• Happy Halloween From Gaydemon!


    Check out these horny guys I found at Guys Go Crazy - they got to go to an early Halloween party and as you can see, it's got a western theme. There's nothing like watching as these boys do some ...er... TRICK or treating. Looks like those cowboys are gonna be riding tonight ;)

    Happy Halloween from all of us here at GayDemon!

  • Hot Horny Wrestler


    Blogging here has fostered a new-found love for the younger male. I've always been attracted to older men and guys my own age, but I started to notice that after I hit forty, the odd younger male started turning my eye. I suppose that's the natural progression of things. I sure don't think I'd ever become one of those youth-struck men with a youngin' hanging off my arm, but when previously I used to totally ignore them, now I take the odd look -- and sometimes more. Brett here is an absolute cutie. He's a beefy 19-year-old wrestling coach. Good Lord, 19 years old, where is my head? And he looks pretty hot in his wrestling singlet. I've choosen to show you a picture of his big, fact cock instead. But believe me, he looks just as scorching in his blue, skin-tight singlet. And he shows quite a nice package, too. Brett looks like he's a little guy, probably about 5'8" but he's a solid guy. And his cock is really quite average to look at when it's soft, but when that baby gets hard -- holy fat cock head, Batman! Nice piece of meat. And when he unloads, he shoots three great gobs of cum right up the center of his belly and chest. Ah youth, it sure is grand.

  • Eating His Own Cum


    Have you ever wanted to taste your own cum? Perhaps you've even tried it. I think most of us have at one time or another - even straight guys want to know what it tastes like. Well, this horny amateur twink from HornyBoy has a taste for his own jizz. He gets his cock nice and hard and strokes it till he shoots his load all over this smooth glass. Once he's drained every drop of his load, he leans over and licks it up while it's still hot. Mmm mmm good!

  • Fat Cock Head


    What a great cock! I love a fat cock head. I like to know that I have a dick in my mouth. And a fat cock head is so much fun to wrap my lips around and tease with my tongue. Fratmen Miguel has got a deliciously plump and suckable cock head. He's got a fairly reasonably long cock, and then, there it is -- a juicy crown just sitting out there like Rudolph's red nose. When his cock is erect it stands straight out from his body. No curve here. Miguel's a cutie, too, with a hot, lean and well-toned body. His pecs are strong and one of them is inked with a Superman tattoo. And he's got a nice set of ripped abs. He's also got a tribal tattoo running across the width of his shoulders. And he's got a cute butt -- round, untanned, and smooth. Miguel is Fratmen's new guy this week, and he's featured relaxing around and in a pool before he takes it in the bedroom and does some of that hot bedspread fucking Fratmen is famous for.

  • Straight Guy's First Fuck


    A couple of weeks back I blogged about Sebastian and Samuel in Straight Guys First Time where the guys did a jack off scene together. Sebastian lived out one of his fantasies -- sucking cock. And ever since then, he's wanted to take things a lot further by taking a guy's cock up his butt. Since he was already comfortable with Samuel, Next Door Buddies set things up. Sebastian and Samuel start off by chilling out on the couch, watching some porn. Sebastian pulls his cock out and starts stroking it, with Samuel not far behind him. Sebastian sits up on the edge of the couch and Samuel scoots over and swallows his dick. Sebastian face fucks his buddy for a while. He loves getting head, but wanted to feel his cock inside his buddy's ass, so Sebastian bends Samuel over and slowly shoves his cock all the way into his ass. He goes slow at first, but before long he's slamming pretty hard. Sebastian fucks Samuel in a number of different positions, and while Samuel is on his back with his legs in the air, he's just so turned off that he explodes all over his stomach.

  • Fuckable Guys - Julio


    This is one hunk of muscle who has it all - and lots of it. From his massive physique to his confidence and machismo, Julio Lopez from Muscle Hunks now has a starring role in my hottest fantasies!

  • Love that Italian Cock!


    Angelo is a straight Italian-American from New York (only he pronounces it Noo Yawk) who's got a touch of the streets about him and says he never turns down a good blowjob. When he's not out looking for pussy, you can find him at the pool hall. You gotta love a guy who wants to play with his stick and some balls ;)

    Ben, New York Straight Men's resident cock-sucker, couldn't wait to get his hands and mouth on Angelo's big fat italian cock but he also wanted to taste Angelo's asshole. Angelo says he never had anyone lick his ass before and Ben went at it like he couldn't get enough. For a grand finale after Ben showed off all his dick-sucking skills, Angelo gave him a facial and said this was the best blowjob he ever had!

  • Big Fat Russian Cock


    Sasha is from Russia but has lived in California since he was a kid. He goes to college and loves sex and also teasing. He's got a really wonderful and sexy smile and he's basically straight, but he loves to tease and admits to possibly having a bisexual side. He has a huge, meaty uncut cock that he loves showing off. Sasha also loves teasing people, men or women, by showing off his very nice ass. For a guy like Sasha, posing for photographer Buzz West was a great experience as he got to turn on not only Buzz but also all the guys who see Sasha on the site. I don't know about you, but Sasha can tease me as much as he likes ;)

  • In Your Face!


    I look at a lot of gorgeous model types, hunks and bodybuilders, straight guys and twinks. And don't get me wrong - I love my job. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than look at naked guys in all sorts of action in all sorts of scenarios. But sometimes I'm not in the mood for porn interviews, street pickups, two guys making out. Sometimes I want something raw and to the point - something to make me horny. Sometimes I just want some in your face, close enough to suck it COCK! Do you ever feel the same way? No frills, no plots, no posing - just bring on the dick!

    By the way, in case you were wondering - this pic is Thad from VarsityMen. Love that cock!

  • Latin Muscle Fuck


    It's always interesting to me how our perceptions come into play when we're making decisions about whether a guy is a top or a bottom. For instance look at Tiago and Sol here. Sol is the bigger of the two guys, more muscular, older, and rougher looking. Tiago is smaller and leaner and looks younger. I was sure that by the end of this gallery Sol would be fucking Tiago's ass. Sol just didn't look like the kind of guy who liked to get fucked. And indeed Tiago was the first one with a dick in his mouth. When Sol sucked Tiago's cock and started fingering his butt hole, I figured I had it right for sure. But before long, Sol was on his stomach with his bubble butt in the air and Sol was stuffing his big, fat Latin cock into his buddy's ass. He fucks him on his stomach, on his knees over the edge of the bed, and here, on their sides. Tiago's got a nice thick cock, but Sol seems to be managing just fine. Towards the end of the gallery these two Latin muscle guys swap and Tiago is taking his buddy's cock, but not for nearly as long as Sol did. The grand finale has Tiago jacking off while Sol is fucking him, and then, Sol pulls out and jacks off a huge fucking load all over Tiago's face.