• Fresh Meat at Corbin Fisher


    For the past several updates Corbin Fisher has been getting the regular gang of straight and gay jocks together for various kinds of suck and fuck fun -- even a five-man gang bang. But with the except of one new guy, there really hasn't been any new meat at Corbin Fisher. Until today. Denton arrived this morning and he's hot! And furthermore, I predict that Denton will be making further appearances in his Corbin Fisher education. Denton just oozes Corbin Fisher -- he's good looking, lean and well-built, friendly with a great smile. He embodies everything that Corbin Fisher himself looks for in a college jock. Within a month, Denton will be back getting his first gay blowjob, I'm sure of it. But for now we'll have to be content to watch Denton jack off in this solo video clip. Once Denton gets naked, he lies back on the bed against the head board and gets his cock nice and hard. But when he's really excited, he really prefers to be on his knees, so he kneels on the bed and finishes the deed. And he's not worried about impressing the boss, when he's ready to cum, he lets it fly all over Corbin Fisher's bedspread. Oh well, bedspreads can be washed. I look forward to seeing more of Denton, and especially can't wait to see him getting that cute, hard ass of his fucked.

  • Holy Flying Cumshot!


    Well it sounds like I missed Delkan the first time he visited Circle Jerk Boys because this is an encore visit. He caused an avalanche of e-mail from fans who wanted to see more. And who wouldn't. Delkan looks like Ben Affleck's younger, better-looking brother. And I'll bet we'll be seeing more of this stud in gay porn. He's leading-man handsome and porn-star hung; he's 6'2' and flopping a thick 8-inch cock between his legs. In his first shoot he was so nervous that he could barely take all of his clothes off, but this time around things have changed a lot. He looks hot in a pair of boxer briefs, but he looks even better naked, on his knees, and humping a pile of cushions on the couch. And he's got a great cock -- soft or hard. And his ass looks pretty fetching, too. Delkan eventually lies back on the sofa and starts to get that big cock of his really hard. His loose hanging balls really tighten up as his dick reaches its full potential. And I have to tell you that when this boy shoots -- holy shit, stand back, you might get hurt. Delkan has an amazing flying cumshot. It arcs straight up in the air with just the slightest projectory angle, and then, splatters all over his smooth chest. I'm really surprised he didn't hit himself in the face.

  • Thick and Uncut


    Abrahao did a shoot for Latin Jocks 3 years ago and they were disappointed not to hear from him again. He's tall, lean and has a thick uncut cock that is a real turn-on so when he finally called the other day needing money, Abrahao finally gave the photographer from Latin Jocks a call - and were they ever happy to have him back! He was 18 and cute when he did his first shoot, but now he's 21 and a little extra maturity has made him hotter than ever! It didn't take long before that fat dick got hard, and he kept it that way for the rest of the shoot!

  • Big Hairy Ass


    I'm an ass and a leg man. I love nothing more than a big set of beefy thighs and a hot ass. Tru here has both and he's featured on a new site that I discovered a couple of weeks ago called The Guy Site. (I don't think the site is all that new, I just discovered it.) Tru is a good-looking guy with a sexy pair of blue eyes and beautiful, kissable lips. He's got a bit of a chin dimple, and since this was shot at the end of the day, he's sporting some face scruff -- five o'clock shadow. Tru has a stocky, but solid body, and he's hairy in all the right spots. He's got a darker patch of hair that starts on his breast bone and continues right down to his cock, fanning out both across his chest and his belly. It's quite hot! But the best part of Tru has got to be his ass and his legs. There are a few shots of him lying on his stomach; the lucking camera man is obviously positioned between Tru's legs, and he's giving us a spectacular view of this guy's big, beefy thighs and the two perfect, hairy mounds that make up his ass. Both his thighs and his big, beefy butt are covered in hair. And the hair continues up across the small of his back. Tru also has a scar that starts at the top of his ass crack and continues right up his spine to the middle of his back. In this video clip, Tru kicks back on a couch and gets his dick nice and hard for us, and there's also a hot showering scene.

  • Football Player Jacking Off


    Brodie is a running-back for a community-college football team. And he's got quite the solid and muscular body. I certainly wouldn't want to feel this jock body slamming me unless we had a mattress underneath us. I'm really starting to develop an appreciation for strong shoulders. Bulging biceps and hard pecs are pretty hot, too, but I love a nice set of sculpted shoulders. And Brodie's got quite the set. He happens to have a rather fat cock, too, and he's not shy about showing it off. Brodie says he's an exhibitionist, and I believe him. This straight football player is currently single, but a good-looking jock like this has a few reliable booty calls around town. But today, he's going to give us a sexy jack off session and show us how fat that cock of his can get. He starts off his video shoot nearly naked in the kitchen; wearing just a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, Brodie flexes and stretches his muslces. He strips off his boxers, and then, he heads for the sofa where he settles in to watch a porn movie and get his dick hard. Eventually he gets down on the floor and leaning against the wall, he pumps his fat cock in his hand. When he gets good and excited, he spews a thick load all over his hairy belly, but not before he grunts, "I'm going to cum."

  • Logan Gets a Massage


    If you like redheads with deep green eyes, check out Logan! He's got a boyish face, red mop of hair (it looks brown in darker light), and a lean athletic physique. He's also 6' 2" (for those who like 'em tall) and has an 8 inch cut cock. This is Logan's second shoot for PerfectGuyz and he agreed to get a deep-tissue massage from Brent, PerfectGuyz in-house masseur. Brent started out by rubbing Logan's back and neck but once Logan relaxed, Brent moved his way down to his asscheeks and cock. He kept stroking Logan's hard manmeat as Logan's breath got harder and faster. Now, that's the kind of massage I'd like to get!

  • Good Looking Older Man


    Men Over 30 has been on a hot streak lately. This is Mick Powers, who I've seen around at a number of different places and in some gay porn videos, too. And this power bottom is stopping by Men Over 30 for a hot jack off session. Mick's extremely good looking. He's got a friendly face and sexy facial hair. I'm always a sucker for unique facial hair and Mick's beard framing just his jawline is quite sexy, and of course, I always love a soul patch. And in this picture, Mick is exactly where he should be -- down on the floor and ready to suck cock. He's got a strong, husky body with a nice set of well-defined shoulders. He's moderately hairy and sporting a tattoo across his chest. I do love his big, beefy thighs. And wait until you see his butt -- perfectly round, hairy, and a beauty to fuck I would imagine. Mick Powers has a comfortable average cock with a healthy set of low hanging balls. In this video clip Mick Powers makes good use of the bed and poses in a variety of positions and showing off his naked body. Finally he settles in and lies back against the headboard and jacks off a nice load of cum all over his hairy belly.

  • He Loves to be Watched


    I love those uncut guys at English Lads and 19 year old straight boy Rob is no exception. Rob said that although he considers himself fully straight, he was very turned on by the idea of having someone other than his girlfriend watch as he jacked off. The half-smile on his face as he strokes his cock in this pic caught my eye. Of course, being an uncut cock lover, I also love the way the foreskin looks as Rob works it over the head of his dick while he strokes his meat for the camera.

  • Jacking Off with a Toy


    I blogged about Adam a few weeks back when he first appeared on Perfect Guyz. (Check out Hot Guy, Small Cock.) Since his last appearance, he's been sparking some interest in the national gay publications, but for the moment he's a Perfect Guyz exclusive. So, if you want to see his cock, you'll have to see it there. Adam is 23 years old and he's a tall 6'1". His body is lean and ripped, weighing in at 200 pounds. If you like hard pecs and six packs, you'll love Adam's physique. His torso is smooth and you can see every curve and ripple. Adam's long legs and his tight, round butt are very hairy, and we even get a peek at his hairy butt hole as if lift his legs for the camera. Adam doesn't have a big cock. In fact, it's quite comfortably average. And that's just fine with me because like I've said many times here before, I like sucking cock for a long time and a big cock just ends up killing my jaw muscles. So while big cocks are certainly nice to fantasize about, they can be a little unruly to play with. Adam's got a perfect cock -- a thick shaft and a juicy, stubby cockhead. In this video clip he's playing with his Fleshlight, using it to fuck his cock. It feels a lot better than his hand. And he's using the "butt" Fleshlight ... hmmm, I wonder what that says about this straight guy. You're not going to want to miss this hot jack off scene.

  • Horny 18 Year Old


    For those of you who prefer younger guys, meet Ashton from FratMen. He's only 18 years old and he's a real cutie with a hot Abercrombie-type body and a long hard cock. Like all guys his age, Ashton has a perpetual hard-on and once he's good and horny, he doesn't mind if there's a camera in the room. In fact, Ashton was pretty turned on to have both the camera and the camera man there as he stroked his dick and got closer and closer to his climax!

  • Interview with Pornstar Anthony DeAngelo


    Anthony DeAngelo is the muscular and hairy daddy of the barebacking team of Tony&Cam. A well-known top in bareback porn, Tony has appeared in videos for a number of studios and with his partner has recently started his own site, Bareback Masters. He was happy to do an exclusive interview for GayDemon and was articulate, sexy and funny. Let's get right to it!

    Q: How long have you been in porn?

    Tony: Since talkies - about 8 years. I actually did an "experimental movie" in my freshman year of college and my photographer friends would use me as "models" from time to time.

    Q: Did you and Cam get into porn together?

    Tony: Yes we did. We were "discovered" while having breakfast - we were asked if we would shoot a wrestling video and if not interested, would we consider doing a "sex video". (I'm turned down almost every time I use this line on a couple I see when we're eating out!)

    Continue to see the full post

  • Dereck Fucks Caleb


    Lately, I've been on a Corbin Fisher jag. I love the site. They have some of the hottest guys around -- jocks, athletic types, some gay and some straight. I love watching the new guys signing up to do their solo jack off sessions, and then, checking back in the coming weeks to see if they've been invited back to get their first blowjob or fuck their first piece of male ass. Derek and Caleb are two of the regular crew that do the lionshare of work at Corbin Fisher. Derek is a hot, dark-haired, jock with a lean body. He's 6-feet tall and he's very tight. He's quite good looking and has a nice cock at 7 inches. Caleb is a bit of a surfer type with the shaggy hair, lean body, baggy shorts, shelled choker around his neck. Derek and Caleb has played together in a group scene with three other jocks, but they've never fucked together. And judging by the opening scene, Derek is pretty hot for Caleb. He practically rips the clothes right off him so he can start sucking his cock. And when Caleb sits up and makes an attempt to show Derek some attention -- you know, so he's not a total do-me pig -- Derek just pushes him back on the couch and slurps down his cock again. Caleb does finally get a taste of Derek's cock, and then, Derek fucks his buddy in a number of different positions. Derek is quite the fuck machine and he makes some pretty intense faces when he's fucking or cumming. Caleb shoots a big load while Derek is porking his hole, and this sends Derek over the edge and he adds his load on top of Caleb's.

  • Horny Latin Guys


    Whether you're a latino fan or not, Auggie and Billy are hot. These two athletic hunks go at each other with passion and plenty of lube! Latin Jocks caught every minute as Billy and Auggie get each other horny as hell, do some ass eating with plenty of tongue action and then get down to some serious anal fucking. As a grand finale, how about some sex toy play that includes a huge dildo slid into a cock-hungry asshole! These 2 guys are sure to have you squirming in your seat.

  • Hot Bubble Butt


    I am not a top by any stretch of the imagination. But sometimes I see an ass that just inspires me to explore new things. Mark is the latest guy to join the hot men at UK Naked Men, and he's got one beautiful, bubble butt. Two perfectly round globes of flesh, a deep ass crack, and a shaved butt hole. Who could ask for anything better? And the great thing about Mark's ass is that his butt cheeks just seem to stay parted, revealing his delicious butt hole. I love eating ass, but sometimes you have to fight so hard to keep a guys butt cheeks spread open wide. It doesn't look like I'd have this problem with Mark. There are some equally teasing pictures of him lying on his back and holding his legs in the air. What a sight! Mark has some interesting tattoo work done across his chest and some more on his arms. He's a good-looking guy and he's sporting a really nice set of kissable lips. We don't ever really see a lot of Mark's cock, which is fine with me, but he's got a nice 7-inch slab of thick uncut cock hanging between his legs. Anyway, I'm off to dream about Mark's beautiful bubble butt and what I might like to do with it.

  • There's a First Time for Everything


    Chris is a business professional and he showed up to do a shoot with Randy Blue in a suit and tie. Chris is straight but he's also very easy to get along with, so when Randy asked him to use a variety of sex toys, Chris said he'd do his best but that he'd never used any before. So this pic is of Chris, this straight hunk. He's a novice at porn and has never been on camera before and he's fucking his own ass with a dildo for his very first time. This is definitely hot!