• Dean


    Men At Play says that Dean "has a sexy smoldering style that stems from his Mediterranean roots. And he knows how to turn it on to get us all begging for more." Showing off his ancestral pride on BigMuscle by giving himself the profile name "supergreek" (See Dean's BigMuscle profile), Dean can be also be found acting like a Maenad in innumerable studio titles such as Falcon's Bang Bang.

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  • Mark Simpson



    Mark Simpson is the pioneering Brit firebrand who once edited a book called Anti-Gay and who coined the term metrosexual over a decade ago. Simpson's critical eye falls mainly on pop culture, and his blog is jam-packed with essays on the Gay Bomb, Princess Diana, and TV's Big Brother.

    Simpson's politics are not for everyone. He routinely puts the boot into mainstream gay culture and sometimes-strident gay politics, things he despises, and follows the Jean Genet model of homosexuality as a private, subversive thing that automatically resists gentrification. His strong writing and clear-logic thinking, however, are top class and hard to ignore.

    And there's the regular pics of football players and models wearing little or no clothes.

  • Their First Hardcore Porn Shoot


    Alex and Jake are pretty much new to porn. Each one has done a solo jackoff video but no more but they both wanted to do another guy on video. Alex was waiting at the Blake Mason studio and when he saw Jake's pic, he got really excited. Seems he liked what he saw because he was all over Jake as soon as he arrived - and Jason was happy to reciprocate. After some serious kissing and feeling each other's hardening cocks, the guys started tasting, licking and playing with each others' bodies. Alex rimmed Jake for a while and then these two horny UK lads fucked each other crazy!

  • Toe Sucking

    Toe Sucking

    Paul is one of the straight men who stops by regularly at New York Straight Men. He's been by a couple of times now, once for his first blowjob from another man since a wild, college frat party; and a second time to fuck another guy's ass. This time he's back for a full service session. Jeremy gets down on the floor and takes Paul's socks off. And then his licks and sucks Paul's toes. Jeremy's got a foot fetish, and so does Paul actually, but he rarely finds anyone willing to do a little toe sucking. He loves the feeling of the warm tongue on the soles of his feet. Once Jeremy gets Paul really excited he sucks this straight man's cock. And after Paul is satisfied he bends Jeremy over and fucks his ass. When he's popped his load he helps Jeremy cum, too. Jeremy his lying back on the floor pounding his meat in his feet and Paul is rubbing his feet along Jeremy's balls. I have a feeling this straight man isn't so straight and he'll be back for more.

  • Tattooed Guy

    Tattooed Guy

    Eddie is a mechanic and a student. And he's covered in tattoos. I love the contradictions in his look - on the one hand he's very cute, but on the other, his tattoos and piercings give him a bad boy look. His arms are sleeved in ink and he's got more tattoos across his chest, on his leg, and one above his navel that says "Destroy." Good or bad boy, I love him. He's really fucking hot. Eddie is 24 years old, works at a local auto shop part-time, and goes to school at night to get his full-fledged mechanic's license. Eddie classifies himself as loveable and nice (there's that good boy), but with a hard edge. And he says that he cums at least once a day. After waking up, Eddie slides of his boxers and gives himself a little jerk before going in the bathroom to pose and pump his muscles. He really shows us what he's got. But for the grande finale, this tattooed guy goes outside and strips naked. Lying on a blanket in the morning sun, Eddie jacks his cock and creams himself with a thick load.

  • Who Wouldn't Want To?


    Johnny Castle from Manifest Men has an incredible mouthwatering muscular body. He's lean, he's ripped and his cock is at the ready. He's definitely a fuckable guy - I mean, who wouldn't want to fuck him?

  • College Cock in Action


    Dan is the latest guy at College Dudes 24/7. He's a 20 year old jock with a thick uncut cock who hails from California where he is a full-time student.. Dan's been working out lately and you can see the results - he looks defined and athletic and hot. He considers himself outgoing and friendly, and the guys from College Dudes 24/7 say he's about the horniest guy they ever had in their studio. He really gives that uncircumsized piece of meat a workout in this shoot, that's for sure!

  • Hairy Muscle Cub

    Hairy Muscle Cub

    What a hot-looking, hairy muscle cub. This is Joe and he's just joined the rank and file at UK Naked Men. I love that this site keeps offering us a variety of men. They don't just give us jocks, or smooth guys, or muscle guys, or thirty-something men; UK Naked Men gives us a steady stream of all kinds of hot men. Joe is a 24-year-old Brit and he stands 5'9" and weighs in at 150 pounds. His body is hairy and beefy, and his ass - well there's something to hold onto. He's a hot little fucker with an 8-inch cock. And when he pumps that dick of his hard, he's got a deliciously plump cock head. When Joe jacks off he likes holding onto his tight ball sac and the base of his cock, and then, he slides his other hand up his long pole. And I do love it when he rolls over and gives us a look at that beefy ass of his. Two strong butt cheeks just waiting to be spread, so your tongue can fight its way deep towards his fuck hole. Can you imagine waking up with this stud in your bed every morning. I sure can. It'd make morning seem so much sweeter.

  • Rock around the Cock

    Rock around the cock


    Another blog entry into depicting the beauty of cocks.

    Gotta love that theme, and the pictures certainly tend to spark one's imagination as well as you go through the text descriptions that go with each picture post.

    There are some links to follow if you are of a mind, but if you want to just enjoy some pictures of cocks, well, this entry has some buff looking guys. Its not niche specific, so there are muscle boys, bears too.

    Certainly worth a look for some '˜inspirational thinking'.

  • Blowing Taylor

    Sucking Cock

    Well that didn't take long - Taylor made his debut appearance on Corbin Fisher six updates ago (about three weeks) and already he's back for his first blowjob. Taylor got a tremendous response and there was a ton of e-mail asking to see him in some guy on guy action. Taylor agree to give it a shot and Dave happened to be around. Now Dave is fairly new to Corbin Fisher, too, and he's been back a couple of times - in two blowjobs scenes and an ass fucking flip-flip with one of the other Corbin Fisher studs. Dave is a friendly and easy-going guy, so he seemed to be the perfect one to break Taylor in and giving him his first guy-on-guy blowjob. As Taylor settles back on the bed and puts his hands behind his head, Dave goes to work. This gives us a great view of Taylor's upper body, which is very strong, well-defined, and smooth. Dave's a good cock sucker and Taylor is obvisously enjoying himself, but he looks like trying not to enjoy it too much. But because it's Taylor's first time, Dave is putting everything he's got into it, he wants Taylor to remember this blowjob. And judging by the creamy load of Taylor's belly - he will.

  • Garrett


    When Garrett did his first shoot for Sean Cody he said he was bisexual, single, and "working in the customer service industry". Some months later, when he reappeared on the site to fuck Cameron and then Dylan, he'd apparently "been away for a while taking care of some business". Perhaps he'd been busy appearing in Freshmen Magazine as "Rusty Wood" or working over at Jocks, starring as "Joel Drake" in Longshot, where he played a football star who fucks team-mate Trent Stone in the locker rooms until Stone comes down his own throat.

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  • Troy Punk - Horny and Hairy!


    Pornstar Troy Punk has a lean, furred body and his cock is always hard. He's known to be a real sex pig and has starred in a number of DVDs including an award winning group sex scene in Bolt and in Michael Brandon's Ass Quest # 2. Troy is versatile and just loves to fuck, whether he tops or bottoms or jacks off. And this pic is from a shoot from Hairy Boyz, who got this horny star naked, hard and ready for action - then caught what comes next on camera!

  • Two Subs



    A blog of sorts, about two guys who are submissive males. One is 39, the other is 37 and damn, they ain't bad looking if those are their pics in the opening posts.

    It is from Europe and the posts are in English with Dutch following. You do have to register to see more and read more, but if you are interested, it seems like something to pursue.

    Not much else there, though it may simply be all inside. The login process seems to imply there is more, but I am married, no need for me to go further. I got what I want.

  • Bareback Fucking

    Bareback Fucking

    As Justin flips through the pages of a gay porn magazine he feels his cock stiffen in his jeans. Thinking he's alone, Justin pulls out his big, fat cock for a little jack off session. Little does he know that his room mate, Cole, is standing in the hallway watching. When Justin catches Cole massaging his own crotch, he decides it's time to break in his new room mate with a bareback fucking! Cole gets down on his knees and sucks Justin's cock hard. And then, the top man sits back on the sofa and Cole backs onto his cock. Cole looks like he's never had dick that thick or deep up his ass, but he's enjoying it. And Justin is a top with stamina. These guys fuck on every piece of furniture in the room and in every conceivable position - my favourite is missionary style on the coffee table. Cole is cock-hungry and he wants more and more. And wait until you see the juicy close-ups of Justin's big cock sliding in and out of Cole's fuck hole. And Justin rewards Cole with a big load of cum all over his butt cheeks.

  • British Spanking



    Mostly for women, but if you are into experiencing the pain or pleasure of being whacked, then this forum might fill your need. Not sure if it is strictly a '˜gay' type of site, though there are guys shown.

    You can read some personal experiences, even visit a chat room, as well as look at some pictures and videos. You do have to register, but seems to be Free.

    At best it is Bi-Sexual or Lesbian fodder. So be prepared for some naked female tushies and banners. Also it is more of a site within a site, a forum that is basically split off into various themed sections.