• Cuban Cock


    Francisco is the latest discovery by the guys from Miami Boyz. They saw him working without his shirt on and instantly offered him money to do a shoot. Francisco turned out to be a straight 18 year old cuban boy who says he never thought of doing porn - but he's obviously got the stuff for it with that thick 8 incher of his. Francisco says into the normal stuff like basketball and fucking his girlfriend. In fact Francisco really liked talking about his sex life - he told the crew from Miami Boyz that the last time he did his girl, he fucked her in the ass doggie-style. Of course, he told them this while he was taking off his clothes...

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  • Freeality


    Freeality is a resource for all those who are open minded. However, we'll just feature the "gay" section as this is a gay blog. There isn't a huge influence on porn here, which is a bit different. I mean, as perverted as we all are, sex is not everything. Don't tell anyone I said that please. LOL.

    What is displayed here are loads and loads of resources centering around us homosexuals. "Gay & Lesbian Personals", "Gay Search Engines", "Women's Resources" and much more. The site is simply laid out but just as easy to use. Just put in any keywords you can think of that match what you're looking for and you're on you way. The folks that run this site have obviously done their homework as the responses I got were many. Looking to your left you'll see even more things you can search for. People, maps, travel accommodations etc. Freeality is just a massive search engine basically.

  • Phillip And Kirk


    The laundry room is really for cleaning things, but when the boyz are as horny, smooth, hot and hung as Phillip and Kirk, it takes on a whole new purpose at Boyz Party. Starting out with a passionate kiss, as soon as Kirk feels Phillip's huge cock throbbing against him, he wants it in his mouth and needs it in his ass - and Phillip is more than glad to oblige. Add some deep penetration during the spin cycle and laundry day will never be a chore you want to put off again: "Put it in" will be the operative phrase! Oh yeah!

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  • Straight Guys Fucking

    69 Cock Sucking

    Both Travis and Jared are fairly new to Corbin Fisher, and until now they've been led through their guy-on-guy sexual experiences by the more experienced Corbin Fisher alumni. Travis and Jared have each had a handful of guy-on-guy experiences, and they've been discovering how hot they can be. Jared has been fucked a couple of times before, but in this video he has no hang-ups about showing how hot it feels. Jared was loving Travis's big dick inside of him and he was quite vocal about what he wanted Travis to do. And Travis got so caught up in fulfilling Jared's requests that he really was having a good time. In their past experiences you could tell that they were a little unsure about how they should be reacting and looking to the other guys for their cues. But in this video together, these two nearly-virgin straight guys are free of hang-ups. They just want to fuck and have a hot time. And judging by the splooge all over Jared's face, they did just that.

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  • A Swinging Bareback Fuck


    Carlos from Hot Barebacking is muscular and gorgeous with a demanding presence and a cock that gets hard and STAYS hard. The lucky man Carlos is fucking is Jay Ross, who's always ready to get his ass pounded - especially when the guy is as hot as Carlos is. Carlos likes using the swing because it allows him such exquisite control. He can move Jay any way he wants for deeper penetration or to get a different angle. And Jay loves it because he can leave everything up to Carlos and concentrate on how deeply his ass is being filled again and again!

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  • Randy Rod


    One thing about porn in general is how versatile it is. We all have our little fetishes and preferences. Me, I'm a pervert period. He He. I like it all. Buzz West's Rod here is a super skinny guy, very much the boy next door, may even be considered average by some, but I think he's got a lot of appeal. Besides, he reminds of one of my exes. Really lean with a long slender cock that is alway hard. A hairy butthole that tastes wonderful on your wet tongue - I would assume. And a flair for experimentation as you'll see here when Rod fucks a fleshjack. Hot!!

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  • Sucking a Fat Cock

    Fat Cock

    I don't really care how long a man's cock is, but I sure do love them fat. And Axel here is packing a whopping big, fat cock. Look at Buck trying to wrap his lips around that huge cock. Buck has appeared in a couple of solo galleries at UK Naked Men, but this is his first crack at some action. And Buck has a beautifully long, uncut cock. Trying to suck off either one of these men would be a chore - Axel with his 9.5-inch long dick and Axel with his size 10, super fat hunk of meat. Axel has been on UK Naked Men several times, too, a couple of solo photo sets and a hardcore video. He's tied to a four-poster bed while a cock-hungry buddy devours his thick dick. It's a big turn-on watching a man swallowing Axel's dick, especially if they're able to do it. Eventually in this photo gallery with Buck, Axel gets the young cock sucker on his knees and slides his cock into Buck's tight butt hole. And what a chore! You're definitely going to want to see more of Axel.

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  • His First Sex Toy


    A couple years ago, Brodie was a regular straight guy who had never done a porn shoot. Then he discovered he could make the most money - and gets some of the best blowjobs he's ever had in his life - by letting guys suck his cock for videos. Brodie's good looks, tattoos and always-hard dick brought him a lot of work. In fact, these days he's a "gay for pay" star who's done a lot of videos. But till now Brodie has refused to bottom or have anything put in his ass. But Cocky Boys changed that!

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  • Little Rich And Kai


    Little Rich is new to modelling and so English Lads thought they'd put him in the experienced hands of Kai, who couldn't wait to get it on. Kai is soon tugging down Rich's trackies, his cock is soft and Kai tugs on his foreskin making his mouth full of rock solid meat. Rich then tries getting dominant and tries to suck Kai. He soon realizes Kai's cock is very thick! Throughout all the sucking and sizzling fun, eventually Rich and Kai flipflop just like a couple of cute twinks these days usually do when things get lustful. I mean, it's the best of both worlds.

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  • Sexy, Gray-Haired Daddy

    Silver Haired Daddy

    Sometimes you see a hot older man and you just want to fall to your knees and say, "Daddy!" I found Jim Sterling on Bear Films this morning on my usual rounds looking for men to blog about. Sometimes I have to do quite a tour before I find a man who really inspires me, but today this sexy, gray-haired daddy was waiting for me on the second site I visited. What a hot, fucking, hunk of man. Sometimes I'll see a man and the only thing I want to do is sit back in a big, comfortable chair and spread his legs. And then, I can go to town and give him a long, slow blowjob. Jim is one of those men. He's a California cowboy sporting a bushy handlebar moustache - peppered with gray - and two big, beautiful nipples just aching for some nibbling. And his chest and belly are beautifully hairy. His cock is crowned with a fat mushroom-head that will have your lips limbering up and looking for something to suck. Jim Sterling is featured in two different photo sets and a jack off video at Bear Films. And you're going to love him.

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  • Hot Men Chart



    The Hot Men Chart! Yessiree! And that is exactly what you get here - nothing but seriously hot men. The current poll is set up for older guys. All are very well endowed, very well muscled, and have that look that will most certainly get your mind reeling with thoughts of them jumping out from inside your monitor and showing you what they can do with their big weapons. It's a large blog so give it a minute or so to open. There is a lot to take in. Every kind of man you can think of is featured in pure naked splendor. Daddies, twinks, musclebears, jocks and of course men of many different races. All are engaged alone which is kinda nice for a change. Most are just posing and showing off their wares, however some are taking it right to the end and blowing big wads of cum all over themselves. Obviously the blogmaster spent a lot of time putting this together, choosing nothing but the best of the best when it comes to spectacular looking males.

  • Love That Uncut UK Cock!


    Taz is a 20 year old computer geek with a juicy uncut cock who's heavily into wanking and the internet. Taz especially loves to jack off while he fantasizes about being on camera. Well, it seems that his fantasies came true. He met a model from Blake Mason who told him he could hook him up to do a shoot. Well, Taz couldn't wait and it was only a couple days before he was naked in front of the camera and surprisng the photographer. Why? Because Taz is definitely a grower, and what seemed like an average cock when he first got naked turned out to be one hefty piece of meat!

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  • Small Cock

    Beefy muscle guy

    I wouldn't say this to Brian's face and risk getting punched, but there's just no getting around his small cock. You couldn't say, "Oh baby, I love sucking your big cock," or "Yeah man, fuck me with your big cock." But I don't mind so much. More than a mouthful is a waste in my books. And actually there are two things you can count on in life: ugly guys and guys with small cocks try harder. There's nothing worse than being saddled with a big-dicked stud who thinks you just want to get on your knees and lavish attention all over his big tool. I have a cock, too, you know. But I have had some of the hottest times with both ugly guys and guys with small cocks. They just seem to put so much more effort and energy into the session. Brian's got a phenomenal body. His upper body is so beefy and strong, and look at those arms. Fuck! I sure would love to feel those babies wrapped around me. And I love Brian's tattoo work - two hot sleeves of ink running up and down each arm. And he's packing a lot of junk in his trunk - what a hot ass. Brian lies back on his leather sofa and strokes his small cock. And boy does he shoot a big load! Good things do indeed come in small packages.

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  • Platoon Orgy


    Imagine 8 hard and horny guys getting together for all kinds of sucking, jerking, and poking around. Now imagine they're all in tiptop shape and have been cooped up for the longest time in a military barracks. Active Duty have been in a Platoon Orgy-esque state of mind as of late and they once again bring us some serious fun here. The whole amateurish ambience in this shoot is super. Just a bunch of military dudes brought together by a few common elements - boredom, stir-craziness, and straight out blueball horniness.

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  • Sucking Off a Straight Friend

    Sucking Straight Cock

    Richard has stripped naked and jacked off over on Next Door Male before, but he decided that he wouldn't mind trying some guy-on-guy sex for Next Door Buddies. Richard is straight so he said he'd start off with getting his cock sucked by another guy, but he wouldn't go any further than that. (They always say that. In a couple of months they flash some more cash at him and he'll have his cock buried in some guy's ass.) Christian is a buddy of Richard's and a sort of regular on Next Door Buddies, so he volunteered to give his straight friend his first blowjob from a guy. Richard's a cute guy with a lean and well-trimmed body. He's mostly smooth and he's packing a nice piece of meat between his legs. But it's nothing Christian can't handle. He loves sucking dick, so he knows how to work around the big ones. Christian has another knack for being able to time his own orgasm within seconds of whomever he's with. So when Richard starts blowing all over his six pack abs, Christian is right behind him covering his own belly with a pool of cum. And there are plenty of other scenes on Next Door Buddies featuring Christian, so you'll be able to check out his timing skills and his equally big cock.

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