• Dak Ramsey

    Dak Ramsey

    Dak Ramsey is a ruggedly handsome man who I've just been noticing recently in gay porn. He's actually only been making porn for the past year or so, and thank goodness someone discovered him. Dak is a muscular and hairy stud. And with his sleeves of tattoos you might think he was the unattainable straight hunk if you passed him on the street. Facially, in many ways, he still hasn't lost his boyish good looks; but physically, he's all man. I love his hairy chest and belly - what a turn-on. He's got tattoos running up and down both arms, and his forearms are really hairy. And he's got a delicious fat cock. I've seen Dak Ramsey both getting fucked and doling it out. And while he's got a beautiful muscular and hairy ass, I have to say that I prefer watching this hairy man plugging a guy's hole. He's featured on Rear Stable in both this solo gallery, but also in an action gallery shot during the movie Tailpipes. Dak Ramsey and Justin Christopher take turns plowing Martin Mazza's hungry fuck hole. Dak is also featured in an interview, and you'll find four videos from Tailpipes in the member's area, too.

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  • Showing Aden the Ropes


    Brandon is a real horndog just like most college dudes, and there's nothing he likes more than showing more sexually inexperienced guys the ropes. When College Dudes 24/7 hooked Brandon up with Aden, he couldn't wait to lick him all over. Aden may be a bit of a newbie, but he was pretty horny, too - in fact, by the time he started getting naked, his dick was rock hard and ready to go. And once Aden opened his pants, Brandon couldn't wait to wrap his lips around that thick cock.

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  • Walter Kurtz



    This is how photographer Walter Kurtz descibes himself: "When I'm not studying bipedal locomotion of the greater (and lesser) primates of the Southeastern Rhodesian basin, I can occasionally be spotted taking pictures of the men and women who are foolish enough to venture into my dark and foreboding lair."

    Walter may consider his photography subjects as foolish, however, they are nothing short of gorgeous. My favourite male would be Stephen. This guy is one extremely hot Daddy let me tell you. However, Walter has great taste when it comes to human beauty, period, and adorning his site are some very lovely people. I'm sure members of both sexes, regardless of sexual orientation, can appreciate the outstanding aesthetics of Walter's models. Of course, what our photographer does with the photos themselves in order to bring out such sensual detail is pure beauty in itself. The only downfall to this site is the photos are of a very high quality. Thus, it takes a few seconds for them to load up. However, if you just want to see some fantastic photography featuring wonderful looking people, then it's worth waiting a few extra seconds.

  • After the Game...


    Take two hairy UK hunks who've just finished a game of rugby, and what you get? After getting sweaty and muddy during a game, new UK Naked Men model Marco is scrubbing up in the team shower. The warm water feels great and Marco is relaxing when Tony shows up. They're both still energized from the game, and there's instant chemistry between them. The guys eye each other, and it looks like they like what they see because the next thing you know they're both standing under the hot water and Tony has a mouth full of cock.

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  • Bald Leather Man

    Bald Leather Bear

    Leather men make me giggle sometimes. They always seem to be trying to outdo one another for the most outrageous outfit - and they make fun of drag queens! This bald leather man is Hank. He's a sexy bugger, but I'm not sure about the leather tank top, it's looking a bit like a corset. Nevertheless, it's not long before he's peeled out of it and he's baring his hairy and beefy chest. And Hank turns around so the camera can snap a few pictures of his big ass - I love a big beefy ass hanging out of a pair of chaps. Hank has a delicious fat uncut cock. It's not a long cock, but it's a fat one and it would fill up your mouth pretty good. And if you like balls, Hank has a big set of bull balls. And when you see the load he shoots all over a table top, you'll see why they're hanging around. Hank is a precummer, too, so as he's sitting around playing with his fat cock, precum is oozing out of his piss slit. He smears it all over his cock head and makes his dick feel good. Finally when it's time to shoot his load, he leans over a barstool and explodes all over the top of it. It's fucking hot!

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  • Check Out Charly!


    Charly from Xtra Inches has a huge cock. As thick around as my wrist and long enough to skewer the hungriest of holes, this cute youngster certainly does belong in the Xtra Inches collection. We feature him in a solo scene today but true to tradition, a very fine free video gallery is included in the deal. Personally, I drooled all over myself checking out the vids and images of this guy's gigantic tool. Being so young, Charly has no trouble at all getting his meat as hard as steel either. Which obviously most likely makes his employers very happy with him while he makes us happy with his splendid prowess.

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  • Dudes Nude



    Just type in "gay personals" into Google and I'm sure you'll fast find out how many gay personals sites there is out there. Thus, I'm very particular about these kinds of sites when I'm cruising for guys. As I'm sure you are. DudesNude is one of the best without a doubt. What I like about it the most is that a lot of the guys are 45 years old and up. I really dig my Daddys and this site sure has it's fair share. The layout is very nice and loads fast. Like most personals resources, most things are free, however, you're not prompted constantly or emailed all the time reminding you to give them money in order to have this and that. I've been a member for almost six months and have had a great time on chat many times. I've made some good friends and had some pretty erotic interaction as well. So if you're looking for another site to cruise for guys in your area, DudesNude may just be what the doctor ordered. Give it a shot.

  • Fat Uncut Dick


    Sometimes you just want to cry when you find out a guy is straight. I know one of the guys who runs UK Naked Men and I was commenting on how hot Ben is and how much I loved his fat, uncut dick. And my buddy said, "Yeah, it's beautiful. He's straight." I was so disappointed. I'm not sure why because it's not like I'm ever going to get a chance to suck his big nob; but I guess just knowing that it's possible makes me happy. Still, I've sucked plenty of straight dick in my life; and I'm sure in the right circumstances and with the right degree of horniness, Ben could be had. He's a cute guy and he blazes an infectious and friendly smile. Aside from his fat uncut dick, I just adore his big, beefy thighs. And his ass is another thing you won't want to miss. Ben has appeared on UK Naked Men four times now - three solo photo shoots and one jack off video. And I'm sure if you all send UK Naked Men some e-mail, they'll pony up whatever amount of cash it takes to get Ben to agree to the full service treatment from another guy. In the meantime, you're going to love watching this horny Brit pumping his fat cock.

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  • What a Cutie!


    Jak Williams has a boyish face, bedroom eyes and a slender body with a treasure trail leading down to a beautiful cock. His smooth hairless chest make me think twink, but his build and somewhat hairy legs are a very sexy contrast. Jak has been doing a lot of porn shoots for Fresh SX lately, but this is the first solo set I've seen and I just couldn't resist sharing it. Is this guy fuckable or what? What an innocent face, and wouldn't you love to slide your cock into that mouth...

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  • Bisexual Ass Play!


    You know, regardless of a guy's sexual orientation, one true fact remains - stimulation of the prostate can lead to some pretty wild times. Take You Love Jack's Corey Cyhper for example here. The guys claims he's totally straight, and yet here he is in all his sweet anal glory with a vibrator touring his hungry hole. He may love getting it on with woman, but he also knows how great it feels to explore one's anus with a lubed up vibrating toy. And I don't think there are very women out there who can help him accomplish this task.

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