• 13-Inch Cock

    13-Inch Cock

    Wow! What a cock! Now I know that a lot of sites talk about guys having a 13-inch cock, but this guy really does. And man it's a whopper. But I always wonder about guys with monster cocks like this. In my travels as a gay man over the last 25 years of having sex, I've noticed that a lot of gay men just can't suck cock. A lot can, but I've gotten many more lousy blowjobs than good ones. And I don't have a big cock, so if gay men can't suck an average-sized cock, what the hell are they going to do with 13 inches? And that must be horribly frustrating for Gift, that's the name of the owner of this 13-inch cock. On the one hand he probably has guys falling all over themselves to get close-up and personal with his 13-inch cock, but on the other, how many can actually do anything with it? Still, if you'd like to marvel at this piece of meat and see how big it gets, Gift has just joined the ranks of UK Naked Men. And if you like uncut cocks as well, you're in luck because Gift has a nice piece of foreskin.

  • Hard in Underwear

    martinBerlincasting .jpg

    Martin is an amateur guy from Germany who decided to audition to do a porn video at Berlin Casting. Martin's got looks and a fucking hot body. He's a quiet sort who doesn't say much - he says he prefers actions to words. As you can see, Martin was very turned on at the idea of showing off for the camera. His cock is so hard, even in his underwear, that it looks like it's about to tear those briefs in two like his rod was the incredible Hulk!

  • PinkFinance.com

    pink finance


    A United Kingdom site, or magazine site that is about Finances, with a gay slant to it. Guess that is why its called Pink Finance. Has information on mortgages, on properties and other helpful information for those with a need to spend all that hard earned money. Some good tips inside no matter where you live.

    After all, they do say Gays are a more well heeled group, meaning we have a higher disposable income than some. Wonder where they get that from? Doesn't seem that way when it is time to pay the bills, however if that is true for you, and you are in the UK, check out this online magazine.

    It is in frames, so look for the second drop down navigation to get stuff showing in all that white space.

  • Straight Muscle Guy Sucks Cock

    Straight Guy Sucking

    Well this is a funny twist - yesterday I blogged about muscle man Stewart in Muscle Man Massage. Stewart was apparently hesitant about getting a handjob from another guy on Perfect Guyz because frankly he didn't think that he would get off. So this morning I'm doing my rounds looking for something to blog about and I visit Next Door Buddies and who do I see? Stewart! He's been on Next Door Male before in a solo jack off session. But when I get inside of Next Door Buddies, there's Stewart with a big cock in his mouth. I guess Stewart's gotten over the idea of guys not getting him off pretty quick. In this video muscle man Stewart is the one giving a massage to Phoenix. And when he notices that Phoenix has a hard-on, Stewart offers to suck it. After getting Phoenix good and excited, the two lie on the bed and jack off together. Stewart shoots an amazing flying cumshot.

  • Amandatti Kayella

    Amandatti Kayella


    Okay, hold on, no its not a straight site, but is instead about the one area of gay life that is still more or less being hidden. It is about Transgenderism, and one person's journey through it.

    There are biography links, photos of the progression of change, and personal thoughts as well. It is not the end all on the subject, but maybe it can break down some of the barriers we have on this subject.

    Make no mistake, this isn't for everyone, but if you explore the site, read it, there are some thinks to make you think a little, and maybe ease some of the consternation one has when discussing this subject.

  • Beefy Hairy Bear

    Beefy Hairy Bear

    I've seen Eric before at Bear Films, and this week, he's back for a second look. He's a cute one with a smile that lights up his whole face. And when a hairy bear has a great smile, don't you find yourself saying, "Ahhhhh, he's so cute." Eric is 30, 6'1", and weighs in at 230 pounds. He's sporting a sexy goatee / beard. As he unbuttons his shirt we start to see a very hairy chest, then a big, hairy belly. And finally with his shirt open, silver dollar-sized, dark nipples just waiting to be sucking and chewed. Eric slides down his jeans and gives us a look at his big, beefy ass - two big, totally smooth butt cheeks. There's definitely a lot of cushion for the pushin' there. And Eric likes dominant, hairy men. He loves being down on his knees and servicing a nice piece of daddy cock. Eric sets about getting his cock hard and jacking off a nice load that shoots right up his hairy belly and chest, and even squirts a little onto his face. The boy's got shooting power.

  • Dylan Ricci Photography

    Dylan Ricci


    There is something very sensual about the naked body, when taken by a real photographer. Dylan Ricci is a well known photographer, and this is his virtual gallery. There are many different photographs for viewing as well as for purchasing.

    Some of these photographs are very graphic, in a more artistic sense than someone might be used in their normal travels. Many of these photographs would look great in a frame hanging on a wall. But then that is the idea of this site. To showcase the natural beauty of the Naked Male body.

  • Hot UK Lads


    There's something about UK guys - I think it's the accents. But they are hot and sexy, and Duncan and Brian are no exceptions. These two twinks arrived for their shoot for English Lads hot and horny, and they just can't get enough of each other. After driving each other - and the camera guys - crazy by sucking each others' dicks, Brian climbs on top of Duncan and sits on his rod, letting the hard shaft fill his hungry ass. And the two can't stop kissing each other even as they fuck - talk about passion and heat!

  • Importance of fans

    importance of fans

  • Muscle Man Massage

    Muscle Man

    I always love it when a straight guy starts off his foray into gay sex with a massage, it's such a predictable come-on. Stewart here is a huge bodybuilder who has done a couple of jack off videos for Perfect Guyz and other sites, but he's 100% straight. When Perfect Guyz suggest a massage scene with another guy, Stewart said that he didn't think another guy could get him off. Oh pulleeze ... Mary, you just close your eyes and an fat, ugly, 60-year-old Ukranian woman with a piece of liver in her calloused hands could get you off. Straight guys are so silly sometimes. Perfect Guyz has a regular masseur who is quite skilled at what he does, so they weren't concerned about getting Stewart off. And in fact, as Brent stoked and teased his cock, Stewart had to ask Brent to hold off - he was close to shooting his load and wanted the good sensations to linger. When Stewart was ready to cum, Brent stroked his cock and Stewart let out a surge of cum, and as Brent continued to stroke Stewart's cock, he let loose on a second jet of cum. Two cum shots in one jack off session ... hmmm, what was that you were saying about guys getting you off, Stewart?

  • Art Bear

    Art Bear


    A very different site that is about two bears, and their lives, including the body art that they have. It is also a different navigation style that really does set the site apart. Bit confusing but rather refreshing too. Kind of makes you think just a bit, as you find the pictures and the accompanying text that explains it all.

    The pictures are black and white, each one well described but not full size. Still it is an interesting little change of pace.

  • German Skateboarder

    German Skateboarder

    I recently discovered Berlin Male and it's right up my alley. For as long as I can remember, I've had a fetish for German guys. I'm not sure why because as far as guys go, I'm generally not into blondes. But I'll always stop and take a second look at a German guy. This is Jens and he's a 19-year-old Berliner. And he loves to skateboard and downhill bike. Ah, skateboarders, another of my kinks. Jens is a real cutie. He's lean, mostly smooth with just a touch of hair covering his flat belly. He's sporting a moustache and a thick line of hair following his jawline. It's very hot! When Jens finally strips naked, he's got a fat uncut cock. He sits on the sofa and plays with his foreskin, pulling it right over his cock head and stretching it. He spits on his sensitive cock head, and then, jacks himself off.

  • Just the Man for the Job


    Men who wear business attire like suits or shirts and ties look clean, sexy and professional, but as the old saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover. Rick from Men at Play has a very respectable business look, but his mouth is stuffed with cock from a rather disreputable gentleman he found in the men's room. And judging by the guy coming up behind them, it looks like Rick's trip to the restroom is about to get even more intresting! Looks like Rick is just the man for the job of taking on both of these horny strangers.

  • Masked Hunk


    Chase is a mouthwatering hunk whose tattoos show that he's a bit of an outlaw. Chase has always wanted to do a porn movie because he gets really horny thinking about people watching him jack off. The catch is he doesn't want people he knows recognizing him in an adult video. Luckily for us, Maskurbate had the solution to Chase's worries - they gave him a mask so his face wouldn't show. That seemed pretty good to Chase - he was really on fire as he pulled out his hard cock and got to work stroking it for the camera!

  • Thick Uncut Cock

    Thick Uncut Cock

    Harry has just joined the guys over at UK Naked Men. And he's a hot fucker! If he doesn't slay you with his good looks, he'll do you in with that thick, uncut cock of his. What a huge dick! Harry might be living in the UK, but his genes say that he's from somewhere else. And given the size of that thick uncut cock of his, I'm betting he's Latino or Brazilian - those guys are almost always very well-hung. In his video, he strips down to his underwear; his cock is already rock-hard and bulging in his white briefs. Harry grabs a bottle of oil and pours some all over his underwear, then reaches inside his shorts, he teases us by rubbing his hard, thick cock. Pushing his hardness against the wet fabric. He does eventually release that big cock, and as he starts to stroke it, he has to use both hands. He sits down on the floor in front of a huge men - as if one of him weren't hot enough - and he starts pumping that monster in his fist. As he gets more excited he jacks with a frenzied pace until he eventually blasts a cum shot right up onto his chest. It's phenomenal!