• Happy New Year!


    What better way to ring in the New Year than with two cute twinks undressing each other, sucking and fucking? These two boys from English Lad are driving each other wild. Gabriel's blowjob makes Toby so horny that he can't even wait to take off his shorts before slides his cock inside of Gabriel's tight ass and fucks him hard and rough - and Gabriel is loving every stroke.

    From all of us here at GayDemon to all of you - here's wishing you a happy, healthy and horny 2007 :)

    Happy New Year!

  • Just Sit Back and Enjoy...


    Tino has had a gay experience exactly once before - the first time he was talked into getting his cock sucked for New York Straight Men. Well, it seems that Tino's wife isn't coming through because he decided he wanted another blowjob from Ben, the resident cocksucker for NYSM. Ben said no problem! He liked that big latin rod so much that he couldn't wait to get another taste of it. And you can see that Ben had Tino in heaven once he wrapped his lips around that dick and started sucking. All Tino had to do was sit back and enjoy!

  • Giving Himself a Facial


    This cute twink from HornyBoy started out masturbating, then proved how flexible he is by sucking his own cock. This is his audition for the site because they are always looking for new 18 to 23 year old boys who can lick and blow themselves - and it looks like he... er... "came" through with flying colors. Make that a flying cumshot because here's the grand finale - he shoots his hot, sticky load all over his own face!

  • Sucking a Black Cock


    Looks like this white guy from Black Seducer not only got to suck that black dick he has in his mouth. He also got a mouth full of cum and he's making sure to get every last drop!. There's something especially exciting about interracial sex - especially black on white interracial. Beside the feeling of taboo, there's also the matter of black men and the fantasy of the big black cock and ebony male sexual aggression. The idea of being forcefully held down and fed a hard, thrusting cock so big you can barely take it is a favorite of many - and who could blame them?

  • Big Muscle Man


    Well with Christmas behind us, we just have the New Year's celebrations to contend with, and then, we're into the home stretch. Life gets back to normal. And I thought I'd bring everyone a little inspiration for the new year. So many of us make resolutions, so I thought Nick Marino here would be perfect to inspire us all to get to the gym. I think the thing I like the most about Nick is his ass -- it's big, beefy, round, and so fuckable. I've always been a sucker for a nice pair of legs and a beefy ass. And Nick Marino has both. Of course his upper parts don't look bad either. He's got big, round shoulders, bulging biceps, and hard, hairy pecs. And with a name like Marino, you know he's going to have an uncut cock. His dick is dark brown, much darker than the rest of his skin colouring, and his foreskin completely covers his whole cock, even when he's semi-hard. He has to pull back his foreskin to show us his deliciously, pink cock head. You can see Nick Marino this week on Hairy Boyz.

  • Country Boy with a Hard Cock


    Looks like one of our favorite photographers, Buzz West, is at it again. This time he found Paul, a real country boy who is a big guy - 6 feet tall and 205 pounds - and very into physical fitness. Paulis daily routine consists of two runs and a swim. He says he's really into asian women but any woman will do when he's horny. He also turned out to be a little camera shy, so before he showed up for the shoot he decided to do a few shots. Buzz had to wait a while to do the shoot but it was worth it! Apparently Paul not only has a big, fat cock - he also had tons of stamina and kept that rod of his hard through the entire shoot!

  • Fat Latin Cock


    There's a lot to be said about how sexy latin men are - their warm skin, dark eyes, all that sex drive and that macho attitude. This is Auggie from Latin Jocks and he is one hot amateur! That intense gaze, those tats and his unshaved pubes are all eye catchers, but the thing that really gets my motor revving is his incredibly thick cock. That's the kind of cock that is so fat it's hard to get your hand - or your lips - to fit all the way around it. But I'd love a chance to open W-I-D-E and get my mouth stretched by that thick piece of meat - wouldn't you?

  • Fuckable Christmas Present!


    This is David from FratMen. He's got that boy next door smile and a very hot body that makes him so very fuckable and I'd love to wake up and find him under my tree!

  • Happy Holidays!


    When we went looking for a pic that would help us say "porn for the holidays", we decided that this one from Spunk Toons said it best. The guy wearing the Santa hat is certainly getting his Christmas Package - and isn't it a big one! The holidays are a time of cheer and love - but there's nothing wrong with slurping on a huge cock. After all, it's the gft that keeps on cumming ;)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at GayDemon!

  • 67... 68... 69!


    Who doesn't love to 69? The funny thing is, as hot, horny and sexy as 69ing is, not that many websites seem to show it. I've seen some shoots with guys doing it at Jake Cruise (that's where the pic is from) and I'm always happy to see more of it! There's nothing like 69ing. Having a guy suck your cock while his rod is thrusting into your mouth, hard and leaking just a little bit of precum is incredible. Even thinking about it makes me horny! It's basically a double blowjob so that both guys are getting and giving a blowjob - everybody wins ;)