• Big Cock, Sexy Feet


    David's a 22 year old bi boy who's got a real, genuine 9 inch cock. He's a cutie with dark hair and eyes, a slender body and a sort of alternative look. What makes David a perfect model for Toe Gasms isn't his giant dick, though. Unlike some models who do whatever they're paid to do but aren't really into it, David is really into feet. Not only does it turn him on to play with his feet but when he's horny, his toes and arches flex. Toe Gasms got lucky with this one!

  • Cover Men!



    For those looking for extremely attractive models, actors, cover men or a photographer, Male Models looks to be a fantastic resource. Immediately you're taken in by the men adorning the front page. Handsome, muscular and hunky, there is no shortage or beautiful men here. By clicking on each man's thumbnail image, you are taken to a page with an interview and a few image galleries. Some of the men may not be familiar to you if you're in North America like myself, however, there are also a few which are quite recognizable. Remember Colin Farrell who

    starred in the most recent rendition of "Miami Vice"? How about William Levy? Yes, you can waste away several hours surfing around this site and not get bored, that's for sure. Easy to navigate and well laid out, Male Models is worth the mouse clicking. No doubt about it.

  • Hot Irish Guy

    Big Uncut Cock

    Shane, now there's an Irish name. This cute guy hails from southern Ireland and he's posing here in his medic's uniform. And haven't you always wanted to jump a doctor in the emergency room when those curtains are drawn? Shane is such a cutie and I'd have trouble restraining myself as he conducted the exam of my balls, which I would report were very sore. Shane starts of this gallery in his medic's uniform, and slowly, he slips out of his tunic and gives us a look at his lean and smooth body. At 22, I think this hot Irish guy is still growing into his body, he's sporting a sexy treasure trail rising out of his crotch; and I have a feeling that in a few more years, Shane might be sporting something of a hairy chest. Shane plays with his foreskin, stretching and tugging on it, and this just gets his uncut cock swelling until he's packing a stiff pole in his hands. Shane also spends some time showing us his tight and cute butt, spreading his butt cheeks and giving us a tour of that sweet fuck hole of his.

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  • Pocket Pool


    Talk about a fun game of pool! What started out as an innocent game ended up a menage a trois with muscles, tatts and cocks flying all over the place. ACTIVE DUTY are one of the best suppliers of military hunks on the net. In this 4 pic set, we'll watch 3 army boys go from friendly billiards buddies to pocket pool pals. Big dicks, perfect asses and gorgeous faces will show up on your screen when you hit the link. Fair warning: bring along some cum wipes, you may just need them.

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  • Adorable Sean


    You just have to love CIRCLE JERK BOYS for the cutest, most adorable straight boys they bring to us all the time. Sean here is an 18 year old sweety that could light most rooms up he ever walks into. With a young, taut body and a very, boyishly handsome face, he's really easy to stare at. Rumour has it that he was quite shy at first, but warmed up quite nicely after a while and produced a really nice shoot. Let's meet this young beauty shall we?

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  • Muscle Daddy Aaron


    MEN OVER 30 always portray the hottest mature guys and daddies. Take Aaron here, mega-handsome at 6'2", 240 pounds of solid muscle with a delicious uncut prick, and I'd say he is just about as hot a daddy as you could need. Although now residing in the good ol' US of A, Aaron was born and raised in Germany, as you may be able to tell from his beautiful blonde hair and steel blue eyes. Despite his size, Aaron is a very charming man, and knows how to pose to get us all hot. Let's check him out.

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  • Porn Interviewer Gets Carried Away


    Berlin Casting is where several euro sites test out their models. Most of the shoots are solo, but once in a while, things don't go exactly as planned. Take this shoot, for example. Micha wanted to show the world what he's got, and for the shoot, Chris was invited to do the interview portion - to sort of help Micha get comfortable and relaxed on camera. Well, he got relaxed all right. After all, what could help a model relax more than a blowjob? Chris just couldn't resist, and next thing you know he had his face full of cock!

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  • Roman Ragazzi

    Roman Ragazzi

    Sexy hunk Roman Ragazzi is one of Raqing Stallion's Men of the Year. This year the gay porn studio voted two hunks to their Man of the Year award - Roman Ragazzi and hairy man Steve Cruz. Ragazzi is a hairy, muscular hunk, and he really has a hot body - huge, round shoulders; bulging biceps; hard, hairy pecs; and a firm, hairy ass. And like most bottoms, he's packing a big cock; when it's fully hard it swells to 9 x 7 inches. Look at these pictures of the piece of meat, it's a beautifully fat dick. So far I've only seen Ragazzi getting his ass fucked. I first saw him in Tailpipes, and I was a little surprised to see this hulking mass of man hoisting his legs and taking Remy Delaine's hard, uncut cock up his ass. What a turn-on! As Man of the Year, 2008 is going to be a hot year and we can look forward to seeing many more men fucking Ragazzi's beefy and hairy ass. But for now, you can see more of him at Rear Stable.

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  • CJs Uncut Tool


    EXTRA BIG DICKS really amaze me sometimes. Not only do they supply a never ending selection of big cocks, but the men these tools are attached to are gorgeous! CJ loves to show off his tasty uncut prick. Also equipped with beautiful coal-black hair and a glorious, bronze-tanned body, this latin lover lives for showing off to the world over. We'll take a little tour here with CJ and soak in his manly splendor.

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  • Cute Euro Twinks in Action


    18 year old Vojtech is cute, blond and twinky, and he's had a little experience in front of a camera, since he did a solo shoot for

    RealBoys4U. He thought jacking off on camera was hot, and couldn't wait to do a scene with another guy. The RealBoys4U staff was more than willing to accomodate him, and introduced him to Martin. Martin was another of their solo models he was horny and had some time to spare, and the two guys hit it off (as you can see above).

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  • First-Time Blowjob

    First-Time Blowjob

    Ian is a 19-year-old jock who made his first appearance on Corbin Fisher a few weeks ago. And this brave stud showed up for his first-time blowjob from another guy. Ian was convinced that the whole affair would be a disaster, and that it would take him hours to cum. He just didn't believe that another guy could arouse him. But Ian just doesn't know that Corbin Fisher knows what he's doing. He's been educating straight guys for a long time, and he's got a knack for pairing up a guy with his perfect match. And Logan is the perfect guy to handle a newcomer. Logan's a great cock sucker and he has a way of easing a straight guy's nerves and getting them to blast off a huge load of cum. And Ian finds out pretty quickly how good a guy's mouth feels wrapped around his cock. It's not longer before Ian's cock is rock hard and his balls are churning up a juicy load. Logan sucks his cock right down to the balls and bobs on Ian's hot cock until the stud is ready to blow. And Logan finishes him off with his hand, so we can see Ian empties his balls all over his stomach. And as you can see by the pool of cum on his belly, this stud was definitely turned on.

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  • Shawn Gets Blown


    Damn I love big black dicks. Love the way they taste, the way they look, and the way they grow inside your mouth as you do your tongue magic on them. Bobby loves black meat too. And it would appear as though Shawn is more than willing to accommodate him. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN love black cocks as well and know that we do too! Bobby gets right down on Shawn's splendid ebony bone and brings about a wonderful ejaculation that is a must see!

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  • Sexy Bear

    Sexy Bear

    Some days I really love my job. Every morning I wake up and I start the hunt for hot naked men to bring to you here. Life doesn't get much better than this. Jeremy is a sexy bear who I found On Bear Films. He's such a sexy man. The kind of man you'd love to curl up with on a rainy Sunday afternoon and fuck the day away. Reading his profile, he says, "I like hairy men, a guy that knows how to kiss long and hard." Hello! Right here! It turns me on so much thinking about falling into a long, passionate kiss with this sexy bear. And he's a top. Woof! Jeremy has a great cock with a big, bulbous nob. And since I love sucking cock - a lot - his dick is right up my alley. I love wrapping my lips and tongue around a juicy, plump cock head. And although Jeremy is a top, he's got a great, beefy ass. Spread those big butt cheeks and dig in with your tongue.

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  • Skinny Guy with a L-O-N-G dong


    Tom Moore is a straight surfer who sent a video of him jacking off at home to the You Love Jack crew. Well, they couldn't wait to put it on their homemade porn video site. What they said they noticed the most about Tom was his long uncut cock and his almost smug attitude. They say he chuckles on the video as if to say he knows he's hot. Well, look at that dick of his - of COURSE he's smug. I'd be smug, too, if that incredibly long rod was mine.

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  • Rad Gets Rimmed


    DIXTER.COM has provided a nice treat for us all today. How about a really hot totally straight guy being rimmed for his very first time?! Rad may be a familar site to some folks. He's a kick boxer who received rave reviews on a solo scene he was in a while back. Here we have him paired up with Johnny G, who digs deep into Rad's ass with his hungry tongue. Watch the expressions on our boy Rad's face and tell me he isn't having a blast!

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