• Canadian Pigbear in Bondage


    This is Pigbear from Bear Bound

    Bear Bound. Pigbear hails from Toronto and Dart, Bear Bound's ropemaster extraordinaire, loves to tie this one up and put him in bondage as well as in his place. Pigbear loves being in leather and in bondage and

    Dart loves that big hairy belly and chest and loves gagging this bearded bear and leaving him helpless so he knows exactly who's boss!

  • Isn't Love Grand


    I'm going to dispense with the parade of cock here today. It's my anniversary today. My partner and I have been together for 11 years, which I'm told in gay years is like 32 years. And any way you look at it, eleven years is a long time with the same person. We met one cold November night. I was finishing up my evening shift at a video store and as I walked out of the store shortly after 2 a.m. I notice him sitting on the steps at the coffee shop across the street. We had actually cruised one another for a number of years, but it always seemed that when one of us was free, the other was entangled in something else. Finally after all this time, there he was - alone. I went over to check things out and we chatting for a few minutes. Within about ten minutes I couldn't stand it anymore, he had the most beautiful lips and I had to kiss them, so I said, "Can I kiss you?" He didn't even answer me, he just leaned towards me and gave me a beautiful kiss. And the rest, as they say, his history. And his kisses still do it for me. So I thought today it would a nice thing to pause and show off a couple of guys hot for one another and enjoying a long, slow, passionate kiss.

  • Sizzling Threesome


    Things are really starting to heat up over at Bang Bang Boys. The site opened on Decmember 15 of last year showing off the hot men of Brazil. Beautiful muscular and well-built men in their twenties and thirties filmed and photographed in exotic and brilliant surroundings. I love looking at their dark-skinned and tanned bodies, glistening with sweat. And big cocks ... I don't know what they put in the water down in Brazil, but these guys have some pretty hot cocks hanging between their legs. The site premiered with a lot of solo photo shoots and solo jack off sessions, but things are starting to heat up. The guys a bit more relaxed and getting into checking themselves out on the site to see how the members are rating them. And some of these guys, most of who are straight, have been willing to go a little further. These three hotties are Andre, Denis, Poax -- one straight, one bi, and one bottom gay. Watch these two top men getting their big dicks serviced and taking turns fucking this bottom.

  • Edu Boxer


    I do wish that Edu Boxer would do more work. I love this hairy man. I think he's such a sexy and beautiful man. I mean look at that solid, hairy body. If that doesn't inspire your mojo, I don't know what would. Solid, muscular, well-built, and hairy, and he looks even better wet and lying on the beach. Edu's got the sexiest eyes, too, beautiful green babies that just lure you right in. And some men's faces just beg for a full beard, Edu Boxer's is one of them. Edu is featured in a fun beach photoset at Stallion Men. After spending a few hours at the beach, Edu comes home and showers off before lying back on his bed and jacking off for us. And boy does he shoot an amazing cum load. Thick wads of cum all over his hairy belly, with gobs of his smeared all over his big, manly hands. I do love watching this man work his cock. And Edu Boxer has his own video at Stallion Men that I download for a small fee, so now I can watch this hunk jacking off any time I want.

  • Hot Fucking Cock


    What a great fucking picture. I just love this guy's cock. Look at how thick and meaty it is. The shaft is thick enough to fill up your whole mouth and his cock head is perfectly proportioned in blazing purple. And traces of foreskin gather just behind his cock head, reminding you that he's uncut. This would be a great cock to suck for a very long time. No quickie bathroom blowjob here. And since this guy is featured on Men at Play, I'm thinking that it would be hot to stop by his office just as everyone is heading out the door for home. Sitting in his office, chatting about the day, I wait for the stragglers to leave. Once they're all gone, I get up and lock the door. When I return, I go around to his side of the desk, twirl his chair around, and get down on my knees. Fishing that big, huge uncut cock out of his dress slacks, I blow him right there in his own office. With his hands clasp behind his head, his beefy thighs spread, and his trousers down around his ankles, I lovingly suck his fat cock for a long time. Now that's a perfect way to end the day.

  • What IS Amateur Porn, Anyway?


    Have you ever noticed the number of sites that claim to have amateur porn? And none of them are the same style or photography quality yet somehow they're all supposedly amateur sites. So I decided to ask around. I asked friends, webmasters, even content producers and photographers and guess what - no one seems to agree on what the "amateur" is in amateur porn.

    Take Corbin Fisher, for example. The full name of the site is actually Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men and while some of the guys on the site really are first timers, some have returned to do more shoots. Now, I would be the last to argue that the guys here are hot. But are they amateur? The lighting and production values make pics and videos look at least semi-pro. In addition, the site looks pretty professionally made and only some of the guys are first timers. Hmmm... Let's consider this for a minute.

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  • A Fun Fuck in the UK


    Matt and Ryan from Blake Mason both considered themselves straight, and this was Matt's first time fucking another guy. Ryan had learned in previous shoots that sucking a cock is fun, and he's perfected his technique so that he was able to get Matt very horny and very hard and more than ready to fuck Ryan's tight ass. These guys had a great time during the shoot but kept things light and easy - more fun than passionate and there were plenty of laughs before both these cuties shot their loads!

  • Curved Cock


    I do love how cocks are so different. I guess no two are ever really alike. Sure, cocks have things in common with other cocks, like curving to the left or right, but when you get right down to it, a cock is really an individual as the man sporting it. Will here is an Ivy Leaque biology major, so I'm sure he knows a little something about genetic diversity and the probability of certain characteristics. But he's also got a nice cock. It's a curved cock and arcs off to the left side when completely hard. And it looks like you might want to come at that thing from around a corner. The rest of Will is pretty hot, too. He's lean and well-built. He's not sporting much body hair except around his cock and on his legs. And he's got a sexy trail of hair rising from his crotch to his belly button. And just wait until you see his hard, round butt. Fuck, it's quite an amazing ass. I can't wait to see that pumping up and down in the Fratmen's signature bedspread fucking scene. As soon as I'm done with this blog, that's where I'm headed.

  • Sucking a Big Dick


    The guys in this week's Next Door Buddies update are a couple of super-hung jocks. Tall, muscled Criss Strokes and the lean swimmer bodied Brady Rey. Criss is straight and has been doing a little gay-for-pay to make life that much easier. Brady, on the other hand, loves to suck cock until the guy shoots his load all over his face and in his mouth. This scene opens up with Criss and Brady relaxing on the couch; they're watching porn and getting horny. Soon they get naked and let us see their huge cocks. Criss's is really an amazing sight, puts that pesky CN Tower to shame. Criss is stroking his long cock and suddenly stops, saying, "You wanna suck it?" Brady doesn't need a second invitation. Brady crawls down between Criss's long legs and swallows his cock pretty good. Brady services Criss's cock for several minutes in a variety of positions, but when Criss can't hold back anymore, Brady lies down with is face in Criss's lap. The tall jock shoots a huge load all over Brady's face. This of course sends Brady over the edge and he jacks off all over his stomach.

  • Black on Black Blowjob


    We've been asking all the sites we work with for more ebony action but not too many of them send us anything till now. Ebony Shaft sent us some pics of 2 of their models together and this pic caught my eye immediately! This cock-hungry thug has a big black cock in his mouth and he looks like he loves sucking on that huge ebony shaft as it swells and throbs in his mouth, dripping just a little precum...

  • Interview with Pornstar Pierre Fitch


    Pierre Fitch may be only 25 but this hot tattooed guy been quite a success in the porn biz since he was an 18 twink. At 18, he worked as a stripper in Montreal and also worked for some smaller video companies doing gay porn. He came to the attention of Falcon Studios and was signed to do videos as a Falcon Exclusive model. Then Pierre started his own website which proved very popular with fans. His name receives lots of searches on various search engines and Rue Paul recently said he was her favorite porn star.

    I was lucky enough to talk with Pierre and he agreed to give us a brief interview, so here it is. Enjoy!

    Q: What made you decide to get into porn?

    Pierre: Well, when I was young I always wanted to be a star with a known name and of course I love sex so this was the perfect business for me to get into'

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  • Straight Skater Boy


    Donovan from Boy Ride first spotted 19 year old Vladimir outside the mall doing skateboard tricks with his buddies. Donovan told him he was a recruiter for a porn site and gave him a business card. The next week Vladimir called. He was disappointed that no girls would be at the shoot but decided to give it a shot. And are we glad he did! This boy may have been a little nervous getting naked in front of a camera and some other guys at first but once he got comfortable, he wasn't at all shy. Vladimir is very cute with full lips, a lightly muscled body and a cock that gets hard and stays that way - my kind of guy!

  • Gay Sex on Fire


    I've been on a bit of a Corbin Fisher binge lately. The guys he's been pumping out over the last few weeks have been right up my alley, which is surprising because I'm normally into hairy men. But I'm finding that as I get older I'm starting to appreciate all kinds of men. I love this particular Corbin Fisher pairing because their bodies fit together so well. Brent, the top in this scene, has a phenomenal body. There are several amazing shots of him on top of Matt and the view of his perectly, curved butt cheeks is spectacular. As he pumps his long cock into Matt's tight butt, he uses every muscle in his body -- it's fucking amazing to watch. And this particular Corbin Fisher couple are really into one another. I mean I always enjoy watching the guys there, but sometimes you can just tell models are models and they're there for the cash; othertimes, you can tell that if you shut off the cameras and ripped up the cheque these guys would keep on going. Matt and Brent are one of those couples. Their foreplay was intense and the action is on fire. I loved watching these guys so much that I decided to bring you an extra picture.

  • There's Something About a Handjob


    I love watching guys get handjobs almost as much as I love getting them. Having another guy's hand wrapped around your cock and moving up and down can feel more intense than a blowjob. That's why I don't understand why there aren't any sites dedicated to men jerking other guys off. I'd at least like to see more handjob pics in regular porn shoots. That's why I love this pic from Perfect Guyz - the shoot starts with a hot guy getting a massage, and after a few minutes those well-oiled hands working on his muscles start working on his cock. And you can see that the masseuse really knows how to stroke that dick to get it hard and get if off. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

  • Big-Dicked Stripper


    This is Kaio Felipe and he's a stripper / dancer. And that's his 9.5-inch cock. Now a 9-inch cock is already quite impressive, but imagine putting it on a 5'7" man. Geezuz ... how does the boy walk? Wow, it's beautiful. It's long, it's thick, and it even has a measuring spot to let you know when you're halfway. :) When Kaio's cock is soft, it's really not that impressive. I don't mean to be disparaging, but it really is just a normal looking uncut cock. It's always surprising to me that a 4-inch soft cock, covered in foreskin can suddenly, within a minute or two, spring into this 9.5-inch monster. It's marvelous. And Kaio is definitely a grower. And all those years of dancing have rendered Kaio's body into one lean and well-muscled machine. His six pack of abs are amazing. But I think my favourite part of this Bang Bang Boy is a round, tight, slightly furry ass and his big beefy thighs. Yes sir, I can imagine those wrapped around my head with no problem. Kaio is the latest muscular update at Bang Bang Boys, and you'll want to see more of him.