erotic dancer. One thing Vito gets really turned on by is Tea Bagging, a.k.a - Ball Licking. Most chicks do a half-assed job as he put it. So they unleashed Ben on Vito's sack and by the looks of it Vito was in heaven! Vito squatted over Ben's mouth and let Ben go to town. With this macho Body Builder squatting over his face, we're sure Ben was in heaven too!!

    Watch as Ben takes on Vito's sweet meat, sending him on a trip he won't soon forget.

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  • The Office Elevator


    Steve and Eric from Men at Play had an encounter a while back. It was hot and steamy, just two anonymous men in suits, and they thought they'd never see each other again. But when they bump into each other in the elevator at work, these two suited hunks find that they can't resist a follow-up. The thrill of sex in a public place, the memory of their last encounter - they can't keep their hands off each other. Steve takes out his 9 inch uncut cock and Eric can't resist it. Soon he's sucking Steve right there in the elevator!

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  • Big-Bellied Bears

    Hairy Bear Threesome

    These three big-bellied hairy bears are featured in the new Bear Films DVD release called East Coast Bears. Look at those bellies - big, round, heavy and hairy. These three hairy men start off this session piled up on a couch. Still wearing their clothes, they're hugging and kissing. Then slowly they start stripping off their shirts and shorts, and exposing those big bellies. When they're totally naked they move to the bed and begin swapping blowjobs. I love watching threesome sex. I love watching how the bodies fit together and who is doing what to whom. One bear ends up on all fours on an ottoman. One bald bear is fucking him from behind, while the other is force-feeding this bear his cock. Then they swap and the fucker becomes the fucked. In this video every bear gets a bone up his ass. When they can't hold back any longer, these three big hairy bears lie back on the sofa and jack off together. Three big loads of bear cum covering three big hairy bellies. Hot!

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  • Brad And Jack


    Hot Barebacking have got another doozy for us all here today with Brad Slater and Jack Surf getting down to some good old sizzling condomless love. To start things off the two hunks kick back on the bed checking out a skin mag. But when you get two beautiful males like Brad and Jack together and put a magazine in their hands full of cock and ass, it sure doesn't take long before they're making a shoot of their own. Both are muscled, tanned, hung and very good looking. Not to mention always horny and willing to do whatever it takes to get all of us off.

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  • Masked Ebony Hunk


    I don't know why Dalmar decided to pose for masturbate, but I know I'm glad he did. While the folks at Maskurbate don't tell us much about Dalmar, I know that he looks in-fucking-credible. What an gorgeous body this man has -- lean, ripped, and oh so muscular! He's got the kind of chest that I'd love to run my tongue all over... not to mention those bulging shoulders and washboard abs. And the mask adds that touch of mystery to an already very exciting package. And speaking of packages, can't wait to see what he's got hidden in those pants!

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  • Hey, Isn't He That Guy?


    James is not just any porn guy. He's from reality TV show Big Brother is known on the show as Crazy James because he's whacky, fun and he does offbeat things. Not only did he ride his bike from coast to coast - he's the one who did gay porn before he got picked up for the show. For those who have been dying to see him in the kind of action you can't see on TV, here he is in a shoot for Dirty Boy Video right after he's shot his load all over another guy's face. And did he love doing it? Hell, yeah - just look at that face!

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  • Older Man in Suit

    Older Man in Suit

    Quentin Braun is a 47-year-old executive, who among other things, loves to pull his cock out of his trousers and show it off. I imagine this older man has a nice collection of photocopies of various parts of his body. When you're the boss of your own company, and you've sent all the minions home for the night, who could resist getting up close and intimate with a photocopier. And Quentin has a little surprise for us: he slides a cock ring down around his crown. It pushes the foreskin down his shaft and prevents it from sliding back over his cock head. His crown is engorged with blood and swells large. He loves the feeling and it's makes his dick stiffen even more. When his cock his rock hard he removes the cock ring so he can jack his meat. And before he gets down to business, he strips out of his suit and shows off his hairy body.

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  • Skater Aaron


    Bentley Race are always running into really cute skaters down under. Aaron happened to be hanging around the street, skating with his friends, when they approached him about making a few bucks. When he learned he just had to take some clothes off and do what comes naturally, he jumped at the chance. Rumour has it he even had some fun with a big dildo as well. However, you'll have to head to Bentley Race in order to see that action. Today we just feature him on another Aussie rooftop showing off his luscious uncut cock along with his sweet body and ass.

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  • Boy Collector



    A nice and simple layout, coupled with a very large collection of young amateur dudes getting it on, make Boy Collector a site worth bookmarking. Your options are very obvious and the navigation is smooth and flawless. The quality of the pics is high but there's no waiting forever for them to load. That is so nice. I'm amazed at the amount of images you get for free here. And to make things even better, check out the extensive listing of links at "links" and "link collector". Even an avid porn surfer such as myself was able to find some free sites I'd never seen before. Most of the pics are of cute, skinny twink dudes. That would be my only complaint as I like a wide variety of men to cruise through. However, through the links section you can find pretty well anything that will please your perverted palette. I did.