• Cute All-American Jock


    Perfect Guyz manages to find some of the cutest guys. Like blonde-haired Peyton here. He's the quintessential all-American boy. He's just so cute that you want to eat him up like a box of chocolates. Perfect Guys says that Peyton has always been interested in appearing nude on camera, but he just never found the opportunity to explore his curiosity. Perfect Guyz gave him that opportunity. At 5' 7" and 157 pounds, Peyton has it all: sizzling good looks, a beautiful natural, smooth build, superb athletic ability, and he's sexy. Big cock, low hanging balls, and hot bubble butt aside, his best feature by far is his strikingly handsome face - strikingly beautiful blue eyes and a friendly smile. He has the plumpest, roundest, ass, and a cock sucker's delight at 8 inches cock. And the boy's got a healthy set of low hangers swinging between those legs of his. And his strong erection stands at a 90-degree angle to his taught body. You're going to enjoy watching this jock do his thing.

  • Hairy Men Fucking


    The latest video clips at Hot Older Male is a fantasy come true. It features two of my favourite hairy men - Jake Rowe and Hunt Parker. I have seen Jake Rowe around for a couple of years, he has done some stuff for Hot Desert Knights. He's a ruggedly handsome man with a salt 'n pepper beard, hard hairy body, and a pierced cock. Hunt Parker looks like he could be Jake's better looking brother or cousin. I first discovered Hunt on Hot Older Male where he posed in a solo picture gallery. And he's a hot fucker. He's balding with salt 'n pepper facial hair, more like beard scruff than an actual beard. His body is strong, muscular, and happy. And he has a couple of those pencil tip eraser-sized nipples that you could just chew on for a long time. And he's also sporting a prince Albert. Imagine my surprise when I checked out Hot Older Male this morning and saw the two of them featured in a video clips together. "OH, I wonder who will be fucking whom," I thought. To my absolute delight, they're fucking each other. So I'm going to make this short, I've got a video clip to watch.

  • Is That Thing Loaded?


    When I first saw this pic, all I could do after picking my tongue off of the floor is say "Damn!" That incredibly horny guy holding his thick meat missile so very aggressively is Badboy from Circle Jerk Boys. In fact I'd say massive is the word that best describes Badboy's big fat fuck pole. This thing is a rock-solid 9 1/2 inch pole and Badboy really knows how to handle it - it looks almost TOO big, if that were possible. As it is, I can dream he's pointing that thing in my direction ;)

  • Hairy Man Sean Harris


    Sean Harris is one of my favourite gay porn stars. While everyone else is going ga-ga over Jason Adonis or Roman Heart types a la Falcon Studios, I prefer my men a little more rugged. Real men, they're called in the business. And I guess that's a bit of an insult to other men who are no doubt "real," but in a world that likes labels, there's one for everyone. I fell in love with Sean Harris the first time I watched him in a Raging Stallion DVD. He was bent over a bench of some kind and getting his ass played with, and I thought he had one of the most beautiful asses I've ever seen. It's muscular and round. And since Sean is fair-skinned, his ass is white as Wonder bread. And his fuck hole -- beautiful, shaved, and virgin pink. But Sean Harris ain't no virgin. This man's ass can take a punishment, and I enjoy watching every minute. Big cocks, huge dildos, men's fists, this hairy bald man can take it all. Sean Harris has a new gallery of pictures at Rear Stable this week, you'll want to check out this hot man's hairy body and sizzling ass.

  • Marines Jack Off Together


    Trent and Zack got picked up by photographer Buzz West's stripper friend, Asia. She brought these two straight horny marines back to Buzz's place and after a couple more drinks the guys started taking off their clothes to impress the sexy stripper. She's behind the camera taking off her clothes and Zack and Trent are in front of the camera taking off theirs. Once the clothes are gone, what else can this dynamic duo do to impress? Well, they start jacking off together and man, are their cocks standing at attention!

  • Fat 9 Inch Cock


    I was blown away by Nicolay from Perfect Guyz. He's tall and slender with a hot body and that little goatee. Nicolay is half armenian and half russian and those dark bedroom eyes and that big fat 9 inch uncut cock both just sort of jump off the page at you, if you see what I mean. That very erect rod with that slight curve would hit the back of anyone's throat and the girth of his dick would fill anyone's hands or mouth just wide enough.

  • Hairy Man Adam Faust


    Hairy man Adam Faust is back at Men Over 30. He's become quite the regular there, and I'm thrilled because I love him. He's such a hot, handsome, hairy fucker. And this time he's teamed up with Skyler, a 23-year-old guy with an 8-inch cock. Both Adam and Skyler are about the same height, but Adam outweighs Skyler by about 40 pounds -- he's so beefy. According to the guys at Men Over 30, it was practically love at first sight when these two men met. "Truth be told, it took considerable effort to pry them apart long enough to even load the cameras. Laying together, holding hands, just how enthralled they are with each other leaps off the screen. You can tell just from the aroma that this encounter will be a satisfying and memorable one," says Men Over 30. And I was struck by this as I looked through the pictures before watching their hot video clip. This wasn't a typical suck and fuck scene, these guys were making love. Skyler got to know every inch of Adam's hairy, muscular body with his tongue. And the young jock spends a great deal of time eating Adam's beefy ass. The finale scene is super hot with Adam straddling Skyler's chest and jacking off on him. As Adam shoots his load on Skyler's face, Skyler simultaneously shoots a big load of cum right up Adam's back and onto his ass. Fuck it's a hot session and I'll bet these two left the shoot together and went somewhere for an intimate encore.

  • I Fuck, I Don't Suck!


    Taz was a big hit when he did a solo shoot for Circle Jerk Boys. Showing off his tight, lean body, sexy tattoos, smoldering eyes, and talking dirty to the camera with his bad boy attitude, Taz put on a memorable show. With the holidays approaching, Circle Jerk Boys wondered if they could entice this straight guy back to do a duo with another guy. You see Taz had a fan. Sean literally emailed the site everyday for three months -- he wanted to be the one the break this straight guy's cherry. Taz agreed, but he said, "I fuck, I don't suck!" That was good enough for Sean and Circle Jerk Boys. And in spite of this not being Taz's thing, he put his all into the scene with the young, blonde guy, and what resulted was a pretty hot fucking scene. Once the cameras start rolling, Sean immediately gets down on his knees on the bed sucking Taz's big cock. Sean works his way up Taz's lean abs, and as Sean licks Taz's nipples, Taz grabs him by the back of the head and shoves his tongue down Sean's throat. Sean sucks Taz's cock for a long time, and then, he rides the tattooed stud's hard cock. They fuck in every conceivable position with Sean finally lying of his back, jacking off a huge load, with Taz pumping his ass full of cock.

  • Chain Fucking


    Chain fucking ... the stuff of fantasies. Have you ever tried it? It's hard to achieve and maintain. Everyone has to be in good shape to hold these wonderfully weird positions. And everyone's hard on has to be stiff as a rod because the first guy has to insert his cock in the front guy's ass, then they have to hold position while the next guy gets his cock inserted, and so on. And once everyone has their cock up someone's ass (except the first guy of course) then you all have to find some kind of rhythm, and heaven forbid someone's cock should slide out of someone's ass. Then the fun begins all over again. No, chain fucking is a thing of fantasy and gay porn movies. These four guys at Hot Barebacking are lined up in a hot chain fucking line. After sucking and bareback fucking in various configurations of twos and threes, they work their way up to this grand finale. Four surfer boys in raw bareback action after hitting the waves and basking in the sun all day. And now things are heating up in a different way.

  • Curved Cock


    I love curved cocks. They just seem to have so much more character. Some curve to the left, some to the right, and some curve downwards. Like hairy older man Michael Scott here, he's got a slight left-curve. It's not too severe I've certainly seen a lot worse. But still it is a beautiful cock. I remember once I was playing with this cute Iranian guy and he had a wicked downward curve to his cock. It was difficult to suck and I wondered how the hell I was going to get that thing up my ass. It didn't help that it was kind of big. Missionary position was definitely out because his cock kept missing my hole and hitting the bed. I couldn't sit on it either because I couldn't get my body contorted in an angle to get it in. I tried backing on it while he laid on the bed, and that was difficult too. We did finally manage to get it in, but man, it was quite the experience. That curved cock was hitting places inside of me that a normal cock doesn't. And that's one of the hot things about fucking a cock like Michael Scott's -- those curved cocks discovered uncharted and sensitive areas deep inside your ass. Check out Michael Scott's hot hairy body and wicked curved cock at Hot Older Male.