• 19 Year Old Boy with a 9 Inch Cock


    Connor is FratMen's latest find. He's from the Virgin Islands and is currently majorning in Culinary Arts at a southern university. He usually spends his summers working as a deck hand on his dad's boat, but it appears that Connor has found a new way to make some spending money - getting naked for FratMen! This absolutely gorgeous 19 year old has washboard abs, dark bedroom eyes, a boyish look and a 9 inch cock. Yes, you read that right - Connor sports a genuine 9 inch piece of meat between his legs that contrasts well with his innocent looks.

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  • Hairy Canadian Cowboy

    Hairy Older Man

    Brando is a hairy Canadian cowboy who hails from Vancouver. He's a cowboy at heart, but a pig to the core. And this good-looking older man has no trouble finding other pigs to share in the feast. Look at those sexy eyes. They have a way of holding you in their stare. When this guy wants you, I'm sure you're going to feel it. Brando is 41 years old and he's wearing a salt 'n pepper goatee with sideburns that follow his jawline and ascend up the side of his face. He's muscular and solid with a very hairy torso. And check out his forearms, they're really hairy - what a turn-on. And Brando has a cute ass, too. Before settling back on the couch for a jack off session, Brando bends over and spreads those tight butt cheeks. Exposing his hairy, pink fuck hole, he lets us know what he's after. And if you like mushroom head cocks, you'll want to check out Brando. His cock head is beautifully plump, planted at the end of his shaft like a big nob. And when he shoots, watch out! He shoots a jet of cum clear across to his torso, landing on his side and dribbling down towards the couch.

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  • Latin Jock Gonzalo


    Say hello to Gonzalo! He's brand new on the scene and is raising some serious attention in the gay adult world. Not to mention raising a few other things. Ahem. Namely....me. He's 19 years old, hung and uncut, and as you can see for yourself, cute as hell. Let's take a little tour as Gonzalo sits back and shows off his fantastic physique and manhood.

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  • Way Big



    Not a gold mine, but some interesting pictures from commercial sites. Has some good photos, a few sort of reviews about the sites listed, but there are lots of them too.

    How honest are they? Couldn't tell you, I just looked at all the pictures that promoted the various videos and sites rather than reading what it said.

    Worth a quick peek if you searching for something to sort of get into the mood.

  • First-Time Fuck

    First Time Fuck

    It was only a couple of weeks ago that long-haired Jared fucked his first guy. Now, this week at Corbin Fisher, Jared is already losing his cherry in a little guy-on-guy fucking. Wow! He's moving through his gay sex education pretty quickly. Jared was understandably nervous, but Corbin Fisher paired him up with Derek, who is pretty skilled at breaking in fresh bottoms. Derek really takes his time at warming Derek up and the foreplay is pretty hot. The guys kiss deeply and passionately, and Derek works Jared's fuck hole gently with his fingers and tongue. He was really sensitive about making sure that Jared's first time fuck was going to be memorable in a good way, and it's so hot to watch. Derek slowly slides his cock inside of Derek, giving the long-haired stud time to adjust to every inch of cock. Gradually, Derek begins to speed up and pretty soon, he's pumping fast and deep, and pushing Jared pretty close to the edge. The looks on Jared's face are pretty amazing. He goes from uncertainty through a little discomfort to full-fledged ecstasy as his new fuck buddy pounds his hole. With Derek's cock buried deep inside of him, Jared blasts off a beautiful load of cum all over his belly. And judging by the size of that load, he enjoyed himself.

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  • Fuckable Black Muscle Man


    Chuck Basher from Manifest Men is one gorgeous piece of rock-hard black muscle, and I must admit that I'd love to fuck his undoubtedly firm, well-muscled ass long and hard!

  • Hot Barebacking


    Hot Barebacking supplied some GREAT bareback action content here for us. Joey nabbed himself a sweet latin bottom-boy named Mitchell and lays it to him good. This latin honey gets right down to business and hops right onto Joey's big fuck stick. They start on the bed, but soon cums the desire to get that cock as deep as possible inside that luscious brown hole. We all know there's nothing like a sling to help those deep penetrating fuck sessions.

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  • Mukki



    I took a wrong turn somewhere, but hey like that is nothing new for me.

    I think this is a German site, as it isn't in English but there are some interesting photographs displayed on the page, including a scrolling column of various photographs. Not nudes, but certainly worth a click or two.

    This could be a contact site, but as I don't speak the language, not sure. There are profile type looking pages, along with some of the pics.

    So for some eye candy of a different sort, this is as good as any, even if you don't understand the text.

  • The Death of DRM in Porn Sites?


    Corbin Fisher drops DRM

    You may be aware of DRM. It stands for Digital Rights Management, and it theoretically protects membership site content from being stolen and used on other sites. You may have encountered it in porn sites before. Movies protected by DRM cannot be watched without your Media Player acquiring a license, and usually you need to input your username and password again, wait a few seconds and click a play button in the middle of your player.

    Well, lately some of the most high quality sites that use DRM have been dropping it. First it was Corbin Fisher that announced their site would no longer use DRM. They also wanted to make sure that potential members realize that any movies they download are theirs to keep - as it says on their join page "DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS are viewable after membership expires".

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  • A Bottom Goes Top!


    How's THIS for a closeup? The cock in the pic belongs to Zack. Zack has been a Chaos Men regular for a while, but somehow although he's a very versatile guy, Zack's been pulling bottom duty for straight first timers for a while now. Since he's an excellent and powerful top with a big dick and a taste for anal sex, it was past time that Zack got to do some fucking.

    Saber came to Chaos Men to help take on the straight boys, too - and does he ever love to get fucked! He hasn't been with Chaos Men for that long, but since this horny bottom has a hungry hole, he was the perfect guy to take on Zack.

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