• Great Big Muscle Man


    Arcady Zadrovich is one of the most popular models at Muscle Hunks, and it's easy to see why. Arcady is a serious muscle man who spends hours sweating in the gym, pumping iron to perfect his incredible physique. And unlike competition bodybuilders, who we don't get to see naked, Arcady is horny and loves to show off his ass and rock hard cock. Wouldn't you love to lick this huge bodybuilder all over his body, from his massive arms and bulging pecs and shoulders to his erect manmeat? I know I would!

  • Amateur Guy Stripping Video

    This video shows an amateur guy from the chest to just above his knees as he strips out of his shirt and jeans and plays with his cock through his underwear. He continues to squeeze his now-hard meat as he turns to show off his ass for the camera. As a fan of real amateurs, I love this video because it wasn't made for a site at all - it's just an anonymous man who wanted to show his stuff - hot!

  • Bald Straight Man

    Bald Straight Man

    As I surf around gay porn sites looking for stuff to blog about, I come across a lot of straight men - or the site owners would have us believe their straight. And I suppose a great many of them are. I oscillate on this issue. Sometimes I wonder why any straight man would sit side by side on a couch with a buddy - or a stranger - and beat off for an audience of gay men. I've ask a really open-minded straight friend of mine if we would do this and he says absolutely not. And then, at other times, think the world and attitudes are changing, it's not about who you fuck or how, it's about getting off. And then, there's the whole gay for pay - men who will be gay if you pay them enough money. I don't know where Thomas here fits in, but he's straight. And he's hot. And he certainly seems to get off showing off his naked body to the camera. He seems to relish in the attention. He holds his big, 8-inch-cock up for for the camera and looks right into the lens as if expecting to see our reaction. He bends over and show us his hairy ass and his deep ass crack, spreading his cheek a bit and teasing us with his fuckhole. And then, he lies back on the sofa and starts pumping that thick stump of his until he shoots an amazingly thick load of cum for us. I don't know why straight men do this, I'm just glad that they do.

  • Big Beefy Straight Guy


    This is Burt, the newest addition to Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. He's one of the youngest guys there. Burt is a southern boy who agreed to appear on SG4GE as long as he could prove his masculinity by fucking his girlfriend for the camera. Well, as long as they could focus their cameras on his football-player body, heaving thighs, thrusting butt and cock, the camera guys had no problem with that. There's nothing like feasting your eyes on a straight boy as he works hard to get himself off!

  • Sexy Hairy Mechanic

    Sexy hairy man

    Wouldn't you like to pull into your garage and see a hairy mechanic like this standing there? Or perhaps the guy who is pumping your gas on the highway? Except I guess we mostly pump our own gas these days. Back when I was just turning 19 years old, I was finishing up my last summer at home before heading off to university. I worked at a gas station on a busy highway that headed north, taking the weary city folk to cottage country. Late one Sunday night I was working alone and a little red sports car came in for gas. As I pumped the gas, I noticed the driver checking me out, so I start up a conversation. Then, as I washed his windows, I saw him rubbing his crotch. So I just point blank asked him, "Do you want to come in the back?" Gawd, I don't know where I got the balls back then. Anyway, long story short, this handsome, dark-haired and bushy moustached man sat in my boss's chair at my boss's desk, and I got down on my knees and sucked his cock. This sexy hairy mechanic reminded me of that story. Standing there with his overalls half open and exposing his hairy chest, I just imagine reaching inside that zipper to see what he's got between his legs. I can tell you he's got a beautiful piece of meat, the almost perfect cock -- just long enough to slide down the back of your throat with his plump and suckable cock head, and his thick shaft will fill you up nicely. Go check it out a Bear Films.

  • Cock Sucker's View

    Hard Cock

    I see a lot of pictures of naked men in my travels, and poses like this are among my favourites. First of all, almost every cock looks great from this view, and whether you've got a small one or not, they look big. Second of all, I love sucking cock, so this pose always reminds me of my favourite pasttime. I love looking up at a man while I'm doing my thing and checking the reaction on his face. Am I doing a good job? This is Charlie and he stands 6 feet tall, so there's a long way to look. And he's South African, which means ... FORESKIN! And Charlie is a good-looking man, not just the kind of man you want to fuck, but the one you want to marry. But don't go running to Canada to get a marriage licence just yet, Charlie seems to like women exclusively. Still, it's always fun to fantasize. And I can get the image of this tall, muscular, South African standing over me with his hard cock, teasing me and asking me if I want to suck it. And judging by the load he dumped all over his stomach in his Men Over 30 video, I do want to suck it. What a massive cumshot!

  • Cum-Covered and Uncut


    While I can't get enough hard and hunky men, sometimes I just want something raw. This pic from one of photographer Buzz West's latest models, Clinton, doesn't mess around. There's no fine art lighting, no teasing strip show shots, no seductive poses - nothing but an uncut cock that has just shot a load of hot, sticky cum. Admit it - isn't that what we're all in the mood for sometimes?

  • Lovers Sucking Cock

    Lovers Sucking Cock

    Rocco and Jake have appeared on UK Naked Men before, but separately, in solo galleries. They're real-life lovers and they wanted a chance to pose together for the camera. I've had a hard-on for Rocco since I first saw him. He's the taller of the two and heavily tattooed. He's a good-looking bugger. And talk about a hot cock! It's a big bat of a thing -- uncut with a severe banana curve. His lover is Jake -- dark-haired, shorter, a little hairy. Jake is also sporting a whopper of a weapon, but his cock is just long and thick. Rocco's would be a lot of work to suck or fuck because of that wicked curve; he'd be hitting spots in your ass that you never knew existed. Jake, on the other hand, would just fill you up with that fat cock of his and make you beg for mercy. In this gallery, these two hot loves spend a lot of time sucking one another's cocks. Rocco bends Jake over a beautiful antique sofa and, first, eats his ass, and then, sticks his cock up his lover's ass. These two men are hot. I sure wouldn't mind being ceiling cat in their bedroom.

  • DIY with Francois Sagat

    This is one DIY and home improvment show I would love to take part in! Found this clip of my no1 favorite porn star, Francois Sagat on YouTube.. I have no idea where its from, but sure as hell would love to employ him for some home improvments.

    Its actually possible to see more of him at Fisting Central and also Rear Stable I think.

  • Fucking in Private


    Zach and Alex agreed to fuck on camera at home in their own bedroom for You Love Jack. Guys in porn movies have directors, cameramen, grips, lighting guys all running around. It's not very intimate, but I liked this shoot because it's just Zach and Alex alone. Zach adjusts the camera and then these two very versatile guys fuck like crazy! Between the hard ass pounding, the balls slapping and the cumshot, these pics are really fucking HOT!