• Hairy Men Fucking

    Hairy Men Fucking

    Trojan Rock is a late-comer to gay porn. He's made ten films, including Road to Redneck Hollow and Boiler for Titan, and Raging Stallion's Roid Rage, from which this picture is taken. Trojan is 6'2" and 210 pounds of solid man, and he's about ready to fuck Piero Sias with his 8-inch uncut cock. Trojan is ruggedly handsome with a hairy torso, and wait until you see his perky nipples! Trojan's partially bearded, too - somewhere between a beard and three day's growth of face stubble. Trojan has an amazingly solid and beefy body. There's a lot of power there to throw a fuck into a willing - or unwilling - bottom. In this scene, Piero gets down on his knees and works Trojan's uncut dick into a rock hard fuck pole. Piero's butt gets a pre-fuck lube job from Trojan's tongue, and then, with a little extra spit, Trojan starts sliding his big cock into Piero's hungry ass. You can check out this action gallery at Hairy Boyz or purchase Trojan Rock's DVDs at Gay DVD. Trojan Rock has already made ten gay porn movies and it looks like he's up for another ten, and I'm looking forward to seeing them all.

  • Hot Skateboarder

    Hot Skateboarder

    Now this is my kind of skateboarder. Meet Zev Rounder, he's a British skateboarder - 28, 5'6", 155 pounds. And he's a red-head. I'm partial to red-heads, I guess because I was one when I had hair on my head. Zev has a full, firey beard and blue eyes, quite the amazing combination. I'm usually attracted to older men or guys my own age. Once I hit my forties, I started to notice that I had developed a certain fondness for younger guys, mostly jock types that you find hanging about Corbin Fisher or Fratmen, but other types as well, like skateboarders. And I liked the unusual look of Zev. You don't see a lot of red-heads in gay porn, so that caught my eye right away. And he's covered in tattoos and piercings, and I find that hot as well. He's got a couple of amazing tattoos on his back that you'll see when Zev bends over and shows us his furry and beefy ass. I was initially attracted to something glistening on his cock, it turned out to be another piercing, but then I noticed that he was also uncut. And I love foreskin. Zev even looks like he might dress up well as a skinhead, another one of my favourite looks. But as Zev undresses, you'll notice that he's a little on the stocky and thick side - a perfect, red-headed, skateboarding bear cub. And he's featured on Bear Films.

  • They Love to Fuck


    Franko and Rocky are 2 mouth-watering latino hunks. One is from Brazil and the other is from Venezuela, and they are being directed by award winning gay porn director Ettore Tosi for Lucas Kazan. But to tell you the truth, Franko and Rocky barely needed any direction - they were so hot for each other they couldn't wait to get to the fucking and sucking.

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  • That Body - That Face!


    Straight hunk Johnny Castle from Manifest Men has a body that must stop traffic! His incredible abs, pecs and shoulders and those pouty lips... This is one guy I'd reallly love to fuck!

  • The Man Behind The Mask


    There's something about a man wearing a mask. It makes him anonymous so he can live out his exhibitionistic fantasies. Just ask Brad from Maskurbate. Brad is a pilot for an airline, and when his flight was delayed, he decided to live out his fantasy and do a porn shoot. While he's a serious hunk, Brad is a little nervous about his privacy, so he was happy to put on a mask so no one can see his entire face. Once he had a drink and put the mask on, Brad became confident and horny on camera, and as you can see, he had no problem at all playing with his hard rod on camera!

  • Josh Weston - All American Pornstar


    Josh Weston has a hot, muscular body and an incredible ass. You may recognize his name - that's because he's worked for some of the best gay studios around. He was a Falcon exclusive model, starring in a number of movies for them. He's also worked with Colt and Titan and just lately he's worked for Playgirl, as well - which is where these pics are from.

    Josh grew up involved in sports including swimming, track and field, which explains where he got his lean and muscular physique from. It's not surprising that after college, he became a personal trainer.

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  • Hot Bald Guy

    Hot Bald Guy

    Jay is a good ole country boy and having just turned 30, he just squeaks through and joins the hot line-up of men at Men Over 30. He still has a trace of that back-home-twang. And in his first thirty years he's done an interesting variety of things - a stint in the navy, a dancer, a handful of porn films. Jay's very comfortable with his baldness, keeping his head shaved clean and smooth. And as he gets naked and poses for the camera, we get a good look at his body from all sides. His shoulders are covered with a huge "Blessed" tattoo from one side to the other. And when you see his cumshot, you'll agree, he definitely is blessed. He shot well over his head and closer to the ceiling than the floor. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here. Jay's got a solid body with a set of lean abs and very smooth pecs. And Jay has a beautiful ass and we can see why he prefers to bottom. Actually with a round, tight, white, and perfectly-formed pair of glutes like that, Jay probably doesn't have much choice. He's likely got them lined up on any Friday night to get a crack at poking his beautiful butt.

  • Really Big Cock

    Really Big Cock

    Logan is a 24-year-old Californian with an amazingly lean and tight body. Standing just a hair under 6' tall, he's sporting a thick, cut 8-inch piece of meat. While he definitely prefers the ladies and prefers to get his cock sucked by them, he says that guys definitely do it better. And from time to time, when he's hanging out with a buddy, drinking some beer and watching some porn, he's not opposed to swapping blowjobs. Geez, things sure have changed since I was his age. To make sure that he provides a nice big, juicy load, Logan says that he didn't jack off for five days before this shoot. Now his bio says that his cock is 8-inches long, but I'd like to see that measuring tape because it sure looks a lot bigger than that. And those low hanging balls, fuck, they're really big. His really big cock is long and thick, with a perfectly-tapered head. Logan treats us to a hot jack off sessions - his hands never break their rhythm as he strokes sitting down, standing up, and finally, lying back. And when he finally shoots, the cum sprays out of his cock like a geyser - straight up in the air and landing all over his six pack.

  • All-American Cock

    Smooth muscle guy

    Don't you wish the Calvin Klein jeans ads looked like this. What a beautiful picture. And I can't think of anything that would sell more jeans. Perfect Guyz Koen is an stunning, sexy man and at the young age of 19, he already has an amazing body. He's sleek and chiseled with solid, strong shoulders. He's completely smooth which lets you take a good, long, unhindered look at his hot body. And those nipples! Fuck, they're just standing at attention, all alone on his chest, nothing hiding them - they're begging for attention. Koen is the classic all-American guy, excelling in both sports and academics. He's got a sexy pair of green eyes and a sensual pair of kissable lips - you could fall onto a couch with him for an hour-long kissing session and be completely satisfied. And he's got a beautiful cock - 8 inches long with a slightly bulbous cock head. It's a perfect cock for a perfect guy. Koen's jack off video opens with him lying in a white pair of Calvin's on a bed. He's got his hand down his shorts and he's playing with his cock. And the way he manhandles his meat, it's going to be a hot scene.

  • Big Curved Cock

    Big Curved Cock

    This good-looking man is Dillon and he stopped by UK Naked Men to give us a look at his big, curved cock. You may recognize Dillon, he played a recurring character over at Men at Play as Dr. Richard in their series of medical videos. You know a guy shows up at his doctor's office for a protate exam and the doctor uses his cock instead of his finger. And when you see Dillon's cock, you'll be lining up for your exam. He's got a beauty - 9.5 inches of uncut glory. We never do really see it soft. He starts off wearing a pair of white briefs and by the time he pulls his uncut cock out of his shorts, it's already well on its way to its full glory. And as his big cock gets harder, it arches into a stunning banana curve that will have you on your knees and begging for some fruit cocktail. Dillion has a solid body and he's hairy. And although much of the focus is on his cock, he does give us a look at his ass, which is solid, beefy, and just a bit hairy. You are definitely going to want to see more of Dillon and his fabulous cock.

  • He's Hard All Over!


    A hard man is good to find, and Dragos from Muscle Hunks is rock-hard. Would I ever love to fuck him - what a fucking body!!!

  • UK Twinks in Love


    When 23 year old Kallum said he was retiring from porn last year, he didn't mention it was because of his new boyfriend. After a few months of just being in love, Kallum is back with his new boyfriend, 18 year old Troy, who's agreed to do a shoot for English Lads.. Troy is a little tense about sex in front of the cameras, but as soon as he and Kallum start messing around, Troy forgets the cameras - well, pretty much - and starts to really get into it. After getting each other very horny, Troy slides his cock into Kallum's ass and Kallum shows just how much he likes that 18 year old meatstick!

  • Boy Wearing Glasses Strokes It


    Do you love cute college-aged guys who wear glasses? Meet Charlie Duke. Charlie says he's an artist, and he's also a bit of a nerd. He sure has a cute face and those glases of his make him even cuter. The guys from You Love Jack offered Charlie some money to take home a video camera and make his own J/O video for them, and since artists are always broke, Charlie wasted no time saying he'd do it. He turns on the camcorder, gets his hands slippery with lube, and goes to work on his uncut cock. Charlie gets hard almost instantly and really gives that dick of his a workout for the camera as he fingers his asshole. It's amazing how big his cock gets, but then the skinny ones are always the ones with the surprises in their pants!

  • Guy's First Gay Sex

    First Gay Sex

    A little over a month ago, I blogged about Trent's first jack off session on Corbin Fisher. When it was all over, Corbin Fisher asked Trent what he was thinking about when he was jacking off, and Trent replied, "My girlfirend ... and Dawson." Now there's an invitation. Trent says he bicurious, so Corbin Fisher paired him up with his fantasy to see what would happen. And remember, this was Trent's first guy-on-guy sexual experience. The original intent was to have Trent lose his cherry with Dawson - that's right, in his first gay sex experience he was going to do it all, including bottoming for the cute Dawson. In the end, that didn't happen. Trent was nervous from the very beginning of the video - first time having gay sex, being on camera for only the second time, and having sex with someone that he had only fantasized about. It would be overwhelming. But soon enough, he is insanely turned on and he's sucking Dawon's dick and getting his own cock sucked by a guy for the first time. And then, Dawson lies on top of Trent and these studs are making out and rubbing their cocks together. Dawson is pumping his whole body into Trent's and their cocks are grinding together. Then suddenly, Trent's cock spits out a great blob of cum - it even seemed to suprise him. Dawson takes things in stride, grabs Trent's cock and finishes him off, and then, jacks off a load of his own, filling up Trent's belly button and coating his stomach with juice. When the boys have recovered Dawson says, "Next time, you're going to get fucked." So now we have something else to look forward to.

  • Latino Bubble Butt

    Latino Bubble Butt

    I'm always an ass man before anything else. A hot bubble butt will always turn my head. If the guy's a good kisser, even better; if he has foreskin, I'm in heaven. And 19-year-old Rafael looks fetching on all accounts. I'm not generally into 19-year-olds, but ... Look at those lips, they're big, luscious, and so kissable. You can't be a bad kisser with lips like that. I can't really tell if Rafael is cut or uncut because his cock is rock hard from the beginning of the photo shoot. But he does have a beautiful bubble butt. He teases us at first, he's wearing a pair of shorts that cling in all the right spots. The synthetic fabric is crawling up the crack of his ass. Rafael finally slides his shorts down his beefy thighs. What a great ass! Round, hard, and smooth. And there are some great shots like this where he's lying on his stomach, looking so very fuckable. Later in the series, Rafael is chained to a wooden cross. He looks amazing in his knee-high leather boots and nothing else. Fuck, chain that boy to the cross face-first and let me torture that ass of his with my tongue. What a hot scene that would be. Can you imagine rimming his hole until he blows a huge load without even touching his cock? Wouldn't that be hot?