• All Man


    I really don't think there is much argument that UK Naked Men's Axel here is just about as masculine as you can get. With his stone-hard physique, serious look, slightly hairy bod and a dick that will make any cocklover drool with sheer lust, this man needs a new 1-10 chart just for himself. I'll try to keep my writing as interesting as possible because I know there's a lot of competition with Axel adorning the page as well. I shit you not when I say that I believe him to be one of the top five best looking men I've ever laid eyes on. And I'm no inexperienced virgin. He He.

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  • Fucking Jeff

    Jeff Sucking Cock

    I remember the first time Jeff had guy-on-guy sex on Corbin Fisher. It wasn't long after his solo jack off video, and he was paired up with Logan, who is one of Corbin Fisher's better cock suckers. Jeff was really nervous and Logan had strict instructions not to go above the shoulders, i.e. no kissing. And it wasn't too long after that Jeff started working his way through the Corbin Fisher alumni. Jeff was a machine - fucking first Spencer, then Nick, Trevor, TJ, and then, he tag teamed TJ with Dawson. But before Jeff fucked every guy in the house, Corbin Fisher put the brakes on. It was Jeff's turn to offer his ass up for a little fucking action. The ever cute Dawson broke Jeff's cherry, then Brent and TJ. Finally this week is the episode I've been waiting for months to see - big, beefy Cade fucking Jeff's ass. I love Cade, he's probably my favourite Corbin Fisher guy. He's good looking with a strong and beefy body, and he's packing a magnificent cock. And this video is all about Cade's cock. He gets the young blonde guy to service his dick until it's good and hard, and then, he slides his stiff prick up Jeff's ass and makes him holler. When Jeff can't take another second of drilling, he lies back in Cade's arms and they jack off together. It's such a hot and tender moment.

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  • UK Interracial Play


    21-year-old Nathan is amateur, British, and black. He is from Birmingham with a sexy accent, dark skin, and an uncut black cock. Nathan has a boyfriend but sometimes he needs to get away and have a little adventure. And that's what brought him to Blake Mason. Blake Mason hooked Nathan up with Jack, and if there's one thing Jack has, it's a powerful libido that just doesn't quit - he's horny 24/7. He loves to fuck hard and fast, after some very intense foreplay including sucking and licking, getting fucked hard was just what Nathan needed.

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  • Kennedy's First Shoot


    Kennedy from Frat Men combines a muscled jock body with a cute boyish face. His short dark blonde hair, washboard abs and his lean athletic build are only part of what makes him such a hottie. Kennedy's only 18 years old and this video shoot for Frat Men is his first modeling job. And while he was a little shy at first, Kennedy is also a little bit of an exhibitionist and so soon he was more than horny... He loved getting naked, showing off his fine bod and pulling out his cock for the camera.

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  • Sucking Off the Boss

    Hard cock in a suit

    You've been summoned to the boss's office again and as soon as you sit down in the chair across from him, he starts in on you. "How many times do I have to speak to you about tardiness. Why do you think you're so special that you don't have to be on time? Everyone else manages to get to the office on time. But you ... you think the rules don't apply to you, don't you?" Your boss Carlos gets up and closes the office door, and then, sits back down behind his glass top desk. "I really don't know what I'm going to do with you," Carlos launches in again. "You're a good worker when you finally get here, but I just can't stand for anymore of this." Carlos brushes his crotch with his hand and says, "How are we going to resolve this?" You've thought about sucking your boss's cock, but you're not quite sure about his signals. Finally you decide you can't be in any more shit. Your boss is on the verge of firing you, so if you offer to suck his cock and it's the wrong move, he will fire you. Either way it looks like you're losing your job. "Why don't you pull out your big cock and let me suck it for you?" you blurt out. "Now we're talking," Carlos says unzipping his trousers. "I love creative problem solving." His big hard cock is sticking straight up under the desk and hitting the underside of the glass. You crawl underneath and before you slide his cock into your mouth you ask, "So does this mean I get to keep my job?" Carlos looks down at you and says, "Let's see how your performance is on this new project."

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  • Tailpipes


    Oh yes, Tailpipes is right. Rear Stable keeps pumping out these sensational scenarios featuring such fucking hot dudes. I really can't enough and I do believe I'm hooked like a junkie. Justin Christopher is the proud owner of a very large penis and puts it to good use on Martin Mazza's splendid asshole here. As you can always expect from Rear Stable, both men are drop dead gorgeous and possess all the tools we seek from a hardcore fuckfest.

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  • The Daily Purge



    What a nice looking blog. The Daily Purge is a Podcast coming out of Chicago and seems to put out quite a few different types of media. There is the Podcast/Radio Show itself, the actual blog, and a newletter which is available on the blog. The writing is very well done throughout the whole site and if you're heavily into half naked cute twinks then the blog may be your favourite spot before long. The Daily Purge is a brand new resource but seems to have a lot friends, already evident from the "Links" page. I only spent a little bit of time on the most recent Podcast but it sounds as though these guys have things together. Some pretty funny stuff and they sure have the voice personalities for radio. If you're ever looking for something a little different, want to hear what's going on in the Chicago area, or just need some cool music in the background during a web surf, click on "The Daily Purge" and have some fun.

  • Another Chance


    There are a select few PerfectGuyz men that break from the ranks. Chance is one such guy! When they first introduced this hot Southern California surfer stud he caused quite a stir among the viewers. Many have requested an encore performance. I'm sure we can all understand why. Chance is quite simply captivating, beautiful and very HOT! He has an angelic face - pure and innocent. His body is undeniably sexy - with ripped abs, bulging biceps, and a luscious 8' cock among his better assets. Chance is certainly one guy we want to see again! Enjoy Chance in his encore PerfectGuyz presentation.

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  • Jizz Hungry Twinks


    I thought I'd start this one off with the grand finale rather than the beginning. You might recognize Jeremiah Johnson - one of the better-known tweaks stars around. He is currently emptying a condom full of his own jizz into Shane Allen's face - and Shane is loving every drop. There's nothing these two boys like better than sticking hot cum, and in this shoot from Jizz Addiction they both get all that they can handle. But let's go back around an hour and watch as these two horny twinks get this shoot started!

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  • Sexy Bearded Man

    Sexy Man

    Jeremy Matthews has appeared on Bear Films a number of times.He's currently available in six photo shoots and three video clips. And look at him! It's not hard to see why this sexy bearded man is invited back time and again to strip naked and show us what he can do with his cock. He's had a number of different looks, including short mohawk, but in this gallery he's back to wearing a long brush cut or flat top. And I think this is how I prefer him best. Jeremy is a good-looking man, with a full beard, soulful brown eyes, and a hot pair of kissable lips. He's got a stocky and solid body with more hair on his belly than on his chest. And I love Jeremy's cock. It's not a big cock, in fact, it's comfortable average and just right as far as I'm concerned. His dick is crowned by a delicious plump cock head that would feel pretty hot sliding down your throat. And wait until his cock swells hard; that cock head of his mushrooms into a vision of beauty. And you're definitely going to want to check out Jeremy in his pool fuck scene, porking a gorgeous hairy man over the edge of a swimming pool. It's hot!

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  • The House of Sissify



    Well I like the look of this site. Mainly because it's not too obvious right off the bat what it's all about. I like that kind of mystery. It makes you stick around and actually read the front page text. LOL. From the looks of things, this site seems to cater to mostly the transgendered folks. The term "sissy" seems to be used quite regularly in the introduction so this is just an assumption. I'm sure effeminate men will find it just as welcoming if they're into that sort of thing. Surfing through the navigation menu at the top of the page, there are many different activities available to whoever signs up. Which is free by the looks of it. I didn't sign up because I get the feeling I won't fit in here. I mean, I'm a little on the "butch" side I've been told. However, if you're looking for a good gag and the curiousity is just killing you, I don't think you'd have much to lose by signing up and checking things out.

  • Hot Tony And Fabio


    Latin Jocks are infamous for featuring some of the best looking Latino men in the world. And Tony and Fabio are very high on that list. I mean, these guys are so fucking hot you'd need to drink two litres of water just to look at them. So, I hope you have some water handy because what you are about to see will fry your brain. Not to mention your groin. Golden brown skin, extra-large manhoods, and hardcore fucking are the order of the day here fellas.

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  • Masked and Muscular


    Brock from Maskurbate is a bodybuilder with incredible muscular arms and a handsome face - what we can see of it. His nipples look warm, soft and lickable and his firm chest also caught my eye. Let's face it - Brock would be a turn-on no matter what, but in that mask, he's a wet dream come true. His charisma, his looks, his muscular athletic body and that feeling of anonymity the mask brings add up to one fucking hot man who I can't wait to see more of!

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  • Sexy British Guy

    Fat Cock

    Lucas is a favourite at UK Naked Men. He and his fat, uncut cock have appeared in five photo sets and three videos. He's back again for another session, and this time, he's stripping out of a suit. Lucas is 26 years old and he stands a whopping 6'3". His body is lean, muscular and smooth; and his long uncut cock hangs heavily between his legs. For a foreskin hound like me I just about pop a load when I see foreskin cocks like Lucas's. It's so beautifully long and covered right to the tip in juicy foreskin. In this latest gallery though, Lucas's cock is rock hard from the moment he fishes it out of the zipper of his suit trousers. His shaft is super fat and his plump cock head is swollen and waiting for a hot mouth. Folds of foreskin wrinkle behind his crown and Lucas is packing a heavy set of bull balls. And when Lucas slides out of his trousers and underwear, he lies on his back and hoists his legs over his head. Never have I seen so many pictures of a beautiful fuck hole winking at the camera. Lucas strokes his fat cock and massages his smooth rosebud, wishing someone was there to fuck him. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunity to see Lucas in action in his three videos.

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  • Stories from the Townhouse



    Stories From The Townhouse is a site featuring some very hot and intense stories from a gay dude in Washington DC. In his introduction, he compares his city to Hollywood, and believe it or not, there are quite a few similarities. Sex being one of them. One thing is for sure, our author and webmaster Tom is no racist. LOL. He seems to cover all the bases when it comes to some very kinky and hardcore meetings with blokes of all ethnicities. Notable stories after purusing through most of them would be: "Chpt 3 - Carlos", "Chpt 6 - Massimo", and "Chpt 13 - Vince". Although, all of these stories pack a good punch when it comes to making you hard and randy. It's a simple site with a simple theme. Stories From A Townhouse in Washington DC that will get you off to no end. Definitely a recommended read for all you kinky and hardcore pervs out there.