• Adriano And Marcus


    When a couple of guys get together who are willing to do anything to make things light up, the results can only be wonderful. Take Adriano and Marcus here for example. BANG BANG BOYS expect nothing but pure all-gay carnage from their performers and these two hotties deliver and then some. This is one hot scene guys. Asses, tongues, cocks, and fingers are on the menu and all is for eating. To me, this is porn at it's best.

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  • Big Dick New Year's Eve!


    What a way to ring in 2008 - with a really big dick! When Zach sent his pics in to Blake Mason, the pics made him look kind of menacing. So what was the reason they called him to do a shoot? Well, as you can see for yourself, Zach has what it takes to get noticed in the adult industry - an impressively long cock! On the phone, Zach was shy and quiet, and he couldn't wait to come down and make his porn debut, so they made arrangements to meet up at the studio. In person, Zach was quiet and very nervous till the cameras got rolling.

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  • Boys Must Play


    Now that's cool! I've always been intrigued with guys who could suck or lick their own cocks. When you're in the military and horny as hell what else can you do? ACTIVE DUTY bring us all those guys who lead a life of strict discipline and duty. But they're still human and get horny just like the rest of us and need that release that can only cum with getting off. We've got three well hung recruits here who just had nothing better to do than get nasty. It can't get much better than this.

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  • Dimitri


    Hot damn! Gotta love those Daddies! Check out Dimitri here with his heavily muscled bod in his underwear. This mixed-race Pappa stud cums to us courtesy of MEN OVER 30. As you probably know by now, these guys supply some of the best looking older men on the net. Guys that can show you a thing or two with their life experience. Dimitri is 41 years old and is of Cuban, Spanish and Greek descent. Talk about a hot latin stud! His blood is so hot it's on fire. And from this photo shoot, that fact is only confirmed.

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  • El Nino


    Yeah, Nino could kick up a storm I think. What a beauty this guy is. Perfect bod, great cock, and just the right amount of whisker stubble to chafe your skin so sexily. CIRCLE JERK BOYS feature him in a solo scene here that's quite nice. Hailing from New York, Nino is decorated with a fuckig hot PA and has a bar running right through his glands. I love PAs, don't you? Nino loves to show it off too. You'll find yourself just staring at this guy so beware. He has that effect on people. LOL.

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  • Hot Hairy Men Fucking

    Hot Hairy Men

    What a way to end the year! UK Naked Men is finishing off the year with two of their beefiest and most popular studs. DI Sweeney (Dillon Buck) is back for another installment in the Sweeney series, and this time, he's paired up with handsome and well-hung Ross. In this series DI Sweeney is chasing down his most wanted man in the rain. They're drenched right through their suits. Then they're ripping the sodden clothes off each other and Ross gets down to worshipping Sweeney's huge feet, kissing and sucking his wet toes. Both of these men have huge uncut cocks, but it's Ross who offers up his tender hole and takes Sweeney huge cock. I alway love watching that monstrous dick sliding into a man's fuck hole. It fills them up so nicely. And after a hard fucking, Ross splatters his captor's feet with his creamy load of cum. It's another hot fuck scene from UK Naked Men, and you're not going to want to miss this one.

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  • Deep Throat Tryout


    Sucking cock. What a treat. That long, thick appendage sliding in and out of your throat. Knowing you're putting a man into the stratosphere with your hole. Ok, I'm getting carried away. Woke up extra horny this morning. Check out these three dudes as they get into some heavy felatio action. BLAKE MASON is famous for guys like this. Lean, healthy, hung and horny. Always good, always entertaining, they give you what you need and more. Can't ask for much more than that.

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  • Massive Cum Shot

    Massive Cumshot

    Unbelievable! Demetri's cum shot is absolutely massive and spectacular. In fact, it was so big that when staring at it in the pictures, I just had to check out the video to make sure it wasn't fake. Producers do that sometimes when I guy is having trouble cumming, or when they just want to give the illusion of a cum shot. But I watched the cum reel, and I can tell you that I saw that massive load of cum fly out of Demetri's dick, splattering all over his hard abs. And I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen a massive cum shot like this before. Demetri is a 41-year-old rugged, handsome, manly, muscle man. He's a mixture of Cuban, Spanish and Greek. And this bodybuilder shows up at Men Over 30 wearing a beautiful suit. But he's not wearing it for long. He's anxious to show off his hot body. His shoulders are absolutely massive with tattooed bands running across is biceps and up onto his shoulders. And his cock is pretty delicious, too. His stats say that it's only 7 inches, but it sure looks a lot bigger than that. Maybe it's the huge nob crowing his shaft - a sort of optical illusion. And regardless, when this bodybuilder starts shooting, you'd better stand back, or you'll definitely get some on you.

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  • When is a Straight Man No Longer Straight?


    There's a lot of straight guy sites out there that say their models are straight and only go gay for pay or they say their models were so horny they'd face fuck pretty much anyone. And yes, I do believe that when a guy is broke enough, curious enough or horny enough he'll try another guy once - just once - and still be considered straight. But what about if he comes back for more?

    Carlos told the folks at New York Straight Men that he was totally straight. At the time, he had never had any kind of experiences with another guy. But he must have liked it, because he came back for seconds. Here he is a couple months later, having just filled Juan's mouth with his hot jizz.

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  • Big Bulge Footboy


    Meet Anthony. He's 19 years old, his nickname is Bunny and he's a dancer. As you can see, he's got a great big bulge in his crisp white boxer-briefs, but what really brought him to the attention of Toe Gasms is that he has sexy feet. Bunny is a dancer and so he has always had to take care of his feet. His friends have always told him that he has beautiful feet, and that's why he decided to try doing a foot fetish shoot. Of course, feet aren't the only thing he has to show off ;)

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  • Canadian Boy Mikey


    As a former resident of Vancouver BC Canada for 19 years, I can attest that men from that part of the world are awesome. Health-conscious, open-minded, and always horny, you sure can have your fair share of fun there. I certainly did. He He. Mikey of BENTLEY RACE hails from there. Bentley took a little trip and happened to hook up with Mikey. He hadn't planned on doing any shooting but Mikey was so hyped up about it that things just happened. Mike is cute as hell and has just the right amount of naughty boy persona to make him a good catch. He has a pretty nice cock too.

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  • Fleshlight Jack Off

    Big Dick

    Richard is a horny, straight guy with a huge cock. And with a cock that big his hand gets a little sore after a while. He loves that he can wrap his whole fist around his big dick and pump, but when the guys at Stroke That Dick introduced Richard to the Fleshlight he was thrilled. He slides his big dick deep inside the jack off toy, and he can't believe how good it feels on his cock. It feels just like a really ass or pussy, and he loves fucking both. He pumps the Fleshlight slowly up and down his thick and long shaft and he moans with pleasure. He's got a big set of nuts that hang freely between his hairy legs. But don't worry, Richard's not going to blow his load deep inside that Fleshlight. That would be a shame. When Richard is close to blowing his load, he slips it off his cock and finishes himself off the good old fashioned way. And you'll be thrilled he did. He squirts several huge streams of cum. Flying through the air they land on the sheet below. And judging by the size of that load of cum, he really did enjoy playing with the Fleshlight.

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  • Merry Christmas From Maskurbate


    Remember those masked dudes you see on here sometimes? How can you forget them?! MASKURBATE portrays sensational looking men adorning black masks to hide their identities. The effect is nothing short of extraordinary. The mystique. The suspense. It does something to your sexual psyche. Something dark and fetish-esque. Well sign me up! Here's a crapload of images for you guys. We only have four of them here. But be sure to check out the free gallery link to get your masked Christmas gift. Happy Holidays!

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  • Tailpipes - Scene 3


    Damn I love REAR STABLE. Just when you thought they couldn't get any better they feature Alexy Tyler and Justin Christopher getting right into each other like there's no tomorrow. Hung, gorgeous and hungry, these two mega-hunks give us a scene that you'll never forget. And not only do we get to see these guys each other up in images, but we get a free video gallery as well. Rear Stable knows what you desire and go out of their way to deliver it. God Bless them I say.

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  • Blond on Blond


    MJ and Landon are two blond college guys who had incredible chemistry from the moment they met at College Dudes 24/7. Maybe it's narcisicm that attracted these two blonds to each other or maybe they were both just plain horny, but you'd think the two of them were long-term lovers rather than having just been introduced to do a porn shoot. Landon is a 19 year old sophomore with a cock that's always hard and MJ is an 18 year old freshmen who's already proved himself as a bottom in several videos.

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