• Massive Latino Muscle Man


    Okay, muscle fans - this one's for you! Meet Steel Andy, one of the latest models from Latin Men Society. I don't know where they found this massive hunk of bulging muscle, but he's not just big - he's HUGE! Arms, shoulders, chest, ass - every inch of him is swollen with muscles. Steel Andy is the kind of bodybuilder you'd love to worship all over with your tongue, from his strong arms to his mighty legs to his uncut cock!

  • PNS Explosion



    Hey I have a spell check, but some sites just defy anyone's dictionary for spelling, or for real words.

    I have no idea what this is. Gay or Lesbian? Straight? Darned if you can tell from the opening credits, though I don't see a lot of guys showing. I do see some chicks sparring and all, despite the header image showing only guys.

    The ads look like they are for gay sites, but hey, maybe it's just that they pay better?

    They do show they have a pod cast from Boy Nation, if that's of any help. Worth exploring to sort of figure out, just what it is. There are video clips showing, but as I said, its two chicks with boxing gloves.

  • Wicked Cumshot

    Wicked Cumshot

    Ashton showed up a couple of weeks ago and did his first jack off session for Corbin Fisher. He's back in fairly short order to get his first blowjob. And few guys are so good at breaking in the new studs like Logan. He's a master cock sucker and fans always love it when Logan gets to do the honors on breaking in a straight guy. Ashton was referred to Corbin Fisher by some of his gay friends back home. They thought his lean build and big cock would be well received by CF fans. He's a 19-year-old who is sort of dark-blonde and sort of a red-head, depending on the photos. He's got a lean and athletic body, and he's sporting a 9-inch cock. When Corbin Fisher asked Ashton if he'd be willing to get a blowjob from another guy, he hesitantly agreed. He said that many of his gay friends have offered to blow him, but it never happened. And when asked how he thought his friends might react to seeing Logan sucking his cock, Ashton said, "Well, I guess they'd either be pissed it happened here first, or they'd be happy because they'll think they have a better chance now." And judging by the cumshot on this boy, I'm guessing Logan did a good job. By the time Ashton stops shooting, his smooth belly and chest are covered in juice.

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  • 18 Year Old Feet


    Dillon Samuels is a very cute 18 year old twink with an innocent face, a hard cock and very sexy feet. If his name sounds familar, that's because Dillon is the boyfriend of Kyros Christian, the twink star who calls himself the Candie Spooky. Together these two boys are making one hell of a name for themselves in porn by working the social networking sites and starring on a variety of twink sites and videos. Dillon isn't just another pretty face - he's is into all kinds of fetishes, so he likes doing kinky shoots, and Toe Gasms was lucky enough to get him!

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  • Eating Fernando's Load


    NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN had no idea what would happen when they decided to couple Bobby and serious Puerto Rican hunk Fernando together. Of course, once Bobby saw Fernando's huge cock, the rest was all chemical. I mean, what hungry cocksucker wouldn't get down on their knees for this sizzlingly spicy Latino? I know I would! Here's a four pic gallery for you all to see how much Bobby loves Fernando's cum.

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  • Super Fat Cock

    Fat Cock

    When Circle Jerk Boys was in California recently, Shawn responded to the ad for a job behind the scenes. But the 25-year-old ended up stripping out of his clothes and getting in front of the camera, too. And thank goodness the Circle Jerk Boys decided to share him with us. Look at that super fat cock! Geezuz! Wrapping your lips around a thick dick like that is going to take some talent, but I'd be up for the challenge. His cock is only 7 inches long, which is respectable, but his beer-can girth would definitely fill you up rather nicely. And Shawn is sporting a nice set of low hangers. At the beginning of the shoot, they're loose and dangling between his legs, but as he pumps his fat cock and gets excited, they start to tighten up. Shawn also gives us a view of his ass - another one of his hot assets. His butt is round and beefy and fairly smooth except for a line of hair crawling between his butt cheeks. Shawn jacks off and shoots a thick pool of cum of his belly. And as he relaxes in the post-orgasmic euphoria, the creamy stream of cum trickles down towards his navel.

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  • Anti-Heroes!



    Real gay comic books! Cool! Tons of cartoon cock, portrayed in explicit and extraordinary detail. It's amazing how a cartoon character can turn you on if it's done right. Of course it helps with muscles and pricks jumping out at you with a larger-than-life style. Meet Tai Takahashi, Caleb Chaos, Bug, and Rock Hardy and Stone Hardy. They're here to save the day and fulfill your every desire. These are only a few of the many many anti-heroes that await you.

    If you feel like sticking around, go to the "Extra" page and make Zeke strip. What a blast!

    The images are for sale or you can have the artist draw you something special. Really cool stuff.

  • Blowing Sean Ash


    Sean Ash is the type of guy who has women and men throwing themselves at him. According to MIKE HANCOCK, Sean will go both ways to satisfy his incredible sexual appetite. With a gorgeous body and face, not to mention a big, thick cock, he delivers regardless of who he engages with. Captured here is a series of images which are part of a sensational gallery where Sean gets blown by a guy in his college dorm room. What makes this shooting unique, is the guy servicing Sean never takes his clothes off. But Sean surely does!

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  • Outdoor Jack Off

    Outdoor Jack Off

    Two of my favourite Next Door guys have come together on Next Door Buddies to do an outdoor jack off session. Kenny is adorably cute. I always love his energy; he always brings a lot of fun to his sessions. Whether he's jacking off solo, or 69 cock sucking with his buddy Tommy, Kenny always has a lot of fun. And look at the whopper of the cock on him. What a delicious piece of meat - long, thin, and crowned with a plump nob. Marcus is another hot stud from Next Door Male. And he's got an amazingly fat, uncut cock. I just love his foreskin, it's thick and rubbery and it definitely inspires cock sucking and foreskin play fantasies. After throwing around a football, these two horny and sweaty guys sit back in the sun with a couple of beers. Before you know it, Marcus has his pants down around his ankles and Kenny joins him. The two studs jack off until they each explode all over their bellies and chests. The only thing that would have made this session hot is if Kenny had gotten on his knees and sucked off his foreskinned buddy.

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  • Twins Take on 2 Horny Hunks


    Bryan and Ryan are twins - identical twins - and they both love to have a good time. That's why they both jumped at the chance when Active Duty hooked them up with a couple of hard-bodied muscle studs, Kaden and Kasey. And that brings up something else about Bryan and Ryan - they're very competitive with each other. So once both brothers were sucking on those two cocks, each one had to try and show that he sucked cock better. The result is that Kasey and Kaden got sucked like they've never been sucked before. And that's not all!

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