• Horny California Boy


    You may not have noticed this, but a lot of the guys from Buzz West aren't actually native to sunny California. That's because California gets more than its share of transplants - a lot of the guys who have moved here from other states. 18 year old Hugh is a rather unusual find because he's a native from Southern California. He's blond, athletic and into martial arts. He's a straight boy, but says his girlfriend has played with his ass a little and he liked it. And there's one more thing about Hugh - he's what they call "bi curious", which means he is curious what it would be like to try sex with another guy.

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  • Hot Spanish Guy

    Fat Cock

    Every few months the UK Naked Men guys take a short vacation, and they often head for sunny Spain. On every trip they always bring back a souvenir for us. This is Chris - a hot, 22-year-old Spanish guy who offered to pose nude for UK Naked Men. The more time I spend cruising gay porn sites, the more of an admiration I develop for Hispanic guys. I've noticed that Latino guys are quite often very well-hung and sporting some mighty fat cocks. I thought it was a trait of the Cubans, Brazilians, and Mexicans, but UK Naked Men has exposed me to a whole new side of the Hispanic male. And I have to say that Spanish men seem to be just as well-hung as their counterparts in the Americas - I guess it's genetic, and all those Spanish and Portuguese travellers from a few hundred years ago left their marks in other ways. Chris is a good-looking bugger and stands 6-feet tall. He fishes his fat uncut cock out of his underwear and it's a big one - 8.5 inches and fat. He strokes that fucker hard and ends off his photo shoot with a wet, gooey mess all over his hairy belly and chest. And I was particularly thrilled with the close-up shots of Chris's fat cock, and I'm sure you will love them, too.

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  • Apollowear



    I never thought about it much, but you know, a nice pair of skivvies would make a great gift to someone special. I mean if you like undies, if it's a turn-on, then perhaps making sure your sweetie has the right underwear could help in those special moments.

    Some of the undies out there are, well rather exciting, if you believe in foreplay. Now if you are what I'd call a simple '˜meat n taters' type sex nut, then what undies he wears won't matter. On the other hand, if you like a bit of fun first, well'

    Lots of models showing all the styles, colors too. Click on an image and see more. While its commercial, it does tend to get one drooling. The guys are well built, and skin with some colorful loin coverings is a good stimulation.

  • Flip Flop Fucking

    Flip Flop Fucking

    In the Corbin Fisher world Lucas does most of the fucking. He has had his ass plowed a few times, but by far, he tops a lot more than he bottoms. And since it's been too long since this stud has had a nice, hard dick up his hot ass, Corbin Fisher decided to make an event of it. Dave is a relative newcomer to the Corbin Fisher gang, although he' has made eight features since he first jacked off a few months back. Dave is bisexual and he admitted in his solo that he loves getting fucked - he loves taking cock as much as he loves giving it - and it's a big part of why he's happily bisexual. A few weeks back Lucas fucked Dave's ass in a hot session and it was quite obvious that Dave loved the drilling he was getting. Corbin Fisher wanted to pair up these two horny studs guys again, but this time, he wanted Dave to take a stab at Lucas's tight fuck hole. Once they got it into, they got so worked up that their own urges took over. Lucas fucked Dave every which way he could, and Dave was enjoying Lucas's cock so much that, for a time, it looked like this flip flop fucking session wasn't going to happen. But eventually, Lucas couldn't avoid it anymore and it was time for him to get reacquainted with bottoming. Dave lied back on the bed and Lucas rode his cock good and fast. This pushed both guys over the edge. When they couldn't take it anymore, Dave got down on his knees and took Lucas's cum load in his mouth while pumping out a juicy load of his own.

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  • Wet Amateur Cub


    Marco Vee is originally from Eastern Europe, but after all the years he's spent in Los Angeles you can barely make out even a hint of his accent. Marco holds down 2 jobs - one is very respectable job at a bank and the other is a fun job working at a local gay club. But the truth is that Marco has always wanted to do a porno movie. The idea of thousands of guys seeing him on the internet turns this 26 year old cub on so much that after fantasizing about it for a while, he decided to do a shoot for Bear Films.

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  • Big Tattooed Hunk!


    Those bulging arms and shoulders, his shaved head and incredible physique - am I ever a sucker for a tattooed muscle man! Troy Stevens from Manifest Men is definitely one guy I'd really love to fuck.

  • Outdoor Blowjob

    Outdoor Blowjob

    Brodie has appeared a few times on Next Door Male and Next Door Buddies. He's a good-looking, dark-haired straight hunk who doesn't mind getting his cock sucked by another guy. He's also done some fucking, too, but that's about as far as he goes. He apparently is straight. But he's recently signed a deal with Raging Stallion Studios to do some videos for them. So, I'm not exactly sure how that works. I guess Brodie is what they call "gay for pay." He's back again on Next Door Buddies getting his cock serviced by James. The two guys are out in the backyard and James is down on his knees sucking Brodie's cock, which is pretty nice. Brodie's got a hot, muscular body and this tattooed hunk is one of the most popular guys featured on Next Door Buddies - they still get tons of e-mail asking for more. Brodie leans against an old wreck of a car and James get to work on his cock. In no time at all, Brodie's dick is rock hard. After getting his dick sucked good, Brodie and James move to a more secluded and shady spot and jack off together, letting their juice splattered all over the ground. And if you really like Brodie, you can use your Next Door Pass to check him out on both Next Door Male and Next Door Buddies, where he's featured a half-dozen times. The Next Door Pass gets you into five different Next Door sites for one low price. It's a hot deal.

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  • Space Dingo



    Nice play on words, nicer looking guys.

    Sort of a amateur site, for those who like to post pics of themselves, have others rate them too.

    Also it is a contact site. Lots of them around these days, but his seems to gather them from all over, though I had a hunch it would be Australian. (It isn't by the way)

    Nice grouping by age too, so you can filter out what doesn't interest you and view what does. The pictures are not bad, and there is a sort of '˜myspace' feel to the site.

    Like most, registration is needed to post. There are some nudes too, nice nudes with big ones.

  • Stuffing That Ass


    19 year old Martin is a porn first-timer so the guys at English Lads decide to turn him over to Danny, who's had some experience. The guys have instant chemistry and can't wait to get to it. So Danny gets things started, but then Martin surprises the crew and Danny by becoming very sexually aggressive. New to porn or not, Martin wants some ass, and he lubes up Danny's hairy hole and slides a finger inside it, playing with Danny and making him squirm eagerly. Looks like this isn't the first time that Martin has had his finger in another guy's ass, because it quickly becomes obvious that he knows exactly what he's doing.

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  • Big Uncut Cock

    Big Uncut Cock

    Jake is back at UK Naked Men and waving his big uncut cock in the air. A couple of months back, Jake appeared on the site with his lover, Rocco, and the two horny studs got into some hot fucking action. Jake submitted his cock-hungry ass to his lover and Rocco filled it with his 9-inch, fat, uncut cock. This time Jake is flying solo. This 29-year-old Frenchman has a beautifully lean and well-defined body. He keeps his body hair cropped, which is kind of sexy. But by far, his best asset is that big uncut cock of his. It's fat, veiny, and sticks straight up in the air when he's totally excited. And even when he's rock hard, his cock is mostly covered in foreskin - just a bit of the tip of his cock head peeking through. How delicious. I'll bet Rocco really enjoys his lover's cock. In this photo set, Jake spends quite a bit of time showing off his ass for the camera. And it's a beauty - firm and round, mostly smooth, with just a dusting of hairy between those butt cheeks. Aside from his photo galleries, Frenchman Jake is also featured in two hardcore videos, and you're going to love watching his suck Rocco's fat cock before bending over and taking a hard fucking.

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  • He's Got It All!

    Christopher RandyBlue

    Christopher has it all - great body (lightly muscled), handsome face, great smile, and a beautiful cock. He's black, with smooth skin and dark eyes, and he's way into sports - watching them and playing. Christopher looks like the boy next door, but he's also a big porn fan, and he emailed Randy Blue. sent him some pics and said he wanted to be a model on the site. Well, Randy said to come to his office, but was he blown away when Christopher showed up. Randy said the pics of Christopher didn't come close to showing how good-looking he was...

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  • Men Like Us



    Not sure what '˜men like us' means, other than perhaps '˜gay'?

    Has to be, cuz there are lots of pics of naked guys, cocks mostly and a personals section, some feeds to videos, and other stuff, I think.

    Mainly a contact site, sort of. Pictures of guys with profiles from all over the States plus an international section too. Not a lot in some of the regions, but hell, some if better than none.

    If you are a bit of an exhibitionist, you can submit your own picture as well. Most of the pictures do seem to be of amateurs, despite the surrounding advertising.

  • Huge Muscle Man

    Huge Muscle Man

    Woof! What a hot muscle man. Can you imagine this strapping, furry mountain of muscle towering over you while you're down on your knees servicing his cock? I sure can. This is Dave Stone and he's the latest mature man to stop by Men Over 30 to show off his beautiful body. And this 45-year-old muscle man proves that life is just getting started after 40. Dave's arms are the size of footballs and covered in tattoos. When he takes off his shirt, we see the ink continues on his sides. Dave's hard pecs are covered with hair and they look hot. He loves twisting his nipples and as they get excited, they swell to the size of pencil erasers. They're fucking amazing. His cock also responds to the nipple teasing. His dick is deliciously thick, but comfortably average in length. When Dave is finished posing for the camera, he lies back on the bed. Flexing his bicep, he uses his free hand to pump his hard cock. What a fine hunk of man, you're going to enjoy watching him show off.

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  • Sex in a Suit


    Sometimes a porn shoot doesn't go the way you'd expect it to. Men at Play asked hunky Ludovic what he fantasized his first scene would be like. He said he wanted to be fuckedrough and messy. That sounded so good to the crew that they decided to let him go for it without a script. They gave him Kazakh to play with and told him to go for it. Ludovic started out by telling Kazakh to suck him, and for a few minutes that's how it went. But Kazakh isn't very good at doing what he's told, so after those few minutes, he took over and fucked Ludovic - still in his suit - till his ass was raw!

  • Bulk Male



    Okay, you ready for some beefy men? I do mean beefy by the way.

    This blog styled site deals with men who aren't what you would call typical model material. They are men with bellies, like me and yes, we do have our fans. Hey I am married so obviously, but these are definitely not your sleek looking guy site.

    There is contests, some interesting articles relating to leather, BDSM, and more. Chat options too, plus some limited galleries of various men who fit the site category.

    Also a personals section is available, requires registration though.