• English Boys Fucking


    After his solo appearance for English Lads, Leo can't wait to do another shoot. They pair him up with a 19 year old newcomer named Jamie who is far from shy on camera. Leo and Jamie turn out to have incredible chemistry together - you can tell from the kissing pic that they can't wait to get to it. Jamie can't wait to get his cock deep inside Leo's tight ass, and Leo just can't wait to get fucked! These two english cuties are having such a great time that they barely even remember that the camera is rolling as Jamie pounds Leo and the boys bring each other to explosive orgasms!

  • Sometimes You Need a Map...

    Porn site reviews are really handy. They help you cut through the BS to find out how much and what quality the content is in the sites you read about. They can also let you know whether the tour is honest. And sometimes they do one more thing - they help you find your way around member areas that are just too confusing to navigate without a map!

    The internet is a great place to find stuff - information, entertainment and porn. Especially porn ;) But seriously, folks, there's a lot out there. Whether you use the web as a place to get info for your college term paper, to watch hardcore sex videos, to find out what movies are playing near you or to order products, I'm sure you'll agree that being able to navigate is pretty important. If you can't find your way around, you can't find what you're looking for - and that sort of defeats the entire purpose. Yet all sorts of websites make it hard to find your way around.


    But there are sites out there like Sean Cody that make it almost ridiculously easy to find their content, their menu and anything else you want - and I'd like to thank them for that. You see a pic of a guy you like, you click it and there you are at his page.

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  • Fuck Faces


    I love fuck faces. In fact, I think just an ecstatic look is a lot of times hotter than a hardcore close-up. The look on a guy's face while he's showing how good his cock feels buried in another guy's ass is ball bustingly hot. Brent and Ryan are two of the latest Corbin Fisher guys and they're having a good time in this flip flop scene. Corbin admits himself that he doesn't do a lot of flip flop scenes -- one guy fucking the other and then getting fucked himself, but after shooting this Ryan and Brent scene, he's inspired to shoot more of them. And I can't agree more. I think a versatile guy is one of the biggest turn-ons. Sure, I love buried my face in a pillow and getting my ass plowed for a long time by a hot top. And I'm not a top by any means, but it sure is a turn-on when a guy pulls his dick out of my ass and says, "I want you to fuck me," especially when I never expected it. Ryan and Brent takes turns fucking one another doggy and missionary style, and they sure give some good fuck faces for the camera. You're going to bust one over these two.

  • Hot Bodies


    I was browsing through Randy Blue when something about this picture caught my eye. Two men looking deep into each others' eyes, their toned bodies encased only in briefs as they touch each other. You can see the chemistry between them and almost feel the electricity in the air as the two stare at each other. This photo is almost like erotic art rather than two real people named Mason and Mathew who share a double headed dildo before Mason fucks Mathew's ass raw!

  • Muscles and a Tan


    I found Taylor at Fratmen. I love his abs and his bright blue eyes. And to tell you the truth, the tan is pretty hot, too!

  • Huge Black Cock


    Every once in a while I see a huge cock that just takes my breath away. I mean, don't you wonder how this guy walks down the street without it getting in the way. Where does he keep it? Can you tell when he's wearing a suit and tie that he's packing a huge black cock? And what the hell are you going to do with it if you're lucky enough to get Anthony naked and ready for action? Anthony's one of the latest models at Ebony D, a sizzling hot black site with some of the hottest guys I've seen. I mean, Ebony D really works hard to find the finest looking men, and they rarely disappoint. Anthony starts off his gallery wearing a suit and tie, and he looks hot. (I love a man in a suit, they look so sexy.) And when Anthony strips out of his suit, what's underneath is pure perfection. He's got a beautiful lean and muscular body -- smooth, no body hair. Rounded shoulders, hard pecs, ripped six pack of abs, and of course, that beautiful cock of his, and he's also sporting a nice set of low hanging balls. You're going to love Anthony.

  • Small Cocks are nice, too!


    A huge black cock like Anthony's below is nice, but really, I don't know about you, but I'd get tired to taking that monster up my ass two or three times a week. When you're really horny and you're at the baths, or it's a Friday night and you're out cruising with the boys, a big cock does the trick just nicely. But for a regular fuck buddy, or even a husband, nothing beats a comfortably average cock. And I generally find that guys with medium-sized to small cocks make better lovers - they try harder. CJ here has a perfect cock, which I guess is why he's a Perfect Guyz. Just long enough so you know you're getting fucked with a deliciously plump cock head that's perfect to wrap your tongue around. And he's got a hot, little body, too. CJ is 5'8" and weight in a 165 pounds of muscle -- bulging biceps; round, sculpted shouders; hard pecs with huge nipples, a ripped six pack, and a round, smooth butt. And CJ is very good looking to boot. No, while Anthony's big black cock gets me salivating, CJ is the one that would keep me cumming back.

  • Straight Navy Stud


    Meet Allan York. He's 5' 8", 150 pounds and very straight. Allan has always had a fantasy about getting into the adult industry and that big fat 8 inch cock makes him a natural so Buzz West was more than happy to help make his dreams cum true.

    When Allan showed up for his shoot, he was pretty sunburned from scuba diving all day. In fact, Allan says he loves anything that gives him a rush, from skydiving to snowboarding. He also says he's never jacked off in front of another guy before, but as you can see, he didn't have much trouble rising to the occasion ;)

  • Too Many Erections - Treasure Island Media Banned


    It seems that Treasure Island Media has been banned from the Folsom Street Fair because too many men near their booth had erections. While the Folsom Fair is always full of horny guys, it appears that there is a limit to just how many can be horny at one time ;)

    From Treasure Island Media's press release:

    "A representative of the Folsom Street Fair, expressing disapproval for the "amount of sexual activity and the number of exposed erections" told the TIM team that they will not be allowed to return to the event in the future.

    They were also told that they were forbidden from using any footage of the event shot by TIM or friends of TIM.

    "We were repeatedly warned to stop all the sex and nudity that was happening around our booth," reported legendary TIM exclusive DAWSON . "Specifically, they said there were too many erections at the TIM booth! I can do a lot of things but I don't think I can stop guys from getting hard-ons."

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  • Big Beefy Cub


    Venice Cub is a blast from Bear Films past. Every week Bear Films highlights three of the hot hairy men and bears that they've featured in past updates. And Venice Cub is a big, beefy, hairy bear cub. It's always interesting to me how men define themselves as bears or cubs. And really, it's all about self-definition. If you identify as a cub, then you're a cub because there are no hard and fast rules. Well, there are a few, but as soon as you make the list, you'll find a man who doesn't meet the criteria. For instance, cubs are usually younger, hairy men, hairy, with or without facial hair, smaller in body size, and there's a cuteness about them. Venice Cub is a perfect contradiction. I'd classify him as a bear because he looks older, he's got the body size of a bear, he's hairy all over and he has facial hair. He does have a certain cuteness about him, but still, I'd call him a bear not a cub. However, Venice Cub calls himself a cub, so there you go. Regardless Venice Cub is featured bathing in an pool of water by the ocean, and no matter how you look at it, a wet bear or cub is hot!

  • Hairy Arab Man


    Don't you love Arab men. They're always so hairy. And their facial features are dark and brooding -- deep, soulful eyes; dark facial hair; hot, kissable lips -- I love them. Sarib here is a hairy Arab man who made his appearance in Raging Stallion Studios' DVD Arabesque, and now he's making a solo appearance on Hairy Boyz in this photo set. Sarib's a good-looking man, sizzling actually. His body is slender and very hairy. He starts off his gallery shirtless and wearing a pair of jeans. When he strips those off he's wearing a pair of white boxer briefs. The white underwear contrasts against his dark and hairy skin and he looks so sexy. And his hard cock is stretching the fabric and creating a delicious bulge. When Sarib finally pulls off his underwear he reveals an absolutely gorgeous cock -- long with a healthy set of loose hanging balls. And Sarib's thighs are thick and hairy. He's an all-around hot package. Check him out!

  • Hot Armpits


    Devon and Travis are back at Armpits.com to finish off their video clip. Armpits is hot site that obviously focuses on armpits. As a guy who loves feet, I get so frustrated when a photographer pans down a guy's leg and stops short of showing his feet. Equally frustrating is that most photographers focus mainly on a guy's face and his cock, completely ignoring other hot body parts like armpits. But at Armpits.com you're going to get a full dose of hairy pits. Devon and Travis are a couple of blonde guys who are getting it on in a hotel room. They spend a lot of time embracing, kissing, smelling and nuzzling one another's pits before they get into the hardcore sucking and fucking. I love the close-ups as they smell and kiss one another's hairy pits, letting the pungent sex sweat penetrate their nostrils. In the second video clip, Devon and Travis get into a sizzling fucking scene. I'm not sure who is fucking whom, but by the end of it, the top is so hot that he squirts a huge cum load all over his buddy's face. Armpits.com usually has some pretty hot cumshot scenes in their couple sex videos, and Devon and Travis's is no exception.

  • Mark Wolff Muscle Memories...

    After interviewing bodybuilder and physique model Mark Wolff recently, he was so nice that I decided to ask him what some of his funniest experiences were as a model. I figure working doing live shows as well as having his own site, he must have some crazy things happen and here's what he told us:

    Mark: I've had my share of things that went wrong, during shoots, lights falling down, beds collapsing, no film in the camera.


    I think most of the crazy and funny stuff has happened on the road doing club appearances. I did a show in Sao Paulo Brazil, where a drunk guy came on stage during my show and literally jumped me from behind. I had to physically wrestle him to the ground for over a minute before security got him. Then i got up and continued to strip. How's that for showmanship!

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  • Surfer Jacks Off


    Matt's a smooth, surfer type who is pulling one off on Next Door Male this week. I love the surfer look -- long, lean body; smooth; shaggy hairy; slender waist, and long shorts. Matt's got beautiful blue eyes and hot, kissable lips, but this guy's all straight, so there won't be any kissing from him. As with most Next Door Male videos, Matt starts off groping his cock through his shorts while watching a porn. He eventually strips out of his shorts and t-shirt and pumps his meat on the couch. But he takes a break to cool down a bit and have a shower. And then, once he's done showering, he takes his place on a bed, stretches out those long legs, fires up the DVD player, and starts jacking off. He pumps his long cock methodically and rhythmically, stopping every couple of minutes to spit some lube onto his cockhead. When Matt finally cums he stops jacking a few seconds before orgasm and waits for his jism to pump out his piss slit. With the main gusher squirting out, he resumes pumping his cock and coaxes the rest of the cum out. And all of this without making a sound. He's a hot surfer with a big piece of meat.

  • Hairy Uncut Guy


    Davide is a hairy guy with a beautiful uncut cock and he's the latest update at UK Naked Men. He's an example of how wide-ranging the men are at this British site. Davide is a lot hairier than most of the guys, but he's not alone. UK Naked Men features a lot of different types of guys, and so they should, they're The Best of British. Davide's a younger French guy with a beautiful hairy body. HIs torso is completely covered in hair and so is his ass. And when he bends over to show off his hairy butt his balls hang loose between his hairy thighs. It's quite a delicious sight. Davide plays with his foreskin and gets his dick good and hard. As his cock stiffens, his balls tighten. His cock is a respectable size with a plump cock head. Davide spends the rest of his gallery jacking off. When he finally cums, he shoots a nice stream of cum up his hairy belly. But he's not finished. He scoops up droplets of cum in his fingers and gives himself a taste. Hot!