• Cole's Hole


    Cole arrived at his shoot for Fresh SX with a smile and a hard-on. Cole has a lean, athletic body and he's always got a hard cock, so they love shooting him at Fresh SX, but this time they asked him if he'd do something he hadn't done for them before. They asked him to give them a good look at that ass of his, and after he had posed to show it off, they asked him to spread it so they could shoot his shaved, pink hole. And I must admit that Cole has got one of the most fuckable assholes I've seen in a long while!

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  • Naked Chef

    Big Hard Cock

    Now this is the kind of naked chef I want to see. Can you imagine a cooking show where the chef is completely naked except for his apron? How much fun would that be? This is Buck and he strips naked and dons his apron. He's a cute 26-year-old and he's a tall guy, standing 6 feet tall. His body is completely smooth except for his very hairy legs. And he even keeps his balls and ass shaved. When he finishes tying up the back of his apron, he slips his hand underneath and starts stroking his cock. And the camera moves right in for a close-up of Buck's 9-inch cock. His cock is so beautifully long it'll inspire the cock sucker in you. Buck bends over and gives us a rear view, and he's got a deliciously shave fuck hole. He massages it with his fingers and gets his hole nice and juicy. And then he moves back to sliding his foreskin up and down his long cock.

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  • The Leather Blog



    The inside scoop from a BDSM roleplayer who knows the score. Your host is an excellent writer who may help you realize some things about yourself, and about ourselves in general. Why do we fear BDSM? What has society put into our heads about this dark, scary place? The Leather Blog talks about all these issues and more. What's nice is that this is not just a gay male blog. It's a gay blog. Period. It's always cool to hear the perspectives of the ladies who love ladies. Recommended reading is "Life In The Dungeon" and "Leather Politics". Gay US Ambassadors? Hmmm. Sounds good to me. For those interested in news from the San Fransisco area, check out "Dykes On Bikes" in the "San Fransisco" category. Very interesting and amusing reading. Yeah, I like this blog. It's refreshing to know there are folks out there who can still express themselves with good words and don't have to necessarily rely on a photo or some other means.

  • Gabriel's Return


    Meet Gabrial. He's the one you can see here, deepthroating Jack's cock. Gabriel was one of the most popular models who ever posed on Blake Mason, so a lot of people were pretty disappointed when he decided to go on an extended trip to see the world. As his trip came to an end, he got hold of the photographer from Blake Mason to say he'd kept an eye on the site and he'd like to fuck Jack. When Jack heard about this, he was very excited and couldn't wait to get it on with Gabriel, so they got the two guys together. From the start, there was heat and the guys couldn't wait to get started!

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  • Gay Pagans Sites



    Do you consider yourself a Pagan? Are you a gay person interested in the Occult and are wondering how to get involved with folks like you? WitchVox is quite a large site dedicated solely to all things Pagan and Occult related. Today we'll just concentrate on the gay part of the site. Scanning through the list on the two pages of gay oriented resources, we can take in a shitload of information. There's a Witches Information Network, all kinds of sites into Egyptian art, and short reviews and descriptions of openminded groups from all over the place. Go to page 2 and check out "The Church Of Ravenstar's" website. Really cool. It seems as though this is a resource more for Astrology, Tarot reading, and the like. Not so much the "Occult" as it were. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out. I'm always open to new things and the many possibilities of "otherworldy" powers. How about you?

  • Hard Fat Cock

    Hard Fat Cock

    What a beautiful dick! Some guys have the perfectly hard fat cock that just inspires your inner cock sucker. Rico is a Miami native who stopped by Circle Jerk Boys to show off his beautiful body and thick piece of meat. At 6', this tall and sexy Latino is quite an eyeful. He's wearing a neatly trimmed beard that's more like a few day's worth of face scruff, but it's heavily sculpted and trimmed and it's hot. Rico has beautifully full and kissable lips. But I can think of something else I'd rather see those lips doing. Not very likely though since Rico is straight. Rico hails from Columbia and he's packing packing a smoking hot body. In this video he lies back works his hard fat cock with both hands, teasing us with his dick. When he's finally ready to shoot his wad, Rico lies down on the floor and jacks his meat. He spews a juicy load all over his smooth six pack abs.

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  • Hot Redhead Guy

    Hot Redhead

    Wes is no stranger to the camera. He's has made his way to Next Door Male from Tommy D XXX and Next Door Buddies. On Next Door Buddies, Wes has been exploring his "gay" side. Wes is straight, but for some cash he was willing to see what the other side was like. And he's filmed two sessions over there: one where he got his dick sucked by a guy for the first time, and a second where he jacked off with another guy. Maybe third time will be the charm and we'll see Wes fucking some man ass. But this time around this hot redhead guy is jacking his 9 inch cock on Next Door Male all by himself. He's got a beautiful cock with a deliciously fat nob. Man, when you see this thing you're going to be wishing Wes was right in front of you so you could give that meat the full service treatment it deserves. Wes finally gets down on his knees and pumps his huge cock in his fist until he dumps a load of cum all over the floor. It's fucking hot!

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  • Large Penis Support Group



    Got a really large cock? How about a support forum for all that is involved with owning one? Anything remotely related to having a large endowment can be discussed here. From sexual experiences with your large hammer, to keeping it healthy and disease free. Or just chat about what celebrities you might think are hung or whom you know are. I got involved with a discussion the other day about whether or not Elvis Presley had a big pecker. LOL. Talk about hilarious. It seems the consensus is he was either hung like a hamster, or packing a monster. Who the hell knows?! Anyway, this is a very fun forum and you can even post images of your trouser trout if you like so others can have a gander at your pride and joy. Check it out guys. Lotsa fun!

  • OMG - What a Bod!


    When I first saw Nick, my first thought - after I realized that my jaw had dropped - was "Oh, my god!"

    Nick from Latin Jocks is one spectacular hunk of man. His beautiful physique is lean and muscled. His abs are sculpted and I'd say every bit of him is perfect. His shoulders and arms are muscular without crossing the line to too big, his chest and obliques are strong and chiselled - and get this. Nick sports a 9 inch uncut cock! A light tan and confident posture make Nick very attractive - he has the kind of body that make both men and women turn their heads to watch him as he walks by on the street.

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  • Owen


    Perfect Guyz' Owen really lives up to the name. This young man is just gorgeous. At a youthful 22 years of age, and standing at 5'10, this boy is simply nice to look at. Blessed with a beautiful olive complexion, thick dark hair and a smooth deep sensual voice, Owen certainly deserves a small chapter in the Gaydemon blog archives.

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  • A Real Foot Slut


    Devin is a real foot lover, and his fantasy has always been to take on several hot guys his age and service all their feet. Toe Gasms makes that dream come true for him! They hooked him up with three of the cutest guys they know, Zack Randall, Hoyt Jaeger and Kenny Clark. Soon Devin is a happy foot slut and has all the feet and toes that even he can handle. Sucking and licking and carressing the feet of all three of these hot guys is a foot slut's dream come true!

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  • Guns And Gut


    "Guns and Gut". Sounds almost like a movie title doesn't it? Well it pretty well could be. However, we're referring to two of Hot Barebacking's hottest dudes - Gut Bangas and Guns. I'm not sure if Guns has a last name. He He. What he does have is an absolutely incredible ability to take Gut's huge cock all the way up his insatiable hole. And when when I say huge, I'm not kidding. It's got to be at least 9 inches in length. Yeah, these guys get right into it alright and represent Hot Barebacking in a fantastic way.

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  • Hot Guys Fucking

    Big Dick Fucking

    Blake is a British import who dragged his 8.5' English sausage over to Extra Big Dicks. One of his ultimate sexual fantasies is to join in with a couple. And while Extra Big Dicks couldn't help him out there, they did pair him up with super bottom boy Tony. This Georgia native has dreamy eyes that want to see nothing but a big cock. These two guys open up their video kissing passionately as they grope one another. They lose the shirts and Tony licks and sucks Blake's smooth chest. Blake slides out of his shorts and fishes out his growing cock and Tony wastes no time sliding that big, British cock down his throat. Straddling Tony's chest, Blake fucks Tony's hungry throat. And when Tony gets on his belly and deep throats Blake's dick, we get a real good look at Tony's beefy ass. His shaved ass crack looks delicious and he's hungry to dick. Blake is more than happy to accommodate and these two horny studs fuck in a number of positions before finally lying back and jacking off together.

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  • Roger - He's Huge!


    This is Roger Lockman from Power Men. He's huge, powerful and a guy I'd definitely love to fuck!

  • Aaron's First Butt Plug


    Aaron is a cutie. He's somewhere between a twink and a college boy, and he has a big cock and a great ass. He's also a personal friend of the owners of You Love Jack. As a result, they can talk things over - and talk him into things. That's why, when Aaron said he was a top, they were able to convince him to play with a butt plug for this shoot. And as you can see, he really got into it. Or it got into him. Either way, Aaron is having a great time masturbating with that butt plug deep in his ass!

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