• Black Man Masked


    Fabian is everything that the folks at Maskurbate look for in a model - he muscular, defined, got a big uncut cock and a killer smile. Even better, Fabian was very turned on at the idea of jacking off in front of the camera while wearing a mask - he stayed rock hard from the beginning till he shot his load. And look at that huge slab of uncut black meat Fabian is packing. Man, that's definitely something I'd love to wrap my lips around!

  • Gay Wheels



    I'm not really interested in cars, but apparently, a lot of gay guys are. This site goes on forever with classified ads, advice on engines, tyres and repairs, and even updates on an openly gay rally team who compete around the world, and membership details for gay car clubs that exist on every corner of the planet. The site lists gay-friendly car dealerships and also offers advice about popular makes and models, and the advantages of second hand over brand new. Floor it!

  • Hot German Guy

    Hot German Guy

    Mark is a 27-year-old German guy and he recently stripped naked and jacked off on Berlin Male. Mark is the quintessential German - blond hair, blue eyes, good looking, and well-hung. I have always had a thing for Germans, although funnily enough, I'm not really into blonds. Although you don't have to look very hard to find non-blond Germans. Mark is a bisexual guy who lives in Berlin and he's sporting a 7-inch, uncut cock. And he's got a very well-defined and strong body - smooth and beautifully tanned. When his cock is soft, it's pretty small - it's kind of cute actually. But give this German guy a couple of minutes with some lube and a porn video, and you'll be saying, "Whoa! Where did that come from?" Mark is definitely a grower. And aren't they the best kind of cocks. I remember I was sucking this one guys cock and it was pretty unimpressive when I first wrapped my mouth around it. But within a couple of minutes I had a mouth of a cock and no room to spare. His cock head swelled to the size of a small apple and I just said, "Fuck, that's quite the dick!" Mark's cock doesn't grow quite that big, but it's quite impressive. And he shoots quite the delicious load of cum all over his smooth stomach.

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  • LubeJob - Serviced black cock

    lube job - RearStable

    lube job - RearStable

    Latest update from RearStable, this one I just had to show! One look at that huge hard black cock getting serviced by a real cock hungry boy got me horny!

    In this scene smooth, black and hung bodybuilder Marc discovers Cory on the bathroom floor, licking up the spoils of a quickie he just had. When he finds his boy on the floor, he wastes no time in pulling out his hard and ready cock and forces Cory onto it. This boy loves cock and wastes no time in letting Marc know it!

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  • Andrew Sullivan



    Author and academic Andrew Sullivan has masterminded his massively popular blog for around seven years now. Currently on hiatus as he marries his partner, Sullivan has entertained readers for years with his unique identity that is a mix of Republican-voting, conservative-leaning, gay and HIV-positive identities. Never one to shy away from a fight, Sullivan regularly engages in blog-offs with colleagues and enemies who pick up on his always changing mood and position on controversial issues, and his fued with Michelangelo Signorile, who exposed Sullivan's barebacking dating site profile some time ago, is legendary.

  • Foursome Bareback Sex

    Foursome Bareback Sex

    Now this is a hot foursome. I love it when you can get together with a bunch of guys who aren't uptight about bottoms and tops. It's a lot more fun when everyone is open to fucking or getting fucked. I don't know about you, but I find exclusive bottoms or tops kind of boring. Sure, there are times when I just want to get on my knees and suck dick or take a big bone up my ass, but the best times I've had sexually are the ones where my partner and I are just so into pleasing one another, however that is. And this is blazing four-way has some pretty hot bareback sex. Chris Neal, Jason, Dominik and Antonio Vela are the players in the gang bang video. And they start off on the bed sucking one another's cocks. Chris Neal has a great dick - it's big and tattooed, with a juicy, fat cock head! The guys take turns servicing his big piece of meat before he starts fucking them one by one. The guys break into two pairs for some hot ass fucking, and then, through the scene they continue to flop around. One guy gets fucked, and then, he gives his ass a rest and fucks someone else. Finally, in the last minutes of the video, all four horny studs are on the bed in this train fucking scene. It's a 24-minute gang bang that you won't want to miss.

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  • Workout Twins


    Twin brothers Carl and Greg have done shoots for Buk Buddies since they were 19 years old, which was 5 years ago. During that time, they've both done solo shoots and even a shoot featuring both of them called "Horny Hick Brothers". The guys are not only twin brothers - although not identical twins - they're friends and workout partners, so Buk Buddies figured why not do a shoot focusing on that this time. You can see the very special bond in the first pic here - as they're working out Greg and Carl's eyes meet and you would almost think the two are lovers.

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  • Dragoncastle



    Do you favor the Asian taste?

    Dragoncastle is about Asian men. From hotels to shopping in various Asian's locals, this site seems to list them all. There are also some galleries of Asian men, in a simple to use gallery program.

    Planning a journey to Asia, then check out the shopping guide, list of gay bars in various Asian cities. A good resource to spend some time browsing, and yes, some Asian eye candy as well.

    There is even a dating feature, along with other resources available, all in the Asian flavor. Well laid out on the whole, worth spending some time going through.

  • Matt's Monster Cock


    Here's a riddle for ya.

    Question: What's 11 1/2 inches and uncut?

    Answer: Matt H's cock!

    Yes, good news, size queens! Matt H. is back for another shoot for Blake Mason, and for those who aren't acquainted with him, yes - that is a REAL 11 and a half inch cock. Of course, there's more to Matt than his dick. He's a cute boy-next-door type with a charming personality, friendly smile and just a hint of deviltry glinting in his eyes. He's relaxed in front of the camera, and I hear he's quite the entertainer, always making jokes and making people laugh. But that's only one part of Matt - the part his co-workers, relatives and girlfriends get to see.

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  • Show Me the Money Shots

    It's fair to say that a high number of porn addicts would state without hesitation that the best (or hopefully best) part of a porn scene is the cum shot(s). Sure, seeing what leads up to it can be even hotter, but ultimately, men are all about the jizz, whether it's dumping it or swallowing it or using it to repair a hole in your shoe. Often, a jacker will work himself up in an attempt to time his orgasm with the model on screen, and this can lead to an explosively pleasurable experience between viewer and performer. But what's more annoying than finding cat puke in your slipper? A cum shot that doesn't deliver.

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  • Straight Guy Jacking Outdoors

    Straight Guy Jacking Off

    Buk Buddies is one of my new favourite sites. Packed with amateur straight guys getting naked and pounding their meat, Buk Buddies is an exciting site. It truly celebrates the straight male and all their testosterone. Caesar is one of their ranks and he really turns me on. He's 23 years old and he's featured in three different sessions. He's a sexy young guy with a solid body. But it's his face that really gets me. He's a good-looking guy with a goatee, and his eyes look right into your soul. He's the kind of guy you'd fall for with just a look. And when he peels off his shirt, his arm is sleeved with a colourful tattoo. His body is solid, but not muscular. He has a comfortably average cock, but it's sitting on top of a big set of bull balls. And fuck, what a cute butt. His ass is smooth except the edges of his ass crack. Dark trails of hair tempt your eyes deep between those tight butt cheeks. In this session, Caeser is getting naked and jacking off outdoors. And as always, Buk Buddies gets him to do a hands free cum shot. Looking at his straight porn magazine, Caeser brings himself right to the edge, and then, he lets go of his cock and his urges take over - a beautiful load of juice oozes out of his cock head and slides down his hard shaft. It's definitely a sight to behold.

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  • First Time Guy-on-Guy Fucking

    First Time Guy on Guy Fucking

    Shaggy-haired Jared first appeared on Corbin Fisher a few weeks back, and in fairly short order, he was getting his first blowjob from another guy. Now, this week, Jared is paired up with Nick for his first guy-on-guy fucking scene. When Nick sucked Jared's cock for the first time, the lean stud looked like he was in another world. Later, when Corbin Fisher was setting up Jared's first fucking scene, Jared shared that he was a little curious about what it felt like to fuck another guy. And he was soon to find out. Logan was to be Jared's bottom, and the experienced Corbin Fisher stud didn't hold anything back. From the very beginning he was all over Jared, licking him all over, sucking his thick dick, and kissing him in between. Jared was caught off guard. He was enjoying it, there's no doubt about that, but it looks like he was more than a little surprised that guy-on-guy sex could feel so hot. Logan started off sitting on Jared's thick cock, and as he moans with pleasure, Jared's feeling pretty stoked about making another guy feel so good. Jared even grabs a hold of Logan's cock and strokes it with Logan bouncing fast and furious on the stud's hard dick. And then Logan gets down on all fours and Jared fucks him hard, sending the cock hungry stud over the edge. After Logan shoots his load, Jared fires one off all over Logan's ass.

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  • Hot Cuban Cock


    Carlos is only 18 years old, but this gorgeous latino amateur has an incredible body. He also has a cute face and great ass, and that's not all! Carlos is sporting 9 inches of uncut Cuban cock! Man, that is a huge piece of meat this latin twink has hanging. Even so, he was a little nervous in front of the camera at first, but nothing can keep an 18 year old's libido down, and soon his cock was rock hard and standing at attention. This is Carlos' first shoot for Miami Boyz, and with a face and dick like that, I bet we'll be seeing more of him!

  • Fridae



    Launched about five years ago in Singapore and now a multi-tentacled enterprise that extends way outside the online world, fridae is a great gay internet success story. The site has an exclusive focus on Asian gay experiences and si clearly backed with heaps of dough - this isn't a grass roots thorn tree, or well-meant home page. Fridae ran the very successful Nation dance parties (which tore up beaches on Phuket, high-rise discos in Hong Kong, and so on) and has a wide profile across Asia and the pacific. Easy navigation, hot photo galleries, and very much geared towards well-muscled and party-loving Asian guys.

  • GlovdCopSF.com



    A personal blog of sorts. It is a leather site for a guy looking to hook up with others, and it is very clear as to what he wants, and doesn't want contacting him. Rather refreshing actually if you read the list. Interesting sense of humor in his style.

    There are some galleries of men, leather of course, as well as others. It is very personable in that the galleries are what he finds enticing, which helps. It does give you an idea as to the man's tastes, if his words didn't quite sink in.

    A personal beginner's guide is available, some resources to sites and whatever plus a few leather stories help round the blog out.