• Red Hot Fucking


    Tristan is a wild guy with no inhibitions, an overactive libido and plenty of energy. When he is paired with Alex by the guys at Blake Mason, things got off to a hot start. The guys were so hot for each other that the director didn't have to tell them a thing - he just led them to a bed and let them go at each other. Alex grabbed Tristan's cock and started to jerk it and Tristan reciprocated by rimming Alex till his ass and dick were throbbing. And while Alex is usually a superstud top, the intensity and chemistry during this shoot with Tristan made him eager to bottom. He loved every stroke as his hungry ass was slammed and penetrated again and again and this session was as much passionate lovemaking as it was wild and crazy fucking!

  • Twink Underwear Play


    I was checking out the new talent at English Lads when I realized there was something I hadn't noticed before - most of the pic sets show the lads playing in their underwear. Now, I don't know about you but the sight of a cute twink rubbing his cock through his briefs turns me on. A lot. I'm happy when instead of ripping off his clothes and going at it, the model spends some time with his cock caressed by his briefs, his hands stroking his hardening shaft through the fabric. Maybe I have an underwear fetish, but nothing is quite as erotic as a 19 year old wearing his briefs.

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  • Big, Ripped and Horny


    With his muscular, ripped and hard body, Vin Marco is a bodybuilder's bodybuilder. He's got the kind of muscle that you'd love to worship. He and his partner have their own site, Manifest Men, featuring the hottest most muscular men on the web. But even though the other models there are fucking incredible, Vin is my favorite. He seems born to be in front of a camera naked. He's confident and seems very comfortable showing off his muscles and cock, and you can see he just loves jacking off after posing! I suspect that showing off that massive hard physique of his makes him horny. I know that watching him makes me horny ;)

  • Dildo Fucking

    Dildo Fucking

    Adriano is a straight Brazilian guy that is dildo fucking his ass at Bang Bang Boys. The photographer says that Adriano was very shy at first. Adriano is a little guy, standing 5'7", and he loves to play basketball. He has a hot swimmers body and an amazing little butt. When you first meet him he comes across as a bad boy, but then, when you pull out a dildo, he gets all shy. But with a little convincing, and an iPod from the photographer, Adriano agreed to shove a dildo up his ass for the first time. He's wearing nothing but a jock strap. He lifts his legs a little and starts edging the spit-lubed dildo into his fuck hole. Adriano has a hairy butt hole and it looks pretty delicious. Adriano has done some jack off sessions with some of the other Bang Bang Boys, and he's even sucked some cock and fucked some ass. But this is the first time this straight guy has had anything but his doctor's finger up his ass. And I think he's a little surprised that he enjoyed it so much. And judging by the load he shot up his chest, Adriano will be dildo fucking his ass again - maybe he'll even try the real thing. We'll have to keep watching his videos to see how he progresses.

  • Erotic Comic Books - Art of Mike


    Class Comics is proof that erotic comics and comic book art are alive and sexy. They are adding a new comic to their prestigious Portfolio series called The Art of Mike. Mike's men are gorgeous, well hung and horny. They're done in a variety of styles from realistic to classic cartoon style and both the cover and interior pages are done in full color. They're also beautifully created and colored pieces of erotic art that will make a great gift.

    Class Comics is proud to add The Art of Mike to their existing lineup and know that this book will satisfy true collectors of male erotic art everywhere.

  • Trey Casteel


    More fun and games at Jake's place as Trey Casteel goes from a surly porn star (right) to the smiling Trey whenever he drops by. Trey and Blu have even done a gallery together at Jake's - that's Trey putting a smile on Blu's face, above. No wonder Trey's happy at Jake's: he's said that he hates topping in porn films as it's damn tough to keep his cock hard over an eight hour shoot.

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  • Turtle Cove Resort and Spa



    Always been a dream, to go down under (no not some hot twink either) to visit the country cousins from Australia. I mean its like the unexplored wilderness, and this place only makes me want to go there, even more.

    Naked resorts, with all them hot Aussie Guys without a stitch on? Oh yeah baby, talk about some hot dreams. This is a place to maybe put on the list of where to go, and stay while trekking down under.

    Rates, tours, and some excellent scenery are all detailed in this one site. Wouldn't mind doing some body painting, or visiting Mardi Gras. The pictures on the site certainly make me interested.

  • AussieBum



    AussieBum's technicolor undies and hyper gay bathers may not be for you (a friend of mine says they remind him of Astro Boy) but a browse through their excellent website is as man-horny as a summer's day at Bondi Beach.

    Essentially an online mail-order catalogue, each garment is presented by a member of AussieBum's troupe of life-guard style male models, who frolic on Sydney beaches, forage meaningfully around rugged Australian national parks and lift weights at the gym while stripped to the waist and with their packages arranged just so to best show off the company wares. These beautifully shot photos are what make the site a standout, and even the main index page, where items are pictured under categories such as Classic WonderJock, Seven Deadly Sins and Dreamtime is enough to fire the imagination.

  • Blake Nolan

    Blake Nolan

    Blake Nolan is one of my favourite porn stars. He's such a handsome man and masculine man. I just love his eyes. These poses where he's staring down at the camera really turn me on because, well, I'd love to be sucking his cock. His body is simply hairy perfection, there's no other way of putting it. He's got a massive chest with hard hairy pecs. And his dick is a cock sucker's dream come true -- long with a deliciously plump cock head. This photo set was shot during the making of the Raging Stallion video Lords of the Jungle where Blake Nolan does a lot of fucking. And if I can't suck his cock, I'll be happy to watch him fuck ass. Pumping that hard muscular body into a man's butt -- fuck, it just doesn't get any hotter than that. You can see Blake Nolan in this photo set at Hairy Boyz where he's also available in a number of videos and action galleries.

  • It Takes a Man to Give a Real Blowjob


    Andres is a bicycle courier and all that bicycling has given him a hard, lean body. Andres has always heard that a man really knows how to give a blowjob much better than a woman, and he's always wanted to try it. Finally he got his nerve up and contacted the folks at New York Straight Men and they set him up with Timmy, cocksucker supreme. Timmy took one look at this nervous latin man and went right for his zipper. And as soon as Timmy had Andres' dick out, he went to work sucking it and showing just how well an experienced guy can do oral. I can't say that Andres lost all his nervousness, but he did manage to let his libido take over and kept his rod hard as Timmy slurped and licked and sucked him and showed him just how good it can get!

  • Blu Kennedy


    Blu Kennedy drops his stage surname while relaxing with buddies as plain-old "Blu" in Jake Cruise's games room, where he's a happy regular (above left). Meanwhile, when not (usually) bottoming in serious features for Titan, Michael Lucas and Falcon, Blu can be seen as "Ben" on his word-light Big Muscle profile.

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  • College Roommates


    Looks like Douglas gets a hell of a study break as this horny college boy gets a face ride from his roommate, Thomas. Thomas' tongue flicks and licks at Douglas' balls and then he uses his warm, wet mouth to lubricate and stimulate his roommate's tight asshole. Looks like both of these cute twinks are having a very good time doing this shoot for High Def Gay Sex - and I'm having a great time watching them :)

  • Hairy Man Bondage

    Hairy Man Bondage

    I wonder what the neighbours thought of this one. Jason is up on the roof with his Master and they're doing a rope bondage scene. Jason is hot, hairy bear and he loves the lack of control he feels when he's tied up. He put on his rubber tank top and a pair of leather chaps, and with his collar around his neck, he gets on his knees and submits to his daddy. And his Master gets to work subduing him with his fancy ropework. It's an intricate mess of knots, tangles, and criss-crosses, but it's not haphazard - in and of itself, it's a work of art. Jason is gagged with a bandana, too, his Master doesn't like to be disturbed when he's working his craft. They're playing on the roof of a downtown Toronto apartment building and I just have to wonder what the balcony dwellers surrounding them must have thought when they spied this scene unfolding. When the Master is finished securing Jason, he lashes him to a wall ladder and leaves him hanging there.

  • Lurid Digs



    Horrifying gay amateur interiors are the target of Lurid Digs' self-proclaimed "snooty panel" of sharp-tongued commentators, who dissect the interior d├ęcor of nude gay self portraits posted on the internet with merciless, learned abandon.

    The pics unearthed by the site are hilarious enough; the comments Lurid Digs attaches to them are priceless. Incongruous visual cues such as teddy bears and candelabra are zeroed in on for one snappy joke after the next, and while one guy's hard-on is being compared to the vertical patterns in his wallpaper in one area of the site, elsewhere a panel-member is speculating that Norman Bates' mother appears to be lurking in a mock-Sarcophagus.

    Hours of laughs.

  • Man in a Mask


    There's something about a man wearing a mask... Even though masks don't really hide all of your face, your hair or your body, there's a feeling of anonymity about them. I mean, if you saw your brother, best friend or your boss in a mask, you'd still know who he was. But even so, whenever I see a masked man, I feel a tinge of horniness - almost taboo. Part of me thinks "Who is this man - what does he really look like?" A man in a mask feels like he can do anything, live out any fantasy without fear of recognition. No one will know it was him. He can get naked on camera and jack off and shoot his load without worrying if his neighbor or the guys at the gym will recognize him. In fact, the hot guy in these pics from Maskurbate could be one of your neighbors - and you'd never know!