• Fourth Time's a Charm

    Big Long Cock

    This is Colt's fourth time appearing on Perfect Guys. And he is hands down one of my favourite models on the site. I just love dark-haired men and Colt is a handsome man with beautiful features. He doesn't have a full beard, but wears three or four day's worth of scruff, and I think it's so sexy. And Colt has a beautiful pair of kissable lips - I could kiss those lips for a long time! And Colt works hard on his body. He's lean, but bulging and rippled in all the right spots. He's got a small patch of hair between his hard, chiseled pecs, and a treasure trail of dark hair rising from his crotch to his belly button. And this sexy stud is packing a whopper of a cock. It's long and slender and crowned with a delicious fat cock head - almost a mushroom head, but not quite. And this boy is packing a big set of bull balls on him. And when you see him cum, you'll know why. When Colt lets loose, it's like he turns on a hose. His whole torso is completely drenched from belly button to Adam's apple.

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  • Lucky Bitch Radio



    Now this is funny! For those who have or have had transgendered friends and lovers, I'm sure we can all appreciate their senses of humour. They can be very entertaining people. After all, it's what they do best, isn't it? "Lucky Bitch Radio" tells it like it is with an interesting mixture of sass, style, pinache, and downright frankness. I listened to quite a few of the Podcasts and I can tell you that they never get old. Along with a ton of humourous antidotes, quips, and introspective comedy, the music isn't too bad either. I won't tell you what they play though so you'll have at least a few suprises when you get there. All audio is free to listen to and download so a person could end up with a very sore stomach from all the laughing they'll do. I highly recommend "Lucky Bitch Radio" be bookmarked and visited as often as possible. You just can't live without this kind of humour in your life. Especially in this day and age.

  • Two Friends Fuck


    Pornstar and ex-Falcon model Jeremy Hall has always had a thing for jocks. He loves athletic, hunky guys and he especially loves to top them. Then recently Jeremy gave in to all the fan requests -- it seems that they wanted to watch him bottom. Well, Jeremy tried it but he wasn't that enthused... till now. It seems that Jeremy's good friend Shane and he have always been really turned on by each other, but they were both tops. Only since Jeremy's first scene as a bottom, things have changed -- he decided to take the plunge again and let Shane fuck him!

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  • A Whole Lotta for Next to Nada

    I discovered a few sites recently that really impressed me in regard to the volume of content, the affordability, and the update schedule. These are sites that specialize in offering complete porn DVDs in downloadable format scene by scene, but it's not pay-per-minute, pay-per-view or any of that crapola. The reason I really like these sorts of sites is that they accomplish several tasks.

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  • Constant's First Blowjob


    Constant is a hot and masculine euro stud who has no problem when it comes to showing off his big meaty cock. He did a solo shoot for Dixter awhile back, and he drove all the guys there while because he really got into jerking his meat for the camera. Well, now Constant is back -- the guys at Dixter had to do some fast talking, but they convinced him to let another guy suck his dick. Johnny couldn't wait to get his lips around Constant's pole, but he had to start out a little slow so he wouldn't scare him off.

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  • Ethan Plows Shane


    Jizz Addiction.com has another hot new update for us this week. This shoot features everyone's favorite power bottom Shane Allen getting his tight bubble butt plowed hard by young, horny Ethan O'Reilly! If you like young twinks from 18 to 21, who are hung, willing and able, then this is a site you will enjoy for some time to cum. These two young bucks are extremely cute and know all about putting on a good show for all of us in front of the camera.

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  • Hairy Latino Man

    Hairy Latino Man

    Miguel has made several appearances on Men Over 30. He's a 35-year-old Brazilian hunk living in Miami. He's appeared in some other solo videos on the site, and mostly recently, a hardcore video with a couple of other Latino studs. They were sunning by the pool, oiling one another up when things turned really hot. I just love Miguel's well-defined chest, his chiseled pecs lightly dusted with fur. His pecs are crowned with sensitive nipples with semi-large tips aching for a little nibble. A fair trail of hair crawls down towards his nether regions, which at the moment are packed into a tight pair of underwear briefs. What a beautiful bulge! Miguel teases us first by turning his back to the camera and sliding his Calvins down his thick muscular legs. His ass is tight and round. He reclines naked on a brown, leather sofa and his cock is rock hard. He holds it by the balls and it sticks straight up in the air. He wastes no time and gets right to pumping his cock in his hands. It swells large, hard, and blazing red as it's engorged with blood. And then Miguel squirts out several perfect drops of cum onto his six pack abs. There are at least four videos of this hairy Latino man on Men Over 30, so have fun getting to know him.

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  • My Big Wood



    With a name like My Big Wood, do we really have to wonder what you're going to see here? Oh yes, nothing but some of the biggest cocks attached some of the nicest looking studs in the gay porn biz. There are so many of these blogs popping up everywhere and we all know that most of them aren't worth their weight in feces, let alone gold. LOL. But My Big Wood delivers some of the best free previews of hung hardcore around. You'll more than likely recognize a lot of the stars and their talented meat. However, there's a fair amount of fresh talent here as well and that is always refreshing. Especially if you're like me and are always on the search for some great free jackoff material. With such a large supply of beating off podge, you could spend some time here so be sure to have the party favourites and lube handy. It could be a long night.