• Freeze Moon



    They say that videos are the future in adult entertainment. I don't know, but after checking out this site, I'll settle for more of this than some of the video's I have watched lately.

    I mean I like sex, but what you get in most videos sure is what I'd call crap. It leaves nothing to the imagination, and frankly just isn't very good. I mean if I pulled that kind of shit with a date, I'd get tossed out of bed. Now Freeze Moon isn't a video, it's a Hentai Cartoon site, and the opening is damn good.

    You do need Flash but most browsers have it. The other stuff isn't so hot, other than the galleries. Now there are some mighty fine drawings, mostly with a leather theme to it that is just, well, damn arousing. It gets the mind thinking, the possibilities flashing in the old noggin, that well, might not get a hard on but sure could.

    To say they are suggestive is an understatement, but you know, its damn entertaining. Want something different too.

  • Jail Fuck


    Who hasn't had a jail fantasy? Jail - the way we see it in the movies - is an all-male environment full of sexually frustrated men who have to get it anyway they can. And the photographer from UK Naked Men obviously shares that fantasy! When Matt and Gift share a smoke in their cells, things get out of hand. Gift, whose big black cock is definitely gigantic, takes his white cell mate and gives him the fucking of a lifetime!

  • Man in Suit Jacking Off

    Naked Man in Suit

    Ross is working late at the office and he's all alone. He eyes the photocopier and decides to see how his 9-inch cock turns out. Ross is a good-looking man with a goatee and sideburns. Ross slides off his trousers and hops up on the photocopier's scanning bed. And then, he starts unbuttoning his shirt and loosening his tie. He's got a hot, hairy chest. His muscular and hairy thighs bulge out of his Diesel underwear briefs, and the glare from the photocopier casts shadows on his six pack abs. Ross slips out of his underwear, and his cock is amazing - 9 inches long, and he's sporting a tight set of bull balls. Ross leans back against the wall and tweaks his nipple, making his cock rock hard. He bends on leg and lifts his butt cheek, giving the photocopier a perfect scan of his tight fuck hole. Ross fingers his butt hole and takes a few scans of his finger fucking session. I'd love to see how these scans turned out and I sure hope Ross didn't leave them around for the boss to find.

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  • AB Gender



    Stepping out of the closet is an eye opener, but there is so much about Being Gay or whatever, that it is hard to find information, thankfully there is the Internet.

    Now did you ever wonder about cross dressers and trannies?

    I mean where do they shop, or how do some guys, when they get dressed up as a woman, look so friggin hot?

    Here is one place, where you can get fake boobies, and information on how to get rid of all that male hair we seem to all have. Unless of course you naturally bald or hairless like some twink.

    Certainly gave me some thoughts to ponder.

  • Hungry for Cock


    Phenix Saint is an aspiring pornstar who's very serious about his career and his fans. He takes all suggestions but one - so far, no one has convinced him to bottom in a video. When Phenix heard on his My Space from a guy called Mason, the two started to talk, and they had a lot to talk about. Mason is also in gay porn - he's about the best bottom around, so after the two exhanged several emails, what happened was inevititable. They decided to do a shoot for Mike Hancock.

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  • Smooth Muscle Guy

    Smooth Muscle Guy

    Ricky M. is a 22-year-old fireman from Vancouver. And yes, several times a week he gets stopped on the street for an autograph. So maybe Ricky Martin isn't gay, as the rumours suggest, maybe it's his Vancouver alter ego running around town stirring up the gossip machine. This Ricky M is making his debut on Next Door Male. He says that he hadn't been very sexually active, mostly due to a strict upbringing, but is now that he's out on his own, he's opening himself up to try new, fun experiences. He's good looking with a rock-solid body - he's a beautiful, smooth muscle guy. And wait until you see his ass, it's beautiful - firm, round, tanned, two perfectly shaped globes of flesh just waiting to be grabbed. And his cock is pretty tempting, too. When he's hard his cock is sticking straight up in the air. He's sporting about 8 inch and he's foreskinned, too. Ricky M. doesn't have much in the balls department, but that doesn't stop his from shooting a thick, creamy load all over his smooth belly. You're going to enjoy watching him getting started on his glassed balcony, and pumping his cock ready; then he moves inside for a shower, and then, for the grand finale, sitting on the hardwood floor and jacking off a nice load for us.


  • Amateur Hunk of Man


    Gabe from Varsity Men is a mouthwatering hunk with a lean, althletic body and enough muscle to make you drool. Those bedroom eyes that say "Let's fuck!" - or is that just wishful thinking? His dark hair and full lips (perfect to wrap around a cock!). And then that bod with those bulging arms and defined abs. And did I forget to mention that big cock? Well, let me mention it now. It looks like a very big mouthful. However you look at him, Gabe is one hot man!

  • Blonde Jock

    Blonde Jock

    I recently discovered a new straight jock site. Well, it's not completely new, just new to me. I remember seeing it about a year ago, but never went back to it until a couple of weeks ago. Buk Buddies is a straight amateur jock site, and it's fucking hot. Blonde jock Cody is just one of the guys you'll find there. Cody is a hot fucking guy. He's got this straight, masculine air to him, and yet, he's willing to hoist a basketball with his feet and show off his tight butt hole. I'm not usually into blondes, let alone blonde jocks, but sometimes I see a guy like Cody and I get all churned up inside. I would totally love to do this guy. He doesn't have to do anything, just lie there and let me worship his cock. Perhaps if I'm lucky, he'd roll over and let me eat out his ass, making him feel so good until his head is about ready to cave in. But the question is: how would you get a guy like Cody back to your place? Can you imagine him hanging out in a bar with all his straight buddies? Maybe you could follow him into the bathroom and risk a pop in the nose. Maybe convince him to meet you down the road after he ditches his buddies back at the bar. This 26-year-old blonde jock has a rock-solid body and he'd definitely be worth the effort.


  • People With A History



    Ever wonder about Gay History?

    I mean most of us know about Stonewall, but how about the ancient Egyptian spell for a man to gain a male lover? I kid you not, there is a spell, used to get yourself a male lover.

    Kind of makes you wonder, if that'll work today?

    There is lots of little factoids at this site too, not just about the ancients but a rather different history of life. Certainly interesting to note, that while only for maybe 30 odd years being gay is accepted in modern society, we been around a long time.

    Seems that Gay Rights isn't exactly new either, so worth a read if you into history and all that stuff to make you a contestant on Jeopardy.

  • Gay Naturists International



    So do you like to parade around nude?

    Well this site is just for you, as it is about those who love the freedom of being au naturel, as intended, or so some say. Point is, this is about nudists, who prefer to be sans clothes when they are doing whatever. No, not just when you are having sex, but for the day to day chores like house cleaning, or maybe have a few friend over for a friendly game of cribbage, where everyone has nothing to hide, cause everyone is naked.

    Being a nudists is about enjoying the freedom from the restrictions of clothing, and this site gives you loads of information on various clubs and activities available. It's not a hook up site, but about being totally carefree.

  • Marc Anthony


    Initially a stripper in London gay bars, Marc Anthony became a gay porn star with Kristen Bjorn video, where he appeared in the now classic nautical-themed series that included Isle of Men and Anchor Hotel. An Aiden Shaw lookalike, Marc has battled addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex and spent time in prison over possession of GHB and running over a policemen. HIV-positive since 1996, Marc recently completed a great gallery with UK Naked Men.

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  • Nude Boxing Jock

    Boxing Jock

    What a hot guy! This is Chris and isn't he a vision of loveliness. Makes you want to get down on your knees and stick your tongue between those beefy, hairy thighs. It's unusual to see jocks like this sporting a full beard, but I'm glad Chris decided to grow one. It suits him very nicely. I love his confidence as he stares into the camera. I do tend to be an ass and legs man, so it's no surprise that this jock's lower quarters turn me on. And although we don't see a lot of it, Chris does have an amazing ass - round, firm and smooth, the kind you want to spread with your hands and explore with your tongue. Chris is featured in a solo jack off session on The Guy Site. When he starts off, he's wearing a baggy t-shirt and jeans, and you have no idea that he's got such a solid and hairy body. He strips down to his red underwear briefs - and they're very brief. And once he gets his soft cock in his hand, it's not more than a minute or so before he's produce a raging hard-on. As for the rest, you'll want to check it out for yourself.


  • UK Lads at Play


    20 year old Kai from English Lads works for a butcher so he knows a good piece of meat when he sees one. He's heard a lot about Matt's endowment and can't wait to get to it. Matt's a little more reserved - he still says he's straight - but he's also horny and seems to like cock a lot more than your average straight lad. The two of them explore each other through their pants before they get down to business!

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  • Homopunk



    Okay here is definitely something different and off the wall.

    Not your typical porn either, though going through some of the pictures, you can't help but get a little bit aroused. Okay, maybe a lot if these guys are your thing, but what is different is simply how they are presented.

    Guys in tutu's, painted pink, wearing bunny ears, and a whole bunch of other rather outrageous outfits. Some have their dicks hanging out, some just tenting the shorts, or wearing the spandex you will never see me wearing.

    It's good for a giggle or two, and other stuff too.

  • Muscle Men Fucking

    Muscle Men Fucking

    Luc and Scott are a couple of muscle men getting it on over at Varsity Men. I have to say that for about the past year or so now, I've really been digging the muscle jock type of man. I never used to, but the more I poke around the Net, the more I'm liking them. I think it's because I started working out myself, and although my body is far from where I'd like it to be, I'm gaining an appreciation for how beautiful the male body can look. That's Luke's round ass getting rimming by his buddy Scott. His butt cheeks are so beautifully round and firm, and I love the way his butt cheeks spread wide and exposed that hungry fuck hole of his. And Scott's loving it, too, and lapping it up with his tongue. But that's just the beginning because Scott is going to hoist his legs and deep-throat Luc's big uncut cock with his own ass.

    Muscle Men Fucking

    But first, Scott is going to get down on his knees and slurp back some of Luc's cock. This picture shows of Luc's strong upper body so well - look at those shoulders and arms. And when Luc has had his fill of Scott's mouth, he's going to fuck Scott's ass, eventually dumping his load all over Scott's firm abs.

    Muscle Men Fucking