• Hard College Fuck


    Anthony is a tall, quiet 21 year old senior who does porn to help pay his tuition. Kyle's a 22 year old "bad boy" who's the life of every party, loves to crack jokes and can't get enough sex. He's got a girlfriend, but that doesn't slow this bisexual college boy down! College Dudes 24/7 paired these two together, and at first I wondered if this would work - but it sure does. Kyle can't get enough of Anthony - he loved eating his ass and then things got even hotter!

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  • Masked Sex


    Theo is a porn fan, and his favorite site is Maskurbate, so when he got the chance to put on a mask of his own and get fucked, he couldn't wait. Chris is a straight guy who let himself get a little wild in front of a camera since he felt being masked kept him anonymous. And this time, he got the chance to fuck Theo, and eager bottom. First Theo got to touch Chris' athletic body and suck his cock - the sexual tension was incredible by the time that a masked Chris drove his dick deep into Theo's tight hole and banged him for the camera!

  • Pure Score



    Let's have a little bit of fun here.

    So just how pure and innocent are you really? I mean are you an old hand at sex, or you still not sure what a '˜boner' is? Now you can easily find out, have some fun to see just what a real pervert you are, with this site.

    Now it is funny, asks some rather non gay questions, and is really more for heterosexuals, but hell its fun and the graphics at the end are a scream. I get a carnal score, and I guess that's supposed to mean I ain't no virgin.

    It was good giggle really.

  • Sexy Man with 9-Inch Cock

    9-Inch Cock

    What a hot fucking man! This is Ross Hurston and he stopped by UK Naked Men to give us a peek at his 9-inch cock. You may recognize Ross, he's appeared on Men at Play several times - I love those suited up executives! But this time around, Ross Hurston is dressing down, wearing jeans and a muscle t-shirt. His hard pecs, round shoulders, and big biceps are bulging out of that tight-fitting shirt. And the swooping neckline gives us a nice preview of the hairy chest to come. They sure don't make jeans like they used though. Remember the days when you could see a man's bulge, when you could almost tell whether he was circumcised or not? Ross doesn't show a bulge at all in his jeans, so when he fishes out his 9-inch cock, it's a complete surprise. Ross pumps his cock in his hand and tugs on his foreskin, and in no time at all, his cock is rock hard and sticking straight up in the air. He's got a lovely set of shaved balls, too. And he turns around and leans on a bar stool to give us a good look at his smooth, muscular ass. His ass crack is completely shaved and it has me thinking about running my tongue between that hard ass of his. You're going to want to see more of this sexy man and his 9-inch cock.

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  • Beefy Top Man

    Beefy Man

    Jeremy Matthews is a sexy, beefy man who likes men who know how to kiss long and hard. Ah, a man after my own heart. All the sucking and fucking aside, there's nothing hotter than falling on to a bed and getting tangled up in a long, passionate kissing session. If the guy can't kiss, you can move on to other things. But if he's a good kisser, the foreplay can turn a 20-minute quickie into two hours of sweaty, sensual sex. Jeremy Matthews is the latest man to turn up on Bear Films, and what a hot fucker! He's sporting a sexy beard, hazel eyes, and a short mohawk. And while he's not as hairy as I usually like, he does have a hot, beefy body. From the rear, he's got a great, big man ass, but that'll be strictly off limits because Jeremy is a top. How lucky! Jeremy has a beautiful fat cock with a bulbous cock head, and it's got to feel great plunging into your fuck hole. However, before he makes you ass sing, he's going to make you swallow that fat dick of his and give him a long, slow blowjob. And who would complain about that?

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  • HUGE Fucking Cock!


    Drew Brody is an up-and-cummer. He's just started a career in porn, but as you can see, Drew has all the qualifications he needs - all 11 inches of them. Not only does he have one of THE biggest dicks ever seen - Drew is also a super nice guy. While he's done a couple videos, they aren't released yet, but SportLads knows a good thing when they see one so they went ahead and shot a video and these pics so we wouldn't have to wait to see Drew.

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  • Men In Rope



    A free site, dealing with bondage, but specifically, about Rope. I have a strange feeling that somehow Rope is a turn on for many. There are lots of galleries and a rather unique way of displaying the photos.

    I am not a fan of being tied up, find it too restrictive for my thrashing around, but then again, I am a wusse at times. Certainly wouldn't cut it with any of these dudes though, as I have enough trouble tying my shoelaces right, never mind some of the knots these guys are proficient at.

    After reading the '˜first aid' advice, and the list of contents for a practical emergency kit, I don't think I'll be playing this game anytime soon. I mean burn spray? Sterile eye patch?

    Nah, I'll stick to chasing the wife the old fashioned way, him running, me on a scooter chasing.

  • 2 First Timers


    Ah, I can't get enough of those porn first-timers - and neither can Buzz West. Meet Brady and Vince, two straight guys Buzz found who both needed money and decided they'd try sex with another guy. You can see in the first pic that they're both a little nervous and uncomfortable with close contact with another guy - even while they still had their pants on. Look at those sheepish grins! Vince kept kidding around, doing impressions, but hard dicks don't lie...

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  • Beefy Straight Guy

    Beefy Straight Guy

    I discovered Buk Buddies about a month ago and I'm a big fan. Packed full of real amateur straight guys pounding their pud for the camera, this site sizzles. This is Trevor, he's 26 years and stands a whopping 6'3". Weighing in at 205 pounds, he sure is a hot beefy guy. The first thing I noticed is how cleanly shaved his balls and butt hole are. And it always amazes me that more and more straight guys are tending towards genital grooming. Nothing turns me off more than an unruly bush or really hairy balls. In fact, I generally prefer my men to keep their balls and fuck holes shaved smooth, it just feels better on my tongue - and I imagine my tongue feels better on them. In this series, Trevor is sitting back on a leather sofa, he feet are propped up on a glass coffee table, so we get a nice view of his butt hole. As he pumps his cock in his hand, his dick swells to a respectable size. He massages his fuck hole while he jacks off. And then, when this beefy straight guy is ready to explode, he dumps his load all over that glass top - hot pool of creamy cum just waiting for a clean-up.

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  • Healthy Strokes



    Do you whack off while facing the bed, lying down on it and rubbing until you cum?

    Wonder why you have less actual sex?

    You could have TMS, and I kid you not. Seems that if you like to jerk off, by rubbing yourself on a bed or such in a prone position, you can harm that wee pecker which in turn can lead to not having much of a sex drive.

    Hey they did a study on it, and this place seems to have all the facts too.

    Plus, there happens to be a masturbation survey as well, not that could be an interesting way to spend a few minutes online, once you realize jerking off isn't about just humping the mattress.

  • Jackin World



    Oh Lordy, where do I find these sites?

    Well by surfing of course, but here is a good one, for those who just aren't too sure how to properly stroke their meat. I am serious, a site dedicated to masturbation that isn't adult or loaded with distractions, like cute guys in the buff.

    Still there are some cartoons, and serious information on the right ways to masturbate. I mind did you know that there is also a '˜masturbation addiction'? I sure as hell didn't, as I just thought it was being horny.

    However, this is an information site, not a jerk off site, and for those who want some answers, about how to do it right, how to feel about it, and other stuff, well, this site has some rather matter of fact answers.

    Hey there are diagrams too!

  • Big Fat Cock

    Big Fat Cock

    Do you think that a cock can ever be too big? Harry's big fat cock certainly begs the question. I remember travelling on business once and I hooked up with this guy online. He came over to my hotel room, and when he slid off his pants, a 9-inch cock flopped out. Now initially the cock sucker in me was in seventh heaven. But as the old adage goes, my eyes were bigger than my belly. What looks hot in principle doesn't necessarily fit very well in certain orifices. While I had no problem sucking this big, black cock, it was an effort to cram that monster up my ass. It took about 10 minutes before I was ready for a pounding, and even then .... Harry here is one of the most popular guys to shed his clothes for UK Naked Men. Aside from his good looks, I'm betting that his big fat cock is what's appealing to most surfers. But look at that fucking thing. Can you imagine trying to inch that monster cock into your fuck hole? It's so fat and thick, it'd likely split you in two. It sure is hot to fantasy about, but when it comes right down to it, I think I'll take a comfortably average cock any day. But in the meantime, I can certainly fantasize about Harry's big cock hanging out of that kilt. Now that is an awesome sight!

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  • It Gets the Blood Flowing


    Experienced pornster Kobe brought a friend to do a porn shoot for Jeremy Roddick. His friend, Joe, had never done any kind of porn before but was ready, willing and able to try it. Kobe and Joe decided to warm up for their shoot by going for a run. Once they were hot and sweaty, it was time to do their shoot - and looks like some exercise got things off to a great start. Kobe's cock was rock hard and standing at attention by the time that Joe started sucking on it, and it stayed hard as Kobe slid his dick into Joe's hole and gave him his first fuck on camera. In fact, Kobe gives Joe's hungry ass a serious pounding - looks like Joe had a great time at his first shoot!

  • Stray Pup



    No this isn't an animal site, well not the four legged kind anyhow. It is rather a contact site for those seeking all sorts of interesting things, from one night stands, to weekend flings, and hell, maybe more too.

    I should mention, its not for those looking for Vanilla Sex either, but rather those who are uh, seeking some dominating experiences in their life.

    There is a forum, a chat room, and it is well worth the effort to read the rules before you go posting your profile. I ain't even gonna touch the '˜slave market' option, but for those into it, hey, good begging.

  • Big Sausage Supper



    Not like I could make up a name like this one. Mind you, it is original, and who doesn't like dining on some nice huge fat sausage? Specially when served raw and ready for' well never mind, that might spoil your fun when go visiting this blog styled site.

    It is about huge well build men, and the equipment they sport. Like nothing tiny here, or dainty either. Just some rather well muscled men, strutting their stuff with the odd comment or two thrown in.

    Basically it's pictures, that let you imagine what you will and some videos too, for those who like motion added to their fantasy thinking.